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#H50 – SEASON 8 is on the way!!!! Hopes? Wishes? Excited? Yeah…ME TOO!


13 thoughts on “#H50 – SEASON 8 is on the way!!!! Hopes? Wishes? Excited? Yeah…ME TOO!

    • Alex is all signed up for Season 8. There’s been no word on the others so until I hear otherwise, I’m going with the assumption that our whole team will be on board for Season 8. Beyond that? LOL Let’s not put the horse before the cart and just bask in the glow of our Season 8 renewal. ♥

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  1. I would imagine they are all on board. Just hope that we get more than 8 out of it. To me it’s a steady job…why jump out unless you have other offers pending. For now, Sex On The Beach as I call it for Sept. lol Sure wish I had someone to go with to it.

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    • It’s definitely a blast when you can go to SOTB with someone who loves the show and is as excited as you are to be there. When I went to SOTB6 with my friend Lynnette…I can’t imagine having a better time with anyone else. I wish I could go again. I just don’t think I’ll be able to swing it. Hubby and I are planning a trip to Australia to visit our daughter a couple of months later and that’s gonna use up more than our allotted travel budget.


    • I agree. I never doubted it for a moment but I was concerned they were gonna make us wait until the Upfronts. Not because I thought it wouldn’t happen…just because I hate to wait for what I want! LOL

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    • Steve and Danno time is THE best times on this show. I sure hope we have a ton of moments between these two in Season 8. The more the better. There can never be too much of these guys!


  2. jlopie1 says:

    It’s certainly the best deal to go with a friend to SOTB, oh, wait! Linda and I had never met in person when we decided to share a SOTB experience! In fact, our respective daughters were appalled at us! ” You don’t know that woman! What if she’s an axe murderer!” Said BOTH Of our over protective daughters. We went anyway and had the time of our lives! I don’t see myself going this year, though. 😿

    But I’m so completely delighted to have a S8! Also pleased for MacGyver – it’s grown on me, and if the Friday lineup stays the same, MacGyver should be well on it’s way to a successful run.

    Hoping the full cast returns – pretty sure it will be intact. Maybe we’ll get a bit more Abby in the mix!

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    • ROFL They say there comes a time in life with the children become the parents and our girls sure filled that bill, didn’t they?? We also both got “Mom..there’s a tsunami heading your way” phone calls, remember?? LOL What a total blast that week was!!!

      I am also really happy MacGyver got renewed as well. Like you, it’s really grown on me and I really look forward to it every Friday. It’s proved to be a great lead in for H50 too. I mean, seeing ratings rise to the extent they have this season, for a show in it’s 7th year is incredible. The Double Mac Attack Friday sure is a great one-two punch!


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