#H50 Review – 7.21 Ua Malo’o Ka Wai (The Water is Dried Up)

Courtesy of @Surfbelle2Hello my friends.  I am so sorry this review is so late this week.  You see, Mother Nature decided to give us an actual beautiful weekend and I just couldn’t bear to spend any more time indoors than I possibly had to.  Yard work, setting up the deck, sitting and soaking up the sun… ahhhhhh Summer (well, almost) I missed you.

There was also the fact that I was finding it a bit hard to find the enthusiasm to tear myself away from the sunshine in order to write.  You guys know me, if it’s Hawaii Five-0, I’m always going to love it.  But there are times, there are episodes, that just don’t quite make it into the “great” category.  I’m afraid this one is one of them.

Let’s start with the fact that we were once again treated to an episode split into two separate stories.  I have said this before, of course, but I always prefer when the entire team is working on one case but more times than not, these split episodes are the norm.

I did enjoy this episode but, honestly, it’s not going to go down as a favorite.  I think I would have enjoyed it a lot more if it hadn’t been a split episode.  I don’t know why they decided to do it this way because while I really enjoyed Lou and Will in Chicago, the amount of time taken away from the main story really diminished it, in my opinion.

Anyway, let’s get into the review and I look forward to hearing all your varying opinions in the comments section.

Lou and Will in Chicago:  I admit, I’m torn over this half of the episode.  When I first saw the synopsis, I was worried that the Chicago portion would be a fluff piece and take valuable time away from the main “team in danger” story. Well, I was kind of right. It did take a lot of time from the main story but it definitely wasn’t fluff.

It’s not a huge surprise that Lou got the coldest of shoulders when he returned to Chicago to testify against his ex-partner Clay Maxwell.  I’m surprised Lou was so shocked.  The first time he went back (5.21 – Ua Helele’i Ka Hoku – Fallen Star) he was met by the blue line of the CPD’s “cone of silence”.  He told Steve “these are guys I worked with side by side for years, man, now they’re all treating me like I’m Internal Affairs”.  I can’t understand why he thought he could just go back, walk into his old haunts, places he once enjoyed with those same guys, and expect things to be as they once were.

Of course, the extent of the animosity coming from pretty much everyone was crushing.  I mean, when the guy who owns the pizza joint is telling you his restaurant isn’t a place you should be, that’s bad.

Just notice the look on the face of the officer sent to keep an eye on Lou as he makes his way around Chicago.  This young man, who has never met Lou, who is going strictly on what he hears or is told at the precinct, looks at Lou with pure loathing.  That fact that his Captain sent him to look out for Lou says that maybe the Captain has a modicum of understanding for why Lou has taken the stand he has, but not all that much.  He did send this officer, who looks young enough to be a rookie. Probably because none of the seasoned officers wanted the assignment.

This story would have been better suited as the second half of a different episode.  An episode that wasn’t shown to be (in the first real promo we’ve gotten in weeks) and hyped as one where our team was in “mortal” danger. The amount of time this story took could have been better utilized in the main story.

What did this story give us, really?  What did we learn that we didn’t know before?  That Lou is a great father?  Nope…knew that already.  That Lou is a stand-up guy?  Yeah…knew that already too.  That the CPD might be pissed that he not only ratted out a fellow cop but literally went way out of line by destroyed the man’s house trying to find evidence?  Yup… knew that too.

So, what was the purpose of this storyline?  And why now?  It seems to me that, for whatever reason, the writers didn’t think Lou was a good fit for the main story so rather than just have Lou off in Chicago testifying, they came up with something for him to actually do.  Digging up the Clay Maxwell story gave them an excuse for Lou to be away from the team in their hour of need.  But, really, it wasn’t necessary because we’ve had Danny off testifying in Jersey already, not to mention how many times he’s gone home to visit his family.  If they didn’t want Lou traipsing around in the jungle with the rest of the team, they really didn’t have to have an entirely separate story for him. And that time could have been used to make the main story much better.

Having said all that, I was floored by Chi McBride’s performance.  This man is one fantastic actor.  His ability to transition between light hearted to dramatic, from laughter to heartbreak is incredible.  His scenes with Will were wonderful and the way he handled that young cop was actually scary.  It’s a toss-up whether, in the end, he won the kid over or just scared the crap out of him.  My heart went out to Lou when he broke down after returning from court, realizing that his friends, his memories and his home in Chicago is truly gone.  It amazes me how easily Chi can turn on the tears.

So, you see, that’s why I’m torn.  On the one hand, I could have easily done without this storyline and would have preferred the extra time be added to the main story.  But, on the other hand, without it we would have missed out on this fabulous performance from Chi.  As a matter of fact, even though it was intended to be the B plot, it was actually the stronger story.

Another great cold opening:  Just like I said last week, no one does cold openings like H50. This one was no exception.  Watching that boat being thrown around in the sea I was wondering what our crime was going to be.  Maybe a ship would come along, it would look like a rescue but bad guys would gun down the poor couple instead?  So, when a ship appeared in the distance I figured, “ok, here we go”.  I never expected for the couple to climb aboard that ship only to find our crime of the week, the murder of the entire crew.  I love how this show always finds ways to surprise me.

Just another day in the jungle:  Ok… you know I love this show.  You know I love it when our guys get into hot water and find a great way to get themselves out.  There was so much potential in this storyline and I’m sorry to say, it fell short.  Maybe it’s because Chi’s performance was so powerful and was intended to be the B plot, I expected the A plot to be even more powerful.  I was disappointed it didn’t live up to the tag line CBS provided… “McGarrett and Five-0 are captured and face certain death”.  The potential was surly there.  Again, maybe if it had been the sole storyline it could have been expanded and been much more satisfying.

Ok…so the last thing our murdered seamen on the cutter did was report a suspicious trawler entering U.S. waters. Since they reported the cutter as Japanese, Five-0 goes with the assumption that it may be Yakuza.  There supposition is confirmed when ballistics come back and the bullets are linked to the Shioma family, headed Michelle Shioma.  In the promo, they showed the scene where Shioma says “you look like you’ve seen a ghost” so I assumed that was going to be the first time we’d see her, the “ghost” remark suggesting that the first time Five-0 lays eyes on her it would be totally unexpected.  I figured they’d confirm the killers were Yakuza but that’s all, at that point.  I was a bit surprised they IDed Shioma so early.

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When Jerry tracks the trawler to Lānaʻi, the team heads off to try to locate Shioma’s base camp.  Jerry stays behind to do what he does best, keep an electronic eye on their every move and an ear for their every word because Steve has made the decision to go in without backup from HPD.  Well, as Danny has been saying for seven years, not a smart idea, babe!

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Even though I do understand his reasoning, if he’s concerned about a mole in HPD, it’s not like they haven’t dealt with Shioma before.  There is no way in hell she’s going to be anywhere without a small army at her disposal.  Going in, only the four of them and with only Jerry knowing where they were, wasn’t Steve’s best decision.  And speaking of the possibility of a HPD mole; Steve should know better than anyone else there is one cop on the force they are positive they can always trust.  More on that later.

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Once the team gets onto Lānaʻi, they come across a bunch of dead bodies, “gutted” bodies, hanging from the trees.  They are so taken back by this find, they get waylaid by a gang of Yakuza henchmen.  For some reason, after cutting down the bodies, they have the team, arms tied behind their backs, dragging the bodies through the jungle.  At this point I’m getting a bit concerned for our team, added to what we saw in the promo, I’m getting both very worried and very excited about what’s to come.  Unfortunately, I really didn’t need to worry much.

Our team gets thrown into a cage where it’s discovered that picking locks isn’t a skill they teach in SEAL school.  That seemed a bit strange to me since I clearly remember Steve picking the lock on the door to the Governor’s mansion way back in Season 1.  Of course, he had a lock pick set with him on that occasion.

Locked in the cage with no way out, Steve decides to have a little conversation with the head bad guy who informs him that Michelle Shioma is dead. As a matter of fact, her body is one of the bodies from the trees.  When Steve tries to bribe the guy with the money they confiscated from Shioma, the lady herself arrives to inform her minions that Steve is lying to them.

Ok, a couple of questions here:

1) Who were these people who were gutted and strung up in the trees?  Did we ever find out?  I guess the purpose was to ratchet up the “fear factor”. Ohhhh these are bad men, look what they did!  I’m sorry to say…. didn’t work.

2) So then, what was the purpose of having the team dragging the bodies?  According to Neolani, they’d been there for at least six months.  Why cut them down now? Seemed rather pointless to me.  They were preparing to leave the island anyway, why not just leave the bodies where they were?  It’s not Lānaʻi is so densely populated someone would stumble upon them.  They’d already been there six months undiscovered.

And 3) What was the point of lying to Steve about Shioma being dead? I’m assuming they weren’t intending to let Five-0 off Lānaʻi alive, or at least, they were just going lock them in that cage, leave and let them rot like the hanging corpses.  So, what was the point of the lie?  To throw them off the idea of trying to find her? No point in that, if they’re intending to kill them anyway.  So the writers could use that “ghost” line?  That could have been accomplished just by not IDing her at HQ so soon.

I’m surprised Steve even fell for it.  Even without Neolani, it was clear those dead bodies had been in the trees for a very long time. Steve knew the ballistics from the murdered seamen on the cutter were linked to Shioma and they were only killed within the last couple of days. So, there is no way Shioma could have been dead and hanging from the trees for months.

Of course, it’s entirely possible that just because the guns used in the murder tie back to the Shioma family, it doesn’t mean Michelle was actually on that cutter.  So I guess I’ll give them the benefit of a little doubt.  But it would be kind of dumb for the writers to go through the trouble of bringing back such a formidable opponent only to kill her before she’s even on the screen.  And, of course, there is also the little fact that we’d already seen her in the promo alive and well.

Anyway, Steve goes into attack mode on the Yakuza goons, gets a good beat down for his trouble but manages to snare a bullet from one of them.  This is a scene I did enjoy.  I always love watching Steve in hand to hand.  He also seems to have taken a page out of Kono’s book because he targeted not one, but two guys right in the balls.  Unfortunately, he was badly outnumbered.

Actually, he was even more outnumbered.  The entire time Steve is fighting with those guys, a whole bunch of other guys, with very large guns, are standing in the background watching, like so many tourists on a Waikiki street during filming.  What? They were so taken aback at the audacity of a prisoner taking on his captors they were stunned into immobility?  Of course, there was no chance for Steve to win that fight so I guess, like those Waikiki tourists, they just stood back to enjoy the show.

Steve gets thrown back into the cage where he uses the gunpowder in the bullet to blow off the lock.  That actually was pretty cool and I was really afraid Steve was going to get hurt, detonating that bullet by hand with a rock.  But, he’s SuperSEAL so I shouldn’t have worried.  The team escapes, manage to commandeer weapons and begin to fight their way out.  Unfortunately, they have no spare ammo and soon are all firing on empty.

While all of this is happening on Lānaʻi, Jerry is back at HQ having kittens because he’s lost all contact with the team.  Steve told Jerry to keep HPD out of this operation but Jerry is scared to death something is really wrong and the team, his friends, are in trouble.

While he’s at the ME’s office showing Neolani the pictures Steve sent him of the bodies, he takes her into his confidence and reveals his fears.  She suggests the one thing Jerry should have already known, what McGarrett should have counted on from the very beginning.  Mole or no mole in HPD, the man they can always trust is Duke Lukela because he’s “Ohana first, HPD second”.  (By the way, just as a side note, we never did find out if there is a Shioma mole in HPD).

DUKE:  I absolutely adored every moment Duke was on the screen.  From the moment he first walked into HQ and heard Jerry’s concerns, to his “let’s go get our friends”, to his appearance in the chopper during the rescue.  I think this may be the most we’ve ever seen of Duke in an episode and it was just perfect.  Of course, I simply adore Dennis Chun so the more I see of him on my screen the better I like it.

I also loved how HPD came swooping down to the rescue like so many ninjas.  I thought it was a nice touch to have HPD get Five-0 out of a jam for once.  I think we all shared Jerry’s fist pump of excitement and utter relief when everyone was finally safe.  I also got a big kick out of Jerry’s Star Trek reference.  Huge Trek fan that I am, I always love when he throws them in there.

Michelle Shioma:  I’ve loved Michelle Shioma from the first moment we met her back in Season 6 (6.21 Ka Pono Ku’oko’a – The Cost of Freedom).  It looked, at the time, like she was a formidable woman who would be the new big bad after the death of Gabriel Weincroft.  When she went into the wind at the end of Season 6, I was upset that wasn’t going to be the case.

I was more than thrilled to see her coming back for this episode.  But, after really watching the episode a second time (live Tweeting is so distracting) I can say she didn’t do much for me here.  Even when she shot one of her men for daring to hesitate to carry out an order, she didn’t evoke any fear in me.  Just like the rest of this story, there was so much unrealized potential there.  Perhaps if all the Chicago time has been available, this could have been fleshed out more.

Courtesy of @Surfbelle2a

Even the Rendition room scene wasn’t that satisfying.  Steve was … well, Steve so he was fantastic but am I the only one who doesn’t think there’s enough maternal instinct in this woman to spend the rest of her life behind bars just to try to protect her daughters?  The entire time she sat there, she looked more bored than menacing. Oh, and by the way, just another side note here… we also didn’t hear any evidence that Shioma was behind the dirty bomb that was intended for Five-0 a few episodes ago, other than Steve saying “you came after us and you came after our families”.  There was no mention of the dirty bomb at all.

Jerry’s badge:   Three years ago, when Jerry first started moaning about wanting a badge, I didn’t think he should ever have one.  At the time, our lovable recluse lived in his mother’s basement, saw conspiracies around every turn, didn’t have a computer, didn’t trust phones and hated to leave the house.  By the time he became a special consultant to Five-0 with an office of his own, he’d somehow acquired all the computer skills required to work the Smart Table with the best of them.  These days, Jerry is an integral part of Five-0.  His fingers now fly across the Smart Table as often as Chin’s do.  Truly, an amazing transformation.

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I know, this is a huge continuity hole.  But it really doesn’t bother me.  I mean, it’s something that happens a lot in TV.  A character is written to be a one shot and because of that, their biography is very limited.  Then, lo and behold, the character really clicks with the audience and the rest of the cast as is added as a regular.  Then the limited bio becomes a liability.

It becomes necessary to “rewrite history” a bit, to make that character fit in better as a regular.  TPTB on shows trust in the intelligence of their audience to understand why this is done even though it would never happen in reality.  They trust people are smart enough to understand this is fiction and in fiction, anything can happen.  Jerry could hardly be a regular member of the team and never do anything besides hide in his mother’s basement and cringe at the sight of phones.

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Three years ago, I agreed that the thought of that basement dweller getting a Five-0 badge was ridiculous.  But now, all these years later, with all Jerry has accomplished and with all the ways he’s not only helped Five-0 with cases but, now, actually saved their lives, I have no qualms at all at his having a badge.  It doesn’t change a thing.  He’ll still dwell in his basement office.  He’ll still do all the things he does now in the same way he’s always done them.  He’s just earned the right to be an official member of the team.  He’s not going to be strapping on guns and going on raids.  I highly doubt Jerry would ever even want to touch a gun let alone fire one.  The badge is simply recognition of a job well done.

Steve and Danny at the Doctor’s office:  Hands down, this was my most favorite scene in this entire episode.  I just loved the fact that Danny went with Steve for his checkup as if he wanted to make sure, with his own eyes, that Steve was doing well with his recovery.  After all, Danny has seen all the ways Steve has not been following his transplant protocols so I’m sure he’s thinking, if something really was off, Steve might not tell him.

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Even though it was played off as light comedy, it is a valid concern.  You’ll notice Steve wasn’t going to mention the little incident with the uranium a few weeks ago.  Danny asking if there were any ill effects is something Steve should have asked but, of course, it was no big deal to him so he wasn’t going to say a thing.  It was so funny to hear the doctor tell Steve he could “slowly start normal physical activity”.  Poor man would have a stroke if he knew Steve did this about 2 minutes after he was discharged from the hospital and there was no “slowly” about it.  Danny’s giggle was priceless!

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The banter between during this scene was, as usual, perfection.  “No, I will not bend over and cough… with your cold hands.” “It’s not that kind of a test.” Oh my God! My sides were splitting! It’s also more than obvious that Alex and Scott were having a ball during this scene.  It looks like they were barely able to keep from laughing.  I hope to God there are outtakes of this scene on the DVD when it comes out!

I also really loved the look on Steve face when Danny asked the doc about “radiation poisoning”.  It was the exact same look Danny had on his face last week when Steve was rambling his entire life story to Harry.  I loved the fact that I’m not the only one who saw this.  Obviously, my friend @alohaspaceman noticed it too and made this wonderful collage.  I LOVE it!

Courtesy of @alohaspaceman

As a person who works in a doctor’s office, I know there is no rule about having a friend in the exam room with a patient as long as the patient approves.  If Steve had stood his ground and demanded that Danny not be in the room, Danny would have had to leave.  But, obviously, Steve didn’t have a problem with him being there or he wouldn’t have been there in the first place.  The idea that a Navy SEAL couldn’t stop someone from entering a room if he really didn’t want him there is ludicrous.

Steve may have huffed and puffed a bit but it’s obvious he was totally ok with Danny being there, so much so that he let him “play doctor” to make him happy.  And, again, this is not reality.  The same way as this is not a documentary of the inner workings of a real police force, it’s also not a medical documentary on proper medical office procedures.  It’s a TV show meant to be entertaining and fun.  If you want precise representation you’re watching the wrong show.  I hear there are plenty of TV stations that run real-life documentaries 24/7.

Well, there you have it.  Like I said above, this episode won’t go down as a favorite.  There was a ton of potential here but splitting it into two stories diminished the “team in danger” plot too much.  The story was much too rushed.  Captured, one good fight, escape, rescue.  All in about 20 total minutes.  We only got to see Michelle Shioma in three short bursts; when she emerged from the jungle, on the ship and in the blue room, where she only uttered three words.

But there was also plenty to love.  Really enjoyed Chi’s performance in the Chicago plot line, loved seeing so much of Duke, got the warm fuzzies watching Jerry finally get his badge and adored the Steve & Danny at the doctor’s scene. So, while this episode won’t be a favorite, it is Hawaii Five-0 and, that, as always good enough for me.

Have a wonderful week my friends.  Aloha. Malama Pono.

All screencaps are mine, unless otherwise noted.



29 thoughts on “#H50 Review – 7.21 Ua Malo’o Ka Wai (The Water is Dried Up)

  1. Carole says:

    Wow – once again much of what you said was exactly what I was thinking, especially Lou in Chicago. While I love Chi and think he’s brought much to the show I didn’t see the point of bringing up the Clay thing again – unless they’re setting up for more fallout. Maybe if we’d seen a court room scene or some confrontation in the hallway it wold have made more sense……don’t know how much of the 42 mins was Chicago, but it was too much. We could have had more plotting/banter in the cage on how to escape or better still more Danny playing doctor. I do think Jerry has earned his keep – his thinking out of the box has been the key to solving several cases – like the rest of the team – each brings something of value -together it makes them awesome! Idon’t have a clue why they paired these two stories together except they are getting down to the last few episodes and only TPTB have the big picture – maybe all will become clear down the line. …..like you I’m hoping for great outtakes. Enjoy the sun while you can Linda – we also have sun today. Latest storm went south into OR & CA………this year has been wet, even by WA standards.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I agree about seeing a court room scene Carole. It would have given the story more context. And, why even bring Will along. The poor kid spent the entire weekend alone in the hotel room, though, of course, that wasn’t the plan. But what did Lou think.. his ex-colleagues would take retribution out on Will? As angry as they are at Lou, as much as they have ostracizes him, I doubt they’d have hurt Will.


  2. rhondagemini says:

    Great review as usual! I get your point about the Lou story being the stronger of the two and in fact, I was kinda hoping that Jerry would call Lou in Chicago and tell him about the situation with H50,which would have made him leave Chicago immediately and head back to Hawaii. In any case, I felt for Lou-he committed what law enforcement calls the cardinal sin-testifying against a fellow cop gone bad,and as a result,his CPD brethren all turned against him. Of course, he should not have been surprised by that. I have to admit that I wondered why he took Will with him,unless it was for a little father-son time. As for the Laun’i situation, you raised some very interesting questions regarding the dead bodies Steve & the gang found on the island.Of course, Duke is the one person in HPD that Steve & the others can count on,no question about it and Steve should have remembered that.Loved seeing him & the HPD choppers come to the rescue. I have to agree with you about Michelle-there’s no way she would go to prison to protect her daughters. The only person she cares about is herself. Was glad to see Jerry finally get his H50 badge-it was long overdue,as Steve said, and for what he did to save their lives,not to mention how he has helped them in the past, he truly deserved it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah, I wondered why Lou thought a trip to Chicago to testify against the man he called brother and his kids called uncle was the perfect opportunity for Father/Son bonding time. Wouldn’t a golf trip to Maui been more fun?? LOL


  3. dq says:

    Completely agree with everything you posted. Not a big fan of the 2 story lines, but it is happening so, just go with it. Love Chi’s acting. Love his scenes with his kids. Sad to see his disapointment when he realizes that he will always be ostrisized in his home town of Chicago. I enjoyed Steve and Danny in the Doctors office. A bit of fluff, but well worth it seeing shirtless Steve.( the man is a Greek God) Too many inconsistances with the Michelle story line. As a villan she is not as good (or as bad) as Wo Fat. but much better than Gabriel. Love that Duke feels so much ohana with 5O. Didn’t even bother me that Jerry got a badge. Of course he is not going to strap on the kevlar and thigh holster. He will continue to work the magic computor board and help his team from the office .All together a very fine episode.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Welcome to the blog DQ. I’m happy you found us. And I have to agree with you 100%. Alex/Steve is a Greek God. I love that they seem to have finally (took them long enough) to get the tat cover up color correct and they keep consistent with the scars. It’s always a good episode when we can get Steve to take his shirt off! ♥


  4. jlopie1 says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, my friend! I was afraid I was going to be the only one disappointed with this episode! I was so let down this week, it’s not even funny
    . What were the writers thinking…dividing 43 minutes between two season-spanning story arcs that should have had their own episodes?

    Now, it’s H50, and no matter what, I always enjoy my Friday night fix. There was much to like in this episode, especially “Steve and Danny Goes to the Doctor” and “Jerry Gets a Shiny new Badge!” There was the poignant, sad realization for Grover that he’s lost his past in Chicago, and the good Dad/son bonding with Will.

    But, as you said so well, Linda, the Chicago Story arc overpowered what should have been the A Story, namely the Yakuza story. You pointed out everything I saw as misses, too, so I won’t go into details. The episode felt more like a filler than it should have, but we did draw to a conclusion 3 dangling storylines – Grover and Clay Maxwell, Michelle Shioma/dirty bomb (boy did I have an adrenaline dump when I realized Steve’s comment about Michelle going after H50’s families was all we were going to get on the dirty bomb story!) and Jerry’s pining for a badge.

    As to why we had so much of the hour taken up with Grover, I assume this was Chi’s Grover-centric story. They’ve all had at least one now. This has been Grover’s story for 3 seasons – next year Grover will need a new one.

    Thanks for another on point review, Linda. Looking forward to the next new episode and your review of it!

    Liked by 2 people

    • I have to admit, I was wondering what was wrong with me this weekend. It couldn’t have just been my loathing to leave the beautiful weather for my laptop. But, this is H50, and I always love every H50 episode.

      But then I think back and there have, of course, been episodes that weren’t particular favorites. The episode when Lou went after Clay in Chicago springs to mind. It doesn’t happen often where I’m disappointed in an episode but it does happen. Even my KoolAid gets a sour lemon every once in awhile.

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    • rhondagemini says:

      I’m not so sure the Grover-Maxwell story is over just yet-Lou still hasn’t found proof that Clay killed his wife. Of course, the fact that Clay is in prison for stealing money should be good enough for Lou, but I doubt it.

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  5. Ocean says:

    Great review as usual, Linda! I think they missed a great opportunity with Lou’s Chicago story…..he told Will at least once that it was good to be home, or something like that. After the way he was treated, it would have been so great after the court case, if he’d said to Will “let’s go home” meaning HI, of course. That’s his home now, where’s he loved and accepted.

    So what did the doctor mean when he said to Steve “your post-op recovery is going a little slower than expected”? He said that all of his tests were normal and the liver was fine, so what was that about? I hope they aren’t paving the way for something to go wrong with Steve’s recovery, and season 8 end with a funeral. I wouldn’t be able to take that.

    Otherwise, I loved that scene, especially Danny’s cute German accent “there’s nothing inside.” You could tell that was an ad lib and their laughs were so cute.

    The Shioma story was such a let down! I miss the Wo Fat days!

    Can’t wait for this week’s Pearl Harbor story with Steve’s grandfather. I hope it is as poignant as their first PH episode. Alex shines in those kinds of stories!

    Have a great week, everyone!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m looking forward to next weeks episode as well. As you said, Alex shines in these McGarrett family legacy stories. I just hope I’m not setting myself up for disappointment by being too excited about it like I did this week.


  6. Ocean says:

    oh heck, two things I forgot to say — I LOVE Steve’s blue Henley shirt!
    And, I’m glad Jerry got his badge, but it was actually Noelani who deserved it. She urged Jerry to call Duke. I don’t think he would have done that without her input.

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  7. I am glad it wasn’t just me that was not overly thrilled with this episode. Grover and his son are always enjoyable but there was so much jumping around in this episode. Usually, it goes okay and I don’t even notice, but this time I did notice. The scene with Steve and Danny at the doctor was priceless. It was my favorite part of the whole episode. I loved when Steve told the doctor he could not get a sitter for his kid.
    Well, I guess there are always episodes that I like better than others. Seaon 7 has been pretty good so far. I’m glad it is not over yet.

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  8. Wendy says:

    I must admit that I was disappointed with this episode as well. The doctor scene was a great Steve/Danny comedy act that they do so well together. We need more of those kind of moments. The whole Chicago story was a bit pointless really, though I love Chi’s acting, he’s brilliant. The team being in ‘mortal danger’ didn’t really work for me. That whole storyline didn’t work in fact. I still can’t see why the Yakuza would try to wipe out most of Oahu when it would hurt their business killing so many of their customers. A regular bomb would have worked just as well. Love Duke and Jerry, and was happy to see the badge on Jerry’s desk, he deserves it. Thanks for taking the time to write this review, Linda, it’s always appreciated.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks babe! I’m glad you enjoyed it. There was a lot in this episode that didn’t make a lot of sense. I think there was a lot of the jungle scenes left on the cutting room floor to make more room for Chicago, which is a damn shame.


  9. Dave Daniels says:

    Hi guys. I agree Linda, there are so many loose ends to this episode it should have been called, “Too many loose ends.” The biggest was with Michelle’s part. Why was she at the island in the first place, and does that have anything to do with the rest of her story? I love she is there, I want her developed more as a villain, with depth because I do think she can give the team a really great final Yakuza based end story. Sounds foreboding huh? She does have kids, and I think that was left for a reason. This is her vulnerable spot, otherwise she is a total snake. Love me some mean, hot (I know it’s sexist but so what!!) snake (lol). But seriously the story went beyond the usual suspend your disbelief with H50, not only in the captured segments (and by the way near the end, when they are shooting at each other, look closely behind Steve, my wife pointed out that someone seemed to be walking in the scene behind him, by the tree to his right I think) and it did not connect with anything although I think that was the intent. Even Ed could not figure this one out with his encyclopedic knowledge of H50 and TV in general. By the way Linda yours is also encyclopedic. So I will not try to comment on that further except to say we are probably being set up for the season ender. On Chi’s piece. I agree that it is totally unrealistic for this grizzled old Chicago copper to not know he would be personna non grata in Chicago after turning on a fellow officer, his partner. Maybe if the other cops had known about his belief that Clay had murdered his wife, particularly if there could be a charge in Hawaii (and there is no statute of limitations on murder, so Clay could still be prosecuted in Hawaii for it, if Grover could come up with enough for the prosecutor), but based on what he did testify too, the code of silence would be a problem. We have a Department that has admitted, under oath, that such a code exists, and I having represented cops here, which i worked for the Corporation Counsel, and having been a defense attorney, I know all about it. However I prefer to focus on Chi’s acting ability. Linda you recognized, as did I on Ohana, that Chi has enormous range, being able to shift effortlessly from genial, to genuinely scary in an instant. That man can act. I also want to give cred to Chance Jacobs the young actor playing the son. I think he has learned from Chi, because he was doing the same thing. And doing it well. I did a little research on the boy, and I think he is a serious actor, who takes his craft very seriously. I think we will see big things from him going forward. He is a handsome little devil as well. He and Grace make such an attractive couple, awwwwww.

    Anyway this is my take. I loved the episode because its H50 on Hawaii. I did not necessarily like the EPISODE, but the actors, and the island (I loved the head bad buy for example) always make the show for me, along with you know who of course. -:))

    Liked by 1 person

    • We are of a similar nature Dave. While we may not particularly care for an episode, we’re able to find enough stuff that we really DO like to still make an episode enjoyable. Thank you for all your input. I’m thrilled you took the time to compose such a great response! ♥


  10. Brooklyngirl says:

    There seems to be a united front on this one. It was an ok episode. The Steve/Danny banter at the doctor was enjoyable on so many levels.

    Usually 2 episodes works but not this time. Lou’s was the better of the two. It was very sad seeing Lou come to the realization that he was a snitch and everything that he lost because of his actions.

    Steve’s blue henley made the jungle scene. And this “You’re a Navy SEAL right, you know how to pick a lock.” “I know how to rig a C-4 charge. They taught me how to be a soldier, not Houdini.” Michelle Shioma was such a disappointment, she was so wooden and 2-dimensional. But then Jerry saved the day along with Duke! I’m glad he earned his badge!!

    The fun, sweet scenes made it bearable. But any episode we get to see the team is a good episode!!

    Spring has sprung. Enjoy the nice weather!!

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  12. Wow, it does appear that everyone is of like-minds about this episode, doesn’t it? Linda, you did another great job covering all the aspects of the two story lines and I couldn’t agree more. While I though Chi turned into a fine performance, I, also, did not understand why the story was really necessary. As you pointed out, I kept remembering all the times they have to write Scott out and have him go home or do whatever…and felt like they could’ve easily done that if they didn’t feel like Grover was needed in the “A” story line. Frankly, I felt somewhat resentful that the Chicago story was written so well and diverted attention away from the team in the jungle…and that story line felt really rushed and thrown together! Agh! Hated that. Especially after the promo build-up we finally got. This is a perfect example of two story lines that should never have been paired in the same episode. I wish they wouldn’t do it…if they have to have a “B” story, then it needs to be either something that complements or connects to story “A” or simply be of lesser importance. I just felt really cheated.
    As many others have mentioned, there were some real gaps with everything that went on with the island thing. So many unanswered questions–you nailed them! And, honestly, I thought Michelle was really set up to be a great villain (cold, calculating, violent, highly intelligent, just plain bad). I do not see her as having a soft spot for her kids. Just because she’s a woman and a mother does not mean she knows what it is to love and sacrifice for her kids. People like her see their children as possessions. I have an easier time believing that she will remain hell-bent on revenge now.
    And saving my last comment for the scene in the doctor’s office, which totally made my day. Omygosh, Alex and Scott were immensely entertaining. Of course, visually…lol But I thought Danny was going to bust when he was baiting the doctor with those leading questions. It was so perfect. And to see Steve somewhat uncomfortable, knowing that he hasn’t been doing exactly as he’s been told to by the doctor…priceless. I think Ocean mentioned that she was afraid the doctor’s concern about his progress might be a foreshadowing…but I tend to think that it was simply more that, if Steve HAD been taking it easy (which we KNOW he hasn’t been), the doctor would’ve said he was right on target. But he’s just a little behind schedule because of all those “activities” Danny asked about…but remember that Steve’s normal physical condition is already exceptional so he’s already ahead of the game. And all I kept thinking, when Steve was getting a beat-down in the jungle, was “Lordy, don’t hit his liver! after that check-up! Danny will have a cow!”
    In the end, I really just hope that Lenkov stays away from this type of half and half episode. We have less than an hour to watch our team and, boy, when you cut it down like that, you really end up diluting the story.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I could not agree more. I would really prefer if we never had two story episodes but I know we’re going to, no matter what I or anyone else likes or wants. Take this weeks upcoming episode. It deal with McGarrett mythology, it revolves around Pearl Harbor and the attack, it features remembrances of Steve’s grandfather, is Steve centric and promises to give Alex a ton of emotional material to sink his teeth into which we KNOW he will ROCK.

      Any yet, there is a secondary story about Adam and finding human remains at his job site where he’s working as a construction worker. Now, do not get me wrong, I like Adam and I have no problem when he’s in an episode. And this story sounds like an interesting one…finding remains possibly linking to a cold case sounds intriguing.

      But I’m worried it’s going to be like Chicago and take valuable time away from Steve’s story, which we get precious little of in the first place. I’m keeping an open mind and a large pitcher of KoolAid handy but I really hope I won’t need it and the writers and whoever edits these episodes keeps Adam’s secondary story VERY secondary and they concentrate on Steve’s story.


  13. Ocean says:

    Amen, Linda! Steve stories are what brought me to the show. They always have a fantastic emotional impact and of course, we get those incredible performances by Alex.

    Liked by 1 person

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