#H50 Review – 7.01 Mākaukau ʻoe e Pāʻani (Ready to Play)


Each year, after a cold hard winter, we look for signs that Spring is soon on the way.  Groundhog Day, the opening of Spring Training, the swallows returning to Capistrano.  After a long sweltering summer, we do the same except for those of us who are part of a particular fandom, we’re not just looking to turn off the air conditioning and watch for the changing leaves.  We look to the third week in September and the start of our most favorite season of all.  Time for a new season of Hawaii Five-0.

And as usual, this year’s premiere episode, written by Peter Lenkov and Eric Guggenheim and directed by Bryan Spicer, was a real winner.  It had everything I love about Five-0 and then some.  Ohana, bromance, touches of comedy, a kick ass chase to go along with an interesting crime and a surprise ending that looks to propel us into an intriguing story arc that I hope lasts for a while.  It was an episode worth the long wait over the summer.

Peter Lenkov said in numerous interviews that this season was going to be a very personal one for our team.  Personal in the way they deal with each other, with the loved ones in their lives, how they view their legacy and how they move forward.  This episode was a great stepping stone for all of that.

As usual, these observations and opinions will not be in any particular order.  Just the ramblings of a fangirl’s mind…..

The Chapel – I want to start with the scene of Steve in the chapel. I really loved this scene even if I didn’t love the execution.  We already knew that Steve was going to be in a very reflective mood after his brush with death but I’m not entirely happy with the time frame of those reflections.  That being, the six years he’s been with Five-0.

To me, it shouldn’t strictly be Steve’s “job” that he’s reflecting on but his “life choices” in general.  These include Five-0, of course, but also go all the way back to his military days when his “job” was his only life. Years spent on ships, in deserts, on classified and clandestine missions, being sent all over the world at a moment’s notice and not seeing his home base for weeks/months/years.  He’s edging toward forty and wondering if, had he made other choices, would he have had a more normal life.  It seems more logical to me that those are the years that shaped the course of Steve’s life, those are the years that cost him that normal life.  Not the six years he’s spent with Five-0.  He hasn’t lost anything because of Five-0.  But, perhaps, the writers just didn’t want to delve into Steve’s entire adult life and made the less complicated choice to concentrate only on Steve’s Five-0 years.  Not the choice I would have made but that doesn’t mean I can’t understand why they made it.



Steve has had a life altering experience and contemplating one’s legacy and choices is natural. It’s also natural for one’s thought process to be all over the place, replaying events and thinking and rethinking decisions which can never be changed.  Sometimes a person needs someone else to center them, to help clear the clutter of a brain that’s over thinking things.  The use of the stranger in the chapel was a great choice.  Making him an ex-cop was inspired.  Steve is wondering if it’s all worth it and this wise gentleman tells him things I’m sure Steve, in his heart, already knows but things he still desperately needs to hear.


Steve is seeing another version of himself.  A man who’s lived a similar life and yet was able to find the “normal life” Steve feels has passed him by.  This man is in the chapel praying for his sick wife, a woman he’s been happily married to for forty-five years.  Amazed, Steve asks how he managed it, and the man tells him truthfully, “I just met the right gal”.  When Steve, still in that reflective mindset asks “What if I already met the right woman and couldn’t hang on to her?” The gentleman gives him another truth, this time a hard truth. “Then she wasn’t the right woman”.

I truly hope that all of Steve’s reflections help him realize just how right the man was.  Five-0 hasn’t cost Steve a normal life nor has it cost him the right woman because she was never the right woman in the first place.  As for Steve’s statement that he doesn’t have a girlfriend at the moment, I’m disappointed he said that but not really surprised.  He was with Catherine for a decade and never could call her his girlfriend, could never say I love you, could never make a full commitment to her (and vice versa…. Catherine couldn’t do it either).  The fact that, in this moment of doubt, regret and reflection, he’s not willing to put a label on his relationship with Lynn, is totally understandable.

I truly hope the gentleman’s last words to Steve sink in, and he realizes that just because his life hasn’t been what he considers “normal” it’s still been a damn good life.  The lives he has saved, the horrible people he’s put behind bars or helped take out of power, all the good difference he’s made to Hawaii, in the world and for his country.  Not to mention all the “broken toys” he’s brought together to form his Ohana, his friends, the team that always, no matter what, has his back.  Yes… it’s worth it.

“What we do can’t be quantified. Your worth is measured in the closure you bring, the people you save. That’s your real legacy. The best legacy a man can leave behind is the people whose lives he’s changed. Trust me.”

I thought this scene was inspired and the sentiment displayed very touching.  But the execution?  That left something to be desired.  It would have been so wonderful if the real Jack Lord was still with us and able to play this part for real.  As I said, I felt Steve was seeing another version of himself and who better to play that than the man who originated Steve McGarrett?

But the CGI used to create this Jack Lord was lacking.  I think about seeing Andy Serkis transformed into Gollum in Lord of the Rings and know CGI is so much better than this.  This Jack wasn’t completely awful but it did look pretty fake and not just a little bit creepy.  Add to that, the fact that many younger viewers or those who had never seen the original Five-O had no idea who this creation was supposed to be.  I wonder why someone didn’t look at the final product of this experiment and just veto it before it hit our screens, just brought in a wonderful actor to play the part. No, it wouldn’t have been Jack Lord but the scene would have been just as touching.  But they were so excited to play homage to the original Five-O and to Jack Lord. The sentiment was admirable and paying homage is always a fine goal and should be praised.  Their hearts were definitely in the right place and I loved the entire scene even if the CGI could have been a bit better.


Steve and Danny – God I love these guys! I’ve loved them from the first time Steve barged onto Danny’s crime scene and I love them even more now.  These two will forever be the glue that holds this show together for me.  I’ve been hoping all summer that the interactions between these two can return to wonderful banter and leave the hateful bickering behind.  I thought this episode struck a good balance for them in working toward that goal.

Let’s start with the wheelchair race.  Totally unrealistic and inappropriate and I loved every minute of it.  I mean, guys?  Competitive much? And I loved that Danny won.  About time Steve didn’t come out on top especially when he tried to cheat.  Seemed only fair Danny won by doing the same.  Yeah, I admit, it was totally ridiculous.  No hospital would have permitted it.  They would have put a stop to it in an instant.  But it was still a hell of a lot of fun to watch especially Danny observing “that felt good” when he won.  Lou and Kono making bets on the winner and contributing to the fun was really great too.


So it’s been two weeks and the boys are just out of the hospital and Steve isn’t listening to any advice the doctors have given him about his recuperation period and Danny is not happy about it.  What a surprise! I wish these guys could just say what they really want to say instead of always dancing around it.  Danny is concerned for Steve.  He wants him to rest and give himself time to heal.  He wants him to follow doctor’s orders.  But he can’t just say that and probably feels he shouldn’t have to, that his actions in saving Steve in the plane and donating the organ should be enough for Steve to just know it and do as he’s told.

Of course, Steve is as stubborn as they come and thinks he knows his body better than the doctors.  He’s completely bull headed and that just grates on Danny something fierce.  So of course it degenerated into bickering.  But here is where this episode had a nice balance to it.  Yeah, they ended up bickering in the car (with Chin, hysterically ending up behind the wheel) and again at the hotel but in the end they end up talking it out and, after some “I love you’s” and a long overdue “thank you”, Steve does do what he should.  Instead of heading out with the team for drinks and wings, Steve heads home for some much needed rest and even a few days off.  I loved Kono’s little tease… “they in love again…”. for-blog34

Chin and Sarah – Chin is completely enjoying his time with Sarah and the way Sarah smiles at him and is completely at home with him shows she’s developed a true loving connection with her Uncle Chin. But Sarah has family in Mexico, family that wants to adopt her.  Who can blame Chin, with Five-0’s resources to begin a background check on these people he doesn’t know before he lets this little girl, who is stealing his heart, go with them.   It’s going to be fun to see if Kono’s observation and Chin’s non-denial that he’s “got the bug” leads to Sarah permanently staying with Chin.  They are so incredibly cute together I really hope it works out for them both.


And Abby too.  She’s on the island to stay, it seems.  She’s now a HPD detective, which I totally approve of.  There was no indication in this episode that she is living with Chin but it was implied at the end of last season.  I completely approve of this pairing especially since we’ll only be seeing Abby periodically either with Chin or when HPD is on a case and we won’t see her every episode as a member of Five-0.  Just the way I like love interests on a cop show.


The new Governor – I absolutely love that Steve is checking in with the Governor again.  I loved Denning and his interactions with Steve.  The mutual respect between two former military men and the bond of service.  I’m really sorry to see Denning go but we really haven’t seen him in ages and after five years, it’s logical it be time for a new Governor of Hawaii.  I already love Keiko Mahoe.  First off, I’m really happy the new Governor is a woman but even more than that, I’m thrilled that she is Asian.  On an island where over 60% of the population is of Asian and native Hawaiian decent, it’s about time we had an Asian Governor.  Great choice here!


Straight forward and to the point she sort of reminded me of what Governor Jamison was like at the beginning.  She’s one tough cookie, yet she is also fair and open to the advice of her predecessor to not underestimate Five-0.  I think this dynamic will be cool to watch.  I know we’re not going to see the Governor all the time and that’s as it should be.  We should only see her when the situation warrants it.  But I sure hope we see her more than we saw Denning.  And I honestly never realized how much I missed hearing Steve say “Yes ma’am”.



Our New ME – We also met our new Medical Examiner, Noelani. Again really cool, another Asian woman.  It looks like they couldn’t get Amanda Setton back as Dr. Shaw which is really a shame.  I loved Mindy and her interactions with the team, especially Danny.  I wonder if Noelani will stick around once Max gets back from overseas.  I kind of hope she does and that Eric gets his wish and meets her.  It might be fun, every once in a while, to see Eric finally in a mature relationship that will help him to finally grow up.


Kamekona – Our wonderful island entrepreneur is at it again with a new venture. The Kamekona Club… spreading the Aloha to the world on a monthly basis, through malasadas, garlic shrimp, local grown coffee and, by some as yet to be determined process, shave ice.  You got to hand it to the big guy.  Even though his last venture ended up at the bottom of the sea, he’s still out to spread the brand.  Lou may not be quite ready to dip into Samantha and Will’s collage funds to provide capital but as for me, just the idea of malasadas showing up at my door is enough to make me want to subscribe!


COTW – This week’s crime was really interesting. First off, for the first time ever, our guys weren’t called to a crime scene, the crime scene was brought to them.  To see the light hearted bunch, fresh off the wheelchair Olympics, strolling into HQ to find a dead body waiting for them was something I never expected.

It’s not a new concept for a cop show.  The vigilante who sees himself as the only person who can stop the killers by becoming a killer himself.  The serial killer who kills serial killers.  But I’m enjoying the way this particular story is being laid out.  The chess pieces being left with the victims is an intriguing part of these crimes.  Were these killers simply pawns being used by someone else? Or do the pawns, the lowest pieces on the board, represent the killers view that these men are the lowest of the low of humanity?  Only time will tell because, the surprise ending that looks to propel us forward is the fact that they didn’t actually catch whoever is responsible for it all.

This guy is also extremely bold.  He not only left the first body right on the Five-0 logo on the floor of HQ, he left the second body in Lou’s car.  Lastly, as Steve arrives home for his much deserved rest, the guy is in Steve’s house.  Steve hears him moving around but he manages to slip away, leaving behind yet another chess piece in his wake.  How is this guy getting into what should be secured places?  Ok, so maybe Lou left his car unlocked but HQ?  And Steve’s house also has security (at least I think it does).  What is this guy trying to do and more specifically, what message is he sending to Five-0?


The Chase – I can’t let this episode go by without talking about that chase! Oh my God, for a show that prides itself on some of the most spectacular chase scenes this one was one for the ages. I had never heard of Parkour before and didn’t know there were people who are considered “professional free runners”.  The choreography of the chase was amazing.  We all know the extraordinary ability of Jeff Cadiente and the way our show benefits from his expertise but I wonder if Parkour athlete Jesse La Flair didn’t do most of this choreography himself.  I don’t know, I haven’t read one way or the other. It was spectacular no matter who planned it all out.

I couldn’t help but be impressed with the way Steve (until he took that one incredibly stupid leap) and then Chin and Kono were able to keep up with suspect Pierre Shaw as he scaled buildings and jumped rooftops.  My husband was laughing at me because I kept yelling at my TV “Oh… for God’s sake… just shoot him for crying out loud”.

I do wonder what would have happened to Pierre if Five-0 hadn’t shown up at this apartment when they did. He, undoubtedly would have killed the young woman he was terrorizing.  And what if he hadn’t fallen to his death?  Would he have then become our killer’s next victim himself?  Would he have been left on Five-0’s doorstep as well?

And what of that last chess piece, the one left in Steve’s kitchen?  From the looks of the picture Jerry showed the team of the stolen chess set, the piece looks like a knight.  In medieval times the knights were the King’s guard and the nobles of the realm. It was the duty of a knight to learn how to fight, to guard and protect the castle and to support his King in warfare.  On a chess board, the knight is the only piece which can leap over other pieces to take its enemies.


So what is our killer trying to say?  It seems clear he doesn’t view Five-0, or at least Steve, as pawns but as what?  Allies?  Or was it meant as a challenge, a “catch me if you can”?  A battle of wits to see who comes out on top?  Personally, I love that there was no closure at the end of this episode and that we’re in for what looks like, I don’t know how many episodes of, a good old fashioned “Who done it”. I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to seeing where this is going.

Welcome my friends to Season 7 of Hawaii Five-0!  Aloha.  Malama Pono

All screen caps are my own except were noted.


38 thoughts on “#H50 Review – 7.01 Mākaukau ʻoe e Pāʻani (Ready to Play)

  1. Nicely written Linda. I too thought shoot don’t just chase him. The Jack Lord character was creepy to me, having watched the original show. I was hoping that William Sadler would show also as his Dad’s spirit. What better place than a chapel. The comment she wasn’t the right one was closure on the Steve/Cath relationship. From the beginning it was a cool relationship, kind of like two ships passing in the night, lovers only when they got time. Looking forward to next week. This one can mean we are in for a great season.

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    • I agree! In my opinion the line “she wasn’t the right woman” should hammer in that last nail. But, of course, those who don’t want to believe it’s the end will cling to the fact that Steve said he doesn’t have a girlfriend. In his mind, for years, over a decade, he categorized his relationship with Catherine as “a thing”. Doesn’t surprise me in the least that he doesn’t feel comfortable calling Lynn his girlfriend after a year. Is Lynn the one he’ll spend the rest of his life with? I have no idea whatsoever. I just hope to God we’re finally done and gone with Catherine. That story needs to end and I really hope 7.07 will finally really end it for good.

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  2. Ocean says:

    Spot on, girl! This was a fabulous episode, reminiscent of the earlier seasons — just when you think the ep is over, a huge twist is thrown at us. I loved it! Remember the ending of 2.01, when Wo Fat leaves the prison after killing Hess, gets into a car and Jenna is driving it?? I had the same “holy shit” reaction to 7.01’s ending.

    I thought the chapel scene was very moving. The CGI of Jack Lord was a bit eerie, but I think it was meant to be ghostly. Steve has a history of seeing ghosts — at the end of Hookman, and in the 100th ep when he and his dad were having a beer on the beach. We were able to see his angst through this encounter, and I thought it was very effective.

    The chase was EPIC. Incredible. Fantabulous. Funny thought, that when Steve and Danny entered Shaw’s apartment, they weren’t wearing earpieces, but as soon as Steve was out the glass door chasing after Shaw, the earpiece was there. Oops!

    The banter between Danny and Steve was perfect. Like you, I love that Steve finally listened and decided to go home for some recovery.

    I hope the rest of the episodes follow suit. This was a terrific banging start to the new season!

    Thanks for your review!

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    • The dynamic between Steve and Danny was perfect in this episode. It’s not only the fact that Danny’s concerned about Steve and “his” liver or that Steve is a stubborn son-of-a-bitch. It’s that Steve really IS SuperSEAL, has been pretty much indestructible for decades. He’s been hurt in the past but always came through as good as ever.

      This IS a live altering experience and I don’t just mean because he can’t have a beer. He has had to face the hard truth that he is NOT indestructible, they he can’t get injured and just rub dirt on it and swim an extra mile to make it all better. That’s a tough realization for someone who has always been in control.

      And there’s the rub. Danny’s right. Steve’s a control freak. Coming to terms with the fact that he’s not in control of the one thing he’s taken for granted all his life, his own body, must really rub him the wrong way. Every time Danny harps on his health, every time Danny tells him to rest, to be careful, to obey the doctors, it’s a reminder to Steve that he’s not the indestructible man he’s always believed he is.

      So it’s not just Danny’s ranting getting on Steve’s nerves. It’s what that ranting is forcing him to face that causes him to snap back at Danny. Having him, at the end, agree that he needs to listen to the rules, go home and take some time to recover was a good step in his coming to terms with the new reality of his life.


  3. Wendy says:

    I agree with everything you said, Linda. You always write such great reviews. The CGI was horrible, but the sentiment good. I enjoyed the COTW and knew they hadn’t got the right guy before Steve found the chess piece in his house. Here’s hoping that Chin gets to keep Sara, they are so cute together. As for Danny and Steve, they aren’t quite back to normal, but very close. Loved the banter between them, and that cargument was classic. Especially liked that Danny said he couldn’t switch places as he couldn’t drive either, then next we see, Chin is driving. Laughed at that. Hopefully this is a better season than the last, as far as bromance goes.

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  4. I loved this episode so much. And I have been anxiously waiting for your review, Linda. The Steve and Danny scenes were priceless. This whole episode was what I needed after kind of a stressful summer. We sold our house and I was kind of going through what I guess you went through last spring. We then moved into a townhome. Due to some kind of serious health issues this was a better choice for me. No more home ownership for my husband and I. No more stairs, no cutting grass and no shoveling snow. Everything on one level. I am much better. Well, as good as I’m going to get. But I can still work and go to the gym everyday. But the best part of it all is I’m still around to watch H50. It was the biggest thrill to watch it for the first time in my new apartment. This was a fantastic episode. Your right, Linda. It had everything. I loved the team interaction. And the ratings were great. Next week looks like another winner. I have heard that Steve and Catherine are not getting back together again, but I kind of wonder about the new profiler that is coming. I do like Lynn, but maybe they are waiting to see what the new character brings. I can see that being kind of a good match too. She’s not on the team but they go to her sometimes for help. That’s the way it used to be with Catherine before they ruined it by making her fulltime. I also really love Abby. I thought she was great right from the start. And Chin and little Sara are adorable. This season got off to a great start. I’ll being seeing you next week, Linda. Same place. Glad we are all back.

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    • Congratulations on your new house. It indeed sounds like your summer was as stressful as my spring. Like you, no stairs in my new house either! LOL This was my first H50 in my new house as well.

      Yes, it does look like Steve and Catherine are finally finished, at least I sure as hell hope so with all my heart. I am so over that story and I really like Lynn. As to the new profiler, Alicia, it’s way too soon to say that could be a good match. We haven’t even met her yet and only have a line or two from an interview with Peter. I’m not ready to toss Lynn to the curb for Alicia but I am more than ready to drag Catherine there.


  5. rhondagemini says:

    Season 7 started off great! The Jack Lord”cameo”(as one article called it)was eerie,to me. The scene was powerful,but the voice was not his and as such, just didn’t sound right to me. The wheelchair race was fun to watch, but as you said,no hospital would ever allow something like that to happen. I really think Steve & Danny’s relationship will be different this season in that they will be looking out for each other more. I noticed that DDK(Chin)still had a bit of his King & I hairdo-will be glad when it grows out a bit! The COTW was chilling,to say the least and the chase was really something to see-I was a bit scared when Steve couldn’t continue,but at least it made him realize that he is not super-human. The last scene was more of a cliffhanger than an ending and I can’t help but wonder if the person who left the chess piece is the new villain the team will soon encounter! Regardless,the new season is off to an awesome start and I can’t wait for the next episode!

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    • I agree Rhonda. I’m not sure who was more shocked that Steve couldn’t go on…the audience or Steve himself. I’m glad they played up his vulnerability both physically and emotionally in this episode. But I’m also more than thrilled that we have not lost our SuperSEAL.

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  6. I agree LInda. I am done with the back and forth between Steve and Catherine. It gets tiring. But I am wondering if the writers are giving us hints that Steve has not met the right girl yet. I do like Lynn. But last year he was flirting with the girl on the plane and the other night he sounded like he was still pining for Catherine. Maybe if he met the right girl he would totally forget Catherine. The point is, to me, I don’t want to see a love interest every week. Alex said himself a few years ago, the Steve and Danny partnership should be the main partnership on the show. And it obviously works. Last seasons finale with Steve and Danny got the highest ratings for the whole season. And reviews and ratings for this episode were great. This is not castle. And Alex is too great an actor for him to be in a bunch of love scenes for most of the episode. He is more than just a handsome guy with a body. I guess time will tell. But, hopefully, from what I hear, Steve and Catherine are done. To me, the chemistry is not there.

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    • I have no problem with Steve lamenting the fact that Catherine is not there anymore. He was going to ask her to marry him for goodness sake. But him thinking his job with Five-0 is the cause of him not being able to “hold on to her”, that’s just nonsense. He didn’t lose her, she left. Five-0 didn’t cost him their relationship. She threw it away. I hope to God Peter and the writers don’t change their minds about 7.07 not being about them getting back together and I hope it truly is the last episode she’ll ever be in. I also hope however they end it, they make it 100% definitive and they don’t leave even a millimeter of a crack of a door open for her to ever return!


  7. I loved the episode. I thought someone said “They are in love again.” But I wasn’t sure. Someone complained that Steve wouldn’t be bleeding for his old wound, so they called it lame. I put on there that I thought he cut by the glass or what ever he ran into or thru cut him. I love that guys were talking, guys never say what they mean, they talk around what they mean. I see videos of people doing that running thing. It always looked scary.

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    • Not lame… accurate! He is 2 weeks post op and one day out of the hospital. It’s perfectly logical that with a powerful enough blow or pressure put on the operative incision that it could re-open. People just like to look for things to criticize. That’s what’s lame.


  8. Welcome back Linda , really enjoyed your review missed all this thought the direction was superb on the chase scene Bryan Spicer did a grand job and Jeff Cadiente amazing stunt work this guy is a thrill genius. can’t wait for next week.

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  9. I’m really liking it that they are telling stories of crimes not solved in a single episode. True both parts of the last one they did were in back-to-back episodes they aired the same night. But this “chess piece killer” story will go on for at least two more. I wonder if another shoe will drop for Steve since he held his chest a couple of times. He’s too young for heart problems … maybe its just telling the audience he realizes he needs to slow down. I’m glad Danny’s nagging is finally getting to him and he realizes the doctors know what they’re talking about.
    My big problem with Jack Lord was that he just didn’t sound right. It just wasn’t his voice. (An interesting side-note is that Jack spent the last 49 years of his life married to the same woman … she lived 7 more years after he died in 1998.)

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    • I agree Ed…I’m really looking forward to seeing a story arc over several episodes centered around a crime instead of always being centered around something personal. It’s something we really haven’t had before. Even the long crime story arcs of WoFat and Gabriel were personal. But, who knows, we have no idea what’s going on with the story. It could end up being personal as well.

      I’ve seen a few people wondering about Steve holding his chest and wondering about his heart. I supposed anything is possible. I mean, he and Danny are running around like pretty much normal 2 weeks post-op which in reality would not happen. But I honestly don’t think it’s his heart. I think it may be a combination of the inevitable pain he’d feel pretty much in all of this trunk after major surgery and what you said, a physical manifestation of his realizing he really does have to slow down.

      As to the Jack Lord CGI… I’ve seen some folks say the face was all wrong but they got the voice right. I’ve seen others say the voice was great too bad they messed up his face. LOL I guess the consensus is it wasn’t really that bad but it wasn’t all that good either. LOL

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  10. rita@ritakelly.wanadoo.co.uk says:

    Great review Linda. In the chapel I was expecting to see McGarrett Senior but it was a nice tribute to Jack Lord albeit it didn’t look like him but the voice. It was a little creepy. Hopefully this is the end of Catherine and Steve relationship.
    The wheelchair race was so funny and was a nice lighthearted moment.
    I’ve never minded Steve and Danny arguing. I believe it shows they care and all along Steve was going to not take it easy. It’s not in his nature. But maybe now he has to reflect.
    I’m glad the cotw didn’t end there. I like a good story that can take a few episodes to solve. From the bts pics looks like Steve will be in trouble
    Overall I enjoyed it and hope for a great season and yes I watched it on the beach here in Hawaii. Unfortunately didn’t.see Alex as was on the left of the screen and he was pulled away as they had been filming and it was running late. However saw Daniel Dae Kim and Denis came and stood in front of me thanking everybody for watching. What a nice gentleman

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    • That’s so cool you were there to watch it on the Beach. I was able to do that last year and it’s an experience I’ll never forget. We were lucky enough that Alex came close to us but we didn’t get to actually meet him either. But, just the experience of being there, in the middle of it all, was incredible.

      I’m actually glad it wasn’t McGarrett Sr in the chapel. Steve’s already “seen” him a couple of times, at the end of “Hookman” and again in the drug fueled mind games WoFat played. If it had been him in the chapel people would be all over it saying Steve is seeing ghosts again. They would have discounted it as there being something wrong with his thought processes or something.

      I liked the way they handled it. A stranger in the chapel who also happens to be a cop, giving the young man who is obviously trying to work out his feelings and emotions some good, solid, well earned advise. The old man wasn’t supposed to be Steve in the future, wasn’t supposed to be his dad and wasn’t even really Jack Lord. Just a retired cop imparting some great advise and the wisdom of his experience.

      They could have hired any good older actor to play the part and it would have been just as effective. But they wanted to pay homage to the original show and to Jack so they did this. It wasn’t executed the best but their intentions were good and the sentiment was perfect.


  11. Hi Linda
    I always appreciate and enjoy your reviews and obviously you love Hawaii Five- O but honestly your total hatred of Catherine is getting me down / A lot of us loved “McRoll” and none of us know the end of their story yet. maybe Cath went to save Steve’s mother???? we just don’t know !! What I DO remember is that when she left Steve in that last episode she looked utterly destroyed/ I sat this with all respect for your opinion and hope you will respect mine.

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    • I absolutely respect your opinion. There are many fans who love Catherine and hope for a reconciliation. They love that couple as much as others love any other couple and hope for their happy ending. Just because I personally feel that relationship has run it’s course is no reflection on those who feel it hasn’t. I have many friends who love the couple, friends who know I no longer do and yet we’re able to have open discussions and often agree, often disagree and many times agree to disagree. It’s the way it should be with mature individuals.

      I’m a bit puzzled by your statement that I have a “total hatred of Catherine”. I’m sorry you feel that way because I have never said I “hate” Catherine. I have repeatedly said that I loved her and the relationship for the first three years of the show. I have also said I never blamed her for keeping Doris’s secret in S3 nor did I blame her for Steve going to Afghanistan or for his capture. I also totally understood why she stayed behind to find Najib.

      My feelings for Catherine began to change when she was made a permanent member of Five-0 in S4 and we had to see her in every single episode. I have stated many times that I prefer it when we only see love interests rarely. I didn’t start to feel like the relationship had run it’s course until she called Steve after he got home from Afghanistan, in the way, I felt, she showed a total disregard for his well being after he was captured. It continued when she came back, not for him, but for Kono’s wedding, and especially how she rip his heart out when she left again.

      I totally agree with you…those tears in the car as she drove away were real. She was grieving, no doubt about it. But not enough to tell him the truth. I’m sure you feel differently. I respect that. There is no reason why we can’t each feel the way we feel. You hope she comes back and stays. I hope she leaves again and never comes back. To each his own. However way it turns out, I’ll always love this show.

      Thanks for reading and commenting.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Thank you for your very nice response to my comment about Mc Roll Linda and for clarifying your feelings. Shall we both agree to continue to love the show and see where the writers go?? After all they WILL decide everything for us and it will be very exciting to see Epi 150 where a LOT of ribbons will be tied into neat little bows My sweet little “Honourary sister Manu feels the same about “Cath” and we love each other dearly.That is what “Ohana” and the ALOHA spirit of Hawaii Five-O is all about

        Liked by 1 person

      • You are so right! It’s Peter and the writers who know where all these stories are going. As much fun as it is to speculate and try to guess what’s coming… as much as we all try to sting the “evidence” together from quotes and misquotes in interviews and spoilers…ultimately it is only they who drive this story.. not us. All this is a ton of fun but, whether we like it or not, we just have to sit back on Friday nights and let it happen! Aloha! 😀

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  12. Carole says:

    Here we go, season 7…..been looking forward to reading your review Linda. Bit late to the party here- but that’s because I was actually there…..at S O T B !!!
    It was my birthday weekend and my wonderful Hubby booked a last minute deal. My camera was acting up so no decent pics, but I did meet DDK who was working the crowd for ages and Scott looked like he was having fun (Kacey was there too)they sang happy birthday to Chi. So much going on – I really need to re-watch. The Jack Lord thing was a bit strange, but I loved the advice he gave Steve…….and the boys are definately back. I loved every minute of their banter….the chase and the set-up for next week was great. I could not have gotten a better b-day gift. I think hubby has realized just how addicted I am to the show AND that he’s never going to be able to top this……

    Liked by 1 person

  13. jlopie1 says:

    Great review, Linda! We saw eye to eye with most everything. Wish we had been at SOTB to watch the episode on the big screen while listening to the waves crash on the beach mere steps away from us…oh, well, maybe next year!

    Having watched H5O with my grandma, who adored Jack Lord as much as I do Alex, it was a treat to see “him” as a guest star! Unfortunately, I had to use my imagination to make this Jack believable, but it was the sentiment to attempt to put the two actors onscreen together that I appreciate. I did have to go back and watch that scene a few times in order to grasp what was said between them as the first time I was rather fixated on the image in front of me (kind of like “what is that!!”)

    Ah, the heart of the show returned in all it’s glory last night! May it continue to shine through the rest of the season! Of course, I’m talking about the bromance! It was Steve and Danny at their best! The competitive nature of both guys was so perfectly shown in that wheelchair race! Loved Grover picking Danny for the win! We know Steve is straight forward gung ho physical, but Danny’s the wily one! He got the last lick in and cross the finish line!

    But more important was the bromance. Danny doesn’t really care so much about “his” liver, he cares about his friend! He’s using the liver snark as a way to reach Steve – to get him to listen to him just once! I think Danny has learned that you really have to nag Steve to the point where he gets frustrated enough to do what Danny wants just to shut him up! It worked with driving the car! (Loved Seeing Chin behind the wheel!)

    The COTW – oh, my! I think we’re in for a fun ride for a few episodes with this one! Loved the new governor. She knows Governor Denning was highly impressed with Five-0, but she’s going to have to see results for herself, I think! Unfortunately, she put a ton of pressure on Steve to deliver right off the bat, leading to that awesome chase which left him flat on his back on the ground out of breath, in pain, and bleeding! Looking forward to more scenes with the governor in future episodes.

    Speaking of that chase, Jessie LaFlair, Jeff Cadiente and Brian Spicer put together a ridiculously awesome Parkour run! I don’t think it went on too long, as some viewers think. I do wish the character hadn’t overestimated the distance between buildings on that last jump! I would have liked to have seen more of him in future episodes!

    I won’t go on longer, since everything has been said by others! I do want to congratulate cast and crew for a spectacular Season 7 premiere – one of the best of the series! Now, is it Friday, yet? Let’s bring on the British!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Having been at SOTB last year with you made watching not only the SOTB festivities but the premiere as well a bit difficult. In years past I would sit with my laptop watching SOTB and wishing I was there. But not knowing how wonderful it is, I didn’t know what I was missing, so watching from home was enough. But now? Now, knowing what’s going on, knowing the people we hang around with, knowing the access those people sometimes are able to get…. This year was a lot harder. Of course, those double barricades made it feel just a bit better. 😉

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  14. Ocean says:

    I know a lot of people are rolling their eyes at the wheelchair race, but think of it like this — Steve had been in the chapel some time before, he’d flashed back on the shooting and his near-death experience, and he’d confessed some deep and remorseful thoughts from his heart to the “ghost”. He was in a dark place. I think he rolled out of there and did the first thing he could think of to lighten his mood, which was a competition with his best bud. And it happened so fast, none of the hospital staff had time to stop it.

    As for Steve holding his chest — as we saw, he had a midline incision, which is more extensive than a routine abdominal incision — probably because in addition to attending to his liver, they had to hunt for bullet fragments and repair other damage that the bullets certainly caused. It’s painful to even breathe deep with that type of incision, so I’m sure he was hurting from belly to shoulders. And it was probably closed with staples vs sutures. Tougher to rupture but a mess if they do. He would need to get re-sewn either way. And about the other wounds — I guess PL forgot that Steve was shot numerous times, including one to his thigh, which should have slowed down his building-jumping abilities, LOL. But, I pretend I’m not a nurse when it comes to H50. Like Linda, I’m all about Super Seal Steve, and I remind myself that this is fictional tv, and thank goodness for it!! Love it all!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I spent more years than I like to admit watching soap operas with my mother. It’s been awhile since I followed any soap closely (although I admit I HAVE checked out Days of Our Lives a few times on line JUST to see Christopher Sean! LOL). All those years of soaps sensitized me to the reality that there doesn’t need to be reality for me to enjoy what I’m watching. Soaps are crazy insane with the ridiculous but they can be fun as hell.

      Yes…all the keyboard experts will rattle off all the reasons why Steve (and Danny) can’t, in reality, be up and running around like they were 2 weeks post-op. Yes… I know…they’ve said it repeatedly, they can’t “not drink for a couple of months”, in reality, Steve can’t drink ever again. Yes….. I know that one little pill isn’t, in reality, all the meds Steve would be required to take. Yes….yes…..yes… ad nauseam. I don’t know why these people don’t just tune into a medical documentary, in reality.

      I watch H50 for the fun, the bromance, the Ohana and…yes…. the crime, the action, the fights, the chases… the excitement. If that means in less than a month from surgery Steve is leaping a building in a single bound or puts a beer to his lips I could not care less. My show is fun. If it wasn’t fun to watch each week I would stop watching.


  15. julieb716 says:

    Great review, Linda. So many of your thoughts reflected mine. I loved the original H50 and Jack Lord and James MacArthur, but like so many others I kept staring at the CGI and barely heard the words spoken as I tried to figure out what IT was.

    I also remind myself it’s a television show and doesn’t have to be totally realistic. I thought the chase scene was fantastic and Steve and Danny competing in the wheelchair race funny as hell.

    The new governor? I’m not so sure about her. I thought she was a little stilted and I cringed a little when she spoke. It may just be me getting used to her. Or maybe because I liked Denning so much.

    And Catherine? I’m with you. The relationship’s run its course. Time to be done with it once and for all.

    Anyway, I loved your review and look forward to more as the season progresses. Keep the bromance alive!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Rosalind Chao, who plays the new Governor, is a favorite of mine. I remember her as Klinger’s wife Soon-Lee in the early 80’s on MASH and as Kieko O’Brian in my beloved Star Trek series(s). I was so thrilled when I saw she was going to be the new Governor. I can see your point about her coming off a bit stilted. I felt it too but I tried to think, she’s the brand new Governor, she’s never had to deal with a crisis like this, she’s responsible for the welfare of the island and tourists are being murdered. I think I’d be a bit stilted myself.

      The first episode Denning was in 2.01 he came off as a tough nosed and hard as nails….told Steve that Five-0 wasn’t going to get away with bending the rules and doing whatever they wanted like they did under Jamison. He told them he was going to hold them accountable. He soon realized he couldn’t rein in a team that did the kind of work Five-0 does. His demeanor towards the team and especially Steve matured and mellowed. I think the same will happen with this new Governor as well. Sometimes first impressions aren’t the best especially when the come under extremely stressful situations. We’ll just have to wait and see how she adapts to her new task force. 🙂


  16. joyfuljaj says:

    Always glad to read another review of my favorite show.
    I liked the idea of Jack Lord but wish they would have just made up an actor to play him. The cgi version was too stiff. I thought the conversation could have been done differently. BTW, when he told Steve “she wasn’t the right woman”, Steve replied, “I don’t know about that.” He is not done with Catherine emotionally. I do agree that no matter what is going on with him and Lynn, it would be totally in character for him to not label their relationship. And as you and another commenter posted, the direction of those relationships is completely up to the writers no matter what we all think would happen in real life. Also, i agree that 5-0 hasn’t taken anything from Steve. That comment just didn’t seem to jive.
    So many other observations I have seen other people make, but you are the only one I have seen comment on the knight chess piece at the end. I thought that was the kind it was although i don’t know enough about chess to think of a significance. Kudos for noticing. I hope it comes up on the show.
    I am always one of the fans nitpicking about details of injuries. I gave up on the bullet in McG’s arm and leg. I was satisfied that he showed a bit of vulnerability. I think him grabbing at his chest was just due to the fact that is where the incision had opened up again. I did check that the incision for a liver transplant extends up past the breast bone – pretty much spit open.
    Anyway, I really like the looks we’ve had so far this season. The leaked pictures have me so impatient to see the next to eps for sure. Of course, I’ve been looking forward to 150 for a long time. No matter what happens with Catherine in that one, I am actually most interested to see Steve confront his mother. I wish we could see her reaction to learning how close she has come to losing her son.

    Oh, for the next 3 days to go by quickly!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for reading and leaving a comment. Welcome! The think about the chess piece at the end…the killer did not leave another pawn. He specifically left a different piece, a knight, the piece the represents a warrior. If it didn’t mean something, it the killer wasn’t trying to tell them something, he would have just left another pawn. Also, the fact that the writers DID make it a knight, and the director chose a camera angle which highlighted the piece not once, but twice, tells me it is something will come up again.


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