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Hello my friends.  Long time no speak!  I hope you’re all having a fantastic summer so far.  As you know, I have spent the last couple of months moving into a new house.  Well, we are finally here and moving along nicely with getting the new place set up.  It’s starting to really feel like our home now, instead of feeling like we’re vacationing in someone else’s house.  Of course, if we were vacationing it wouldn’t be this much damn work, but I digress (so what else is new! LOL).

Of course, there is a very happy bright spot on the near horizon.  We’re only a few short days away from the start of filming for Season 7 of Hawaii Five-0.  YIPPEE! Yeah, the confirmed premiere date of September 23rd still seems a million years away, but with the beginning of filming, hopefully, we’ll get to see the Blessing streamed online, then behind the scenes photos will start to trickle in and, finally, official promo shots and then we’re off on another great H50 season.  Ahhhhhh, I always love the way that sounds!

Like many people, I have things I’m hoping to see in the new season and, of course, things I hope don’t happen as well.  Please remember, as always, there is no right or wrong, there is only opinion. This is only my opinion.  Please feel free to express your own as you see fit.

As you know, I am ridiculously easy to please when it comes to this show.  I just adore pretty much everything about it.  Of course, there are always things that I, like many other people, feel could be better or that I wish hadn’t happened but, all in all, I have enjoyed every season of this show and I see no reason why I won’t enjoy Season 7 just as much.  There really isn’t a hell of a lot they need to do to make me happy so my wish list for the new season really isn’t very long.

Basically, my wish for Season 7 is this.  That H50 continue to focus on what it is that made it great in the first place.  The team, the crime, the fact that it is a police procedural first and foremost.  The main meal, so to speak, with private lives being the wonderful, complimentary, side dishes.  It’s as simple as that.

I’m hoping for great, inventive crimes of the week.  It would be great, since Five-0 was created to keep scum like Victor Hess off the island, if we could get more international type crimes, espionage type things that would broaden Five-0’s reach beyond Hawaii. We’ve had tastes of it over the years.  I think it would be kind of cool to see that a bit more.

I’m also hoping for a really great new big baddie.  I was heartbroken when WoFat was killed off.  But then, I fell in love with hating Gabriel.  Now he’s gone too.  I was really hoping Michelle Shioma would be the new baddie because, just how awesome would it be if it were a woman?  But it looks like that’s not in the cards.  So who?  I know I’m not the only one thinking that meeting between Steve and PapaFat in the season finale was no throwaway scene.  We’ll just have to wait and see if PapaFat is, or is someone connected to, the new big baddie Five-0 will have to contend with.  Ahhhhhhh….. crime….. on a crime show!  Heaven!

I’d also really love it if there was a really horrendous case, one where Danny and Kono, particularly, perform above and beyond the call of duty in resolving it.  Maybe something that puts both their lives in danger yet they perform their duties flawlessly.  Perhaps a high profile case that brings their work to the attention of the public.  Maybe we could even see Governor Denning again (I miss him).  Because, you see….. Steve’s a Lt. Commander, Lou is a Captain.  Chin got a promotion from Sargent to Lieutenant.  And yet, six years, going on seven, and Danny is still a Detective Sargent and Kono is still an “officer”.  I would really love to see them, finally, get promoted too.

But, of course, Peter Lenkov said from the very beginning the way this new Five-0 would differ to the old one was that in this incarnation, we’d actually get to see what the team did after they hung up their guns at the end of a case.  So, the stories which revolve around their private lives are an important part of the show.  I have absolutely no problem with this.  As a matter of fact, it’s what does make our H50 so much better, again in my opinion, from the old show.  We have come to care for these people, because they are not just cops we only see when they are doing their jobs.  They are real human beings with all the trials and tribulations and all the joys, laughter and love we very rarely if ever got to see in the old show.

It adds depth and texture to the story.  But like a wonderful sauce made for an exceptional cut of meat, it should never overpower.  It should always be an accompaniment, not the main event.

There are plenty of things in the personal lives of our team I’d love to see in S7.  I’m hoping we get to see more of little Charlie in S7, preferably not only with Danny and Gracie but with Uncle Steve as well.  I hope we also get to see much more of Nahele and the wonderful relationship building between him and Steve.  There is also the matter of Max and his sojourn with Doctor’s Without Boarders.  It sounds like we’ll be seeing Dr. Mindy Shaw again soon.  Hopefully she’s not just a mention in episodes (“get Dr. Shaw here to check this out”) and we actually do get to see her from time to time.  Chin needs to make a decision with regard to little Sarah and where she’s going to live.  I’m sure we’ll be seeing that cutie pie again real soon.  Then there is Jerry, Kamekona, Flippa, Eric, and of course Duke. I’m looking forward to seeing each and every one of them recur throughout the season as they always do.  The Five-0 Ohana has continued to grow over the years and I, for one, really enjoy seeing all of them whenever we can.

Considering what Steve and Danny went through together in the season 6 finale, I would hope for a return to the wonderful brotherhood these two men have always shared.  I haven’t tired of the bantering and the “carguments” but I have grown tired of the bickering.  I know I’ve read that it’s going to continue and I really wish it wouldn’t.  I honestly don’t understand the way of thinking that if these guys are growing even closer because of what happened in the finale that means they are going to fight more.  That makes no sense to me.  I fully support the “getting even closer” idea but please, can we get back to good, lighthearted banter and drop the petty bickering?

I’d also like to see, again because of what they both went through in the finale, some more family time for my favorite guys.  I already mentioned I’d love to see Danny spending more time with Gracie and Charlie, hopefully with Steve along too.  But I’d also really love to see Mary and Joanie come back to Hawaii for a bit.  How cute would it be if little Joanie and Charlie could play together?  Maybe an Ohana barbecue on Steve’s beach with everyone together. With Joanie, Charlie and Sarah playing together in the sand, under the watchful eye of Gracie and Samantha Grover while the entire Ohana relax and enjoy each others company after a particularly hard case?  I know, it’s the stuff of TV dreams and Fan Fiction stories but it’s still fun to think about.

I also would really enjoy it if we could get back to Steve’s story.  I remember way back in season 1, people used to complain that Five-0 was centered too much around Steve. That the others weren’t getting the proper respect, story wise, because it was all about Steve, his father’s murder, the Champ box, WoFat, yada yada yada.  We seem to have made a 360 on that front.  While Steve is in every single episode, his long story arc seems to have petered out.  I’d like to see that change.  Whatever happened to the Champ Box anyway and the investigation Jerry was going to do to try to uncover more of its secrets??

I really am hoping that scene between Steve and PapaFat wasn’t a throwaway scene and it means we’ll be getting back to that story.  I am no fan of Doris McGarrett by any means.  I hate the way she has crapped on Steve and Mary since they were kids and I hate the way she can’t seem to tell the truth to save her life.  But she is part of that FamilyFat story.  Not that I want to see her again, because, believe me, I couldn’t care less if I ever see her again, but I’d love it if we could get back to the story, find out what really happened all those years ago. Find out if Joe White knew about it from the beginning. Basically get back to making H50 Steve McGarrett’s story again.  And, even though it is Steve’s personal story, it could be part of the crime story as well.  I still firmly believe the personal stories should not be the major story lines but if they can dovetail, it’s easier to accept it.

Which brings me to the one major thing I really don’t want to see in Season 7.  I do not want to see H50 become a “Gray’s Anatomy” where the premise of the show (the crime and police work) takes a back seat to the personal relationship dramas.  This is not a hypocritical viewpoint.  Yes, I just said I’m looking forward to the personal stories but what I’m looking forward to is scenes at the beginning of episodes, small scenes interspersed here and there and/or the wrap-ups at the end.  I would be happy with a one off episode here and there where a personal story is the secondary story of the episode with the crime of the week primary.

What I don’t want to see is a relationship, any relationship become front and center.  I don’t want to see a significant other, any significant other, in every single episode.  I don’t care who it is.  I have honestly liked all the couples we’ve ever had on the show when they were where I felt they should be.  In the background when we only see them occasionally.  We only saw Melissa once during all of Season 6 and we only saw Lynn twice.  The only reason we saw Abby a lot was because of her story to infiltrate Five-0 but I find it hard to believe we’re going to be seeing a lot of her in Season 7 even if she and Chin are living together.  Chin and Malia were married,  for goodness sake, and we only saw her a few times spread over two seasons.  Even with Kono and Adam’s story, we only saw Adam in seven out of the 25 total episodes of Season 6.  This is the way I like the romantic relationships handled on a police drama.

Of course, the elephant in the room for Season 7 is the return of Catherine Rollins.  Peter has stated that she is still part of the story so as much as I don’t want it to happen, I believe Catherine will be back at some point in the new season.

I don’t want Catherine back. I’ve never made that a secret.  And, although there are those who refuse to hear me when I say this, it is not because I hate her, because I do not hate her.  I have never hated Catherine.  Just because I feel that her relationship with Steve has run its course doesn’t mean I don’t like her. As a matter of fact, I have stated, numerous times, (although, again, some refuse to hear me when I say it) I really liked Catherine in Seasons 1 & 2 and I loved the relationship between Steve and Catherine in Season 3.  She was still in the Navy, stationed at Pearl and we saw her from time to time.  Just the way I like my H50 relationships.  Adding her to the team, having her be in every single episode, having she and Steve together 24/7 was one of the things that killed it for me.  This is not the Steve and Catherine show.

I never held it against her when she kept Doris’s secret.  And I have said a zillion times that I don’t hold her “mission” against her either nor do I think she “lied” to Steve about it.  If it’s classified, it’s classified and no one would understand that better than Steve.

My beef with her is the way she tore his heart out with the situation.  If she was going on a mission, why didn’t she just go, why the stop in Oahu?  There are those who like to say she had every intention of staying and it was only that phone call that made her leave.

I disagree because, in the car, as she was leaving, the voice on the phone asked her if her “cover” was in place and also asked her if she was “sure” she could do the mission.  It gave the impression she had the opportunity to say no, she couldn’t or wouldn’t do it.  But she said she was sure she could.  She came back to set Steve up and establish a cover, not because she ever intended to stay.  Oh…she may have toyed with the idea, but I don’t believe she was ever going to stay.  It’s the way she hurt him that I can’t forgive, not the mission nor the lie that never was a lie.

Of course this is all open to personal interpretation, which is fair enough.  Those who have always loved Catherine see it differently.  Again, fair enough.  Like I said, this is my personal opinion.  I do believe she loves Steve.  Those tears as she was leaving were 100% real.  But they weren’t real enough for her not to hurt him.  In my eyes, she is just like Doris.  I have always believed Doris loved her family with all her heart.  But that didn’t stop her from choosing another way of life over them anyway.  I see Catherine as Doris 2.0.  And if Catherine is foolish enough to utter the same words to Steve that Doris did, that she did it to “protect him”, it will be history repeating itself all over again.

If Catherine must come back, so be it.  I love this show too much for one character to make or break it for me.  My one real hope is that when she comes back, the writers remember that Steve has a backbone.  That they remember everything that Doris put Steve through, how much he hates it when people do things to “protect him” and how much he hates to be deceived, even when it’s with the best intentions.  He may accept Catherine back but, please, let it not be immediate.  Let him voice all the concerns, all the hurt, all the outrage he deserves to voice.  Let him ask every question he has in his head and in his heart.  He deserves answers!  Above all else, from the time his mother “died” when he was 15…. he deserves the truth!

Who knows?  Perhaps an introspective Steve will realize he deserves to be loved unconditionally & realizes Catherine is not it!  That would make me extremely happy but I’m not banking on that happening.  I’m banking on her coming back and Steve caving and taking her back and just understanding her “mission” because, for some reason, TPTB love this character more than many fans do. Just please, don’t have her in every blessed episode, I beg of you!

Peter said he wants to see the characters he created happy.  And it doesn’t matter one wit whether we think Catherine can make Steve happy or not.  It only matters if Peter thinks it.  It will be what it will be and I will continue to love #H50 no matter what comes along.  Always have, always will. I’m really looking forward to seeing what’s coming next even if it ends up being something I would prefer not happen at all.

Have a wonderful Independence Day, enjoy the long weekend.  Filming starts on July 6th!  Woooooo Hooooooooo!

Aloha. Malamo Pono


36 thoughts on “#H50 – Season 7 Wishes #S7Wishes

  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Linda.

    Funny, I watched the pilot (again ☺️) tonight. Gearing up for it all to begin again. I know I’ll be watching and loving it at times and wishing some things were different. In the end, I comment with passion but continue to watch the storylines unfold. Bring on S7!

    Have a great 4th.

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    • LOL No need to be embarrassed that you watched the Pilot…. again! I’ve watched it only a zillion times myself. LOL This is the first summer since 2011 that I haven’t binge watched the entire series in preparation for the upcoming season but I was just too busy this year. Commenting with passion, no matter what that passion is for (or against) is what makes fandom fun. When it’s fun, that is! 😉

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    • It’s gonna be a another great year. My gravy year. I always hoped we’d make it the same six years that LOST did (I adored LOST) and anything after that would be pure gravy. Oh how I love gravy! ♥♥


  2. jlopie1 says:

    Hi! So happy to see you’re back to writing again – I missed the KoolAid, for sure!

    I love everything on your wish list for S7. I’m really ready for a return to the S1 vibe, with the crime procedural taking precedence and the character building going on through the carguments and pre- and post- case down time. Would love for it to happen — doubt if it will. S1 was really a writers’ heyday – the best screenwriters were involved with every episode, and they knew what they wanted to develop and it worked perfectly.(Obviously! It’s what we all fell in love with!)

    It’s not the same writers room now. Not saying it’s bad – not saying that at all! Just feel as if the show’s direction has drifted away from what was established in S1. But that’s okay, because it actually follows the organic, fluid progression of relations in real life. Nobody, and no relationship, stays static over the course of 6 years. Every new experience should create a different dynamic and growth for the characters. In my mind, H50 would be nothing more than a cartoon – think Scooby Do here – where the characters never age, never grow up – never even change their clothes, for Pete’s sake! – I sure as heck don’t want that for H50!

    So the current writers HAVE to create new dynamics on a regular basis to show how the characters are affected by their experiences. They have the hard job. The Season 1 writers got to create characters out of nothing and spend a whole season just introducing them to the viewing audience. Over the course of the next 5 seasons, the writers have had to build and break down relationships between the characters, add new characters and remove others, to make the show grow organically and realistically. That’s a lot harder to do than just laying the groundwork.

    Kudos to ALL the H50 Writers, past and present. I think you are all fantastic, and without your writing skills, there would not BE a H50 for us adoring fans to bicker about!

    Next point, I LOVE the idea of Danny and Kono directing a case that highlights their skills and talents and ends up with them getting the recognition they deserve. I think Danny is a fantastic detective! That’s his contribution to the task force. He works great under cover, his brain is always working to figure motives – he knew exactly what his “murder” wrap was all about, and he worked out that the questioning of his mother about Mattie ultimately was a probe into how H50 worked. The man is smart. He’s methodical. He gets the job done. Unlike some fans who think he’s a piece of crap as a cop (yes, there are some out there who think that), I think Danny has proven himself a valuable asset to the team and ultimately needs to get recognized for it. Okay, so maybe I am one of those who shot firy daggers at my screen when Danny was so blatantly ignored in the hospital scene at the end of S6. I felt bad for the guy! Needless to say, I’m not looking forward to more of that same sort of bickering or even belittling of Danny going into S7.

    Anyway. Kono needs a promotion, too, after 6 years. (But please! Jerry does not need a badge!)

    Catherine’s going to happen. It’s a given. I don’t like it. I don’t need it. I think as relationships go, that one should be over and done with. But, again, it probably won’t happen that way. If they keep Catherine in the background and don’t make an entire episode or episode arc all about her return and Steve’s “forgive and forget” BS, I guess I can live with it on my screen. Doesn’t mean I’ll enjoy it.

    I’ve taken up enough room with my ramblings, so I pass the buck to someone else. Like you, Linda, it doesn’t take much to make me happy with regard to H50, so I have very few expectations and an even smaller wish list for S7!

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    • You’re so right about Season 1. It was a blank canvas and the writers could paint anything they wanted on it, layering the colors and the strokes to build the world they wanted it to be. I think Season 2 flowed well also because pretty much all those same writers were on board from S1.

      As new writers come they add their own colors and strokes to the canvas. But the canvas itself does not change, it just becomes more covered in new material. The more new material, the harder it becomes to see the underlying strokes, the original colors which started the whole thing. It’s natural, it’s, as you say, organic.

      There is also the fact that writers, no matter who they are, do not have the advantages we do. They are not binge watching every old episode…. multiple times… to get every nuance of what came before them. They are not reading Fan Fiction and no one can tell me that those of us who DO read Fan Fiction don’t unconsciously allow a bit of that fantasy world to creep into what we hope to see on our screens. It’s only natural.

      I too was not happy with the way Danny was treated at the end of the finale. The writers seem to think it’s funny, just like they seem to think Steve and Danny bitching at each other is funny. I really hope the near death experience they both faced will indeed bring them even closer. I also hope when Peter says it will give them “even more to fight over” he’s talking about good natured fighting, not that petty bickering.

      As for Catherine….oh…she’s coming back for sure. I have absolutely no doubt in my mind about that. I’m not happy about it but if they write it right, don’t give her a ton of screen time (and there WILL be a full episode of it… mark my words) and they give Alex a TON of emotional material to play it might not be so bad. I just REALLY hope Steve doesn’t cave the moment she shows up. I may have to fling something at my TV if he does.

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  3. Carole says:

    Great to see a Kool- aid alert in my in box – welcome back! I agree with many of your wishes for season 7. I love the idea of Danny & Kono working a complex case together. I hope Steve’s recovery isn’t glossed over, but not too drawn out. I’d like to see Danny’s excellent detective skills showcased – have him dig in and follow the clues. It would just be nice to see him get some respect. I agree that cases should be front and center. I don’t mind several different ones as long as there’s something to link them, but i’d really like one that builds over several weeks. Also think the family stuff at beginning and end is a great way to include the ohana every week. The family is quite big these days and i do enjoy catching up with them. As for the “elephant” – don’t want it either, but TPTB seem to have other ideas. Baffles me why they’d go that direction with so many fans voicing dismay, but if/when it happens I refuse to let it spoil my show. Blessed with a lot of great hiatus pics – thanks Alex,Scott & Daniel for being so gracious with their time. So happy filming starts next week and looking forward to my weekly drink of kool-aid.

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    • I really like the idea of a case that spans several episodes. Like a character arc but a crime arc. They did it a bit with 6.24 and 6.25 making the drug case carry over from one episode to the next. I like the idea of a huge case going more than one episode. That would be really cool.

      It looks like, from what Peter has said so far, that Steve’s injury won’t be glossed over, at least not at the very beginning. We’re going to see him just getting out of the hospital in the premiere so he won’t be jumping off buildings any time soon. I’m hoping they let Danny step up and fill in some of the leadership roll while Steve is recuperating. Like when Alex was sick in S2 and missed episodes, they wrote Danny as the head of Five-0 while Steve was in Japan. Hopefully they will do that again. He IS second in command after all and a fantastic detective to boot.

      As to Catherine…. who the hell knows what’s going to happen. Peter wants his characters happy. Is she the one who can make him happy or will he decide she’s too much like his mother and stick with Lynn? Only Peter knows for sure and he seems to be in love with this character.

      It might end up just being logistics. If there are two women who can make him happy but the actress who plays one of them is difficult to get because she’s so busy working elsewhere and the other always seems to be available at the drop of a hat, you go with the available one just because it’s more convenient.


  4. Susan Schoppe says:

    That is exactly what I’v been saying, it’s never been what she did, it’s HOW she did it. Cathrine should never have come back to Steve knowing she was just using him as a cover & fully intending to rip his heart out. And yes I think she is More of a Doris Than Doris, she has passed up Doris, in the Doris Dept. What man would really take back a woman who has lied & left them 2 times for a 3rd. time, much less a Navy Seal, you can’t have him be the cariture he plays & a wimp at the same time. I would love to see Steve tell her he can never with her again because he can’t trust her. If PL puts them back together we will all be waiting for the next big cheat or exit from her. Everything in this wish list is great I also would like to see everything go this way as well. I love what was written here. Right on target as always, beautifully written !

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    • I totally agree with you about Catherine and the “Doris Dept”. Just love that line! LOL

      But I do disagree about the “lying” part. I never held it against her when she kept Doris’s secret back in S3. I, myself, have been in that position where I was asked, or more like begged, to keep a secret that I knew I shouldn’t keep. It was a terrible time, full of self doubt and guilt. Ultimately, for the greater good, I did exactly what Catherine did and told the secret when it became obvious not telling was worse. Just like Steve, the person in my life was not happy with me but ultimately understood the position I had been put in. So I never held it against Catherine.

      As for leaving Steve in Afghanistan, I also didn’t hold that against her. She did what she had to do to protect those children and I believe, in the same circumstances, Steve would have done the same. She did exactly what she should have done… got the kids to safety then called for backup. No better backup than Danny Williams!!! What was she supposed to do. Go after Steve, single handed? It took an entire SEAL team to rescue him. No… she did nothing wrong in my book.

      Staying behind to find Najib… again… she did what she felt she needed to do to repay the life debt she felt toward Najib’s family. Again, I didn’t hold it against her. But this is where she began to lose me for good. NOT because she stayed behind but because of that phone call to Steve. She had to know what he’d been through, even if she didn’t know the gory details about the near beheading, she KNOWS what the Taliban does to its prisoners, especially military men. While Steve was all worried about her, asking about her well being and if she was alright, she never, NOT ONCE asked him if he was alright, never inquired about HIS well being. All she could talk about was HER mission and what SHE had to do. Not one word about him. THAT’S what bothered me. Not her staying behind but the WAY she acted toward him..

      Just like this last time. It’s not the leaving… it’s not the mission….it’s not that she can’t tell him what she’s doing…but the WAY it was done. Again, all about her. Nothing about him, or his feelings. She’s broken his heart twice now….. by choice! That’s what I can’t forgive!


  5. V (@nysportsfan2015) says:

    Hi Linda, this is my first time to comment on your blog!

    I agree with most of your points. I, too, want to see more interactions between Charlie & uncle Steve, but also between Grace & uncle Steve, and between Nahele & Steve.

    I would like to see Mindy Shaw back so we can see how her friendships with all taskforce members develop and to learn more about her. To be honest, I really hope that they will not bring Mindy back to develop romantic relationship with Danny as a main reason (since in season 5 interview with Pete that there’s a possibility to see their relationship) while the minor reason was to subbing for Max while he’s doing Doctors with Boarders. Mindy works with these taskforce members and it could’ve ruined the dynamic if Danny and Mindy pairs up together.

    I hope that the new baddie will be really interesting, but I hope that they will not drag the baddie storyline throughout the season, leaving us with no answers. I hope that Doris will appears if papa wo fat storyline will show up in this season. I wish that Doris storyline will be completed because Steve deserves the truth from her.

    I am so hoping that there will be so many funny bantering between Danny & Steve, like over pizza choices in season 1. I didn’t like the petty arguments because that make Steve & Danny look so childish and were totally mean to each other.

    I am really hoping that Rachel will appears few times in season 7. Maybe for 2-3 episodes spread apart in season 7, in order to develop the good storyline between Danny & Rachel and how they interact with Charlie and Grace at the same time. Honestly, I think Rachel is still really in love with Danny, if you see her facial expression has this “he melts my heart so much” smile when she witnessed the interaction between Danny & Charlie in 5×24. I’ve noticed that whenever Rachel is around or on call with him when she’s off screen, Danny is always calm, soft hearted and humanized. Thi s is went in hoping to have them being Rachel back so we can see soft hearted Danny, since that side of him melts my heart.

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    • LOL I have a friend who would be dropping down to kiss your feet right now over what you said about Rachel. She adores Rachel and has held out hope since the very first time Rachel ever appeared on our screens that she and Danny get back together. So you’re not the only one who’d love to see that!

      I also really like Mindy. She’s fun and sharp as a tack. The perfect match to Max in the ME’s office. And she get on well with everyone on the team. I wouldn’t mind seeing her with Danny. Doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere with Melissa anyway. I think Mindy and Danny are cute together. I wouldn’t mind seeing them spending more time together….as long as it’s not on my screen too much! LOL

      A new baddie. Stretching the story out with no resolution. Steve getting final answers from or about Doris… I think all this depends on whether Season 7 is the last. If Peter knows, going in it’s going to be the last season, I would hope he’ll have all those loose ends tied up nice and neat in a bow by the end of the season.

      If there is no absolute word to him that it’s the last season, he and the writers will do what they always do and keep story lines open ended so they have them to continue into Season 8. It’s all just a wait and see.


  6. I was looking through some old things that I downloaded from the early years of the series recently. One reason Peter created the Champ Box was as a way to get James Macarthur on the series. He was to play a neighbor and close friend of John McGarrett who knew about some of the items that were in the box. He would explain them and their history to Steve.
    Unfortunately James was too ill. He died in October 2010 before the idea got very far. I think it would be cool to see this storyline carried out a different way. I’d also still like to know why Wo Fat, Gov. Jameson and John McGarrett met in her office sometime shortly before John was murdered.

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    • Carole says:

      I did not know that – such a shame it didn’t happen. They could easily come up with a elderly neighbor to use this idea now. With Steve at home recovering ……it would be a great way to keep him occupied.


    • I would really love to know that too Ed. But since WoFat, Jameson and John are all dead, I’m sure that long ago 30 seconds of video has been totally forgotten. We’ll probably never know what that meeting was about.


  7. rhondagemini says:

    Loved your blog! Agree with you about Catherine-actually I think Steve should move on with Lynn,as he seemed to be really happy with her. Agree with your other points,too. Can’t wait for season 7! I just hope it’s not the last season,but if it is,so be it!

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    • I also think Steve and Lynn make a nice couple. Also because Alex and Sarah just seem so comfortable together. They are really good friends in real life and it comes across wonderfully on screen. We’ll just have to see what’s coming either way.


  8. I totally agree with your wishes. I really hope the best for the show and the characters. the only thing that makes me sad and angry is the return of Cath.

    Now I just want to give you my simple opinion unpretentious that it is more important than another

    When you really love someone, you will not spend +10 years of your life to attend without any change in your relationship, this is unrealistic and meaningless. This is why I am convinced that Steve was never really in love with her. They shared experiences (Navy, the absence of their mothers, etc), being together is just easy and almost “natural” but that does not make them a “couple”, and it was so evident in the S3 when she was there just to help the H50, help with Doris and give the illusion of having a real relationship with Steve.
    Me too, I liked Cath in the S1/2 but in S3 her presence was too forced and in S4 it was evident that only served to compensate for the lack of Kono.
    somehow his potential was ruined her numerous departures/returns aggravated the situation.
    Despite all her good intentions, Cath could handle Afghanistan, his new mission differently. Peter Lenkov turned her into Doris 2.0, a liar, a manipulative woman (an idea like another idea). But now we must stop with this story, explore the feelings of the characters doesn’t mean turn this incredible character in “Idiot” unable to have such a discussion and simply ask for an explanation for the year Afgha
    (ep 6.01/6.03/6.04)and skip to the proposal, just by fear of being alone and unhappy as Danny (dixit :Steve).
    Now, Steve began a new start without her and I really hope that if this woman returns it’s just to say definitely Adieu. I hope he does not simply accept her apology and her return isn’t just for this great person who does not accept the lies and to be manipulated.
    I know Peter Lenkov may not consider the views of all fans. He thinks to do what is right for the show and we have to accept decisions even if we disagree. But I also think that even the big bosses can make mistakes and commitment and the return to this character is a big mistake. Lynn seemed to have brought a little peace and now
    war again between pro and anti Cath.
    I hate this war but I really love this show, so that’s why I will continue to follow anyway


    • Don’t worry… it’s fine. I understood you perfectly. It’s funny how different people see the same thing and SEE something totally different. I really liked Catherine, especially is Season 3, the one you didn’t care for. I thought their relationship looked totally natural and real and the chemistry between them was really good. It was Season 4 where I thought things went down hill, where their time together seemed very forced. Seeing is in the eye of the beholder, and all that.

      I think they do love each other and always have. But there is a difference between loving someone and being IN LOVE with someone. To me, and this is only my opinion, you can love many people but when you are IN LOVE with that one special someone is totally different. I never saw their relationship as “friends with benefits”. I saw it as two people who loved each other, loved spending time together and had a bond of true friendship, admiration and shared experiences. But I never saw IN LOVE.

      I came close to seeing it. If Steve’s realization that he wanted to marry her had come during Season 3, when they really gelled, when they were practically living together, it would have made perfect sense to me. THEN….. not now.


  9. What everybody else said. I like when they have family time on air, but I also like the crime of the week, too. They need to have more case affecting the safety of US and Hawaii. They are a special task force. I know people going throw things at me, but I love to have Danny as a single dad and raising Grace and Charlie. What might be fun is that all the H50 kids mange to get involve with a case and save everyone in the process. LOL!!

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Dan Gibson says:

    Can’t wait for the new Season to roll in — although …. if the picture above is the official one for S7 — I think they worked a bit too hard to get “7” out of it …. pretty contrived. But, who cares? ( I’ll just stick with my “S5” blow-up, on the wall in my Manroom, with Steve looking SOOO READY TO KICK BUTT ! )

    I said it after watching the Pilot in 2010, and I’ll say it again: WE GOT THE GUY !
    This modern-day STEVE McGARRETT is one up on every single bad guy on the
    Islands …. He’s smarter and meaner than they could ever hope to be ……. YEAH !

    GO 5-0 !

    Liked by 1 person

    • DAN!!!! So glad you found us here! Welcome! I could not agree with you more. I was never a big fan of the old Five-O. I watched it, of course. Those of us of that age pretty much all did. My parents loved it but it was never a show I could get into because I have always loved the “buddy” shows/movies. Butch Cassidy & Sundance…. Starsky & Hutch. The boss and his minions was never a favorite for me. By the time the credits rolled on the 2010 Pilot I knew THIS was the Five-0 for me.

      I agree about the “7” in the new logo. My favorite will always be Season 3 with the open handcuffs making the “3”. Perfect!


  11. Glad to see you back, Linda. I can’t figure out what is going to happen in Season 7. It seems like there is a lot of double talk. I’m sure I heard at the end of Season 6 that Steve was going to be more cautious and reflect on what he would have left behind had he died up there. And I heard that he and Danny were going to become closer and have a stronger bond. Then I heard that he and Danny were going to argue a lot because of Steve’s recklessness. I heard that if this had been the last season that Catherine would have been back. But since it wasn’t the last season Peter Lenkov wanted to find a new way for her to come back and not with Steve on his deathbed. Mr. Lenkov then said he has another 25 episodes to figure out how to bring her back. That makes me think she won’t come back till toward the end. Then just yesterday he was quoted as saying she will be back soon. Wow. Who knows? I guess I don’t mind her coming back but I hope she doesn’t join the team. She doesn’t need to be in every episode. And I don’t know how Steve and Danny are going to be closer than ever but argue more. For the most part I loved the season finale. I have watched it several times. I even loved the banter at the end until it got out of hand. I didn’t like Steve saying that Charlie will grow up to hate Danny the way he has. It really bugged me that he said “love you buddy” to Grover and then made that nasty comment to Danny. I am starting to feel like that relationship is being pushed on us too much. I like Grover but he can never replace Danny. And if he ever does I will be done with the show. Steve and Danny’s relationship, partnership, and friendship is what drew me to the show. I realize that there has to be other characters and other relationships in the show. Steve and Danny each have to have other friendships but the main partnership should be between those two. Just like the show can’t be just about Steve and Catherine’s relationship. As a girlfriend she is fine. And I kind of like when Steve and Danny have their conversations about their girlfriends. It gives them another thing to bond over. Well, I have hopes for Season 7 but I’m being cautious. Good to have you back, LInda.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Have you ever had a conversation with someone where they ask you something like…. “So, do you have any plans for the summer?” You then go through all the things you’ve been thinking about. “Oh…we were thinking about a cruise. We really love to cruise. We also really love going to *&#Y Beach. We’d love to spend a week or two there. Our son is away at school so we might take a trip there for a visit…” and so on and so on. It might turn out you do one of those things…maybe even a couple but it’s a fair bet you won’t get to do it all.

      I see interviews with Peter at the end of a season and during hiatus the same. People ask him what we might see in the coming season and he goes through the list, just like in the convo above, of all the things he wants and/or hopes to be able to do in the new season. It might turn out he can do one of them…maybe even a couple of them… but it’s a fair bet he won’t get to do it all.

      It’s also a fact that when you’re asked the same questions over and over and over again, the answer may not be identical every time. An answer given in July could be much different than the answer to the same question given in March because circumstances have changed in the months in between. It’s natural.

      The problem is those who write on the entertainment sites take a quote and, just like the rest of us, they interpret it using their own filter. They then extrapolate an entire article around the quote which most of the time is just made up. I saw one the other day that said “Catherine Rollins return confirmed” but IN the article was just the same quote of Peter’s from last April saying that Catherine was “still part of the story” and how he has 25 episodes to work on if she’s coming back.

      The MAJOR problem with it is that other so-called “news” outlets pick it up and run with it and no one verifies if what they are copying is legit. And the round robin goes on and on. Fans, just like the writers of these articles, extrapolate what they believe based on their personal desires. People who would prefer that Catherine not come back see it as Peter’s “wish” or “hope”, just like he hoped we’d get to see Steve and Danny in Jersey in Season 6. Those who want Catherine back see it as confirmation that it’s happening.

      So, I don’t see it so much as contradiction so much as a lot of talk and a lot of wishful thinking… on both sides.


  12. Thank you Linda for your reply.
    I love to read your thoughts and I am pleased to see that we are often in agreement.
    you are absolutely right each person sees the things differently.
    Now I hope the S7 brings to the show beautiful stories. I hope the best for the show and the characters.
    crossed fingers.

    Liked by 1 person

  13. I think you are right, Linda. You are always the voice of reason where this show is concerned and I get too caught up in it. Thanks for pointing this out to me. Like I said, I don’t mind if she comes back, but I hope she doesn’t join the team again and I don’t think she needs to be in every episode. It will be what it will be. As long as I see my boy, Danny, I’ll be okay. lol

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh….. it’s soooooo easy to get caught up in it. Don’t think I don’t get caught up in in as well. We all do. It’s part of being passionate about a show we all love. Not a damn thing wrong with getting caught up in it all. We all have our favorites and those we don’t care for as much but we ALL love the SHOW!

      BTW…. I totally agree with you about Steve and Danny. I didn’t really have a problem with the “luv ya buddy” between Steve and Grover. They’ve become fast friends and Lou was genuinely broken up over the thought of Steve dying. If that line had been a stand alone I don’t think people would have had such a problem with it.

      I think, and again this is my personal opinion only, the line grated on people more so because of what transpired between Steve and Danny afterwards. The bantering and the jibes were fine and were fun until it got mean. Yes… mean…. BOTH of them.

      Danny saying Steve wound have never done for Danny what Danny just did for him was a low blow and totally untrue. Steve saying Charlie was going to grow up hating Danny was a horrible thing to say. Having these two be so terrible to each other right after Steve and Lou’s “luv ya” scene made it all the more jarring. I really REALLY wish the writers would knock off the bitter bickering bullshit between Steve and Danny and just get back to how they were before. I don’t care what they think (and I have a ton of respect for the writers of this show, as you know) IT IS NOT FUNNY!!!


  14. Brooklyngirl says:

    Hi! Good to see you back! Not to sound like a broken record but I agree with all your points. And like everyone else, I also don’t want Catherine back. They might love each other as friends do but they’re definitely not in love with each other. All I can say is baseball has a 3 strikes and your out policy. Peter should follow the same rule. Bringing her back only makes Steve look sad and pathetic. I feel for the writers because they have to listen to what PL says. He has an agenda and will make them follow it. It’s a shame, it’s a nice show but his obsession with her will ruin it. Sorry, didn’t mean to spout my politics. Time will tell.

    Liked by 1 person

    • No apologies necessary. All viewpoints, as long as they are polite, are welcome here. I hope Peter knows what he’d doing because, as you say, it would be very easy to destroy the good feelings this show has by writing this “reunion” the wrong way.


  15. Helma says:

    Thanks Linda for your wonderful article, couldn’t have said it better myself. Looking forward to the next season and am very curious what’s going to happen to all the stories. I am not a big fan of Cath but if she does return, so be it. Hopefully NOT as a new loving partner for Steve. Only time will tell. Looking forward to the new season, with lots of ohana stories and action to watch. Happy to read your reviews again. Until later😊

    Liked by 1 person

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