#H50 Review – 7.22 Waimaka ‘Ele’ele (Black Tears)

Courtesy of @Surfbelle2Happy Easter my friends!  I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday.  As I suspected, the holiday pretty much ate up my entire weekend, hence why this review is so incredibly late.  Of course, by this time, I’m sure I’m not going to be saying anything that hasn’t already been said, but this episode was so great there was no way I could let it pass without a review.

Now that’s more like it!  After a disappointing offering last week, this week’s H50 was the kind of episode I expect from my show.  Especially one that has a healthy dose of the McGarrett family legacy thrown in.  And, even though I wasn’t 100% pleased with everything, I absolutely loved this one a lot.  A hell of a lot more than I did last week.

As usual, I’m not going to go into a play by play of episode but going to hit the highlights of what made this episode so great.

Hawaii:  I just love it whenever H50 centers a story around the mythology and/or history that Hawaii has in abundance.  I especially love it when we have any story that revolves around Pearl Harbor because not only is it part of Hawaii’s history, it is part of the McGarrett family history.  These types of stories always hit very close to home for Steve and because of that usually have material that Alex can really sink his teeth into.  I adore any reason to give Alex great material that really shows off his acting, as well as physical, abilities.

COTW:    Like every episode, our crime of the week gets laid out for us before the wave.   This week’s set-up was particularly heartbreaking.  It started out as such a sweet scene.  A kindly grandfather (played by the wonderful Hal Holbrook) treating his heartbroken granddaughter to ice cream because she’s upset about a recent breakup.  He’s absolutely right, of course.  Ice cream really does make everything better!

I loved how he said her ex was an idiot for breaking up with her.  It’s obvious these two have a very special, loving relationship.  The warmth of this scene brutally ends when the car they are riding in is T-boned by another vehicle and this sweet old man, who’s survived a World War, two bouts of cancer and is one of the last remining survivors of Pearl Harbor is killed.

It’s no great surprise this crime would hit particularly close for Steve.  Leonard Patterson was retired Navy, a Pearl Harbor survivor and, not only that, but a sailor on the USS Arizona as well. Of course, this case will be more than personal for Steve.  We all know about his grandfather, the man whose name he bears, who died on the Arizona on that faithful day in 1941.  The look on his face as he was talking to Leonard’s granddaughter Amanda spoke volumes.  When Steve McGarrett looks at you like that and says he’s gonna find out who did this…. you better damn well believe it!

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Since this is H50, it’s not unusual that our crime of the week be a convoluted affair that didn’t turn out to be what we originally thought.  But usually our victim has something to do with the actual crime.  Not this time, as it turns out, the death of Mr. Patterson isn’t really the crime of the week.  That poor wonderful man was simply collateral damage of the real crime, as his car was hit by fleeing bank thieves.

Now, not only is Steve determined to find the men who killed Mr. Patterson he’s also furious because the team has realized the thieves are ex-military contractors using their high level of training to hit military credit unions.  Another interesting twist was the reason for the thefts.  A very personal one.

When one of their comrades, Mason Warren, was killed by an IED in Afghanistan, the rest of the team went on a vendetta and murdered several Afghani citizens, which caused the military to revoke their contract.  Now they are robbing military credit unions not only as retribution for losing their contract but to help their fallen team mate’s widow, who’s on the verge of losing her house to the very same credit unions.

Their originally noble goal to help this woman and her son is completely overshadowed by not only their crimes but by their brutality and their total disregard for any collateral damage.  They never even hesitated to carjack another vehicle after the crash that killed Mr. Patterson.  They never even looked back to see the destruction they’d caused.

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Memories of Pearl Harbor:  It’s always something special when we are fortunate enough to have an actor of Hal Holbrook’s stature on our show.  It really is a shame his character had to die so quickly in the story.  But I am thrilled they could incorporate more of his talents in the episode via the videotaped interview Petty Officer Patterson gave for the documentary honoring the 75th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor.  Mr. Holbrook has such a wonderfully distinctive voice and listening to him reminded me of all the stories my dad used to tell me about that time in history.  I’ve always been fascinated by it.

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Of course, I didn’t have a personal interest in those stories like Steve does.  Alex did such a great job of expressing all the subtle emotions Steve was feeling.  First from listening to Patterson’s recollections of the attack and how he survived and then from Lieutenant Michael Murphy who recounted the bravery and heroism of Steve’s grandfather.  As Murphy’s voice broke on his words “I will never forget him.. not for as long as I live”, you could literally see every emotion on Steve’s face.

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Steve has always been proud of his grandfather.  The details never mattered.  But hearing them now, you could see the world of pride just brimming in Steve’s eyes.  But, not just pride.  Also a deep sadness for not only the loss of this great man but the opportunity for Steve to know him.  As always, it was beautifully played by Alex. Once again, pages and pages of dialog delivered with just his eyes and facial expressions!

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Explosions, gun fights and hand to hand:  On a show known for its movie quality stunts and fights, this episode was one of the best.  Right from the first moments the action took my breath away.  The car crash that killed Mr. Patterson made me jump out of my skin.  I knew it was coming but I never expected it to be so violent and look so damn real.  I don’t know why it surprised me because, after all, I’ve been watching this show for years and they never do these things half-way but it honestly made me jump.

That ambush set up by the guy named Ryder in his house was something else too.  When the lights went out and the green night-vision light turned on I was thinking the worst.  I’m beginning to think the cops that accompany Five-0 on these raids should all be wearing red shirts, poor guys.  That was a massive amount of gunfire going on there.

And as if that wasn’t enough they added that massive explosion which sent Steve flying off a roof and then, finally, the mother of all fights to bring the crime of the week to an end.  Honestly, Steve really took a beating in this episode.  He (along with the rest of the team) almost got blow up, he did get blown off a roof, got shot (thank God for Kevlar) and almost died in one of the best fight scenes I’ve seen since Steve and WoFat’s epic last battle.

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I was literally holding my breath when Lee Campbell pulled that plastic over Steve’s face.  When Steve was finally able to get lose, and flipped Campbell onto that rebar my heart stopped.  I know we watch people die on this show all the time but that finish was astounding as was the way Steve continued to look into Campbell’s eyes as he died.  An utterly stunned look on his bloodied and exhausted face as he realized just how close he came to losing this fight.

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Alex was incredible throughout this entire episode.  We’ve already talked about his subtle reactions while watching the footage of his grandfather’s heroism but there was also that great scene between Steve and Campbell (played by Dylan Bruno) in the diner.  These two men are cut from the same cloth.  Both highly trained, committed to the mission, do anything for and anything to protect their men.  Watching them interact across the table from each other, from opposite sides of the law and in the hands of these two incredible actors, this was a study in perfection.

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Detective Danny:  I absolutely adored that we finally got to see Danny being an actual detective again.  Those of us who love Danny never waver in our belief that he is a fantastic detective.  The mere fact that Steve chose him to be his partner about a half a millisecond after he met him in the garage at Casa McG says all you really need to know.  To doubt it is to doubt Steve’s competence as a leader, which is unthinkable.

The scene between Danny and Warren’s widow really showed Danny’s ability to sit with a witness or grieving family member and walk the delicate balance beam between having to ask the hard questions while still maintaining a level of compassion for the grief the person is feeling.  Danny is one of the best at this.

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Add to that it was Danny who put together the evidence to bring to Steve’s attention that not only did Campbell and his men go on their vendetta for Warren’s death but it is for Warren’s widow they are stealing the money.  It was also Danny who, in the end, went to the credit union manager and worked out a deal so Warren’s widow wouldn’t lose her house.  It’s been awhile since we’ve gotten to see Danny in this light. It was wonderful to see.

Adam and the found bone:  Like last week, we had another episode with a secondary story line.  But this week, I actually enjoyed it.  I think the major reason why having a secondary story didn’t bother me as much is because it involved Adam and Jerry and didn’t pull one of the main members of the team off the primary case.

First off, I adored the first scene between Kono and Adam.  It’s so sweet how she’s bringing him lunch to make sure he’s comfortable with his new job which isn’t the type of work anyone would have ever imaged he’d be doing.  But he’s happy and she’s happy for him and they are simply adorable together.  It reminds me of when my husband and I were first together and I used to visit him at a gas station where he worked while in school.  I used to bring him dinner because he wasn’t allowed to leave to eat.  It was unnecessary and silly but it’s a memory we still talk about to this day.  He was always so appreciative every time I showed up!

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I’ve always liked Adam and I’ve always felt he’s a really good guy and this story highlighted that.  He’s really been struggling to find work after getting out of prison and he finally found a job that he likes, that makes him feel like he’s contributing again.  The fact he was willing to risk that to do the right thing shows that he really is a good guy.

It would have been so easy to just do what his boss said and let it go after he unearthed a bone while digging.  The boss makes a legitimate point.  It could be that some guy decided to bury his dog decades ago.  But Adam’s knows what it means if it turns out the construction site is an actual burial ground.  He also knows that if he’s wrong it’s not only his job but shutting down the site to investigate would also impact the jobs of everyone on the job.

So, with Jerry’s help, he decides to investigate on his own.  I know I’m not the only one who knew, the moment we saw Adam jumping that fence, he was going to be found out and fired.

When Jerry confirms the area was never used as a burial ground they’re able to deduce that the realtor, who originally owned the property and had a wife who went missing, may have killed her and buried her body in the foundation of the building.  It was very satisfying when the same cameras which recorded Adam and resulted in his being fired, also caught the murderer trying to move the body.

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A few things that could have been better:

  •  I have always liked it when Jerry and Adam are in scenes together. Adam seems to get such a kick out of Jerry.  It’s not the first-time Adam has gone to Jerry for a favor.  But this time that favor meant keeping a secret from Kono.  Worse, after Adam was fired from his job, it meant an out and out lie.  I really am tired of pretty much every important person in the lives of our team lying to them.  I don’t understand why we always have to go there when the truth isn’t all that hard.  At least Adam did it for a good cause, or what he thought was a good cause but I don’t see how telling Kono the truth would have changed the outcome one bit.
  • When the team figures it out where the last heist is going to be, they all gear up for the take down (which was awesome to watch, by the way). The bad guys are cut off trying to make their escape and we’re treated to one awesome gun fight.  The only problem with it, is it went on too long.  I was sitting there thinking, “that’s a hell of a lot of fire power…maybe you should actually hit someone soon?”
  • As I said before, Steve took a lot of hurt in this episode. I love me some Steve whump as much as the next gal but this was a bit much.  That gunshot to the chest scared the shit out of me.  But the things that bothered me the most was the complete lack of “Ohana” concern after Steve was hurt.

First after the explosion that basically propelled him off that roof and then when he was shot at close range.  Danny’s sad/exasperated head shake and Lou’s off-hand remark at being “superman” aside.

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But especially after that monumental fight at the end.  I realize the rest of the team were still behind in the middle of a gun fight but by the time Steve was laying on the ground, bloody and exhausted, the gunfight was over.  I fully expected the team, or at last Danny, who’s always supposed to have his back, to come in and find him.  I missed that.

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Another thing about all the hurt Steve took in this episode.  Come on guys…. you have a crackerjack makeup department on this show.  Steve took one hell of a beating in that final fight.  The blood was pouring from his mouth and his nose.  And all we saw was a tiny little mark on his face when he was back at HQ?  And that shot to the Kevlar?  Yeah, he was acting like it hurt for about a minute after it first happened but after that…nothing?  Not cool guys!

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But the ending of the episode made up for any disappointment I may have had about the lack of that Ohana moment.  Like I said before, anytime we get the chance to delve into the McGarrett family history is a real treat.  I also always love when Steve pulls out the old trunks, full of memories and moments he never really lived.  You can literally feel the love and loss seeping out of him.

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And, while Leonard Patterson is being laid to rest, Steve, in his pressed Dressed Whites, stands at the bow of the USS Missouri paying tribute to his memory while gazing at the Arizona memorial.

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The exact same spot where we saw Steve for the very first time in the Pilot and the exact same spot where Steve and David Toriyama paid tribute to Steve’s grandfather at the end of the Pearl Harbor episode.  Once again, Steve is drawn to the one place, more than any other, where he can feel his grandfather’s presence.  It was an absolutely beautiful ending.

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Well, there you have it my friends.  An almost perfect episode of H50 as you’ll ever get!  I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did. Unfortunately, there’s no new episode next week so I’ll be seeing you in two weeks.  Have a great couple of weeks my friends!  Aloha. Malama Pono.

All screen caps are mine unless otherwise noted.


20 thoughts on “#H50 Review – 7.22 Waimaka ‘Ele’ele (Black Tears)

  1. Carole says:

    Great review – you said it all. I do think there should have been a scene with Danny and the team showing up after the fight……no way Danny wouldn’t have been there picking him up – probably sans rant because let’s face it Steve looked totally wiped. Here’s hoping there was and it ends up on the DVD. Not looking forward to another Friday with no new episode……..eager to see the one about Danny’s time at HPD.

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    • I can’t tell you how excited I am to see 7.23 and see how Five-0 all began again, but this time from Danny’s point of view. It’s been a long time since we’ve had an episode that’s totally Danny centric. They always give Scott so much material to work with, and like Alex, when he’s given great material he always rocks it!


  2. Wendy says:

    Hope you had a good Easter, Linda. I thought it was a great action episode, but was disappointed by the lack of concern over Steve. I know it’s a TV show and the characters bounce back quickly, but that was too unbelievable. Loved seeing detective Danny again, would like to have seen concerned Danny too. Thank you for taking the time to write this, see you in two weeks.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I agree. Steve took not one, but several beatings in this one. Not only did his face show practically zero damage, Campbell gave him several nasty kidney punches, one hard shot to the back of a knee cap and one monstrous beat down. I mean, that’s the closest I think Steve has ever come to almost losing a fight and actually dying. Even the fight with WoFat, it took a gun shot graze to the head to bring him down.

      That’s not even talking about that gunshot to the chest. Yeah, it hit the vest and he showed he was in pain as he got up, but later? All that damage and he’s walking around like it was nothing. Not even a little limp or even a wince of pain? That needed to be done much better.


  3. Ocean says:

    Fantastic review for a fantastic episode! Alex killed it! You’ve already hit all the highlights,but I gotta say this — the fierce, unblinking stare that Steve drilled into Campbell’s dying eyes was perfect. And then, after Campbell dies, the shock starts to wear off and Steve sits back — you can see dozens of thoughts going through his head: he just killed a man with his bare hands, Patterson’s death was avenged, the blight that this man represented was wiped clean from the military. And finally, his body starts to shut down and he falls back to the floor.

    You are so right, Linda, that we should have seen the team rush in to find him. That would have been perfect closure for the scene.

    The scene with his grandfather’s trunk made my heart ache, especially when he held the dog tags and had to look away for a second. Again, Alex rocked it!

    This is my favorite episode of the last two seasons. The fight was epic! I’ve heard some say it was too bloody, but I think it had to be brutal as these two men are soldiers who have seen the worst of humanity, and they both knew this would be a fight to the death.

    Thanks for the awesome review, Linda!

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    • I totally agree with all your points. That stare at the end of that fight was monumental as you say. There were so many emotions spilling over each other in his eyes….damn…Alex is amazing!

      I also agree about that fight. Yes, it was very very bloody but these guys weren’t standing a hundred yards apart firing weapons at each other. This was hand to hand combat, combat both these men have been highly trained for. Yeah, Campbell played it dirty with the plastic but there was never a doubt this was a fight to the death. You’re right….that look on Steve face pure shock at the realization that he just killed this man with his bare hands and if he hadn’t he’d be the one lying there a dead, bloody heap. It was an extremely powerful moment!


  4. Magda says:

    Hi! So, I’ve been reading your blog for quite some time, and I’m usually not much for commenting, but I just have to tell you how much I enjoy your reviews. Especially this one. I agree on almost averything you’ve said in this one.

    I’m a sucker for Steve and Danno whump, and they had plenty of that, but the lack of concern and worry was just heartbreaking. There were plenty of room for that, and as the fan I am of Scott as an actor, it really buggs me when they just kind of chose not to take the chance of such a powerful scene. After that bomb, I was shaking with excitment to see either a really worried Danny, or a pissed one. And we didn’t get neither. Then the shot to the kevlar. Same thing. There was so much potential in this episode but I guess the writers think it’s too much of that throughout the whole series, or they didn’t even think about it.

    As what comes to Danny getting to really show what he’s got, THANK LORD FOR THAT! I agree 110% on what you said. He’s not gotten to shine the way he should in a very very very long time. I remember when my parents watched 5-0, season 1, and I just watched a few minutes here and there. I fell in love with just how Danny acted around people when their world just got so messed up. How the parent in him showed as soon as there was children in the middle of it. How much he genually cared! And then when I started watching the show for real, he sort of became such a n important character to me becasue of that. The line “I want to do what I’m good at, I want to be reminded I’m good at what I do.” is something Danny ment with all of his heart, and to see PL and the writers take that away from him, just let him be there to help at a shotout or something like that is really sad to see.

    As much as I like Steve, I think he gets too much of it. Nowadays he’s the one to talk to families, get invested in crimes surrounding children the way Danny used to. So yes, that scene with Danny made me feel so good, and I hope with every fiber of my body that they’ll give him more of it. Because Scott can really deliver when he is put in a scene like that and it should be shown more in the show.

    Ok… I did not plan on writing all of that… I guess I know why I sometimes see quite long comments on your reviews. It’s easy to get pulled in. Haha. But again, needed to tell you how much I like reading what you have to say about every episode and that I can’t wait for the next one in two weeks.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi! I’m so glad you finally decided you wanted to comment! WELCOME!

      “I guess the writers think it’s too much of that throughout the whole series, or they didn’t even think about it.”

      I think you hit it right on the head here and it is true. We do have a lot of Danny ranting at Steve for getting hurt or putting himself in harms way and we’ve had “concerned team” dozens of times. But, when you have an episode like this one, that literally screams for those types of scenes, that’s not the time for the writers to think “ok gee… we just did that last week, maybe we shouldn’t do it again so soon”.

      NO… this is the PERFECT time to do it. Leave the questioning of it for another episode. We don’t need Danny ranting at Steve every time he gets a hangnail. We needed him to react HERE!

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  5. Rita says:

    Great review Linda. For me the best episode of the season so far. Alex just rocked every scene he was in. Its about time he is recognised for the actor he is. Those facial expressions conveyed what words could not. Also the best fight scene since Wo Fat. I also enjoyed Steve confronting Campbell in the diner. I wonder what kind of adversary he might have been if he had not met his end? The ending had me in a few tears and took me back to when I visited Pearl Harbor and the Arizona Memorial

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Rita…WELCOME!!!

      I was thinking the exact same thing. You just knew Campbell would be dead by episode’s end but that scene between him and Steve was just perfection. The chemistry between both actors was palpable; they played off each other soooo well. It’s a shame we couldn’t have had him be more of a recurring bad guy.


  6. rhondagemini says:

    Great review,Linda! You nailed it, Linda! I have to agree with your point about the team not coming to check on Steve after that big shootout. At least,Danny would have,for sure. I loved the final scenes with Steve looking at his grandfather’s things-that moment and when he was back at Pearl Harbor,saluting Mr. Patterson and his grandfather were both very powerful. Like you said, that place is the one place where he feels most connected to his grandfather. Loved the story with Adam & Kono,but I also felt that Adam should have been upfront with Kono about the bone and what he thought it meant. Like you,I don’t think things would have been any different if Adam had told Kono the truth outright. Looking forward to the next new episode in two weeks!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I agree Rhonda. I realize Danny and the other were in the middle of their own shootout while Steve was fighting Campbell but as soon as the last bad guy was taken out, why didn’t we see the entire team running to find Steve, but especially Danny. They DID go looking for him when he ran after Ryder even if they, again, didn’t show much concern over the fact he’s just been shot.


  7. Brooklyngirl says:

    This was an excellent episode. Kudos to Alex for an amazing job!

    This was the most violent episode we’ve seen in a while and Steve took quite a beating. I was shocked at how bloody the fight scene was. I kept jumping with every punch that landed & bullet that flew. Watching Steve dig the bullet from his vest could have been comic relief if the doctor last week had only told him to resume normal activity instead of light activity. But Steve is Steve! The stare down at the diner with Campbell was great – Campbell’s been the most worthy opponent he’s had, aside from Wo Fat (and his Navy buddy who tried to kill him back in S1). I don’t understand why the team wasn’t looking for him, but I guess they had their hands full beating down the rest of Campbell’s crew. We all know that Steve is a man of his word and this was no exception. He made sure the men were held accountable for their devastating actions. Justice was served.

    The secondary story was ok. Adam and Kono can open their own investigation business if they have too since it looks like Adam is out of job! But I do wonder what Kono is feeding him that he was able to see that tiny bone in a heap of dirt from so far away! Maybe they were carrot chips and not potato chips in his sandwiches? I don’t understand the constant need for the lying either or even by how glibly Kono shook it off – “just don’t lie to me anymore.” So nothing more need be said. Really?

    We were treated to BAMF (who’s been MIA lately) and bittersweet Steve! What a combo!! Every time he learns something more about his grandfather my heart truly breaks for him. If he had only gotten to know him how different things would’ve been for him.

    Season 7 has been, by far, the best season. Can’t wait to set what they have in store for us in s8!! Great review for a great episode! Have a good week.

    Liked by 1 person

    • What I find even more sad is the fact that John, Steve’s dad, never got to know him either, since Steve Sr. died before he was born. So Steve never even got to hear any stories from his father about his grandfather.

      And the more we find out about Steve Sr, the more obvious it becomes at how great a man he really was. How different things would have been….as you say…. for Steve if John had been brought up by that great man.

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  8. There was so much action in this episode. I really loved it. I’m wondering if maybe we didn’t see the team showing concern for Steve because there wasn’t time. Maybe they could have cut some of the secondary story with Adam and Kono but that was a good story too. And I loved Danny being a detective. I can’t wait for the Danny episode that is coming up. It is going to hard to wait for it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • You may be right and as much as I enjoyed the Adam story, it would have been much better if they’d shaved off a few minutes and added them to the main story so we could have had those “caring” moments with the team, and especially Danny, and Steve!

      I’m with you… I can’t wait for the next episode. A full episode (less whatever silly secondary story they’ll insist on throwing in there) of Danny! I’m not sure what I’m looking forward to most. How much I’m going to love it or how much some are going to hate it. I’m sure they’re geared up for the hatred already! ROFL


  9. jlopie1 says:

    Hey! I finally got to watch this episode this morning! Easter holiday road trips are great, but missing out on H50 and having to play catch up 4 days later is not my idea of fun! But, the wait was definitely worth it, as I agree that this is quite possibly the best episode in at least two seasons!

    Oh, my, Alex knocked it out of the ballpark with his intensity! His expressions, from the very beginning with his sincerity that he would find out who had caused the Pearl Harbor hero’s death, all the way through to the end, where his bittersweet perusal of his grandfather’s service trunk and the poignant respect he paid to all the men entombed in the USS Arizona. Wow. Can’t say enough about Alex’s performance.

    We definitely had SuperSEAL Steve back in full force this week – very reminiscent of the early seasons. It was a pleasure to watch! Stunts were spectacular, as well!

    Now, I’m going out on a limb as the lonesome dove – having read everyone’s comments here, as well as those on Twitter, concerning the lack of comfort afforded to Steve by his team. Sometimes I think we all read too much hurt/comfort fanfiction for our own good. I know I’m guilty of it, since whump (usually Danny’s) and angst (usually Steve’s) is my passion! I think we come to expect to see exactly what we read in fanfiction. We end up being unsatisfied when the show comes up short with the comfort parts we look for after the juicy whumpage!

    In this instance, the comfort was unnecessary for me. I did not need to SEE it, I know after that degree of injury sustained by Steve in the hand to hand combat, that there would be plenty of comfort offered. But, IMO, the drama of the sequence was in Steve’s realization of what had just happened, and how close he had come to death. The after scene was stark, but it carried such an incredible impact that we all experienced Steve’s adrenaline dump with him! Having the team rush in, asking Steve if he was alright, gushing over him (and thank God there was no Danny rant because I wouldn’t be able to bear the comments about THAT this week!) in other words, the comfort we love to read, is better suited for fanfiction this week – and hopefully someone will write a Coda or two with oodles of comfort!

    I also thought Steve prying the bullet out of his Kevlar was the only taste of humor in the whole episode and it was perfect. I think Danny has given up trying to verbally chasten Steve into avoiding near-death situations.

    Now, most of the talk has been about Steve, but Danny also had an important part to play in this story. He was the one who put two and two together to determine why these four guys were robbing military credit unions. As you say, Linda, DETECTIVE Danny Williams was doing what he’s good at – detecting. Sussing out the story behind the actions. This is what Steve spotted in Danny from the very beginning. Not that Danny was a civilian version of a SEAL. Not that Danny was used to throwing himself in front of grenades, or jumping off rooftops without a care in the world, or partaking in firefights on a regular basis! Danny is a trained detective, who has had to adapt his sense of survival to work alongside his partner. But when he gets to actually do what he’s trained to do, and basically do it on his own, he is very, very good at it. Some people just don’t get it, sad to say. They are the ones missing the eloquence of the character.

    I liked Adam and Kono’s story, I think they act like a perfect set of newlyweds! Having spent the weekend with the newlyweds in my family, I saw a lot of mannerisms comparable to Adam and Kono. Normal things, not over-the-top gushy stuff! No concern on my part about Adam hiding from Kono that fact he’d been fired, and I don’t think I’m being two-faced about that, either.

    Absolutely great episode. Your review does it justice, Linda! Thanks for writing each week!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Welcome home sistah! So happy you had a great time with your family and the newlyweds. But I’m sure glad you home. I missed you! ♥

      I can see your point about the “hurt/comfort” and our addition to it because of FanFiction. And like you, I sure hope some of our wonderful writers DO give us a coda or three with lost of comfort of all kinds. You know me.. I’m looking forward to some great steamy McDanno comfort but, of course, that’s not for everyone and NOT what I ever expect from the show itself. But, having said that, I still would’ve loved to see just a teeeeny bit of it in the episode. Even if it was just seeing the team, or Danny going to Steve’s side. Wouldn’t even have needed dialog.. just him being there. Ahhhhhhh well, it was wonderful even without that.

      And you know I could not agree more with you about Danny. I feel sorry for those too shortsighted by their hate to see the subtleties of this character but then, as you say, it’s their loss. And as for Kono and Adam, you just KNOW if it were Steve and Catherine they’d be falling over each other in jubilance over their truuuuuuu luuuvvee and how sweet and wonderful they are! *blech*

      What’s that word again? The one they love so much? Begins with an “H”?


  10. Wow, I’m always late to the party here but also always love reading your reviews, Linda. And everyone’s comments are interesting to read, too! I’m not going to go on and on because everything’s been so well covered…but will reiterate how awesome a job Alex did (as usual) but also want to say how much I’m looking forward to Scott’s episode coming up. Mainly because I don’t feel like we’ve gotten as much Danny as we really should have and I’m hoping this gives Scott a much needed chance to shine as well. Not that he doesn’t always do a great job but I just need to see Danny at the center of the story more often, or at least a little closer to the center. Maybe it’s just me. 🙂

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