#H50 Review – 7.20 Huikau Na Makau A Ka Lawai’a (The Fishhooks of the Fishers Become Entangled)

It’s always a happy day when, after a hiatus of several weeks, we get a new H50 episode.  After two missed Fridays and three full weeks, it was a breath of fresh air to see our favorite team back on our screens.  It’s always a question of what kind of episode we’ll get after such a break.  Will it be a high octane, action packed episode filled with gun fights, car chases and explosions?  Or will it be a bit more fun and low key?

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There is also the fact that we’re beginning to wind down to the end of the season (I know… I hate the sound of that too!).  We should be prepared for more intense, more dramatic, action packed episodes leading up to the finale.  Add to that, the fact that our last episode was very dramatic with a highly-charged theme (sex-trafficking) and a lot of action, I was expecting this episode to be less, well, explosive, for want of a better word.

Well, maybe nothing got blown up but it was still a fantastic episode full of twists worthy of H50 and a hell of a lot of fun too.

So, what do you say, we make our way through it……

Previously on:  I often find these things annoying.  Especially when they show something that only happened a short time ago.  It wastes time, something we often have precious little of when it comes to telling the stories, or multiple stories, in an episode.  This time, though, I thought it was a necessary evil.  It’s been so long since we’ve seen Rachel and Harry Brown, it was very appropriate to use the “previously on” to reacquaint the viewers with them.

Of course, it’s not like viewers don’t know who Rachel is.  I’m not so sure we needed to see everything about her all the way back to Season 1 (1.10 Heihei – Race) and the first time we ever met her, but I understand the reasoning of trying to briefly show some of the events which have transpired in the relationship between Rachel and Danny over the years.

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As for Harry Brown…the “previously on” was much more appropriate.  Just from being on Twitter in the days leading up to the episode, I saw there were many people who didn’t remember who Harry was.  We first met Harry back in Season 5 (5.10 Wāwahi moeʻuhane – Broken Dreams), a story about a beautiful hula dancer who witnesses a murder and is killed for it.  It was a really good episode if not a particularly memorable one.  Add to that, Harry looks about 20 years older than he did just 2 years ago so it’s easy to understand why some people didn’t recognize or remember him.

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So, yeah, the “previously on” didn’t bug me as much as it sometimes does but I still think it was a bit too long with all the Rachel stuff that pretty much everyone already knew.

Opening Scene:   I’ve said this in the past more times than I can count but no one does a cold opening like H50.  Here we are watching an ordinary guy, strolling through the grocery store, picking up snacks and beer (and, ominously…duct tape) just like any guy on a Saturday afternoon.  He even puts money in the box to help homeless pets!  What a guy!  You just know this bit of normalcy isn’t going to last because something always happens before The Wave.  Personally, I was expecting a gang of thugs storming the place and this guy getting caught in the crossfire.  Or maybe, gunned down as he walked out the front door.  But I knew something was going to happen.

But, no, he strolls out to his car, not a care in the world, to put his purchases in the trunk.  Having to move the bound and trussed up hostage already in there to make room was not what I was expecting.  But, seriously, this is in broad daylight.  There was no one around that could see he had a person tied up in his trunk?  Whenever Five-0 needs surveillance, there seems to be a camera on every corner and on every store front.  No one saw this?  Must not be a very popular store… no foot traffic, I guess.

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COTW:  Both stories in this episode played well into the title of “entangled fishhooks”.  It’s like the tangled threads in my cross-stitch box.  Sometimes the threads…. the fishhooks… can be untangled and sometimes they are hopelessly knotted together and no amount of fussing can unravel them.  When that happens, it’s a matter of living with the ugly tangle and continuing to try to work out the knots or just tossing the entire thing away.

In the case of our crime this week, we start off with a story as old as cop shows.  A husband, Tom, thinking his wife, Celine, is cheating on him, hires our old friend Harry Brown to follow her and get proof.  But, Celine ends up getting kidnapped right in front of him, earning Harry a gun butt to the back of the head and a trip to Five-0 for help.

I liked this case a lot because, in true H50 fashion, it wasn’t as it originally seemed.  It wouldn’t be a H50 case if it didn’t have a twist.  A twist I didn’t see coming at the beginning but one I figured out about half way through.  I was totally taken in with Celine’s kidnapping and her fear when we saw her tied up in that basement.  I also totally bought into how she gave the kidnappers Natasha’s name when Tom refused to pay the ransom for her.  Her frightened logic being if he won’t pay for his wife, he’d pay for his mistress.

It wasn’t until she walked out of that house with the bomb vest on that I began to think something was up.  She appeared scared but clearly not as scared as she should have been.  And she was much too put together when they took that vest off.  We’ve seen scenes like these before where the victim literally crumbles to the ground in terrified relief their ordeal is over.  Celine was even calm enough to sit nicely by the car and answer questions.  I thought I knew, at that point, that she was in on the whole thing from the start.

So…here are our tangled fishhooks.  Tom was cheating on Celine with Natasha.  Celine was cheating on Tom with Colin Hanson.  Tom hires Harry to find proof so he can divorce Celine and be with Natasha.  Celine knows if Tom finds out he will divorce her and she’ll be cut off from his money for violating their prenuptial agreement.  She knows Harry is following her so she comes up with this kidnapping plot with Colin to get the money through a ransom for her.  When Tom refused to pay, (he figures these kidnappers will just handle his problem for him… what a scum bag!) Celine decides to use Natasha as a means to get the money.

This tangle of fishhooks is one that can never be unraveled and needs to just be tossed away.  Tossed away into a jail cell for Celine and Colin.  As for Tom and Natasha?  Well, Natasha now sees what a scum bag Tom really is and hopefully she gets as far away from him as she can.  But she’s not totally innocent either.  She may not be a criminal but she did have an affair with not only a married man but the husband of her friend.  No wonder they had a “falling out”.  Finding out your friend is sleeping with your husband tends to put a damper on a friendship.

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William Forsythe as Harry Brown:  His voice is like velvet and his delivery is as smooth as silk.  I just love William Forsythe.  It’s funny, just a couple of nights ago, my husband was watching the movie “The Rock” for about the 100th time and I was getting a kick out of watching Forsythe in that movie.  He was much younger, obviously, but the voice and the delivery was exactly the same.

I really liked the way Harry put the clues together and came up with the answer.  How he stood back, listening to the team hash out the clues and, head cocking side to side, brow furrowed, quietly put it all together.  Of course, regardless of what Steve said, we know Five-0 would have come to the same conclusion quickly but it was nice to see Harry come up with the final answer.

Harry added old school police work to the mix but also a touch of comedy too.  It’s not “in your face” comedy, but very subtle.  Like if you don’t pay attention you might miss it.  The facial expressions, the body language and the little remarks casually thrown into the dialog.  Like the little names he was giving to pretty much everyone.  From the moment I saw one of the sneak peeks this week, I was laughing, wondering if Harry maybe knows Tony Archer (James Caan.  2.18 Lekio – Radio).  He was calling Danny the same names Tony did.  “Muscles” and “Hairdoo”.  I also got a real laugh out of the names he had for the others too.  I think “our man with the two first names” for Chin was my favorite!

A Three-way cargument:  This scene was priceless.  We already know that Alex and Scott love these scenes because they can just riff off each other and they do it so incredibly well.  Well, Forsythe was more than up to the task as the third wheel here.  The timing was impeccable.  They all played off each other extremely well.  Three times divorced Harry giving ex-wife advise to Danny was golden.  I absolutely adored the look on his face when Steve asked Danny if Rachel and Stan had tried counseling.  “It worked for us”.  “Did you just say…us?” ROFL. I know there are those out there who are tired of carguments and, while I’ll never tire of them, I can see how some might view them as a bit passé.  This was a nice little reinvention and I loved every minute of it.

I also really enjoyed the scene in Danny’s office with Steve and Harry.  I loved how Steve condensed Danny and Rachel’s entire history into about 15 seconds of rambling facts to try to explain to Harry about Charlie.  Seems guys gossip as much as teenage girls at times.  Danny’s comfortability level was severely strained.  It was hysterical.  Danny looked like he was about to punch them both.

I do take a bit of an issue with the words “Rachel and Stan were having a break” though. I don’t remember it ever being said that Rachel and Stan were separated when she and Danny got together.  As a matter of fact, Rachel and Stan were on Maui together when Danny was poisoned with Sarin in Season 1, trying to save their marriage.  When we saw Danny and Rachel together, Rachel said that Stan was coming home from one of his business trips and they were “going to have to tell him”.  Never was it said they were separated.

Now it could just be a simple word choice on Steve’s part, a throw-away line used to keep this rambling history condensed but it should not be forgotten that Rachel cheated on Stan while they were still very much together and Danny was a willing participant in that.  They were no better than Tom and Natasha in our first story.  The fact that they are ex’s makes no difference.  The only one not at fault in that situation was Stan.

Danny and Rachel:  Ok… having said that… let’s talk about the second story of the episode.  But first, I want to separate what I’m going to say into two parts.  Part 1… Claire van der Boom and Scott Caan.  Part 2…. Danny and Rachel.

Over the years, there have been four women connected to Danny, romantically or otherwise.  Rachel, Gabby, Mindy and Melissa.  Of the four actresses who have played these parts, none had the chemistry with Scott that Claire does.  Don’t get me wrong, I have liked all the actresses a lot and the characters they played but there is something between Claire and Scott and just sizzles.  When you think about it, we can’t even call Rachel a “love interest” for Danny because, other than that one scene of them at the end of Season 1, we’ve never seen them romantically.

But it doesn’t matter what they are doing or what situation they are in, these two simply light up the screen when they’re together.  So, I am saying I’m happy to see Rachel back because I love to see Claire and Scott together again on my TV.  How I feel or don’t feel about Rachel has nothing to do with Claire.  I positively adore Claire and Scott together.

Probaby from Season 1

Now… Part 2… Danny and Rachel.  I must admit, I like this development in the Williams/Edwards family saga.  I like it because it makes sense.  Rachel and Stan’s marriage has been on shaky ground since Season 1.  As I mentioned before, they had been on Maui trying to see if they could work things out, so they were already having problems even before she and Danny had their affair.  Six years later, having somehow overcome the affair and whatever their initial problems were, they are still together.

But, Danny didn’t need to ask Steve if he thinks Charlie is an issue.  That’s a no-brainer.  As devastated as Danny was to learn that Charlie was his son, that he’d missed the first three years of his life, Stan had to be equally, if not even more devastated to find out that his son, the son he’s loved and raised for three years belongs to another man.  In a marriage that was already on shaky ground, that had to be the death knell.  I’m amazed they’ve stayed together as long as they did.

So yes, this development makes sense to me.  Stan has pretty much been shit on for seven years, through no fault of his own.  All he ever did was fall in love and marry the woman he loved, try to provide for his family, treat Gracie as his own, take a bullet to protect her, and tried his best to keep a dying marriage alive for the sake of children that are not even his.  That the time has come where he just can’t do it anymore and has decided the marriage is over is more than logical.

Then there is Rachel.  Stan told Danny he thinks Rachel is still in love with him.  I don’t know about that.  I sometimes wonder about Rachel’s ability to be her own woman.  I mean, it seems she has a very difficult time with being alone.  She and Danny broke up, she immediately moved on to Stan.  She and Stan were having problems, she immediately moved back to Danny.  When Danny failed to show up at the airport to go back to Jersey with her, she immediately returned to Stan.  These men are her safety net.  But now one half of that net is leaving for good.  It’s her MO to immediately reach for the other half.  Stan may see that as love. I see it as a desperate person who is terrified to be alone.

And just because Rachel may reach for the safety net she feels Danny provides, that doesn’t mean Danny will provide it, at least not in the way she may or may not expect. But there will always be love between them.  They share history.  They share children.  But it takes more than love to make a relationship work. It also takes understanding, commitment and most importantly, trust.  I’m sorry to say but Rachel destroyed that.

I never thought Rachel was a bitch for moving to Hawaii and taking Gracie away from Jersey.  Marriages break up all the time and people remarry.  It’s not uncommon for new jobs to take loved ones far away from home and family.  Life just happens.  In some cases, a parent must be content with seeing their children over summer or Christmas holidays and that’s it.  Danny was lucky enough to have the type of job where he could relocate to be near Grace.  Up to that point I have no issue with Rachel.  Even when she attempted to take Gracie away again, I gave her the benefit of the doubt, chalking it up to over protectiveness and another of Stan’s job opportunities.  But, that’s where my meager tolerance ends.

Of course, Charlie is the issue between Rachel and Stan because he’s the huge issue between Rachel and Danny too.  Even more so, in my opinion.  Stan always thought Charlie was his.  Finding out otherwise was devastating.  But Rachel put Danny through the wringer.  First telling him the baby was his and giving him the hope of getting his family back.  Then telling him the baby wasn’t his at all and she was staying with Stan.  She called Danny when she went into labor and allowed him to watch her deliver his son.  Danny even went so far as to take a picture of the newborn to send to Stan because “no father should miss this”.  She let three years go by before she told the truth, three years of Danny seeing Charlie every time he was at Rachel’s house to pick up Grace.  And after all that time, it was only because Charlie got sick that she came clean.  If that hadn’t happened, she would have gone her entire life letting two men and a little boy live a lie.  I can give some leeway on the rest but that is 100% unacceptable.

So, the breakup of the Edwards marriage makes logical sense but any rekindling of old fires between Danny and Rachel, in my opinion,  does not.  There is no denying there is still love between them and I have no problem with Danny being there for Rachel if she needs him.  I also have no problem with them being warm and affectionate friends and good parents to their children.  But I can’t see it ever being more than that.

I didn’t see anything romantic between them here.  The fact that Rachel held Danny’s hand doesn’t mean they are on the road to reconciliation.  It means she was upset, had to do something that was extremely difficult to do, he was there for her, and she was thankful for his support.  That’s all I saw in those scenes.

Of course, TPTB may decide to get these two back together. They can do whatever they want, after all.  But I think this episode showed their relationship moving in a different direction.  Away from the animosity, away from the pain of the past, the lies eventually forgiven but never to be forgotten.  The beginning of a mature relationship that puts all the events of their past, the happy and the hurtful, into proper perspective so they can forge ahead into a friendly partnership that benefits their children.  Friends….without benefits!  Because it’s the kids they should be focusing on now.  This is the second time Grace will have to live through a divorce.  And little Charlie’s world must be reeling.  How on earth is his little mind supposed to process this on top of everything else?

But this bundle of tangled fishhooks should be saved and not thrown away.  It may take a very long time to unravel the hard feelings, the bad memories and the lies but these two will work through it and using the connection they will always have, form an ongoing friendship that will benefit them all, especially their children.  And since I don’t really think Claire is coming back to the show on a regular recurring basis, it would be easy for Danny and Rachel to co-parent their kids, to have Danny mention Rachel from time to time and we not really see her.  It’s actually exactly how it’s been all this time she’s been with Stan.

A few words about Danny: I know, I’ve just said a hell of a lot about Rachel and Danny above but I just wanted to add a few words just about Danny.  This episode highlighted everything I love about Danny.  His interactions with Steve and Harry were both heartfelt and funny.  The conversations in the car and in his office showing Scott’s ability to shift between drama and comedy flawlessly.  (Kudos to Alex and Forsythe here too, they were wonderful in these scenes as well).

But it’s Danny’s level of compassion for Rachel and Stan’s situation I find incredible.  After all they have been through, he still has the capacity to be appreciative of the love and devotion Stan has given to his children and calls Stan to try to help.  And, Rachel? It is a testament to Danny and his loving, open heart to find it in himself to look past all the hurt and still be a compassionate friend to Rachel.  Danny Williams, quite simply, has a heart of gold.  I just adore him!

As always…there are the fun moments:

Steve and Kono in the chopper:  We’ve been seeing Steve and Kono working together a lot in the last couple of episodes and I simply love it.  They work so well together and the combo of Steve as chopper pilot and Kono on sniper rifle is golden.  There is no better team in a situation like that then them.

Lou’s boat:  Oh Lou…. we of a certain age understand your dilemma all too well.  We all want our kids to do well, we all want them to get good grades and get into the best schools.  Then one day we turn around and realize they did exactly what we always wanted and we go into a state of sticker shock at the price tag!  Northwestern is an incredible school with an incredible price tag.  Lou may be in a panic now but we know he’s extremely proud of Samantha.  Hopefully, with her grades, she’ll get some scholarships to help with those boat-dream shattering bills.

Steve in this scene was a delight (isn’t he always?).  Talking Lou through his panic, pointing out Sam’s income potential and the possibility of guilting her into buying her daddy that boat someday.  And his absolute delight to hear Lou won’t be spouting any “Williams-like” talk about retiring.  Steve already knows Danny isn’t going anywhere and now he knows Lou isn’t either!

Naolani’s “house calls”:  Well, if Naolani thought that treating Sang Min at Casa McG was a one-time thing, she knows now that’s not the case.  It’s too bad Max didn’t fill her in on these little side jobs she’d be called to do for Five-0.  Between San Min a few weeks ago, and Harry and Danny this time, that’s three “house calls” for Five-0.  Come to think of it, other than the time Max found Steve shanked in his kitchen, I don’t remember Max ever making a Five-0 “house call”.  I could be mistaken but if I’m remembering correctly, that may be why Max never filled Naolani in.  In any event, Steve needs to get in touch with whoever is in charge in the ME’s office and get her a raise.

Jerry has a house?: Did I miss something?  The scene with Harry in Jerry’s dark room developing the old school film the overlaid words say “Jerry Ortega Residence” and he said he “keeps a records of all the cars that park outside my house”.   When did Jerry get a house? Wasn’t he sleeping in Steve’s office just a few weeks ago??

All the mentions of John McGarrett:  One of the best things about Harry Brown being in an episode is his connection with Steve’s dad.  Way back in episode 5.10 Harry mentioned that he was poker buddies with Steve’s “old man” and that line of the story is carried over to this episode as well. I simply love the idea of Steve heading out with Harry to his weekly poker game with more of John’s old poker buddies.  I love the thought of Steve sitting around the poker table hearing all the old stories, laughing and maybe even shedding a tear or two, at the memories of the dad he never really got to know.  It’s also really nice to know that John, “Mr. All-in” sucked at poker as much as Steve does!

Patient kidnappers:  I know the moment when Natasha is snatched from her home by the kidnapers wasn’t intended to be a moment that would bring a laugh but, seriously?  Natasha is in the shower when she hears the doorbell ring.  She gets out, wraps a towel around herself and heads out of the bathroom.  We then see her, about 2 seconds later, heading to the front door, where the door bell is still ringing, fully dressed and with her hair fully dried and styled and makeup impeccably applied .  Either someone didn’t get enough coffee in the editing room the night they cut this scene or these are the most patient kidnappers on the face of the earth!

So, there you have it again, my friends.  Another really great H50 episode.  There was plenty more I could have added but I thought this was getting to be a bit too long.  Please feel free to bring up all the things I missed in the comments section.  You know how much I love the discussions!

And, hey…..guess what?  At the end of this episode, we actually got a real, honest-to-goodness, promo for next week’s installment.  It’s been forever since we had a real promo and this one did not disappoint.  It looks like Five-0 will be in some deep trouble with the return of Michelle Shioma and her gang of Yakuza henchmen.  It promises to be one hell of an episode. I can’t wait until next week even if it does bring us even closer to the end of the season.

But…. there’s some really good news going into the home stretch and the summer hiatus.  We already got the news over a week ago that H50 was picked up for its 8th season but today, as confirmed by Daniel Dae Kim on Instagram, we know for certain that Scott Caan will be back for Season 8.  So as far as we know, the entire main cast will be back for another great season.


I still hate that the season is coming to an end and it still will be a hell of a long wait until early July when filming starts again.  But knowing they will be starting again and that the entire team will be on board sure makes those months a little easier to bear.

That’s all for now.  Have a wonderful week my friends.  Aloha.  Malama Pono!

All screen caps are mine unless otherwise noted.


28 thoughts on “#H50 Review – 7.20 Huikau Na Makau A Ka Lawai’a (The Fishhooks of the Fishers Become Entangled)

  1. Wendy says:

    Love the long review, Linda. I really enjoyed this episode, but had the COTW figured out really early. It was fun to watch though, and Harry was great. As you, I loved all the three-way bromance going on, especially the car scene.

    Danny and Rachel together has always worked for me, but I hope they don’t become romantically involved again, just stay friends.

    The Danny ‘whump’ scene left a lot to be desired, he didn’t even need staples. Seeing a scene with a worried Steve when they couldn’t contact Danny would have been really nice, at least.

    As for Jerry, didn’t he take over Max’s house? I think I remember that.

    Looking forward to next weeks episode it looks really interesting.

    Liked by 1 person

    • As Rita also pointed out…yes.. Jerry rented Max’s house. I have no idea how I forgot that!

      Yeah… I would have enjoyed a little “worried Steve looking for injured Danny” too. But I did love the scene (the one my friend @Surfbelle2 made a collage of) of Steve asking Naolani if he could use the stapler if it was needed! ROFL Such goofs! ♥


  2. Rita says:

    Great review Linda. Could not add anything to what you have said. I did play over several times Lou and Steve discussing his ‘sunken’ dreams of owning a boat. Also he’s heading to the beach. Hopefully they all stay to the very end of H50 in a few years time.
    I love William Forsyth. Was nice to see him again and hope he comes back. There was one name he called Jerry…Cuddles. Loved it.
    Talking about Jerry didn’t he rent Max’s house? At the end of ep12 Steve went to see Max after Jerry showed Steve Max had put his house up for rent.
    I too love Steve and Kono working together. I’ve always thought from the very beginning there was chemistry between them.
    I do think Danny and Rachel will work together for the kids’ sake but probably not get back together.
    Talking about the ladies on H50 will we see Lynn and Melissa again? I have seen Sarah Carter is expecting her 1st child. Definitely don’t want Cath back.

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  3. Wow, Linda, you covered so many aspects to this episode and did it extremely well, right on target. I’m sitting here, thinking “What could I add besides agreement? Hmmm…” Okay, add extreme agreement on your take concerning Rachel and Danny and their journey to this point. I have no doubt that they love each other and always will but a lot of things have changed since they were married (or conceived Charlie). Even if Danny isn’t ready or ultimately doesn’t want a committed long-term relationship with Melissa, he has come too far and grown too much to simply slip back in with Rachel. As you said, Rachel selfishly deceived both Stan and Danny in such a horrible way…it is amazing that she and Stan lasted this long. People can forgive a lot of things but sometimes you have to forgive and move on. Danny has done that and has done it with more patience, understanding, and compassion than most people possess. But he did it because he loves his kids so much and they have always been the priority. If more divorced parents were like Danny, there would be a lot more well-adjusted kids of divorce out there. I, too, hope that they don’t pursue the romantic angle of this relationship. What I saw on Danny’s face at the end (and trust me, there was a lot going on with THAT face–talented Scott!)…was a mixture of sadness, empathy, a little worry, hurt, and perhaps bittersweet feelings as he watched the family that “might’ve been,” had things been different. But here’s a man who is also strong and kind enough to simply be there, offering support through his very presence…which actually reminds me of how he is with Steve and the rest of his Ohana. That’s Danny, right? I loved all of this and never feel that we get enough of Danny scenes/stories or Scott airtime. So the more we can get, the better! *Oh, yeah, and the “break” comment by Steve? I wondered about that, too, but I think it was more of how Steve excused what happened, almost like the affair made the “break” happen instead of the other way around. Yeah, kind of reaching there but people interpret things differently and Danny’s his best friend. While they call each other on their actions, I always felt like Steve blamed Rachel anyway (since he’s not her biggest fan). But something that cannot be denied is the chemistry between the two actors. Scott and Claire make this relationship genuine and heartfelt all the way so none of us can be blamed for having such emotional responses–it’s so complicated for them, just like real life. I guess that’s why it leaves more of an impression.
    I think you covered all the other stuff beautifully. Love: classic gumshoe Harry and what he brings to the story, the easy connection to Steve’s dad, the 3-way cargument (I don’t get tired of them b/c they find ways to keep it fresh, funny, & interesting), the exchange in the office (oh, Danny’s exasperation), Lou’s hysterical woes, all of Harry’s nicknames, Jerry’s darkroom, Naolani’s realization that she has a 2nd job as the team’s ER responder (even if we didn’t see Max do this on screen more than once, I can easily believe that it DID happen)…and Harry’s little piece of advice to Danny about retirement. 🙂 And I also appreciate the title of the episode–it could not have been more telling. So yeah, basically, this is yet another episode that I loved. Can’t wait for more but dreading when this season is done. *sigh

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    • “…..because he loves his kids so much and they have always been the priority. If more divorced parents were like Danny, there would be a lot more well-adjusted kids of divorce out there.”

      I could not agree with this statement more. Even when we first met Rachel in Season 1, back when Danny had the “Psycho” ringtone on his phone, and their relationship was one of newly divorced animosity, Danny went out of his way to project a civilized front to Grace. He never spoke negatively about Rachel or Stan in front of Grace and I’m assuming Rachel did the same at home as well. It’s one of the reasons Grace grew up so well.

      “What I saw on Danny’s face at the end (and trust me, there was a lot going on with THAT face–talented Scott!)…was a mixture of sadness, empathy, a little worry, hurt, and perhaps bittersweet feelings as he watched the family that “might’ve been,” had things been different.”

      And another statement I agree with 100%. I saw all those same emotions play across Danny’s face. But, most of all, I saw a father hurting for his kids because, no matter what, it’s always been about the kids for Danny and they love Stan. There was never any doubt of that.


  4. I loved this episode and I love Harry. I hope he comes back next season. He was great in the car with Steve and Danny. I loved his nicknames for everyone and I remember that Tony called Scott Muscles and Hairdo but I also remember he called Steve and Danny “lovebirds”. Harry said that on Friday night too. There was so much to laugh at in that episode. Harry asking Jerry if he was on medication was hilarious. I agree with you about Rachael. It seems the direction they are going is to bring them back together. I think that they might be thinking next season will be the last and they are planning on Danny and Rachael and Steve and Catherine getting back together. I don’t like it but that’s what I think might happen. I like Melissa and Lynne with them better than Rachael or Catherine. Like you, I do like Claire. I think she is great. And her and Scott are great together. But I have thought that Scott was great with every actress he has been paired with. My favorite, though, is Melissa. The age difference doesn’t bother me. She really loves and understands him. But, I guess it will be what it is. Peter and the writers have their own ideas. I don’t think we will know till next season, though. But I am so happy that Daniel put his tweet out there. It made my weekend. Now I can enjoy the rest of the season and happily wait for next season.

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    • Unfortunately, I have to agree that it is very possible that TPTB want to end the series with Danny and Rachel together and Steve and Catherine as well. I would be extremely sad if either of those things happens.

      I don’t understand why anyone can think that lying, keeping secrets, betrayal, breaking a persons heart over and over again, equates with any version of love. I pity the sorry lives those who think it does must have.

      I often wonder if the women who think “truuuuuue luuuuveee” means overlooking deceit and betrayal have sons and how they would feel if a woman did those things to their son. Would they be encouraging their son to take a pathological liar back into their life as a wife or partner. If so, I feel incredibly sorry for any sons of theirs.


  5. Ocean says:

    Linda, you perfectly captured my feelings about this episode. The relationship between Steve and Lou has grown so much — from hating each other to brothers. They always make me laugh when they’re together, but I get a warm fuzzy, too.
    I thought SC was fabulous in this ep — don’t understand the Danny haters on some other sites.
    Does anyone know if it’s true that Eric Norris is the new stunt coordinator? I am looking forward to some action — looks like next week we’ll get it!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I adore the relationship between Steve and Lou. Hell, I adore the relationship between Lou and just about everyone. I love it when he and Danny team up just as much as when he’s with Steve. Chi has added so much to this cast and I applaud whoever the genius was (probably Peter) who decided to add him to the cast permanently!

      I don’t know if Eric Norris is the new stunt coordinator. Hopefully someone else here will know for sure and let us both know! 🙂


  6. Carole says:

    Wow- that was a long three weeks, but the wait was worth it. Nice to see Harry again. His dry humor is a treat and his old school ways still deliver. I love that he gives Steve another link to his dad. TCOTW itself had the twists we’ve come to expect, but I was more interested in Danny’s story. I don’t know that Danny and Rachel will get back together – like you I think too much has happened, but Danny does have regrets. The look on his face when Charlie called him Danno just broke my heart – he wants so much to be “dad” ……..I think this whole story is the same kind of thing they did in S5 when they weren’t sure about renewal(the whole Cath showing up for wedding) They set the stage for end games …..just in case. Of course this year we already know so they can go whatever way they want. They still drp hints though – did they plant the seed for Steve buying a boat? Granted they had CSI’s Grissom go off in boat with his lady……..but you never know. Anyway yay for season 8 – I hope it’s a long time before I have to deal with end games for anyone.

    Liked by 1 person

    • You make a very good point. When this episode was filmed, they hadn’t yet gotten word (or at least WE hadn’t gotten the word) that they’d been renewed. It’s possible, as you say, they were setting up something just in case they weren’t renewed. OR it’s also possible they already knew Season 8 was in the bag but didn’t know for sure about whether Scott would want to come back. Maybe THAT was what they were setting up. But now we know the show AND Scott are coming back so, like you said, they can do whatever they want


      • Carole says:

        I don’t see Scott or Alex leaving without the either – I think when the time comes it will be a group decision. They are way too close a group for it to be any other way and I think thst’s why TPTB are working around their other projects. Maybe we’ll see Alex missing a few episode to do other stuff – whatever keeps them happy.

        Liked by 1 person

  7. rhondagemini says:

    Awesome review,Linda! Harry was great-would love to see him back next season! In fact, I wouldn’t mind if they did a spinoff focusing on the character-it’s been awhile since there’s been a good PI show on TV. I must say I love Scott’s performance as Danny in this episode-he truly showed that his children are important to him and that their welfare is his top priority. As for the COTW,there were a lot of twists,but I loved how Harry,using old school methods,and H50,using modern technology,were able to solve it together. I figured it out about like you did-when Celine showed little to no relief when the bomb vest was removed from her. Oh, and I really loved it when H50 showed her how it really felt to be kidnapped and then told her during interrogation that the bomb vest wasn’t even connected to the activation device! Then when they showed her photos of her & her boyfriend,the look on her face said it all! Great episode and looking forward to this week’s show! I’m only hoping that filming for season 8 will begin in July-after all,the union representing tv & movie writers are trying to get a new contract now and the actors union will be up next and you know what would happen if there is no new contract-STRIKE,and that would mean a longer wait for new episodes!

    Liked by 1 person

  8. jlopie1 says:

    I know I shouldn’t care about what others think about certain characters and storylines in this show, since I am well aware that I should “let others have their own opinions without telling people what they should like or not like) (in fact, that attitude has been bludgeoned into my brain by the holier than thou crowd for quite a while now) but … why the heck is there so much blatant hatred in certain quarters for Danny? He’s just a normal guy. He doesn’t profess to be a saint. He’s made mistakes in life and has the decency to admit it. He’s passionate, a little bumbly at times, a little grumpy more often than not, but he’s not afraid to admit when he’s scared or to tell his best friend and partner when he’s leading them on a seemingly suicidal mission! What is so wrong about that?

    Why must the poor guy gutlessly be a “yes” man to everything his partner wants to do? What is so wrong with at least one half of the duo slowing down to think about repercussions of actions?

    That rationale is a basic pet peeve of mine. But there’s more.

    Why is Danny such a horrible person for still loving his ex-wife and wanting to find that missing happiness again? I really, truly hope that the parts of this fandom who detest Danny Williams never feel so much pain and heartache over a lost love that they make a foolish choice and have to live with the consequences, whether good or bad.

    At no time that I can remember, did Danny ever insinuate that what He and Rachel did behind Stan’s back was okay. Danny has taken responsibility and admitted guilt. What more do some people want from him?

    He’s not a perfect specimen, nor is he someone who needs to be put on a pedestal, but he’s decent, compassionate and loyal. He could have easily walked away from little Gracie and started over again without ever leaving his beloved New Jersey. People do that all the time in real life. Stan is a wealthy man, and gave Grace everything she could ever want. She wouldn’t have missed Danno for long.

    But Danny didn’t do that. He uprooted his own life to remain an important part of his daughter’s life. That was the decent thing to do. But let’s be honest, in season one and two, Danny had not stopped loving Rachel, and when there was a chance for a reunion because things were not working for Rachel and Stan, Danny took the opportunity to make his family whole again. Was it the right thing to do? Undoubtedly not, but it was a choice made in the moment – and Danny and Rachel’s relationship was always passionately in the moment. What happened after wasn’t planned but couldn’t be taken back. Hey, we can blame all of it on Steve, if you want to get technical! Way back in ep 1.10, when we were introduced to Rachel, Steve told Rachel what a good cop Danny was, really played him up, and inadvertently loosened the witchy talons clutching at Rachel’s heart and opened her eyes so she could see Danny again. Then, in the finale, Steve had to go and break in to the governor’s mansion and end up being framed for her murder, causing Danny to miss his flight back to Jersey and the chance to reunite his family! Rachel would have divorced Stan, she never would have lied about Charlie’s paternity, and Danny would have left the Five-0 team and 6 years of annoying Danny would never have happened! So if people want to blame anyone for having to put up with Danny and his less than perfect personality, look no further than at his partner!

    But things happened the way they happened and we’re stuck with it, just like Danny and Rachel are. She did completely betray Danny’s trust, cutting him to the quick. There’s really no coming back from that. She might think there’s still love there, but As much as I adore… ADORE … them, I just don’t know how to get them back into a loving, trusting and permanent relationship. Doesn’t mean Danny doesn’t still love Rachel as the mother of his children, nor does it mean he can’t be compassionate about Rachel’s current dilemma. What happens to his ex-wife will ultimately affect his children, so he will always care for her. Absolutely nothing wrong with than. We would be calling him a heartless bastard if he didn’t care!

    I’m not quite sure where this rant came from, it wasn’t what I thought I was going to write as a comment (actually, I know perfectly well why it spewed out) but thanks for letting me say what I’ve wanted to say for a while, Linda. You know me, and you know where my passion lies. Thanks for loving me anyway!

    BTW, I actually loved the episode – adored Claire, enjoyed William Forsyth, and even if there were a lot of head scratching parts in the COTW, I liked the twists and turns. And maybe because I was enjoying Claire and Scott as much as I did, I didn’t have a clue Celine had had herself kidnapped until she was re-kidnapped!

    AND AN HONEST TO GOD PROMO!! I think I died and went to Heaven!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh Lynnette! I feel for you my friend! I will never understand the never ending hatred some people have for Danny, but as you say, it’s their right to dislike any character they want. But I agree with every one of your points. Danny has never tried…. not once… to paint himself as being perfect.

      In this episode alone, he told Rachel “it takes two to ruin a relationship” meaning he takes responsibility for his part in the breakup of their marriage. He also admitted he’s partially responsible for the troubles in the Edwards marriage. He also said how much he appreciated Stan and the effort he put into trying to work on the relationship for the kids (kids that are not even his). He also very empathetic at how Stan must feel about the revelation of Charlie’s paternity and Danny’s role in that mess.

      The holier-than-thou bunch hate Danny because he has a backbone, is able to, as you say, speak his mind even when it means daring to disagree with his boss and friend. He is not a yes-man who must follow the flow like a sheep. Those who hate him have no idea what that means because they all just parrot each other, each trying to outdo the other in vitriol.

      They say Danny is annoying, opinionated, snarky, hotheaded and a pain in the ass and they don’t understand how anyone can stand him. Personally, I don’t get why they can’t understand him. They are all of those things too.


  9. Hey Linda, I am not going to try to make a long response to this excellent recitation of the entanglement episode. I am shamed that I a former criminal lawyer did not figure out what was going on with the wife and mistress almost until Harry put it together, but it made all the sense. I was not paying 100% attention is my excuse. As far as the Danny, Rachel situation I agree on the chemistry. A tough, old-school, super protective family based cop, and a beautiful, highly sophisticated British upper middle-class woman who are so attracted to each other, even now. It’s so obvious. How it will all shake out remains to be seen, but the old opposite attract scenario definitely applies here, I got my Kono fix with the sniper shot (well kind of) but besides that the ability of Steve to get a loyal team together who will spring into effective action with him as the unquestioned leader is a pleasure to watch. Your thoughts on entanglement I will leave alone, but they make sense to me. Personally they need to get back together and stop fooling around. Nothing that has happened cannot be worked around (I guess that is the recovering Catholic in me). Thanks so much for your great review again.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Who knows what Peter and the writers will do. It could all be for naught because they may have already decided they will get back together. It’s their show and they can do whatever they like, of course. I hope it doesn’t happen but I’ll roll with the flow if it does. I just hope TPTB will come to realize that lies, deceit and betrayal are not the building blocks for loving relationship. Not for either of our guys!


  10. Brooklyngirl says:

    OK I’m going to try this again! I really enjoyed this episode. The chemistry among the boys is fantastic. Harry brings so much to the team. I also have a big soft spot for him because he gives Steve some much needed “Dad love” through his stories of John (much like Chin and Duke). Hope he’s back soon.

    On to Danny and Rachel. There’s no denying that sparks fly when Scott and Claire share a screen/scene (unlike Steve & Catherine where you need a coat cause it’s so cold). But I really hope that tptb don’t make them (or S/C) endgame). The amount of pain caused by both women is beyond repair, the lies, deceit, cheating. D/R remaining friends is a much better solution especially since it won’t wreck havoc with Gracie or Charlie’s emotions.

    The cotw of the week was good but it makes me wonder if the ep/writers think all women are lying cheats (Rachel, Catherine, Celine and I’m sure a few others whose names evade me at the moment). I really didn’t see the double-cheat angle coming. What a marriage, what a guy, what a gal!

    McKono!! I love when Steve and Kono work together – they’re definitely a force to reckoned with (not to mention all the pretty they add!).

    (I’m watching Dancing with the Star’s and Mr. T just fox trotted to Ain’t That A Kick In The Head! Jerry!! Mr. Cuddles!! I recall that he did move into Max’s house but wonder if he got a roommate or a raise. LOL)

    I can’t believe we’re down to the last 5 episodes. Here’s to no writer’s strike. The summer hiatus is already too long without one!! Thanks for another great review!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I agree Karen. Harry gives Steve one more link to his dad, like he has with Chin, someone who knew John during all those years Steve was away. I love the look on Steve’s face every time he get a nugget of wonderful personal information about the dad he never got to know. I would have loved to be a fly on the wall at that poker game, that’s for sure.

      As for Danny and Rachel, you make an excellent point about emotional havoc on the kids and it’s one of the reasons I hope TPTB don’t decide to get these two back together romantically. Even though we, of course, will never see it, I’m going to assume Stan, who’s always been a good guy, will stay in his son’s life (and yes, Charlie IS his son) the same way Danny stayed in Gracie’s life. Well, maybe not the exact same, since Stan is leaving for Las Vegas while Danny moved to Oahu. What I mean is, I think Stan will still want to be part of Charlie’s life.

      But Charlie is losing, for the most part, his father, the man who lovingly raised him since his birth. Yes, he has Danny but, for now, Danny is DANNO… not his father.
      Grace has lived through the turmoil of her parents divorce, the upheaval of leaving Jersey, 2 (and almost 3) custody battles and the almost reunion and subsequent break again. Now she is going through it again and has to watch as her beloved little brother is forced into it as well.

      I hope against all hope the TPTB realize what damage could be done to these kids if Danny and Rachel get back together and it fails yet again. I’m hoping if they are considering taking this story down that road, it’s a short road, one where Danny or Rachel or better yet, both, realize what another breakup would do to their kids and just decide that friends and parents is the best route for them all.

      Liked by 1 person

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