#H50 Review – 7.05 Ke Kū Ana (The Stand)


In all the years I’ve been watching TV, and that’s more years than I like to admit, there have often been times when a favorite TV show surprised me with their choice of material for a particular episode.  Usually, it’s when a situation comedy decides to do a serious episode totally out of the box.  Like a beloved character gets sick or some event happens that you’d never expect in a “comedy” show.  These types of episodes are usually very powerful mostly because they are so out of the box for a show that is supposed to be nothing but funny.

The same can be said about this H50 episode.  A show which primarily revolves around guns deciding to tackle a story about gun control.    I thought this episode was very well done.  Powerful and insightful considering how polarizing this topic can be.  The acting of the entire cast was spot on. Alex and especially Scott in particular.  Give Scott something he can really sink his teeth into and he just shines.  Alex, of course, shines constantly!  But, like those very serious episodes in a situation comedy, I won’t say I’d want to see this type of episode often but as a one off, I really liked this one.

Before we get into the meat of the episode, let’s look at the two other stories we were also given, shall we?

Kono and Adam – It’s been a long while since we last laid eyes on Adam.  The last time we saw him was in Episode 6.21 (Ka Pono Ku’oko’a) back in April.  It was because of Adam’s actions in that episode, bringing about the recapture of escaped Halawa inmates, that brought about his early release from prison, six months early.

I couldn’t be happier that Kono and Adam are together again.  But I have to admit, the calmness of their reunion took me a bit by surprise.  I was watching Kono calmly getting herself ready to go pick up Adam and I was thinking to myself, “Girl, why aren’t you jumping out of your skin with excitement?”  I know I’d have been shaking with anticipation.

Then, at the prison, finally… finally… in each other’s arms, it was all so tender and calm.  I would have been squealing so loud birds would take flight and they would have had to pry me off him with a crowbar.

But it was a lovely scene, especially when Kono slipped Adam’s wedding band on his finger once more.  “The next time you slip it onto my finger, all of this will be behind us” he said a year ago.  Let’s hope it turns out that way.  These two, who have been through so much, who have stood by each other, no matter what… yes, they more than anyone deserve some happiness.

So, of course, these two, who haven’t been together, haven’t been in each other’s arms for a year, do the one thing everyone does the moment they are finally reunited.  They head to Kamekona’s shrimp truck for a plate lunch.  Ummmmm yeah… right!


Now, don’t get me wrong, I loved this scene.  Loved that the entire Ohana was there to welcome Adam home.  Loved the texts from Max and Sang Min.  Especially loved hearing Flippa’s rendition of the great Marvin Gaye hit “Let’s Get It On”.


But seriously, why weren’t Kono and Adam doing just that? I mean, have you seen these two?  Get your asses home and don’t resurface for at least a week!   LOL

Adam’s kind heart – One thing that has always bugged me about the way the show has characterized Adam is the way they always said things like “Adam is trying to change” or “Adam is trying to be a good guy” or something to that effect.  I’ve always held the opinion that Adam was always a good guy.  That while he was trying to legitimize the family business, he himself never really needed to “change” because he was a good guy from the beginning.  When he tried to be the bad guy, he totally sucked at it.  Pretty much did everything wrong.  So while the timing was a bit odd to me, the fact that Adam wanted to help a fellow inmate who had befriended and protected him by literally saving his life, didn’t surprise me.


The story of Louis Kalama reminded me of Roy Parrish from Episode 4.14 (Na hala a ka Makua).  Both Roy and Louis were men who tried their best to change after a life of crime and each man had a daughter they longed to see again.  They both continued to write to their daughters in an attempt to reconnect even though both daughters refused to even acknowledge the existence of their fathers let alone answer a letter.

It was very admirable of Adam to want to repay his debt to Louis by attempting to bring his daughter to see him before Louis died of cancer. It was nice that, unlike Roy’s daughter who didn’t realize how much she wanted her father in her life until after he’d died, Louis’s daughter will get to spend whatever time he has left reconnecting with her father.

But was this story necessary for the episode? No, not really.  It didn’t propel Kono and Adam’s story forward in any way.  It had nothing to do with what was going on in the rest of the episode.  Honestly, once Steve told Kono to take the day, she and Adam could have disappeared into her house and, like I said before, not surfaced for a week.

But what this little nugget did do was establish that Adam has not changed.  That he hasn’t been jaded by the time spent in Halawa.  That he is still a really good guy.  I don’t know what’s in store for Kono and Adam.  From the looks of next week’s promo they’re in for a bit of roughing up on Halloween but I’m sure they’ll come through that relatively unscathed and they can move on to live a happy life.  At least I sure as hell hope so.

Gun control – Obviously, this was the topic of the night.  Having seen the live tweets during the episode, I know there are some out there who have a problem with a show like H50 even touching such a controversial and explosive topic.  Some used the word “hypocrisy” quite freely.

Personally, I see no hypocrisy in the show tackling this story line.  On the contrary, it is because of the nature of this show, the nature of the job these men do, that makes this topic very relevant.  Who better to discuss guns than people who are surrounded by them every single day. On which side they fall is an individual choice but it’s not hypocritical to have the discussion.

These men see violence up close and personal every day.  And, yes they rely on weapons to do their jobs, but they also see all the destruction guns can cause when they fall into the hands of the wrong people.  I can easily see the characters within this show having very real conversations like the one we saw here and being torn between understanding the right people have to own guns while at the same time, wishing there were less guns out there for them to have to deal with.

I’m not going to call the discussion in the car between Danny and Steve a cargument because, to me, it really wasn’t, in the classic sense.  Each man expressed, and very well I might add, the opposing sides of the issue.  And while they both had completely different views and each were passionate about their point of view, they were able to discuss it reasonably and without rancor.  Each said their piece and in the end, basically agreed to disagree.  It was extremely well done and both Alex and Scott did a wonderful job with it all.

When it comes to this issue, my views have matured over the years.  When I was younger I felt exactly like Danny.  There should be zero guns… period.  But as I’ve grown older that idealistic view has, like I said, matured.  Steve is right.  There can no more be “zero” guns as there can be universal peace, harmony and rainbows on earth.

Sensible is a very appropriate word for how gun control should be handled.  This is my opinion only, of course.  If someone wants to have a gun for their own protection, I have no problem with that.  If you live in a state which allows licensed gun owners to carry and you want to carry, fine. If you are a hunter and have hunting rifles, also fine.

But, there is absolutely no reason, zero, nada, NONE, for anyone to have military style weaponry… period.  You want to fire an AK-47, go to a firing range.  You don’t need to have one (or fifty) in your basement.

So, yeah, sensible.  The 2nd Amendment was written when this country did not have a standing army.  When, if the country was in danger, civilians were to form a “militia” to protect it.  So, of course, since there was no army to supply them, the civilians needed weapons.  Weapons which fired one lead ball at a time and took so long to reload it had a bayonet on the end so you could fight off an enemy if he attacked before the gun was reloaded.  The 2nd Amendment was not written for weapons that can mow down an entire room of 1st graders in 20 seconds.

I know there are zillions of people who disagree with me, but I don’t see how continuing to allow people to have their hand guns and their hunting rifles but tightening up a few loopholes and banning military style assault weapons threatens the 2nd Amendment.

Danny the Negotiator – Finding out that Kyle’s son was the victim of gun violence wasn’t a huge surprise.  Finding out he was the shooter I never expected.  I can’t imagine in any conceivable way how a parent could live with the knowledge their child could do such a thing.  It’s just too horrendous to even contemplate.  Listening to Kyle rage against the gun lobby and the politicians and the complete lack of any change even though horrible mass shootings happen again and again, I could feel his anguish to my very soul.

I was very happy the writers chose to let Danny be the final negotiator with Kyle.  Not only did Scott totally score with the way he played the scene, it was wonderful to see Danny use his brain and his skills to bring a peaceful end to what could have been another horrible situation.


And this is where I think this episode scored big time.  Danny’s entire monologue made complete sense, every last word of it.  As a person who also hates how easy it is to get a gun, and being a cop who deals with the fallout, while at the same time, using a gun himself, as a father horrified by it all, Danny was perfection in showing there is no easy answer to any of it.  But using violence to protest violence is never the way.

I also really liked that, in an episode with this particular topic, Five-0 and SWAT didn’t go in guns blazing like we’re used to seeing.  I was happy Steve, although ready to breach, stood down and let Danny try to get into Kyle’s head.  Everything Danny said made complete sense and thank God Kyle listened to him.

Back in the Pilot Danny told Steve, “I want to do what I’m good at and I want to be reminded I’m good at what I do”.  That’s exactly what happened here.  It showed just how good Danny is at his job and it also showed that Steve knows that.  He stood there and listened as Danny spoke and you could see on his face how impressed he was with the skill Danny was showing.  I just loved, in an episode where guns were the central theme, this situation was resolved without our team or HPD firing a single shot.


The music – It’s something we’ve been saying for years.  Whether it’s original pieces written by Brian Tyler and Keith Power or individual songs they’ve chosen for the show, the music, much like Hawaii itself, is and always has been an additional character on the show.  The music in this episode is no exception.  The very subtle and sad background music as Kyle was venting over the easy access to guns he blames, along with himself, for what his son did was the perfect counter measure to his anger and frustration.

The individual songs chosen were also perfect.  Starting with “Honey, Leave the Light On” as Kono was dressing to meet Adam and Flippa’s rendition of “Let’s Get It On” but culminating with a wonderful cover of John Lennon’s “Beautiful Boy” as Kyle reminisces about all the wonderful times with his son before it all went so wrong.  Kyle blamed himself for not seeing what was happening, not recognizing the signs of trouble.  Unfortunately, “life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans”.

I thought this episode was very well done, very powerful and thought provoking.  Hopefully people who see it can move past the knee jerk reactions on either side and simply watch and listen.  The episode did not advocate a stance on either side.  It simply presented a story which showed the pros and cons on both sides of the issue.  Where individuals fall is, as it has always been, a personal choice.  I’d like to say I hope we never again see the type of violence on our nightly news that brings this discussion to the forefront.  Unfortunately, I don’t own a unicorn.

Have a wonderful week my friends.  Aloha.  Malama Pono


Note:  All screen caps are my own unless otherwise noted.


29 thoughts on “#H50 Review – 7.05 Ke Kū Ana (The Stand)

  1. I also thought this was a very powerful episode. It showed how vulnerable we are as parents. We’re not perfect. We make mistakes. But in the end, all we can do is hope that our children will make the right choices. But I don’t believe anyone has the power to hurt us like our children do. I also was glad that Danny got to shine in this episode. You could see that he gained the respect of the whole team. I was glad that Steve let Danny lead the guy to the squad car. Danny had some sympathy for this guy even after what he did. To me, it was an all around great and powerful
    episode. Once again, Hawaii 50 delivers.

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    • I couldn’t agree more Mary. Raising kids is the hardest job there is and no one ever sits you down and tells you how to do it. There’s no instruction manual or lists of “do’s and don’ts”. You just have to wing it, go with your gut and do the best you can.

      My heart just bled for that poor father, carrying a mountain of guilt over not only what his son did but in his own inability, through no fault of his own, to stop it. Such a horrendous situation and one all too real for more families than it should be.


  2. Carole says:

    I wasn’t expecting a serious episode, but I agree it was very well done. I love how this show can take us to fantasy land – then change focus and tackle a serious issue. I was totally surprised about the son being the shooter – I did not see that coming. Sadly there are many parents across this country living with this kind of oain. I loved how Steve listened to Danny and let him take the lead to bring things to a peaceful end. Yes Dany is good at his job….he is very good at his job and yes, when Scott is given great dialog he truly shines. Every word was coming from the heart. I don’t watch for serious stuff, but I agree with you – it’s OK once in a while. We got a little bit of light and happy with the side stories. Kono & Adam reunion was very sweet. Next up Halloween – hope they get to celebrate……still waiting for Steve to dress up.

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    • I’m looking forward to the Halloween episode as well. It’s always so wonderfully ridiculous and fun, even when it’s scary. And I agree with you. I’ve been praying for a “Mick St. John” sighting for 6 years. Maybe someday the writers will allow the entire team to dress as their favorite characters, like Max does every year. Steve can be Mick, Kono can dress up as Boomer, Chin would need a Dharma uniform, etc. It would be soooo much fun. Ahhhhhhh to dream! LOL


  3. Wendy says:

    A great review to a very powerful episode. Loved the Kono and Adam story, those two deserve some happiness. I don’t live in the US so I have nothing to say about the gun issues there, but I thought the show presented both sides very well. Totally did not expect the son to be the shooter, had to be heartbreaking for the father. Glad the writers let Danny be the one to talk Marvin down, Scott was so good, he’s a great actor. This season is shaping up to be really good so far, although we’re five episodes in and no Grace yet.

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  4. I totally agree with you on everything you had to say! I was not expecting this episode to be what it was… powerful, sensitive and insightful. It scored on every level. It all starts with the writing, which was excellent, to those who bring it to life. Kudos to the cast, especially Scott and Alex, who says more than the written word with his expressive face. And thank you for putting into words what was so dynamic about this episode. I am absolutely loving S-7!

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    • Thanks for reading. You’re so right. The writing in this one, especially Danny talking Kyle down, was great. Scott did a fantastic job but so did the actor who played Kyle (I can’t remember his name right now). He was so powerful. His pain and anguish was palpable. It jumped off the screen. His anger and pain, playing off Danny’s impassioned plea for him to surrender, to not make a horrible situation even worse, played off each other to perfection. Kudos to them all…


  5. I love this show, but one thing that bothers me a lot is how many times the bad guy ends up dead at the hands of our team. I was really glad to see that not happen in this episode. I am also glad that Danny got to be the hero in this one.
    It didn’t surprise me that Kono would want to bring Adam to see the gang upon his release. They were there for her after he disappeared behind the prison’s walls. She said something in the season finale that has stayed with me. She told McGarrett (although he may not have heard her): “That day, six years ago in Wiamea Bay, you didn’t just give me a job, you gave me a family.” I think that its natural that she would want to share good times with that family.

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    • I agree Ed. Like I said, I loved the Ohana scene at Kamekona’s. This band of broken toys is a more functional family than many “real” families out there. I just thought it was funny that it was the first place they went. I would have hauled my man to the nearest bed so fast it would make his head spin! LOL

      I also really liked that this standoff didn’t end with Kyle dead. He was a tortured, anguished man who made all the wrong decisions brought on by his grief and guilt. He’ll pay for the crimes he committed but he didn’t deserve to die for them. So like you, I’m happy with the way it turned out.


  6. Brooklyngirl says:

    This is the kind of episode that makes you stop, sit back and think. Both Alex and Scott were excellent in it. What a sad, bittersweet story.

    I, too, am a proponent of sensible gun control. While I lean more towards Steve’s p.o.v. I completely understand where Danny was coming from as well. There’s no easy answer. Like everything else, guns in the right hands, are not dangerous. And how simple life would be if everything came with an instruction manual. Especially one for raising children which is the hardest job in the world. We all hope and pray that our family grow up to be good, upstanding citizens. Let’s face it Linda there are many people who watch this show and dislike it, always finding something wrong with the storylines and especially the characters. Why they watch is beyond me. Makes me wonder who the hypocrites truly are.

    I read somewhere (sorry, don’t remember where) that they thought this was a “filler” episode before the next big Halloween one. Well, if that’s the case, I hope all future fillers are this good. The only thing that would’ve made it better for me would have been if they used John Lennon’s track of Beautiful Boy instead of a remake.

    Thanks for another good review. I’m loving s7! Next week, Masi is back and the family will all be back together again! Ohana at its best!!

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    • “Let’s face it Linda there are many people who watch this show and dislike it, always finding something wrong with the storylines and especially the characters. Why they watch is beyond me. Makes me wonder who the hypocrites truly are. ”

      I love this line more than I can tell you because it is so true. I too will never understand why people continue to watch a show they say they love while at the same time find nothing to like unless it’s Alex with his shirt off. I don’t know why they don’t just make a video of every shirtless scene Alex has ever been in and sit and watch it on a continuous loop since it’s all they seem to be interested in. That and toothbrush reunions! 🙄

      I have no doubt they will find tons to hate about this episode and will probably go on and on about how it’s the worst episode ever. More likely than not because, in their view, there is too much Danny in it and they will hate that Danny was the “hero” because they find his character useless.

      Oh they also hate Adam and find Kono useless so that will be even more reason to hate this episode. A loving happy couple, who have persevered through tough times, who have always been there for each other, love and respect each other, are finally together and looking forward to a happy life together. Personally, I see the hatred for Kono and Adam as sour grapes. Hatred for Kodam because they are not McRoll.

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  7. Jane says:

    OMG sounds like another amazing episode. I was reading another review yesterday by Manu (as yours is, this was also excellent also I may add). Interesting to read differing views on the gun control subject. As I live in the U.K. and we don’t have the same laws concerning gun ownership it would be unfair to give my opinion on US law but I think it’s excellent how the episode appears to have covered both sides of the argument without being biased either side. Controversy is what gets people talking and that can only be a good thing and why shouldn’t a tv show that reaches far and wide cover something like this. Also love that Kono and Adam are back together again. Absolutely can’t wait for it to appear on our screens over here! Thanks again for another super review and allowing fans that can’t see the season yet join in the discussions and fun 😃


    • I agree… Manu writes a great blog/review each week. I look forward to reading her thoughts just like you do every week.

      I agree that the episode managed to cover both sides of the issue quite well without taking sides. I see no problem with a TV show tackling serious issues but it’s not something I want to see all the time. Even when it’s done this well.


  8. rhondagemini says:

    This was a great episode with a great message-I would say the topic was rather timely,when you consider what is going on in our country right now. Glad to see Danny be the voice of reason yet again-he was talking not just as a cop,but as a father who could understand Kyle’s frustrations and thanks to him, the situation ended with no one being killed,although the judge was shot after trying to be a hero himself(very stupid on his part). Loved Kono & Adam’s story and I would consider Adam a hero,too. I mean,he wanted to repay Louis for having his back in prison by reconnecting him with his daughter. I was glad that he reassured Kono that he wouldn’t be maintaining ties with anyone he knew in prison,but at the same time,he felt that he owed Louis for saving his life,more than once. Love the scene in the prison phone area with Louis talking to his daughter and seeing how proud Kono was of Adam for making it happen! I know they will be in peril in next week’s episode, but I’m sure they will make it through!

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  9. jlopie1 says:

    Good morning, Linda! What a great review! You outdid yourself, Babe! I agree with everything. Once again we are in lock step.

    I liked everything about this episode. Both storylines made me teary at different points, so I pretty much was emotional through the whole 43 minutes! That doesn’t happen very often!

    Kono and Adam are two of the most beautiful people on television right now, Kono was so sensuous in an such an understated way as we watched her prepare to bring her love home. The simple touches, the subtle yet sublime smile into the mirror, all set to the perfect music. The glorious looks of relief and happiness as Adam and Kono embrace. They just need to be together in order to be happy, and that love and happiness just oozed onto the screen. The rest of their story this week was equally touching, and I admit to another little tear being shed over the reunion of Adam’s friend with his daughter. I wish Adam and Kono nothing but peace and joy from here on out (although that doesn’t seem likely – this is H50, after all!) BTW, have I said lately Ian Anthony Dale is one beautiful man? 😍

    I loved the opening scene with the armored bulldozer ramming into the gun arcade on Kalakaua St. Actually what I liked best was the calculating look in Steve’s eye just before he threw the flash bang into the bulldozer’s hatch. That was priceless, as was Danny’s response to “cover me.” “Cover you? With what?” As he pulls out his handgun. Awesome!

    Linda, you beautifully voiced my exact opinion on the gun control issue. I live in a part of the country that idolizes their guns and who would certainly circle the wagons if anyone tried to take their guns away from them. I have to say, though, that everyone here knows how to use their guns properly and every house with guns also has a locked gun safe. Unfortunately, though, the most common form of suicide here is a self inflicted gunshot. I believe in sensible gun control and tighter background checks, which in my opinion, in no way threatens the 2nd ammendment.

    I think it was absolutely admirable for H50 to embrace this issue and shed some light on both sides of the line drawn in the proverbial sand, even if it was a rather simplistic, cliched-filled dialog. At least it WAS a dialog! Danny and Steve were, as usual, at odds with each other in their opinion on the matter, but “discussed” it rationally and humorously (who doesn’t wan a sparkly rainbow unicorn to ride around on?)

    The show did a fantastic job taking that theme into the courtroom scenes. Once again, the show threw us a curve ball with the reveal that the gunman’s son was not a victim, but the shooter. What a wonderful job Scott did portraying a cop, but also a father who also hates the preponderance of guns in society in the hands of the wrong people. Countless times he has seen the result of guns in his career. He also knows how hard it is to raise responsible, wholesome children in this day and age, but ultimately, your children are responsible for their own actions. I loved how Danny could identify with Kyle and safely talk him down without any further injuries or deaths. I also appreciated Steve giving Danny the opportunity to do what he does so well – what his biggest asset to the Five-0 task force is – negotiate an unstable suspect into giving up without any further harm being done to either innocent victims, or the perpetrator.

    And man, did Scott ever deliver! He was front and center in those scenes. He didn’t just convince Kyle to lay down his gun, he convinced me! I just love it when Scott’s acting talents are showcased. I’ve said this before in regard to Scott’s time on the show, quality over quantity every time! He doesn’t need to be on the show each week for me to be happy, because when we have episodes like this one, the quality of his acting shines through.

    Is H50 the right show to bring up such an important political issue right now, 2 1/2 weeks before the election? Why not? The show presented both sides of the issue. The horrendous suffering of victims’ of mass shootings have been addressed many times on television, but the grief and guilt of the families of the shooters, not so much. Were the writers trying to push a personal agenda just before the election? I don’t think so. CBS has final say in what is in each script, so if there was an agenda, I guess you could say it was CBS’!

    H50 is a show dedicated to eradicating bad guys from the world! You can’t always fight fire with words, more often you have to fight fire with fire, but that doesn’t mean you have to like using force when simply understanding the situation and using compassion can dissolve a volatile situation. This episode showcased this scenario this week.

    And now, on to Halloween and the return of Max! Also, Jerry has a very interesting costume in store for us! I love H50’s tradition of fun and scary Halloween episodes, so I really can’t wait!

    Thanks so much for a great review, Linda, and a chance to give my own two cents!

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    • Thanks Lynnette! I am only going to disagree with you on one point. Danny DOES need to be in every episode but like universal peace and unicorns I know it’s not possible. So I’ll accept the great quality of the time he is on the show over my disappointment that the quantity isn’t where I’d like it to be 😉

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  10. No one special says:

    Great review as always Linda. I commented yesterday on Manu’s post that although this wasn’t my fav episode of the season, I did enjoy it. I totally wasn’t expecting the negativity that followed. I’m baffled that it brought such strong reactions tbh.

    A general observation, and I hope I don’t stir the hornet’s nest with this. I’ve noticed that McRoll shippers never have a good word to say about the show. Like, ever. I’m sure there are supportive McRoll fans, but the ones I’ve come across are certainly not. I think I’m yet to see one of them say anything positive unless, of course, it’s related to McRoll. It makes me wonder why they spend their time being an active fandom member of a show they clearly despise?!

    I’ve noticed that ‘Shippers’ are almost always primarily a fan of the female. The guy is nothing more than a trophy boyfriend for their girl. I’ve seen exactly the same happen in another fandom. I don’t know why it is but shippers always seem to identify with the female. The female can do absolutely no wrong, ever, even if they are in the wrong. McRoll shippers have no interest in Steve outside of Cath, and clearly resent Steve/the show for Cath/Michelle’s choices. It’s bizarre.

    Considering they’re full of negativity when they’ve actually got something to look forward to (Cath’s return), I have to wonder how they’re going to react when they don’t get the happy ending they’re dreaming of.

    Sorry to bring this up. After seeing all the negativity following this episode, it got me thinking about 7:07.

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    • Welcome! Never be sorry about bringing anything up on this blog. We’re open to all points of view here so don’t ever worry.

      I have to say that I know several fans who are McRoll fans who are wonderful, open minded, rational, great friends. I have never been completely anti-Catherine until very recently. And even though these friends and I do not agree, we manage to still be civil to each other, discuss our different opinions and more often then not, agree to disagree and remain good friends. And even though their ship is not happening, they still are able to love and enjoy the other aspects of the show. I feel really bad for those McRoll friends for the way that storyline was written and for the way it was sabotaged by online behavior by the actress and her fervent fans.

      But then there are the McRollers you describe. I truly feel their behavior toward the show and toward any fan who disagrees with them is pretty much sour grapes. They hate Kono and Adam because they are a happy couple and they are not Steve and Catherine. They don’t like & find all kinds of fault with Abby because she makes Chin happy and they are not Steve and Catherine. They hate Danny because almost everyone says the Steve and Danny relationship is the most important one in the show.. not Steve and Catherine. Yup.. sour grapes.

      They love Catherine and that’s all they see. There are those who feel the show is a shadow of itself because she’s not there. Boggles the mind.

      You are right. They have very little to say about the show that is positive and spend most of their time trying to outdo each other with their sarcastic remarks. It seems the only reason why they watch the show is so they can bitch & complain and feel ohhhh so superior to we simple minded people who don’t see what they do. I have zero patience or tolerance for them.

      Like I said above, I was never completely anti-Catherine until very recently. I was willing to take anything the writers gave me with regard to that story line. I still am, up to a point. If the writers were to decide to bring Catherine back I would not like it one bit but I will never disparage this show because one small part isn’t what I’d like to see.

      But, I can honestly say that I pray to God 7.07 is the very last we ever see of Catherine. To be brutally honest, I sincerely hope they just kill her off. And not some such nonsense like an off camera plane crash where there’s no body. No, I want a bullet through her head so everyone will know she is good and gone dead.

      Do I think that will happen? Sadly, no. I don’t think they have the guts to do it. But I wish they would because the only way the relentless blathering about Steve and Catherine being “end game” and the only way Steve (and the rest of us) will ever truly move on is if she is dead. Door completely closed and definitively nailed shut!

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  11. Helma says:

    So well written (I have read Manu’s review too). Liked this episode a lot, all the ohana moments and a very good Danny. Being a Steve-fan myself (!) I liked that this time somebody else (Danny) was the hero, ending a hostage situation without shoot outs and killing the villain. Downhere in The Netherlands we are not allowed to have weapons at all, so I am not going to discuss about this subject, because The States have their own rules and law.
    I liked the story from Kono&Adam too, although I wouldn’t have gone to eat schrimps 😉 Thanks for this review, I am looking forward to the next episode and all the next ohana moments. H5O is my favourite show for sure.

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