#H50 Review: 7.18 E Malama Pono (Handle with Care)

Hello friends!  I’m so sorry this review is so late.  Family events and weather got the best of me this weekend.  Not only was I out of the house for most of the weekend, we lost power for several hours on Saturday.  Wow…was that a storm!!  Anyway, here we are, at last.

Right off the bat, let me get this over with.  I loved this episode.  And before you roll your eyes, yes, I know, that’s no big surprise.  Every week I think “there’s no way they can top this episode” and each next week they do.  This season has been a complete joy.  The writing and the acting, the stunts and the action have been incredible.

I’m not going to go into a scene by scene recitation of the episode here today.  I’m just going to jump right into what I liked and maybe didn’t like (was there something I didn’t like??) about what we saw. And, please bear with me because I know I’m going to ramble because there was just so much here to love.

The cold opening:   I loved this opening.  Of course, I was totally wrong about what I thought it was going to be after I saw it online early Friday.  I was thinking that maybe Steve and Danny would make it out of the jungle only to find there was a second device.  My question was whether this would be at the end of the episode… another cliffhanger?… or would it be at the beginning with the rest of the episode being a “12 hours before” type of thing?

That it turned out to be a visualization of an OP gone bad being used as a training device for HPD rookies was genius!  I loved the use of slow-motion for it as well.  These types of things happen so incredibly quickly on this show, I usually find myself pausing the playback so I can see individual reactions.  The use of slow-motion gave the impression of the OP being explained in detail vocally while the visuals played at the corresponding speed.  Inspired!


Steve snoops in Danny’s office:  Many years ago, I had a co-worker who saw no problem with checking out things that were on my desk.  I hated it.  What I was doing and how I did it was none of her business, so to thwart this intrusion, I not only password protected my computer but also certain documents I didn’t want her to see.  I never left notes or papers on my desk that were none of her business.  I wasn’t the only person she did this to and eventually she was fired for this behavior, among other things.

Of course, she was not my boss as Steve is Danny’s boss.  While my work was none of my coworker’s business, Danny’s work is Steve’s business.  But, having said that, Danny’s personal business should be just that, personal.  It’s not right for Steve to invade Danny’s privacy by reading personal notes on his desk.

But, Danny should also be smart enough to know that is exactly what Steve is going to do if he sees something laying there that peeks his interest.  Steve can be such a child, God love him!  If Danny doesn’t want Steve to see something, he shouldn’t leave it out on his desk.  He should make sure what he doesn’t want seen, isn’t out to be seen.  Should he have to do that? Of course not, but this is Steve we’re talking about.  This is the man who wouldn’t let Danny walk into HQ with a bagged lunch until he knew exactly what was in the bag.  Seven years on, Danny should just know better. LOL

But, should Danny have brought this up in front of a bunch of rookies?  Duh! It looked like this was a continuation of a discussion they were already having about invasion of privacy and trust issues and when Steve told the rookies how important it is that you always trust your team, Danny just couldn’t contain himself.

I know there will be those who will incessantly whine about Danny being annoying or his insubordination or some other such nonsense.  If this were the real world, I would agree it wasn’t the place for that discussion.  But this is not the real world, it is a TV show meant to entertain and entertain this did.  I loved the back and forth between them, I loved the bemused looks which passed between the rookies watching them and I especially loved Duke stepping in to bring it to an end, like a benevolent father separating his squabbling children.  Ever since the Pilot, the arguments between Steve and Danny have been pure gold to me and even more so now that we’ve gone back to the bantering and left the nasty bickering behind.


Danny’s retirement:  All the way back to before the season premiere, Peter Lenkov said this season would be one of reflection and this episode was Danny’s turn.  While someone may decide unexpectedly to quit a job, retirement is not something someone does on a whim.  There is much soul searching, especially if the job is an important part of the person’s life.  He must take into consideration all the pros and cons, economically, personally, how it will affect his family and what he will do with himself when his days aren’t filled with work anymore.  It’s the prudent way to make such a big decision.

But, I never, not for one moment, entertained the belief that Danny would retire even though I fully understood his reasons for considering it.  Danny’s life’s blood is being a cop and he’d never quit but the approach of his 20th year on the force, gives him the opportunity to at least think about what life would be like if he did retire.  And as always, it’s the welfare of his children at the top of his priorities list.

Somehow, Grace has managed to grow up to be a well-adjusted, happy young woman despite all the things that happened in her life, both to her and to her beloved Ohana.  It has always bothered Danny that Grace has lived through such things because of his job.  Now Danny has little Charlie to worry over.  If retirement will protect Charlie even from just the worry that Daddy may walk out the door and not ever come home, it’s worth considering.

The Bromance:  Seven years in and these two men are still so solid!  They just get each other.   They love each other and when you love someone you allow for the idiosyncrasies. Only narrow minded people can’t see that.  There are things in every relationship not to like.  That doesn’t mean the relationship is worthless.

Danny can’t stand Steve’s control issues.  Whether it’s invading his privacy or his need to control every situation regardless of his own personal safety.  Yes, Danny rants and raves and complains and bitches and moans but he does it because he cares.  I mean, his anger over having his privacy invaded is 100% justified, no doubt about that, but the rest?

Just look at what happened when Steve arrived home after the Academy class.  He’s on the phone with Chin (who seems to be agreeing with Danny about Steve’s snooping) when Steve sees blood on the open lanai doors.  What does he do?  He tells Chin he needs to call him back, draws his gun, and goes to investigate alone.  Alone!  He had Chin on the phone! Did he say, “Chin, I need backup at the house”? Nope, he hung up without saying a single word and went to deal with it by himself.

Of course, it turned out it was only Sang Min but what if it wasn’t.  This is a typical situation for Danny to lose his shit.  “What the hell is the matter with you? You go in alone? What if it was someone intending to shoot your head off?”

Danny is a realist.  When you drop a hammer, it falls.  If you jump off a building, you will hit the ground, painfully.  When bullets fly around, people tend to get hit.  In Danny’s world, there is always the chance to fail, you need to acknowledge that and prepare for it, just in case.  He’s a “glass is half empty” kind of guy and it scares him to death to think of someone he loves getting hurt or worse, killed.  It also scares him that it could be him and he won’t be there for his kids.  But to SuperSEAL Steve, failure is never an option.  If you’re going through hell, just keep going.  If he dies protecting others, especially if it’s people he loves, it’s worth it.

Danny knows this about Steve.  He’s accepted it.  But that doesn’t mean he likes it or that he’s going to quietly stand by while Steve risks both their lives without voicing his concerns.  Just like Danny should remember that sunny day in Season 1 when Steve demanded to know what he had for lunch, Steve needs to remember what Danny said on their very first official case in S1E2 – Ohana:

“I swear to God, I just want to know. I want to know, because if everything is going to become a personal mission to you– okay, I count my odds at job security, not to mention survival, pretty slim. Okay? We are partners. So if you are going to be the shoot first and ask questions later type of a guy, I would at least like to be consulted so I know when to duck.”

And Steve does remember it but he can’t help being who he is.  As a SEAL, he’s trained to look at a situation and immediately extrapolate the best scenario for success and to act on it.  Danny understands this he just hates it when Steve plows ahead with his plans without acknowledging all other potential eventualities.  So Danny feels he needs to voice all those other possibilities, even though he already knows, Steve’s way really will be the best way.

Five-0 is not the military.  It’s not a SEAL team. Yes, it is a benevolent dictatorship but that doesn’t mean the Second-in-Command needs to blindly follow orders without ever voicing his concerns.  It may annoy the hell out of Steve, but he understands this is who Danny is.  Steve chose him to be his partner, his Second-in-Command because he knew, from the very first moment, that Danny is a good cop with great instincts.  So yeah, even if Danny’s delivery isn’t always the best, it still has great value, and Steve’s knows that.  Like I said, they just get each other and more important than that.  No matter what, they trust each other implicitly.

Steve’s reaction to Danny’s retirement: I think the theme of this episode, trust, is what was bothering Steve the most when it came to the possibility of Danny retiring.  He told Danny he was hurt that Danny didn’t discuss with him the fact that he’d been considering retirement.  It would be easy to say, like the note on Danny’s desk, this was an extremely personal decision and Danny had every right to keep it to himself until the decision was made.

But when you really think about it from Steve’s point of view, it’s almost heartbreaking.  Steve walks into Danny’s office and sees the Zippy’s receipt with Danny’s “retirement to-do” list.  It probably felt like a kick in the gut when Danny told him what it meant.  All Steve’s life people have left him.  His mother, more than once.  His father by abruptly sending him away and then by death.  His best friend Freddie.  Catherine, also more than once.  Steve had zero say in any of this.  Due to death or choice, all these people he loved left him.  Without warning.  Five-0 and Danny have been his constant.  The one thing he could always count on to be there, to have his back, to love him and be there for him, no matter what.  People he could trust with his heart without hesitation.

The thought that Danny had been seriously thinking about retiring, leaving the team, leaving Steve, scared him to death.  Yeah, he was hurt Danny hadn’t discussed it with him because if Danny had decided to retire, Steve wouldn’t have found out about it until the decision was made.  He wouldn’t have had any chance to plead his case, to talk Danny out of it.  Again, he would lose someone he loved and he’d have no say about it.  Yeah, no shit that hurt.

Which is another reason I knew Danny really wouldn’t retire.  And also, probably, why he didn’t tell Steve he was thinking about it.  Because thinking about it and doing it are not the same thing and if Danny really believed he was going to retire for real, there is no way in hell he would have done it without discussing it with Steve first.  Because Danny just wouldn’t do that to Steve.  I firmly believe that, subconsciously, Danny knew he wouldn’t really do it so there was no need to worry Steve about it unnecessarily.

We will always be together:  I adored the entire trip through the jungle between these guys.  Starting with that hilarious tandem jump.  I am totally with Danny on this one.  Hot Navy SEAL behind me, not withstanding, I’d be terrified.  Wouldn’t matter one iota that the guy behind me has done this a zillion times or that I know I’m in the best possible hands.  Even if I’d reluctantly agreed to it, I’d be screaming “I hate you” the entire way down too!  I adored the facial expressions as they descended.  Steve in total SEAL mode and Danny looking like he’s about to throw up!  It was hysterical.  The only thing better was the wonderful views from on high and Steve’s absolute glee that he finally got Danny to make a jump.

While we’re very accustomed to seeing Danny’s fears, it’s not so common to see Steve’s.  With only an hour ticking away on a dirty bomb, no way to disarm it and no available communications, it becomes obvious that the only solution is to drive the dirty bomb away from Abati’s camp to an area where they can get cell service.  Unfortunately, the old beat up pickup truck holding the bomb isn’t exactly a smooth-running convenience.


Seeing Steve, visible frightened as he turned the key on the old junker was something I never thought I’d see.   When Steve’s softly exclaimed “I love ya, bro” before he turned that key, it reminded me of when he lit the fuse to blow out that collapsed building wall when he and Danny were trapped.  Each time, at a moment when Steve wasn’t sure they’d survive, he needed to be sure the last thing Danny heard was that Steve loved him.



If that wasn’t enough, there was also this:  Steve, waiting for the bomb to explode, reconciles that Danny may really retire and open that restaurant, asks Danny to name the restaurant after him.

“If you open that restaurant, I want you to seriously consider calling it “Steve’s,” please…..because then if we’re not together, we’ll still, you know, we’re still gonna… we’ll be together still.”

Steve just can’t bear the idea that he and Danny won’t be together in some way and not just now, but in the long ahead future as well.  But, happily, for those who were so looking forward to Danny retiring and opening that restaurant.  My condolences.  Hate to break it to you but….. Danny ain’t going nowhere!

Darius Rucker: Continuing a long line of musicians who have made appearances on H50, I thought Darius Rucker did a really good job with the part of the bomb making terrorist, Abati.  He didn’t have a ton of dialog but he did a great job with the material he was given.  I was happily thinking it would be cool if he really did get away so maybe we’d get the chance to see Five-0 deal with him and his bomb making talents again someday.


I did think it was a bit naïve to think that Abati would ever help them disarm the bomb.  I mean, he wanted the bomb to explode in the first place, why would he help them disarm it?  All he cared about was getting his ass of that island before it exploded.  Well, it all became mute anyway when Kono and her sniper skills do what they do.



The return of Sang Min:  I have loved Sang Min from the first moment we met him in the pilot.  He has been a wonderfully unique character from the very beginning.  It was a stroke of genius to extend this character from the one shot he was supposed to be in the pilot to a recurring character we can continue to enjoy today.

But in order for Sang Min to stick around for as long as he has, the character needed to evolve.  Each season, we see him move further and further away from the cold blooded human trafficker he was when we first met him.  And he’s paid the price for his crimes.  He’s served time and lost his family because of the things he did.  But he’s also helped Five-0 over and over again with investigations, not to mention that he saved Chin’s life when he was dumped into Halawa.  Having been out of the trafficking game for a very long time, he decides to dip his toe back in solely for the purpose of helping a refugee family.  With all the things in the news these days, to me, that seems like an extremely noble cause.  Even here, instead of just getting Abati off the island, he made sure Five-0 knew what was going on so they were able to take Abati down.


I’m also really happy that even as they’ve allowed Sang Min to evolve, he hasn’t lost that wonderful unique personality I’ve loved from the beginning.  The scene with Noelani at Steve’s house was wonderful. “He’s lost a lot of blood” “I didn’t lose it, I’ve been sitting in it for hours waiting for McGarrett to get back from dance class or something” ROFL  Poor Noelani.  I guess Max never informed her that part of her unofficial duties would be dealing with things that are “a bit irregular” when it comes to Five-0!


The head scratcher:  I don’t know a thing about bombs, defusing bombs or the properties of uranium other than to know that’s some really nasty stuff.  I have no clue if the lead in a car battery would be enough to protect someone from the effects of uranium exposure.  I’m going to go with the “it’s TV, meant to entertain” thing again here and let this one go.  It served its purpose for the scene and who knows?  The amount of time it took Steve to remove the uranium rods was extremely short.  I counted the beeps.  It was 57 seconds.  Perhaps a car battery is sufficient to protect someone for such a short amount of time?  The same way I have no clue if that’s true, others have no clue that it is not.

I can’t hear you:  I could not stop laughing at Steve, rolling around on the ground in hysterical laughter after the bomb detonated.  A combination of utter relief that they both survived the blast, being thrilled that Danny decided not to retire anytime soon and his misunderstanding that when Danny does decide to retire, he can’t name his restaurant after Steve.  Of course, the inner-ear concussions they’ve both suffered makes it impossible for them to understand each other and the round-robin of miscommunication was simply hysterical.

The music is always golden:  As always, the music used in this episode was sensational.  Not only the original background music which is always some of the best ever used in a TV show but I loved the use of the British band Foghat classic “Slow Ride” as Steve and Danny were negotiating the jungle at a snail’s pace in that old truck.

Speaking of music; right before Steve and Danny took out Abati’s men, there was a very subtle look between them.  Once again, as has happened so many times in the past, they were able to communicate their next move almost telepathically.  I couldn’t help but be reminded of the refrain of another old classic “Just One Look” – “Just one look… That’s all it took.  Yeah, just one look…. That’s all it took.  Yeah… just one look” LOL


Steven MacGyver:  Welcome back Steve the Science Guy!  I loved the use of the flares, the rubber floor mats and the wet tree bark to make the repair in the leaky fuel line.  Please take notice that it was Danny who pointed out that using a hot, fiery flare under a bomb was probably not a wise idea and Steve, immediately seeing Danny’s point, added the wet tree bark to the equation.  Once again, Danny, pointing out the unpleasant possibilities and Steve listening to him.

We were the target:  The ending of this episode was as unexpected as the beginning.  Even though Danny said he wouldn’t name any future restaurant after him, the entire Ohana gathers at Casa McG for a taste of the “Restaurante de Stephen” menu care of Danny’s kitchen skills.


It the middle of all the fun and good food, Lou gets an unexpected call from HPD.  They’ve tracked the logo on the truck Steve and Danny were driving to K&L Construction, a company contracted to do renovation work the next day, across the street from the Palace, coincidentally, at the same time the Governor was scheduled to be there.  As Grover’s words settle, Steve looks back into his house.  At all the people who mean the most to him.  The Palace, HPD, the Governor, Five-0 were the intended targets.



It’s obvious Abati wasn’t the mastermind behind this.  He was simply a tool needed to build the bomb.  So, who is behind this?  Who out there still has a vendetta against Five-0 with enough power to pull off taking down HPD and the Governor too?  WoFat is gone.  It looks pretty certain Madison Gray is gone.  Gabriel is gone.

Wait… Gabriel.  Yes, he is dead but he left a pretty big vendetta against him unresolved.  The baddie who wanted revenge for Gabriel’s murder of her father and was thwarted by Five-0.  Michelle Shioma is still in the wind with the power of the Yakuza behind her.

Looks like whatever is going on, this episode was a great beginning for the set up to the season finale.  Ohhhhhh how I hate the sound of that!

That’s it for this week my friends.  There’s no new episode next Friday so I’ll see you in a couple of weeks!  Aloha. Malama Pono

All screencaps are mine unless otherwise noted.


22 thoughts on “#H50 Review: 7.18 E Malama Pono (Handle with Care)

  1. Ocean says:

    Linda, I too enjoyed this episode — mostly. The skydiving was priceless. Steve’s laughter when he tells Danny to open his eyes and see how high they are totally cracked me up. And the deafness after the explosion — just perfect. It bummed me though that Danny did not answer Steve when he said “I love you bro.” Even if he had said “I hate you” like he did when they were trapped-under-the-building ep, it would have been something. Instead, he conveyed indifference. But maybe he was just scared out of his mind.

    And does anyone really believe a car battery is going to protect Steve’s whole body from uranium? Like you said, it’s tv, but still……

    And, when are they going to understand that the “shoulder wound” they use on almost everyone is really a serious chest wound, which would impact lungs, heart and major blood vessels? That’s not the shoulder! Worse, they had Noelani say “it missed the brachial artery.” It sure did, because the brachial artery is in the arm. I’m assuming they meant the subclavian artery that runs under the collarbone? How hard would it be for someone to google human anatomy?

    But yeah, it’s tv……and I love it despite the inaccuracies. Enjoyable episode!
    I loved the shocker at the end. Who is the baddie? Could Coughlin still be a contender? Maybe he’s gone off his rocker?

    Thanks for another awesome review!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Coughlin….I never even thought of him. That’s an interesting thought.

      I agree it would be so easy just to double check the medical stuff and I know it really bugs some people. I totally understand that. It’s just not all that important to me, I’m not into this show for the medical facts. But, that’s just me. I totally understand where you’re coming from. Thanks for reading and commenting. I always enjoy your remarks! ♥


  2. jlopie1 says:

    I’m with you right from the start here, Linda! All season long, I’ve been saying “best episode yet,” and I’m going to say it again this time, although THIS TIME, I really can’t see how it can get any better!

    As far as other comments go, well, again. We haven’t talked about the episode AT ALL, and yet, once again, same thoughts.

    I have to say I was surprised that the team explosion scene was the cold start, and it was made up as a training session, but OMG, it was spectacular! I’m hoping a few good fanfic writers will find a way to incorporate that scene into a story – writers, you know who I’m talking to!

    “Trust” was obviously the theme of the hour. It was handled perfectly, too.

    Yesterday, I was having a conversation about the bromance and the very different personalities of Steve and Danny.. I explained to my friend my take on the bickering, Simply put, Danny just wants to know what’s going on! I also referenced the S1 cargument where Danny tells Steve he wants to know, so he can be prepared to duck! 7 years into this partnership, Danny hasn’t changed – he still has the need to know what’s going to happen! That doesn’t mean he’s a whiney baby who, if he’s so scared about following the leader without question, shouldn’t be a cop.

    This also gives us an opportunity to compare the two Friday night shows ex-produced by Peter Lenkov. Both shows have buddy cop characters, but there’s a slightly different spin on each of the buddy relationships. Let’s face it – McGarrett and MacGyver are incredibly alike in the fact that they make wild and irrational decisions off the tops of their heads and their partners are usually left spinning their wheels trying to mentally catch up. They are uniquely wired for impulsive actions that actually pay off. Jack and Danny relate to their partners a little differently, though. Jack expects Mac to always come up with a whacky solution to get them out of trouble, and he’s always proud of his boy when he does. Danny, on the other hand, intensely desires a normal life and wishes his partner did, too! He NEEDS to know what’s going on in Steve’s head, because he’s not always sure that what Steve wants to do will end up being successful in keeping them alive.

    Thus, as you say, Linda, Danny rants quite a bit especially during tense situations because someone has to remind Steve that his grandiose plan just might not work out to everyone’s benefit! To say Danny is an idiot, a ridiculous baby unfit to walk the hallowed Five-0 ground because he questions every move Steve makes, doesn’t take into account that Steve is a human and can make mistakes, not a super hero.

    Sang Min was wonderful – hard to believe he’s been with us since the Pilot! Kudos to Will Yun Lee for taking a one shot character and developing him into a beloved member of the Ohana! Poor Noelani has a lot to learn about the beloved Ohana she inherited from Max, but I think she’s going to fit in wonderfully.

    Darius Rucker as the big bad terrorist (I believe he asked to be the baddest dude on the earth when he signed up to play a part on H50) was fun to see. I agree, though …why’d we have to kill him off?

    Lots of funny scenes, but my very favorite was the scene after the bomb exploded and the guys were trying to talk to each other but couldn’t hear each other. That…was priceless!

    Now, the ending. Danny cooking up “Aunt Eileen’s” Italian recipes for the Ohana at Steve’s! Anybody catch that? Danny’s restaurant named “Steve’s?” Probably just me…

    Such a lovely scene to end so ominously. Steve was truly shattered to find out his entire Ohana came so close to being annihilated by the bomb. If Sang Min hadn’t come to Steve for aid and to tell him about the crazy dude he smuggled onto the island, they all would be dead now!

    I guess it was just a matter of time, after seven years of foiling cartels, killing terrorists, saving the world as we know it and being awarded medals from the Queen herself, someone with enough money and power was going to pull out the stops and try to exterminate the task force. I’m voting for Michelle Shioma. She has a vengeful evil streak a mile long. But who knows, there could be someone else out there just as diabolical! This will undoubtedly be continued right into the season finale. (Oh, I hate that word, too!)

    Have a great, relaxing couple weeks off, Linda (Or maybe not – it could be a hard day’s night coming your way! 🙀😹😹😹😻)

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    • Wow…what a great comment! I LOVE the comparison between Steve and Mac and between Jack and Danny! Totally on point!

      And those comments about Danny…. they don’t take into account that if they question Danny’s place within the Task Force, they question the one person they claim to love the best. It would mean their SuperSEAL, who can do no wrong, made the ultimate bone head choice when he chose Danny to be his partner and Second-in-Command. But, that can’t be….because Steve is perfect (especially when he takes his shirt off *eyeroll*).

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  3. Susan Schoppe says:

    That was a great review and I agreed with every word of it. The whole episode was amazing and priceless. It absolutely gets better every week. Hope the roll on that continues with no back sliding in the plots.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thanks for the comment! There are seven episodes left to the end of the season and I’m sure there will be at least one filler episode in there somewhere. It happens every year, and that episode will more than likely have little to nothing to do with any ongoing story. But, the closer we get to the finale, the more intense the episodes will become. That too happens every year.


  4. Carole says:

    I think you covered just about everything Linda – this was one big dollop of Steve and Danny going at it for pretty much the whole hour – loved it! The thought of not having Danny around had Steve looking about as frantic as we’ve even seen him – poor baby. And I agree – Danny’s not going anywhere…..Loved the lovable cumudgen line.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I loved this episode. There was so much bromance in this episode. You’re right, Linda. I guess I never thought of that. I was thinking that Steve was feeling threatened by Danny thinking of retiring without consulting him. But he was afraid of the one person that he has been able to count on leaving him. There were so many parts of this episode that I loved. So many things that I laughed at. Every episode gets better and better. I don’t even mind that there is not a new episode next week. I’ll watch this episode again. Thanks for the great review.

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    • There was a ton of subtle undertones in this episode between Steve and Danny. Steve’s hurt and fear that he might lose yet another person he loves but also with Danny.

      Danny was taken back to realize Steve looks at the closeness of their relationship as compared to Danny and Rachel’s marriage, when he asked Danny what would Rachel have said if Danny made such a huge decision without consulting her.

      But Steve’s hurt over not being consulted, his insistence that he deal with the uranium even after Danny volunteered to do it…. Danny realized finally that, while he’s always known how Steve feels about him, well, I think the DEPTH of that feeling hit Danny right in the gut.

      I think that’s why, right before Steve dealt with the uranium Danny, trying to say something, said “I got nothing”. I don’t think it literally meant, “I got nothing”. I think it meant “I’m feeling so much right now, I have so much to say, there is no way I can condense it all down in the, like, 15 seconds we have” I think in that moment, he just drew a total blank.

      Danny understood where Steve was coming from fully, right before Steve rolled the truck, when he apologized for not telling Steve he was thinking about retirement.


  6. Fantastic review Linda, thank you. You actually helped me to forgive the writers for what felt like to me, an overdone bit of Danny-ranting. Really, you did. I’m going to rewatch this with your incredible insight into these characters that I do love so much! My favorite part also was after the explosion, couldn’t help but see Alex as well as McG in that one, rolling on the ground, LHAO! As to the big question, the WHO behind this bomb… I love being stumped by this, the fact that it isn’t obvious means it’s not predictable and after (almost) 7 seasons, kudos to the writers for this. ;>)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for that wonderful compliment. I’ve always felt that I understand Danny because he is like so many people I know. In my own family and in the people I spent my formative years growing up with. Even myself, to a certain extent.

      We are people so filled with heart, so filled with emotion and passion, it’s like we’re human pressure cookers. Like we are always living on a slow steady simmer. We tend to fear too hard and rant a bit too much. We don’t always need to be right but we absolutely need to be heard. When things are good, we’re overcome with the happiness and the joy. When things are bad, we rail against the machine, curse the heavens then pull ourselves together and get on with it.

      We also love with our whole entire being and when we see the people we love making bad decisions we feel we have an obligation to make sure they know they are being stupid and try to set them straight. When they don’t listen to us, we’re ready to put their heads through a wall. And we want them to feel the same with us when the situations are reversed.

      Ranting, raving, getting upset, arguing, these are all things that take a lot of energy. The mere fact that we are naturally drawn to and willing to expend that much energy on someone is proof of how much we care about them. Why the hell would I expend that much energy on someone I don’t care about? To me the more energy expended in this way on a person, the more that person is loved.

      Considering the amount of ranting, raving, moaning and groaning Danny does with Steve….. Danny’s love for Steve is boundless. LOL


  7. rhondagemini says:

    Great review,Linda! I loved how we got to see what Steve & Danny really think of each other! True,Danny thinks that Steve’s ideas are “out there” so to speak,but after seven years,he also knows that they are usually right on the money. Darius Rucker was awesome as the bad guy and I do wish he had gotten away-would have loved to see him take on H50 again! Welcome back, Sang Min-and thank you for being at Steve’s house when he got home! If he had not been there to tell Steve about the “refugee family”he was helping, H50 would be no more! The opening scene was something else-glad it was just a training video! I didn’t understand the phone call at the end at first,but after thinking about it, it made sense that H50 would be the target and I’m with you on who was behind it-we haven’t seen Michelle since last season and I would not be surprised if it turns out that she was the mastermind. One thing disappointed me,though-I was expecting a resolution to the end of last week’s ep with Alicia & Dr. Gray,but it didn’t happen! Looking forward to the next new episode in two weeks!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah….ending last weeks episode with that gun shot and not picking it up this week is really odd. I saw later yesterday that Peter tweeted to someone that Alicia did, in fact, kill Dr. Gray but there is no way to know that from the show itself since, of course, we didn’t see it.

      I think what threw everyone off was not only the fact that we didn’t see the shot actually hit its target but that Alicia was listed in the press release as being in this episode. I suppose the main story ran a bit too long and her scene was cut. Obviously, we’re going to find out she killed Dr. Gray, perhaps now in a mention instead of an actual appearance by Alicia. But, yeah, it was very odd that they didn’t just resolve it this week


  8. Okay, so Linda, this is my first response post ever…just couldn’t let it go by without telling you what a joy it was to read your review. I enjoy all of them, of course, but I felt compelled to join in this time. 🙂 You managed to read my mind and it appears that you do it quite regularly with all your readers. I loved, loved, loved this episode. As you said, they just keep getting better and better. The opening, the sky-diving, the retirement bucket list, Sang Min, the trek through the jungle, the deafening explosion (literally). the I am pretty sure that I watched this entire episode with a smile on my face. I actually had to work an event Friday night and I was so bummed that I wasn’t going to be home relaxing with “the boys.” lol To the point that, as soon as I got home, I tried the 1-week free trial of CBS All Access because I just couldn’t stand waiting a moment longer. lol And I know Danny can get carried away at times but if you have a close friend or family member who takes a few too many risks or could exercise a bit more caution, then you know how that can drive you crazy. You love ’em but still! Well, jeez, Steve DOES take risks, it’s in his DNA, after all. So yeah, Danny worries and I don’t blame him. But is he looking to leave anytime soon? Nah. That 20-year mark is something that just gets a person thinking, that’s all. Plus we all know that if Danny wanted to leave, he could do that at any time. But he never has, has he? And he won’t. They are solid. They’ve both learned a lot ABOUT each other and FROM each other over the years and it continues to be an interesting, fun, exciting, and emotionally moving experience to watch. Linda, thanks so much for sharing your take on it all…you have a very intuitive understanding of these characters and the show itself and it shows. I also enjoy reading all posts by everyone. I’m a little late to all the H50 connections but like the catching-up process. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Welcome to the blog Susan and thank you so much for your kind words. I’m so happy you decided to comment this time. I’m glad my long winded ramblings didn’t scare you away! LOL I hope you decide to join in more often! WELCOME!!!


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