#H50 Review – 7.12 Ka ‘aelike (The Deal)

Happy New Year my friends!  Welcome to 2017.  I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and that no matter what holiday you celebrated, it was a joyous and happy one full of family and friends.  Now that the presents have been put away, the decorations are down and we’re all trying to figure out how we’re going to lose all the weight we gained (damn but the food was great) all that’s ahead is the long cold winter.  Thank goodness for our weekly one hour vacation to beautiful Hawaii.  Finally, our first new episode of 2017.  Yippee!!!!

So, let’s get right into it, shall we?  And when I say get right into it that’s exactly what I mean.  Wow, could we have closed out the mid-season cliffhanger any quicker? And, I know I won’t be the only person to attach the word “anticlimatic” to the conclusion of “Will Chin survive?”.

cbsCourtesy of CBS

This is what I wrote in my review for the last episode:

“But, just as the team wouldn’t let Chin go to Mexico alone, we know they will never give up their fight to get him back in one piece.  Just as the title “Snatchback” signifies the teams attempt to snatch Sara back from the grip of kidnappers, the title of 7.12 “The Deal” probably signifies what the team will end up doing to get Chin back.”

I was totally wrong about “The Deal” concerning Chin but, of course, there was never any question Chin would survive and never any question his Ohana would do everything to get him back.  I must admit having it all wrapped up before the wave was a bit jarring though.  Seriously?

You know, we’re always saying how certain episodes seem rushed, that stories are tied up really quickly in the allotted 42 minutes and how we wish, if we couldn’t have a true 2-hour episode, it would be nice if we could get just a few more minutes to close out a story.  That’s what this felt like.  Like they just needed another 5 or 6 minutes to finish up and since they couldn’t squeeze it into the 42 minutes of 7.11, they just used the first few minutes of 7.12.

But why did they only need those few extra minutes?  Didn’t we hear that the Diego cartel’s compound was guarded by “100 military-grade henchmen” and any attempt to get in there would be a “suicide mission”?  I guess we’re supposed to assume that Diego and his goons didn’t take Chin to the “compound” but to some other random place with a pit full of ferocious dogs?

A short burst of gunfire from the cover of the trees and our team easily dispatched everyone surrounding Chin like so much target practice.  And while it was awesome to see Steve all decked out in his best ninja-wear with the helmet and night vision goggles and all, once the minimal amount of shooting was over, he was the only member of the team we actually saw emerge from the bushes!  Left me kind of, meh…  And the wave hadn’t even crashed yet!

Then there was the question of what would happen with Sara.  After 7.11, I began to seriously doubt that Sara would leave Mexico.  After all, Jorge and Maria had done nothing wrong.  They had opened their home to Sara and, obviously cared a great deal for her.  Sara being taken by the cartel was the fault of Five-0, not her Aunt and Uncle, who seem to be really good people.  Chin himself stated that the biggest threat to Sara was himself and Five-0, not her family.

So, when Jorge pulled Chin aside to say that he and his wife had come to the decision that it wasn’t safe in Juarez for Sara and that she would be better off with Chin in Hawaii, needless to say, I was really surprised.  Very, very happy, of course, but totally surprised.

I mean, I can understand why they would think that way.  We heard in 7.11 that “K and R” is a big business in Juarez and children being taken is not an uncommon occurrence.  Well, I’m really glad Jorge and Maria don’t watch Hawaii Five-0 on American TV because they’d realize it happens pretty regularly on fictional Oahu too or Chin never would have gotten Sara back!


I don’t want you to think that I didn’t like how this episode began because I did.  It’s not what happened that left me… meh… but the miniscule amount of time it took.  I just wish those eight and a half minutes (and believe it or not, that’s all it was, including the opening credits) could have been an entire episode of its own.

Think about it.  A daring rescue, our courageous team going up against those “100 military-grade henchmen”.  All the planning, execution, gun fire, the heart stopping escape, culminating in Chin and Sara’s reunion.  It would have been awesome.  So yeah, this was anticlimactic even if I’m really happy with the eventual outcome.  Chin is safe and Sara is coming home.


Other than the too quick resolution of Chin’s story there was a lot to like in this episode.

Adam:  I must admit, it really wasn’t necessary for Adam to show up in Mexico.  He didn’t add anything to the rescue, what little of the rescue there was, but I have no problem with him being there. I like Adam and even if we didn’t get to see him really do anything, I thought it was a nice loving gesture for him to be there for Kono and for Chin. It added to the solid knowledge that these people, all of them, are Ohana and, all of them, are willing to do whatever they can to help and support each other.

While everyone there were, essentially risking their lives, Adam was also risking his newly found freedom.  Was it smart for him to violate his parole? Of course, not.  But the mere fact he was willing to risk so much for the people he cares the most about speaks volumes.

I also really liked the scene between Adam and Chin at the end. It was nice to see these two finally completely clear the air between them.  Of course, Adam already knew how Chin felt, his actions over the last couple of years were testament to that. But it’s always wonderful to actually hear the words.

I could be 100% wrong about this but to me, it felt more like a set up for something else, something that may be down the road.  Maybe a future story involving Kono and Adam and Chin then something that was necessary for this particular episode. I could be wrong about that but that’s what it felt like to me.

The same goes for the mention of Melissa and Abby.  Well, Melissa more than Abby really. We haven’t seen Melissa since last Valentine’s day and we’re supposed to have that Staycation episode coming up pretty soon. Time to establish that Melissa is still in the picture before she just reappears in that episode.  Of course, Lynn will also be in that episode but there’s no need to establish her existence now.  It was made quite clear only a few short episodes ago that she is still very much in Steve’s picture.

Chi McBride and the COTW:  Is there a scene, anywhere, this man can’t rock?! I know we’ve discussed in the past that our team going undercover is kind of a silly notion.  People must know them all by now, right?  And Lou isn’t exactly an inconspicuous person.  But, even though it really doesn’t make a lot of sense, I love it when our team take on other personas and go under cover.  Lou playing a car salesman was pure gold!

Courtesy of CBS

But, in the very beginning, I was underwhelmed by the crime of the week.  First off, I didn’t understand why Five-0 was even involved.  Steve and Lou wandered in on Max performing a random autopsy and just jumped in and took a case that, at that point, wasn’t even a case yet.  And even if it was, surely it would be an HPD case, right?


The scene of Lou confronting Bob about the murder was one of the best scenes ever.  Chi was pure perfection the way he danced around Bob and got him to reveal everything.  Poor Bob, so out of his element.  “Oh Bob… you still think I’m a car salesman?” ROFL

But as much as I truly enjoyed Chi playing Lou playing a car salesman, he wrapped up the case and got the killer and I looked at the clock to see it read 9:25pm.  What?  Was everything in this episode going to be wound up at hyper-speed?

cbs9Courtesy of CBS

Of course, this is H50 which means nothing is as it seems.  What started off as a rather underwhelming story morphed from one car salesman killing another out of greed and envy into a case of running drugs and laundering drug money into, believe it or not, a case of terrorism.  Add to that, catching the guy responsible only to find out in the last seconds of the episode that the uranium he had was already dealt to someone else.

So, we ended 2016 on a cliffhanger and we’re starting 2017 on one too.  Because you know this is not the last time we’re going to hear about that uranium. It may not be next week or even next month but you know for sure we’ll be seeing it again eventually.

I liked how this story built up.  I know there will be people who will complain that the episode was “all over the place” but, to me, that’s what sometimes happens in a real investigation.  There are times when an investigation just veers into an area no one ever expected.

I also really like it when the show ventures outside the box that is Oahu.  After seven years, how many murders, drug smugglers, prostitution rings, (God help us) kidnappings, etc. can our team tackle?  Five-0 was originally formed to keep men like Victor Hess “the hell off my island” as then-Governor Jamison said.  Well, keeping international bad guys off the island means sometimes the good guys need to go “off” island too.  And if they don’t actually leave, they will need to deal with the international threat on the island.   It doesn’t mean we need to have H50 become like NCIS or something but having them deal with things that are not just local makes the show more well-rounded, in my own opinion, of course.

Kamekona:  Our buddy Kame wasn’t in this episode a lot but even so, he was a real highlight.  I loved his scene test driving the truck.  I couldn’t stop laughing when he asked if the truck came with seat warmers because “on a long haul, when your butt falls asleep, ya gotta keep that posterior stimulated”.  And Kame, you know you’re not supposed to text while driving even if there is a “change of plans”. LOL

OMG… Did that just happen?:  In a show where people die with more rapidity than blinking, we’ve become a bit desensitized to the carnage.  Oh, there are times when it’s more gruesome or bloody than usual, of course, but I have to tell you, I can’t remember when a death made me literally jump out of my skin like the death of the HPD cop in this episode did.

It’s easy to throw around the term “never saw that coming” but this time, it was the God’s honest truth.  It was so unexpected, coming literally mid-sentence, it was like, blink and you missed it.  I’m not convinced it was at all necessary but if they were going for a shock factor… um…. Bingo!

Jerry:  I really liked the way Jerry was used in this episode.  He was in it just enough.  I wonder when Jerry moved out of Chin’s place.  It looked like he was still there in Epi 7.09 (Elua lā ma Nowemapa – Two Days in November – 11-18-16) when Chin was comforting him after his friend was murdered.  That was about 6 weeks ago.  I also wonder why he moved out.  Maybe because Abby moved in?  Regardless, it was a great way to set up the Max story a little later in the episode.  Jerry needs a place to live and Max’s apartment is up for rent.  Wait…. What?

Max:  OK… so the fact that Max is leaving Hawaii wasn’t an earth-shattering surprise.  Well, at least not for those of us in the fandom who keep up with these sorts of things.  But for the average weekly viewer, the fact that Max is leaving was probably a rather hard blow.  I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love Max and his loveable, quirky brilliance.  Even if he has no respect for one of the greatest creations on the planet.


OMG, Max!! What the hell is the matter with you?? Throwing away Leonard’s malasadas!  Are you nuts?!?!?  When my friend Lynnette and I went to Oahu for Sunset on the Beach, our first stop, on our way from the airport, yes … before we even checked into our hotel… was at Leonard’s.  Life is, after all, always a question of priorities, my friends, and Leonard’s malasadas are nothing short of Nirvana!

You’ll notice when Jerry found them in Steve’s office, whether he was sleep-eating or not, he couldn’t resist them.  And Steve’s first reaction when he saw them was to ask “why are there four missing?”  In other words, “who the hell ate my malasadas???” LOL

I simply adored the final scene between Steve and Max, it was so sweet.  Steve is always so intuitive when it comes to his Ohana.  He could tell how much Max’s sojourn in Africa had affected him from the moment Max came home.  Max doesn’t ever have to worry that his decision to return to Africa would be a disappointment to Steve because all Max has ever wanted was to help people.  Leaving Hawaii is the hardest decision Max has ever made.  To leave the only home he’s ever known is major.  To do it in his desire to help those less fortunate is a testament to the kind of man Max is.  Of course, Steve is proud of him.

I also couldn’t help thinking, as Steve and Max sat talking on the sofa in Max’s living room that the bond between these two men was forged five years ago in that very spot.  It was there that Max tended to the injured Steve, in that spot where Steve woke up after Max sutured the stab wound courtesy of Victor Hess in the Season 2 premiere.  There where Danny and Chin reconnected with their leader after he escaped prison because Max called and made sure they knew where Steve was.  That Steve and Max had what is essentially their last private conversation there was a very nice touch.  It’s even still the same sofa!


Next week we say goodbye to Max.  I don’t know if we’ll ever see him again.  I sure hope we do.  Even if it’s just the team needing help with a case and talking to Max via Skype or something.  But Steve is right.  No matter where Max goes or how long he’s away, Hawaii will always be his home and if he ever decided to go back, his Ohana will be there to welcome him with open arms.  I know next week’s episode is going to drive me to tears when we finally have to say goodbye.

So there you have it.  I give this episode an A-.  The too quick resolution of Chin’s story and the less than interesting car dealer murder brought it down a bit for me.  But all the scenes with Max, Chi’s fantastic portrayal of Lou undercover and the way the COTW morphed into another cliffhanger made up for the less than stellar parts.  All in all, I really ended up enjoying this episode very, very much.

Have a great week my friends!  Aloha.  Malama Pono.

All screen caps are mine unless otherwise noted.


13 thoughts on “#H50 Review – 7.12 Ka ‘aelike (The Deal)

  1. Carole says:

    Happy New Year! New episode – yay! It wasn’t at all what I expected, but that’s H50 for you…..just when you think you’ve got it all figured out…….This totally blew my theory that episodes sans Scott are “big, pull out all the stops to fill the Danny hole” stories. Instead we got a episode where everyone’s story got moved along a bit and another cliffy at the end. There was a lot going on and It did jump around with stuff happening off camera, but in a weird kind of way it worked. The mention of Danny out loading the car didn’t seem that strange – after all, they skipped over all the prep to rescue Chin and once rescued, the team reunion. Must have been the faster op ever – perhaps everyone just falls into place – they’ve done this so many times! Anyway, we did get a nice moment with Steve giving Chin a bro hug and his badge – nice touch, but did I miss a Kono hug?? Lou was great as usual though I prefer him working with one of the boys – love the banter. Apart from badassness at the beginning i thought Steve was a total softy with Chin, Jerry and of couse Max……..he’s come a long way. I wonder what we get next week apart from Max’s party?

    Liked by 1 person

    • The synopsis for 7.13 said Five-0 is going to investigate a murder at a police convention. If it’s cops being murdered, you know this will be an emotional episode from beginning to end, that’s for sure!


  2. Wendy says:

    Happy New Year. That was not what I was expecting for the episode, and I missed Scott. The rescue was waaay to fast. The COTW was good in that I loved Lou as a car salesman. Did they have to kill the cop that way? It sure made me jump, so unexpected. The twists were typical 50 and the one at the end was a great lead in for another episode. I like how they’ve made Steve so much softer this season. He’s had so many Ohana moments with everyone.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I always miss it when Scott’s not in an episode. Despite what a certain segment of “fans” think, this show is never as good when Danny’s not there. But, having said that, I adore Chi and Lou and I thank TPTB for their decision to make him a permanent member of the team and the show. I will never stop wanting Scott/Danny to be part of every episode but since that’s not possible I’m thrilled we have Chi/Lou to fill the void. As I said above, there isn’t a scene that man can not ROCK.


  3. I too was very surprised how fast they rescued Chin. I expected a lot more of that story. But I thought the other story was interesting with all the twists and turns it took. But I am going to miss Max so much. I love his quirkiness. Although it will be nice for Jerry if he can rent his house. I’m glad we still have Jerry to provide the quirkiness. The scene between Max and Steve was just heartwarming. And, yes, as always I did miss Scott. Well, he’ll be back next week with the rest of the gang. It will be bittersweet, though, because it’s Max’s last episode. I hope he pops in from time to time. We know that can happen with 50.

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  4. I can’t tell you when it happened, but I seem to remember a scene with Chin telling Jerry that he needs a little more room now that Abby’s moved in and maybe Jerry needs his own place.
    Grover going undercover as a new car salesman was just perfect. Chi McBride has shown his range in the years he’s been in Hawaii. I saw a short clip of Grover with his son Will and Grace Williams for an upcoming episode. That should really be good.
    True the rescue of Chin was short but the way this case snowballed into something bigger was also terrific. The way the cop was killed didn’t shock me as much as the time something similar happened to Ed Asner’s August March in Season 3.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Actually Ed, this one shocked me more then when March was run down. In that scene, August was inching out onto the street behind him. He looked over his shoulder more than once to gauge his position in relation to the oncoming traffic. I didn’t expect him to be run down, but watching him maneuver himself out there gave me an uneasy feeling even before he was fatally hit.

      This one, coming mid-sentence, while the cop was having a normal conversation with the guy in the car came totally out of the blue and was much more shocking in my view. But then again, both deaths were pretty gruesome!


  5. rhondagemini says:

    Great review! I agree that Chin’s story was resolved way too fast-that was the first thought that entered my mind when they rescued him! Was equally surprised that he agreed to take Sara back,especially after what he said to Kono in the previous ep about her being in danger because of them. I loved Lou as a car salesman-he was hilarious! Once that crime morphed into the terrorism thing,I was shocked to see that we have another cliffhanger on our hands and who knows when it will be resolved! I kinda hope that Jerry moves into Max’s apartment-that would be nice. Love the last scene with Steve & Max and it was obvious that Max knew that Steve & the rest of the team love him and are proud of him and will welcome him back if and when he decides to return and I do hope he will return from time to time. Looking forward to the next episode!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I hope Jerry rents Max’s house too. With Steve, as his boss and Max, who is not only the current tenant but also his friend, vouching for him, I think it’s a good bet Jerry rents Max’s place. It would be nice to get to see it once in a while and be reminded of Max. Because, as much as we’d love it, I’m pretty sure we’re not going to be seeing Max ever again.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. jlopie1 says:

    Great review, Linda! Thank you so much for reminding me of the lovely “Nirvana” we shared on Oahu. Before we ever set foot in our hotel. I seem to remember the hotel desk person smirking at our Leonard’s box!

    For some reason, I wasn’t surprised Chin’s story was over before the credits. I agree it was too little, too quickly! I seem to remember in an interview Peter saying H50 had had season finale cliffhangers, but he wanted to try a midseason cliffie. That would have been fine if it was part one of an actual two-part story, but this wasn’t that at all. Anti-climactic describes the first 8 minutes of this episode perfectly.

    It did have it’s little surprises – Adam showing up at the door to help out Five-0 and lend support to his wife (in my opinion, there is nothing wrong with that at all and is a perfectly admirable reason for him to break parole and show up in Mexico). And then, Chin gets Sarah back! I honestly didn’t expect that. I felt we had been led to expect that Chin knew she would stay with her aunt & uncle. But I am happy for Chin. I don’t think his prospects for having children of his own are very good, but the way he lost his zen and went off the deep end when he found out Sarah had been taken, proves to me how much he had fallen in love with that child. It’s one of those things that unless you are a parent yourself, you’ll never completely understand the maternal/paternal instinct to protect your child. If your child is in danger you go a little crazy until that child is safe again. Chin’s got it, big time!

    Have to admit, after 7.11 I really wondered why the cartel cared so much about Chin. Kono was the one who actually pulled the trigger on the cartel boys in HI. But in this ep, Mr. Drug Lord explained it wasn’t only because he wanted to avenge his brother, but because Gabriel had been a friend, and he was avenging his murder, too. Ah! Lightbulb moment! Friend of Gabriel’s, knows about his daughter, knows about Chin and Malia, etc., etc. it all falls together quite well. Hope we’ll get to see more of little Londyn. Teilor Grubbs has grown up before our eyes, and though she’s a beautiful young teenager now, it wouldn’t hurt to have another child to watch grow up. (Of course, we have Charlie, who’s a real cutie, but it’s time for another team member to have a child!)

    COTW! What can I say, Chi was phenomenal! I think he could sell me swamp land in Florida if he wanted to! Like you, Linda, I thought the original salesman’s murder was kind of dumb and not really H50-worthy, but as the clues started to stack up, leading the team down different avenues, and culminating in the revelation that the uranium/dirty bomb was blowing in the wind, I was drawn in to the story. I’m sure when we return to this storyline later in the season, it’ll be a suspenseful, action packed episode!

    Lots of other good stuff to talk about in this ep, but the highlight of the entire ep was Steve and Max’s conversation. Such a great scene! So heartfelt and sweet. God, I’m going to miss Max! I wasn’t a big fan of his early in the series – honestly, he annoyed me. But as Max’s character grew, so did my respect for him. So, yes, he’s one character who’s absence I will definitely feel.

    It feels so good to have H50 back on our Friday night screens! Over 10 million viewers were happy this week, too! Wonderful! Here’s to a fantastic 2017! Thanks, Linda, for your continued efforts to entertain us!

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    • I totally agree with you about Chin and the likelihood that he’d have a child of his own one day. And yes, he has fallen head over heals for little Sara. How could he not. That child is just too cute to be allowed. I sure hope we do get to see more of Lyndon, like you said.

      I also agree with you about how Chin totally lost his mind when he found out Sara had been taken. I don’t understand those who thought it was out of character for Chin to act that way and worse, those who said Daniel Dae Kim did a terrible job with the acting in those scenes. Well, I just need to consider the source of those complaints and remind myself of who they think is a good actress to totally discount any opinion they have on who is or isn’t a good actor.

      I also have to disagree with those who said it’s not appropriate for Chin to have Sara because he has a full time job AND his girlfriend also has a full time job. What an insult to every single parent or full-time employed sets of parents out there. These people are saying full time working parents are incapable of properly taking care of their children. Like I said….that is a huge insult.

      Ahhhhhh yes! The hotel clerk who looked at our nice large pink box from Leonard’s and just gave us a knowing smile and smirk. Obviously two haoles with wonderful taste and their priorities 100% straight! LOL


  7. KayADee says:

    I wasn’t surprised they found Chin so quickly. Steve’s comment that the hostage was one tough son-of-a-bitch just proved that Steve was tougher. Having Adam there was a bit strange but, as you said, it is 5-0. I’m very happy that Sarah will be with Chin (and I’m in awe of full-time working parents of kids). DDK was excellent.

    In the event 5-0 ever disbands Lou has a career as a car salesman! Are you ready to sell some metal?? LOL!

    Every once in a while I’m pleasantly surprised when the writers actually weave a story that will be needed going forward and that was 7.12. The mention of Melissa and the COTW with the dirty bomb, we know, will be front and center very soon! Can’t wait to see how it’ll play out!

    But my favorite part of this episode was the scene between Max and Steve. Steve, that huge testosterone filled marshmallow, fixer of broken toys, didn’t disappoint in showing his absolute love and pride and encouragement for his Ohana. Next week is going to be very hard because we know the loss of Max/Masi is real, he is family to Steve/Alex, off and on screen, and will be missed terribly. The fact they did the scene on the couch where it all began was so touching, I hope Jerry will take the apartment so the connection will remain.

    It was a solid episode and a good start to the 2nd half of the season!! I better stock up on Kleenex this week.

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