#H50 Reviews: 6.24 & 6.25 What a great way to finish a fantastic season!

#H50 Reviews:  6.24 Pa’a Ka ‘Ipuka I Ka ‘Upena Nananana – (The Entrance is Stopped with a Spider’s Web)


6.25 O Ke Ali’i Wale No Ka’u Makemake – (My Desire is Only for The Chief)

Courtesy of Belle Anderson ‏@SurfBelle2

Courtesy of Belle Anderson ‏@SurfBelle2

I honestly didn’t know where to start with reviewing these two episodes so I thought it best to do them as one since there was a common plot point that began in the first and ran into the second.  I’m just gonna wing it with my rambling observations, if that’s ok with you guys?  These may not be in perfect chronological order but I’ll do the best I can:

  • I liked the way the meth case tied the two episodes together. Last year, we also had a two-episode finale night but the episodes weren’t connected. They were just the last two episodes of the season and could just as easily have been shown on two consecutive Fridays.  This time, using the meth case, was a nice way to tie to two episodes together even if, in 6.24, the meth angle was pretty much dropped as soon as they found Gabriel.

Of course, that really couldn’t be helped since once they found Gabriel, the team did have their hands just a bit full.  I mean, just how many Yakuza are there in Oahu and at Michelle Shioma’s disposal?  There were like dozens of them.  And all that shooting.  It reminded me of the episode when Steve and Odell were trapped in his barber shop and the shooting seemed to last half the episode.  Don’t the bad guys ever run out of bullets???  And also, were the hell were all the people?  Other than that one moment when Steve shooed people off the sidewalk as they were trying to make their escape, the streets were conspicuously empty.  I don’t know. The last time I was in Oahu’s Chinatown the streets were packed!

  • Last week I called Shioma a woman of pure ice. I was not wrong.  Damn woman! Impeccably dressed, lounging poolside as her children have a swim lesson she was the picture of a well-to-do suburban mother.  Listening to her, without missing a single beat as she casually dried off her daughter, not only callously telling her men to kill Gabriel and anyone who gets in their way but also threatening not only her man but his family (initially so he can learn from their deaths) was bone chilling.  This woman is more than formidable.  I’m happy she ended up getting away.  Hopefully we’ll get to see her again. She is an awesome villain.
  • And we’re going to need a new villain because, and I am truly heartbroken over it, Gabriel is dead. It does seem a bit anticlimactic to have him die on the operating table instead of in a hail of bullets but I actually think it’s kind of poetic.  Dying so quietly after living life large and loud.  Oh how the mighty have fallen!  I’m going to miss him because I really loved hating that guy.  Not to mention I’ve come to really love  Christopher Sean and I hate the idea that I won’t get to see him on my favorite show anymore.

I liked how his story with Chin paralleled Steve’s with WoFat.  Each fighting to bring down the man who killed his father.  I’m also going to miss him because I felt there was still so   much more evil he could have done.  I had hopes of Gabriel and Shioma getting into a turf war with Five-0 in the middle having to deal with the fallout.  It would have been fun to see two master villains go at it for a while.  But it just wasn’t meant to be.

  • I loved seeing Grover climbing into the SWAT truck and taking off to save the team. Like he said, “just like old times”.  Too bad they got ambushed by even more of Shioma’s men before they could reach the team.  Thank God for Abby.  I would have loved to see her take down that goon who had her at gunpoint.  I bet she put one badass move on him to get away, get herself to Chin’s bike and get to Lou and SWAT in time to save Lou’s ass.  That’s the second time his ass has been saved by one of the female members of the team.  How awesome is that?
  • Watching Chin cauterize Gabriel’s wound with gunpowder… damn …. that was intense. When his skin actually started to burn… OMG… my heart literally stopped especially coming right after that heart to heart between Gabriel and Chin.  Although it does nothing to negate all the terrible things Gabriel did, it was nice to see a minuscule bit of humanity in the man as he neared death.  Telling Chin he was sorry for killing his father and asking him to look after Sarah, not for him, but for Malia was a nice touch.  He’s still going to burn in hell for everything he’s done but it was nice to remember, just for a moment, that fresh faced young boy we met 2 years ago and know he did love Malia and he loves Sarah and wants her to be safe.
  • When I first saw that Robert Coughlin was going to be in this episode I was a bit worried they were going to drag that whole “spying on Five-0” thing back up again so I was glad to see them use Coughlin in a positive way. I really liked how Abby went to him, knowing he more than likely wouldn’t immediately want to even talk to her.  Nice to see him use his power to catch a real dirty cop instead of chasing useless vendettas.  Abby and Coughlin actually work pretty well together.  I wouldn’t mind seeing him again if he’s going to be one of the good guys.
  •  I do wonder what will happen between Chin and Abby and where little Sarah fits in to it all. I was a little surprised that Chin didn’t take Sarah in right away but then when I thought about it, that’s not something you decide on the spur of the moment. That’s a monumental decision with lifelong consequences.  It makes sense for him to really think about it before he makes the commitment not only for his sake, but for Sarah’s as well.  The last thing she needs is to be uprooted yet again.  As for Chin and Abby, we later hear that she’s back in San Francisco “getting her things” so it looks like she’s coming back to Oahu and to Chin.  But I thought I had heard that Julie Benz was going to be in another show so I wonder if she really is going to be part of the show next season.  Only time will tell, of course.
  • I really loved the scene between Max & Steve at the Moana Surfrider. I liked how they tied in the conversation Max had with Kame and Flippa back during their shipwreck experience about things they regretted not doing in their lives.  It’s really awesome of Max to take a three-month sabbatical so he can join Doctors Without Borders.  Hopefully he won’t be gone too long from our screens as those three months go by but knowing we may get to see Dr. Mindy Shaw again makes his absence a bit easier to take. But damn Max… who in the hell in their right mind turns down a McGarrett hug? They are legendary.
  • I suppose I should say something about Danny’s rant on the rooftop. I know there are those who have come to really hate it when Danny does this but I felt it was totally in character.  Danny “fear bitches”.  It’s always been his thing.  In that situation, I don’t blame him one bit.  He was terrified of making that jump, didn’t want to do it, thought it was nuts and said so.  Just like he always has.  I don’t think he was endangering the team one bit.  He didn’t delay the jump at all because when the moment of truth came he did exactly what had to be done.  He jumped and extremely well, I might add.  He was the only one to land, roll and pull his gun in one smooth motion.  Even Steve didn’t do that.  As a matter of fact, they all handled that situation just like they always have.  As my friend Lynnette pointed out to me after watching the sneak peek:

“This scene was a perfect example of the Core 4 being individually in total character: Steve thinking out of the box and ordering a seemingly reckless action, Danny ranting and arguing but ultimately following orders, Chin calmly rationalizing Gabriel’s survivability and Kono just going for it.”

Since I couldn’t say it better myself…… thank you Lynnette! ♥


I have to admit, when 6.24 went to black I would have been totally satisfied with that being the season finale.  I was emotionally spent, that’s for sure.  But before I was able to catch my breath, we had another great episode queued up and ready to go. AWESOME!

  • Catch my breath? No way because 6.25 started right up with the shooting of the plane. I never expected them to do that but it really set the tone, right out of the gate that this episode was going to be one hell of a ride.
  • After that heart stopping open we did manage to calm down a bit, to find ourselves on the dusty roads of Morocco on our way to a clandestine meeting at a CIA black site. Having read the sides for this episode weeks ago I knew Steve was going to be meeting PapaFat and what they were going to talk about but I have to admit, I was still hoping for more.  I’m really hoping that wasn’t supposed to be the closure to that storyline because if it was, I’ll be disappointed.  Seems like a lackluster way to wrap up such an important arc in Steve’s life.  Who knows? Maybe it will be a jumping point to bringing back that whole Doris/WoFat story again so Steve can really, finally, get real closure on it.
  • Oh yeah, remember that little meth story we started off with in 6.24? It comes back with a vengeance for Steve and the team in the form of Nahale.  When he runs terrified into Steve’s office because he has watched his friend die from an OD of the tainted meth Steve has had more than enough.  He made a promise to always protect the island, the same way he told Nahale he would always protect him.  And now this “plague” as Max calls it, has touched his family and it… will… stop.  Oh my God… how I love Steve in angry protective mode.
  • Was it just me or did that warehouse where the team busted the junkie look just like the one where they found Gabriel?
  • I always love it when the writers throw in a bit of humor in the middle of all the action and drama. Watching Kono playfully tossing the car of the meth dealer around while Lou and Steve question him about his supplier was priceless.
  • I know there are many people who didn’t like the idea of Steve and Danny going undercover. I can see their point.  After all these years, they are so well known on the island it seems rather ridiculous to think they could go undercover.  So I liked how this was done because the guy they were undercover with wasn’t from Hawaii so it’s easy to believe he didn’t know who they were. I still think it would have been an added bit of security to their cover if “Evan Raintree” would have had an Aussie accent though! 😉
  • But let’s be truthful here. This episode was all about that plane, that shooting, Steve and Danny.  I must have watched the sneak peek of the shooting about 25 times Friday afternoon and yet it still had me clinging to the edge of my seat watching it in the episode. The makeup department did a fantastic job not only with the wounds and all the blood but with the pallor of Steve’s skin.  He was deathly pale from the moment those bullets hit him.  It was masterfully done.
  • But most of all, I adored watching Danny in hero mode. He was completely terrified in that plane, as any sane person would be.  Terrified of crashing, terrified of dying, terrified for Steve.  I loved how he kept trying to keep Steve awake and kept touching him as if he was scared Steve would slip away if he didn’t keep a hold on him.  When he looked down and saw that Steve was bleeding out, I’m surprised he didn’t stop breathing himself.
  • The most frightening moment for me was when Steve mumbled “I’m gonna die, Danny”. I can’t imagine what Steve must have been feeling at that moment.  This is a man who has seen and been through hell.  He survived WoFat’s torture, twice.  He survived almost being beheaded in Afghanistan.  Not even counting all the injuries and gunshot wounds he’s had with Five-0 we also know he has at least one Purple Heart so he’s been wounded in battle. And this is the moment when he thinks he’s going to die.  Of course I knew there wasn’t anyway Steve would die but those four words still scared me to death in that moment.
  • You could tell Danny was totally freaking out too when Steve said that. But he kept his head, even at gunpoint, and did what needed to be done to get them down.  He did even more than what needed to be done.  He refused to ditch the plane in the water, knowing there was no way he’d get Steve out of that plane.
  • That crash on the beach had me holding my breath more than I thought it would. Having seen the BTS pictures of the plane on the beach and the official photos of the team pulling Steve from the plane, I knew the plane would make it but damn…that was one horrible landing.  Watching Steve’s limp body being tossed around inside the plane was horrible.
  • I loved how, the moment Steve was in the ER Danny took off, regardless of his own injuries to find the guy who had shot them down. Angry Danny is not someone to be messed with.  That slow-mo of him reloading his gun. Wow!  So reminiscent of the Season 5 premiere.  Danny was royally pissed!  With visions of a dying Steve flashing before his eyes, Danny had his shooter dead to rights.  He really was this close to going all Reyes on his ass. As a matter of fact, when he turned back the second time to take aim, I half expected to see Reyes flash before his eyes as well as Steve.  I’m glad he did the right thing.
  • Getting back to the hospital to find that Steve was dying because his liver has pretty much been destroyed was shocking. I know there was a lot of speculation that something like this could happen but I honestly didn’t think they would go there.  That’s pretty massive.
  • Also, when the moment came and the entire team volunteered to be tested for possible transplant, Danny stepped forward immediately. He didn’t think about it for one single second.  He knew how much time it would take to do all the testing, time that Steve did not have. And knowing they were the same blood type (I know… awfully convenient but what the hell) stepped forward without hesitation.  No one can tell me there isn’t massive love between these men.  No one!!
  • For those of you who have never had to endure the never ending wait for news of a sick or injured loved one, let me tell you… it is the worst. You feel useless, sitting there not able to do a damn thing while the fate of the person (in this case..people) you love is in the hands of someone else.  These scenes were done perfectly.
  • I absolutely adored Chin’s memories of Steve after Malia died. Those scenes were incredible.  Oh how I wish we could have seen them when they supposedly happened, after Malia died.  But that’s what made them so perfect.  No one knew the wonderful way Steve stood by his friend in his darkest hour, not even us.  It was something between just them.  That’s what made it so special.
  • I found Kono’s visit to an unconscious Steve extremely heartwarming and a little worrying. Earlier she told Chin that she was growing tired of people always shooting at them. Chin was just in hospital last week, now Steve and Danny.  And the way she was reminiscing about their first meeting and thanking Steve for giving her a “family” you could tell she wasn’t just talking about the team, but about Adam as well.  The way she was talking gave me a strong feeling that when Adam gets out of prison in 4 months she might begin to reconsider her line of work.  I hope to God I’m wrong but it was just a feeling I got from that scene.
  • And I felt horrible for Nahale. This kid lost his mother, watched his father go to prison, then lost him too.  Then he watched his best friend OD on tainted meth.  The one constant in his life is his friendship and protection from Steve and here he is, faced with the possibility of losing him too.  I really hope both Chin and Steve finally decide that the safest place for Sarah and Nahale is permanently with them.
  • But the one who really got to me the most was Lou. It’s something that has always gotten me in the tear ducts. Watching a big, strong man lose control of his emotions always makes me cry.  I was doing fine up to that point but watching Lou cry while remembering how much he hated Steve when they first met and how scared he is now of losing his friend…. Awesome acting on Chi McBride’s part.  He had me reaching for the tissues I had managed to avoid all night.
  • Alright, I’d like to talk about the two elephants in the room. First, Steve’s liver transplant and subsequent recovery.  I understand those who feel this development should change Steve.  They are 100% right.  In the real world he’d be medically discharged from the Navy.  He probably wouldn’t be permitted to run the task force except from behind a desk.  He’d be on anti-rejection medication as well as all sorts of other meds most probably for the rest of his life.  It would be the end of our SuperSEAL as we know him.

But this is not real life.  This is make believe and in make believe anything can happen.  In make believe Steve can recover from this as if it were a gunshot wound without the liver involvement and go back to being the badass we all know and love.  Is it logical?  Does it make sense? Is it real? Nope… not in the least and personally, I couldn’t care less.

I don’t know.  Maybe it comes from decades of watching TV when it wasn’t as crucial to have everything be so strictly authentic.  James Bond movies, TV cop shows, soap operas, and any number of other things I’ve watched over the years where the impossible happened on a regular basis. I can remember as a kid watching Westerns and wondering how the good guy was able to fire 50 shots from a six-shooter.  Could a person really fly off a mountain on a motorcycle, catch up to a crashing plane, climb in the open cockpit door, level off and land ala James Bond?  Movies and TV are escapism for me.  It’s great when things are true to life but I’m more interested in the story than whether or not things are 100% accurate.  Maybe that’s a failing on my part.

It’s one of the reasons I was hoping, when speculation circulated about a possible transplant story, that they wouldn’t go there.  Because I knew the controversy and the vitriol it would conjure up in the groups of fans who delight in finding things to bitch about on this show.  And this is highly bitchable, I fully admit.  For people who pride themselves in being authorities on pretty much everything, I can see how this story line will rub them in several wrong ways.  For people who demand perfection and 100% accuracy, this story line is going to drive them nuts.

But for me, I’m just looking to have fun on a Friday night.  If Steve comes back from this 100% I will rejoice in the return of my SuperSEAL and not care one iota if it’s not the way it would happen in real life.  Because, I don’t watch this show for a medical education.  I watch it purely for fun. My wonderful respite from reality.  Alex was in a show called Three Rivers several years ago.  An absolutely wonderful series about transplants that was thoughtful, accurate and exceptionally well done.  And it, unfortunately, sank like a wet bag of cement.  Because after a hard week of dealing with life, most people like to kick back on a Friday night with a beer to relax and escape harsh reality.  They aren’t interested in sitting through a medical lecture.  If you really want 100% medical accuracy, tune into a medical documentary not a police procedural.

  • The second elephant in the room is the final hospital scene, one week after the surgery. Actually there are two parts of this scene.  When the entire Ohana is there and then after they all leave.  I’m going to agree with those who didn’t like the part of the scene with the whole Ohana.  I didn’t think it was funny either that Steve got all the attention.  Yes, he almost died and God knows everyone should be extremely relieved and happy that he pulled through and will be alright.  But, the only reason he is alright is because of Danny.  I didn’t like the fact that all the flowers and cards and well wishes were aimed at Steve.  Not that he didn’t deserve it but because Danny deserved it too, perhaps even more.  I mean, Steve didn’t choose to almost die but Danny did.  Not only in trying to land that plane on the beach but choosing, without hesitation, to give Steve part of his liver.  That is not something to be taken lightly.  There is always the chance of things going very wrong in any major surgery.  Danny chose to do it anyway.  He was the true hero…. 100%.  I would have been thrilled if just one person, would have walked over to Danny, clapped him on the shoulder and given him the praise he deserved for everything he did in saving Steve’s life.
  • But I had absolutely no problem with the other part of the scene.  Once the Ohana left for Max’s goodbye party and Steve and Danny were left alone.  I was really looking forward to a warm and fuzzy moment between them but what we actually got didn’t disappoint me at all.  First of all, these two have been holed up in the same hospital room for a week.  We know what a control freak Steve can be.  I bet the only time Danny’s had the TV remote in his hand as been when Steve was unconscious.  No matter how much you love someone, 24/7 together can be really, really hard.

And these two men do love each other.  They know it.  They count on it.  They can be brutal with each other because they know they can.  It’s really not all that complicated.  They both push their limits in their own way.  Steve knows his control issues drive Danny crazy, so he deliberately baits him. Danny knows he does it, and it does make him crazy, so he bitches and complains because he knows that drives Steve crazy.  The fact that they do this to each other is proof positive of their affection for each other.  Because if the affection wasn’t there, they would have killed each other years ago.  They push at each other, maybe too much at times, but they know no matter what, they are solid.  Steve stood by Danny when he was about to be blown up by a bomb.  Danny just gave Steve half of his liver.  These are only two of the times when these guys have come through for each other…saved each other.  So what if they snipe and bicker. Brothers are known to do that….in spades!

Would I have loved a little more of that scene after Danny pulled the curtain? Of course I would.  I would have loved some of the warm and fuzzy. But just because I didn’t get it, doesn’t mean I didn’t still see the love there.

Well that’s it my friends.  The end of another great season of Hawaii Five-0.  I would like to thank Peter Lenkov, the cast and crew for 25 episodes of wonderful fun.  Special thanks to Jeff Cadiente for all the wonderful stunts, car chases and explosions.  How boring would our show be without him and his wonderful crew.  I’d also like to thank Keith Power & Brian Tyler for all the wonderful music that, to me, is another character in the show.  (The use of Smuggler’s Blues, Stand By Me and their own music made these finale episodes even more incredible).  Finally, a special thanks and aloha to Bryan Wynbrandt and Steven Lilien.  We’re really going to miss you guys.  Your episodes are always some of the very best of every season.  Mahalo for all the fun you’ve given us all and good luck in your next projects.  Don’t forget, Ohana is forever!

Have a wonderful summer my friends.  If I don’t get the chance to post before then, see you in September!  As always…… Aloha.  Malamo Pono

Sorry guys…. still packing up the house for our big move in less than 2 weeks.  No time for screencaps.  This damn thing is long enough already as it is anyway! 🙂 See ya!


41 thoughts on “#H50 Reviews: 6.24 & 6.25 What a great way to finish a fantastic season!

  1. I agree with about someone should have thank Danny, that running joke isn’t a joke anymore, unless it leading to something in season 7. I think it was the same place they Gabe. I think as long as Danny knew Steve was a live, then he would not kill the bad guy. I really enjoyed the last two episodes. Everyone has “children” except for Kono. Hmmm…

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  2. Susan Schoppe says:

    That was the best review I’ve ever read & totally correct on ALL levels. I actually shed tears reading it and I NEVER do that. The points mentioned on Danny getting at least the recognition of saving Steves life was on target. I loved this seasons finale, I thought it was one of the best finales yet. I hope we see a continued extension of all of this for season 7.

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  3. rhondagemini says:

    You saved your best review for last,sistah! You nailed everything! Had to wonder how Abby escaped her captor and arrived on Chin’s bike just in time to save Lou during that ambush! Glad to see Coughlin do the right thing to help the team. Since Gabriel is dead,I wonder if Michelle will go after 50,just for spite-would love to see her try! The second episode was frightening and heart touching at the same time. I agree with you about Danny’s decision to give Steve part of his liver-testing the others would have taken time,time that Steve did not have. I was really touched by the memories shared by Kono,Chin & Lou. Like you,Lou got to me,too-despite his tough exterior,inside he is just a big teddy bear and his worry over Steve just goes to show how much their relationship has evolved. I agree with you that Danny did deserve some praise for what he did,both in landing the plane and giving a part of himself to save Steve. I hope we see him get that praise in the season 7 premiere-that would be nice. You didn’t mention it,but I liked the nickname Dog gave Charlie-Deputy Dog-very cute! This was a great way to end a great episode! Looking forward to season 7 already!

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    • There were several things I really enjoyed that I didn’t add to the review because it was already so long. Deputy Dog was one of them. Also, I loved how Duke was staking out Michelle’s house, a little bit of undercover for your wonderful Duke. I loved that both Charlie and Grace were at the hospital with the Ohana. And speaking of Grace, I loved that it was Kono who went to pick her up to take her to the hospital before the surgery. All really great scenes that added to the depth of the episode really well


  4. Gail says:

    I love the show and never take it too seriously. I admit I am a nurse , but the whole transplant thing was too much. There was no depth in the scenes. What about that beautiful scene when Cath was injured and Steve by her bedside. I don’t want a 100% medical accuracy, I just want the human condition to shine through. Thanks for your reviews , none of my friends watch it so I look forward to hearing someone else’s take. See you next year!

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    • Thanks for the comment. I too would have loved to see a scene of depth between the guys like you said. I like to think there was one, during that week between the surgery, much like when Steve woke up in that field hospital in Afghanistan to find Danny by his side. I like to think there was another heartfelt “thanks Danny” like there was then. Of course, I would have like it much better if I could have actually SEEN it, but I have a pretty good imagination. In my heart, I know it did happen.


  5. Ocean says:

    Linda, I was one of those who was upset at first because of the liver tranplant storyline. I think because I was so stunned that they went there. I’m a nurse and I like medical accuracy. But after watching 6.25 several more times, I want to agree with everything you said. You stated it perfectly. Thank you!

    Some people are griping that we didn’t hear Steve thank Danny. Well, they’ve been in the hospital for a week. I’m sure that thank you — and a heartfelt one — came from Steve as soon as he was awake enough from surgery to understand what happened. The scene we saw was just as you said — the two of them playfully pushing each others buttons. The warm fuzzies had already been exchanged.

    Danny’s “fear bitches” — what a crazy perfect description!

    Agree that Chin’s anecdote about Steve and the midnight coffees was absolutely heart-melting, at least for me.

    They needed to give Nahele a moment with Steve — wish they could have worked that in somewhere.

    Awesome awesome review. You helped me rethink a lot of what happened. Many thanks!

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    • Thank you so much for your comment. As a nurse, I can totally understand your desire to see accuracy. Thank you for saying my words offered you a different perspective. It’s only my personal perception that it doesn’t matter to me if it’s perfectly accurate. I LOVED Three Rivers, loved the accuracy and the depth of emotion those stories provided. That was a medical drama tackling an important issue. It was crucial they be accurate because not only were they trying to entertain, they WERE trying to educate. If that show had skirted the facts and cut corners it would have disturbed me greatly. Just doesn’t matter as much to me in the context of Five-0. Thanks again for your kind words!


  6. Carole says:

    Wow – I felt like I barely had chance to take a breath watching these episodes. Pretty sure they used more ammo than ever before and the action just kept coming. Not sure what to think about meeting with papa Fat. Wrap up or set up for S-7? Anyway it was secondary to everything else. Seemed like a lot was set up for next season – Gabriel dying set up for Chin to be father to Sarah, Kino’S comments make me think she’ll be thinking about a family and then of course there’S Steve and Nahele. I have a feeling Danny won’t be the only dad much longer. Danny – I love this guy! Loved that he was the hero (while being scared out of his wits) and that even though he wanted to he didn’t pull the trigger. We still got BAMF Danny. I didn’t see the chatter about transplant story so that was a total surprise, but I have to think the idea came from Alex’s involvement in the campaign for organ donation. I think we will see Steve dealing it, with no doubt with a lot of input from Alex. My first wish for S-7 is the sweet heart felt “thank you” moment we didn’t get between our boys though i’m sure there’s many fan fics already being written. Enjoy your summer Linda. Thanks again for all your hard work on these reviews – look forward to reading them almost as much as the show.

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    • I, of course, have no idea how the writers are going to deal with Steve’s transplant. He might be our beloved SuperSEAL or he might go through some of what he really should go through if this was real life. I’m not sure if this story was inspired by Alex and his involvement with organ donation or not but I tend to think if he DOES have a say in this storyline, we may not get our SuperSEAL back or at least not right away. Organ donation is extremely important to Alex and while it doesn’t matter to me if they’re 100% accurate, I’m pretty sure it matters to him. I’m very interested to see just how this plays out at the beginning of Season 7!


  7. It really was a surprise that Gabriel is gone. He was like Wo Fat … a cat has nine lives, but each of these guys seemed to have more than that. We had a storm Friday night and our station was off the air briefly near the end of Episode 1 … I managed to get it live streaming from CBS.com and got back just as Chin was telling Steve that he died in surgery.
    Seeing Wo Fat’s father was also a surprise. I really never expected that to happen, especially in the last episode of this season. Maybe Wo Fat will be back to torment the team next year (in the form of Papa Fat … do we know his real name?) Peter did say once that Wo Fat would be there to the very end just as he was in Jack Lord’s Five-O.
    I know that you have to suspend your disbelief (heck … I like to watch Supergirl fly!!) but seeing Gabriel at one moment barely able to drag himself across a room and later able to jump between two buildings is different. Steve and Chin aren’t the only ones with great healing powers.
    Max is going to take a sabbatical to be with Doctors Without Borders … I wonder if Masi has another iron in the fire? I was a little disappointed that Mindy Shaw didn’t show her face all season though.
    Kono destroying the car in the background was just fun … especially dressed like she was.
    Kono saying that she’s tired of “us getting shot at” could lead to a storyline next year, I’m hoping. In Season 1, I thought they might explore the possibility of her rethinking her line of work. (Kono had made some rookie mistakes and was down on herself. Chin and Steve realized that everybody makes mistakes and Steve asked Chin, “how’s she doing … is she OK?” and Chin answered “no” but that never went anywhere.) Maybe they will explore that. I wouldn’t care as long as it means that Grace will still be on the show. It would be interesting to see all the characters go in new directions next year … perhaps Chin and Steve being fathers, and who knows what they could do with Lou and Jerry?
    I still haven’t figured out why Dog the Bounty Hunter keeps showing up, but I laughed out loud when he called Danny’s son “Deputy Dog.”
    And of course it was very fitting that the season end with a cargument, of course this one being in a hospital room.

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  8. Wow. Just wow! These episodes were amazing. I was once again happy when the advertisement came on so I could take a breath. Both episodes were amazing but, of course, my favorite was the second one because Danny is my favorite. I loved that he was the hero. I am hoping that we get to see the team and especially Steve give him the thanks for what he did next season. But, you are probably right, Linda. They probably already had that conversation. There’s only so much you can pack into an hour. At first, I was kind of disappointed with them sniping at one another at the very end of the episode, but then I read the Hawaii 50 facebook page and I kind of changed my opinion. A lot of people were happy with that ending. There were some comments that with such an intense episode, the lighthearted banter between the boys was just what was needed. It is true that no matter how serious the episode, 50 always manages to throw some humor in at just the right time. The action and drama were all over. Our beloved team was all safe and sound with their friends gathered around them. Steve and Danny were fighting. All is right with the world. Lol. I hope in season 7 we get at least a little bit of some warm moments between Steve and Danny. I was glad to see the teenage Grace showing so much concern for her dad. She’s at that age where Dad can be annoying, but she still loves him. And Danny is so cute with Charlie. I hope that Chin adopts Gabriel’s daughter. That would be awesome. I also really like Abby but I hear she is going to be in another show next year. Maybe she can pop every now and then. I love her and Chin together. Also, I love Max but I wouldn’t mind seeing Dr. Shaw come back, maybe both her and Max together again. I liked her interactions with Danny. Here’s to next season.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I agree that after a heavy episode it was great to see the guys going at each other like they always do. The back and forth between them didn’t bother me at all, as a whole. The ONLY thing I didn’t like and I wish the writers didn’t put in the script is when Danny said he “knew” Steve wouldn’t have done the same for him. We ALL know that is NOT true at all and we all know Danny knows that too. And I didn’t like Steve’s line that little Charlie would grow up to hate Danny. I know he didn’t mean that but it was just a horrible thing to say.

      There are people who think the ground Steve walks on is pure gold and they bitch and complain that Danny is horrible. There are those who adore Danny who complain that Steve is a horrible person for not acknowledging what Danny did for him and sticking up for him with their friends.

      I don’t think either one of them is horrible OR God’s gift to earth. That last scene was just fine with me and would have been absolutely perfect (for me) if just those two lines hadn’t been there.


  9. Well, the liver part I thought was a good tie in to Alex’s passion for Donate For Life. He is a believer, and maybe some of the story line came from his ideas and not just the showrunner Peter. The line if that attitude comes with the liver Steve would cut it out had me laughing. The roof scene with Danny bitching and then Steve saying love you buddy…was good. They do love each other just in a guy’s way, not a womans way. The airplane scene with him realizing they were going to get shot had my heart going, and seeing him lie there but saying I’m going to die had me. The bus scene with Danny saying he knew how to drive one was reminiscent of the camaro scene of it being stolen. There were good tie ins with the two episodes. Yes, Nahele and Sarah should be adopted by Steve & Chin. Steve needs family and to see Nahele at the hospital made is tug at the heart. The bromance is alive and well. We have seen over the last 6 years that Danny doesn’t get the kudo’s. Part of it. I didn’t need medically correct, just the fact that Danny jumped in..sometimes that is enough to show how much someone cares. As for Max, bet he will be back in the second episode and that the summer hiatus will be the 3 months gone. A few shows with Dr. Shaw and he’s back. As for Gabriel, he’s not dead…did you see him on the stretcher grab that one nurse or paramedics arm and give a look. hmmm. Wofat’s Dad is up to something. Doris is due back and we didn’t have any of Joe this season. Next year should be a good one. Alex has his lovely hiatus beard back…looking good and seems rested. All in all a great 2 episodes. Love Grover, his emotion at the candy machine got me. I was in tears, then laughing at the hospital room scene. We left on a high note this year… Thanks Linda for the review. Waiting now to see if there will be a Sunset on the Beach or as I call it Sex on the Beach in Sept.

    Liked by 1 person

  10. rita says:

    Great review Linda. Totally agree with your comments especially about the 2 elephants. It is total escapism. What would the show be if we didn’t have Super Seal and bad a$$ Steve? Looking forward to s7 and what might be in store for Steve and the ohana
    I must mention the interview with Peter Lenkov. Hope Catherine won’t be back. If she does return hope it’s not as LI . It does not work for me.
    Have a lovely summer and hope your house move goes ok. I’ll find myself in Hawaii come September and maybe catch some filming

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, I also read that year end interview from Peter. Peter does these every year as a wrap up of the season and a small sneak peek into what he hopes will happen in the new season. The operative word there is “hopes”.

      There are many things that contribute to what we see on our screens. What he wants and hopes don’t always happen. Last year it was a dream to see Steve and Danny in Jersey. Never happened. The year before it was a full fledged storyline dealing with Steve’s PTSD. Never happened. Just because he hopes to bring her back doesn’t mean it will happen.

      But my gut feeling is that it will happen. I’m not happy about it but I love this show and I will never turn my back on it no matter what. If they bring her back and they can write it so Steve doesn’t look like a spineless schmuck falling over himself to welcome her back, I’ll deal with it. Who knows, if it’s done well, I might even enjoy it.

      I’m also totally over them as a couple. I just can’t forgive her for the way she tore his heart out when she left. But, if she is destined to come back and they can write it well, I’ll do my best to enjoy what I’m given. I am a glass is half full kind of girl after all.


      • Carole says:

        Jumping back in here – you’re right, PL does this every year…… maybe it’s to create buzz to fill the gap until filming starts again or maybe he likes stirring up the fans who knows. …..IIke you I think MB will be back if PL has his way He seems intend on making her Steve’s endgame…….I’m not going to wine about it, I just think he deserves better.

        Liked by 1 person

      • I agree. I think he deserves better as well. I do not hold her mission against her. She is serving her country and that is to be commended. I also don’t hold it against her that she couldn’t tell Steve the truth about why she was leaving. Steve understands that too. No one understand the idea of confidentiality more than he does. What I can’t forgive is how she basically set him up, making him believe she was back to stay and would stay for however long he wanted her to. He wanted her to…so much he was going to ask her to marry him. She didn’t know that, of course, because she never gave him the chance. She knew she was going to have to leave yet she made him believe she was there to stay. She ripped his heart out for no good reason and that’s what I can’t forgive.


  11. Wendy says:

    I loved the final two episodes, and your review of them. The first one just flew by, there was so much action in it. I’m sad that Gabriel is gone though. The final episode is my new favourite of the season. BAMF Danny is awesome. I wasn’t happy with the final scene until I thought about it for a while. Looking forward to season seven. Have a great summer Linda.

    Liked by 1 person

  12. Ocean says:

    Linda, I meant to add that I, too, loved Three Rivers. It was not only factual but it so beautifully captured all of the emotions involved, on both the donor and recipient sides. I think I cried in each episode. I was crushed when it wasn’t renewed, but if it had been, we wouldn’t have gotten our sexy superSEAL Steve. I guess things happen for a reason.

    Liked by 1 person

  13. Jane says:

    Fantastic review Linda, always love your character analysis. Your reviews always make me feel like I’ve watched the episodes with you, simply amazing! We’re a few weeks behind here in the UK so reading this has made me more excited waiting for it to appear on our screens. Thank you so much for taking the time to write , always appreciated by so many. Looking forward to S7 ……

    Liked by 1 person

    • I still can’t believe you read these BEFORE you see the episodes. You’re a better person than most. I mean, I love spoilers but these pretty much lay out ENTIRE EPISODES. I don’t know how you do that, although I hugely appreciate that you do! ♥♥


  14. Helma says:

    If Cath returns I hope she won’t become Steve’s partner again. Being just a good friend I wouldn’t mind, but she has hurt him too much to just return as his partner. We have to be patient to find out next season.

    Liked by 1 person

  15. Another wonderful and loving review Linda.

    I have to admit that I was wrong when I complained that I was wishing for a real 2 hour episode and not back to back 1 hour episodes. They were connected enough by the storyline but felt so different to me, I missed the connection on the first watch. That’s why I always take time to re-watch on Saturday.

    I think by now we know how the show will be. Everyone has characters they love and some they wish would go away. I try to take that with a grain of salt these days and know that they are just venting. They still watch every single week with the same excitement as I do.

    I was pleased with the finale for this season and found that most S6 episodes grew on me when I paid more attention so nothing I would have to change to keep me coming back.

    Good luck with the move and enjoy the summer.

    Liked by 1 person

  16. Brooklyngirl says:

    Great reviews Linda. These last 2 episodes were the best of all the seasons! If the writing was this fantastic all season long, the ratings would be through the roof!

    I, for one, am shocked that they went the transplant route. While it played nicely into Alex’s love for organ donation, a similar result could have been achieved with a life-threatening injury, blood transfusion, multiple broken bones, etc. With the transplant, Steve can’t be SuperSEAL anymore and it changes the whole dynamic of the show (at least for me). He has to retire from the Navy and his life will be very different. And, yes, it’s tv and they can push the limits, but it also has to remain somewhat believable (though it is PL we’re dealing with!).

    I know it wasn’t only me, a few others mentioned it, but the last episode had a very final feel to it. Everyone seems to be putting their ducks in a row, Chin with Abby and the possibility of raising Sarah. Adam will be out in a few months and Kono’s comment about tired of being shot at makes me believe they’ll want to start a family and she’ll leave 5-0. Danny has his family as does Lou. Steve now has to re-figure his future, maybe, hopefully, becoming legal guardian to Nahele. The mere mention of the return of Catherine made me throw-up in my mouth and knowing PL, she’ll be back. He’s obsessed with this unemployed and unemployable person. I wish I could be alright with it like you. Sorry don’t mean to complain, but Steve deserves so much more and so much better than her.

    Lots of stuff to think about and ponder over the course of the next few months. I wonder how things will play out now that Peter has taken on the role of exec producer for the new McGyver series (hey, maybe MB can get a job on that show as a cougar, I hear McGyver is young). I hope that 5-0 won’t be the show to suffer because of this either.

    Have a great summer! Will miss reading the blog, but will see you in September!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Susan Schoppe says:

      I agree with totally on MB, she’s another Doris all over again. Any man that would take back a woman who had left them hanging for yet a 3rd. Time is going to look like a doormat, not to mention weak. Why PL would want such a strong man like Steve to have this image is beyond me. Hopefully someone will point this out since he clearly doesn’t see it.

      Liked by 2 people

      • Steve is a military man. Has been all his adult life. As a SEAL he had to up and leave at a moments notice without leaving word to anyone numerous times. He will understand why Catherine did what she did. It’s really is as simple as that.

        And, I’m ok with that aspect of it because, as I’ve said before, I don’t hold this mission against her at all or the fact that she couldn’t tell him about it. What has always bothered me is … why did she come back to Oahu at all? I don’t think she gave a rats ass about Kono’s wedding to be honest. And even if she did…. ouch! THAT’S why she came back? Not for him but for a wedding???

        She tore his heart out for no good reason. If she was going on this mission she should have just went, gone to the Ukraine right from Afghanistan and not made a pit stop in Hawaii. If we take it the way it was shown in the episode, she came back only to establish her cover. To break his heart so badly he wouldn’t think about following her. I’m sorry but that is just cruel and not something you do to a person you supposedly love.

        Of course, I feel that way because I have come to not care for Catherine over the years. Those who still love her will see it as “she hurt him to save him” and will see it as noble.

        I am willing to bet my eye teeth that Steve will see it that way too because men typically don’t delve into the emotional reasons why people do what they do. They pretty much deal with what’s right at the surface. And since this show is written predominantly by men, they’re going to write it that way. They’re going to write it, and pretty much already have, that Steve will understand the consequences of military service and sometimes those consequences hurt the people you love.

        Since I also feel that Season 7 will more than likely be our last, Peter probably wants full closure for all his beloved Ohana and I can totally see that meaning, in his eyes, Steve and Catherine together. I don’t like it but it will be what it will be and I love this show too much to let it destroy my enthusiasm.

        Liked by 1 person

  17. Lynnette says:

    Hey, another great review, Linda! Everything I could possibly think to say has already been said (and I’ve even been quoted!). I loved these last two episodes of the season, and I am happily satisfied with taking a hiatus from all the drama, knowing full well Season 7 will return and be awesome!

    My enthusiasm bounced back with this ending – I admit, even though I always watch and enjoy, some aspects of the show have changed enough to make me pine away for earlier seasons. Okay, it’s Danny. I NEED for Danny to be appreciated for his contributions to the team, his friendship with Steve and his parenting of two great kids. Not only that, but I NEED to see more of him. So maybe the writers have tried ( rather unsuccessfully) to write around Scott’s frequent absences. If so, they need to work harder at it this summer to get it better under control because the way Danny was written this season, left a lot to be desired.

    Still, all is forgiven with 6.25! There was nothing about Danny I would change! He was my hero (even if others think he was only intent on landing the plane on the beach to keep his hairdo from getting wet…) Sure, he wanted to save himself, too, who wouldn’t, but he knew he could probably survive ditching the plane in the water, but there was no way Steve would survive that! So…you’re not a hero if you choose to take the risk of dying yourself in order to give another human being a chance to survive, since the plane is coming down one way or another anyway? Yeah…right.

    Yes, I was upset, at first, with the disregard for Danny in the hospital scene. But I read some Fanfic codas and I got over it. That’s just the way the show writers broach the Steve/Danny relationship and we should all be used to it by now. As for the final scene? Pure S1 banter. I loved it. I KNOW that Steve and Danny will have had the heart to heart long before this scene takes place, 8 days after surgery! By now, they are back to grinding their teeth and bitching and complaining. Would you really want it any other way?

    As to Steve’s abilities to run the task force after an organ transplant? Don’t expect reality here, people. I’m sure they will show a more subdued Steve in the early episodes, especially if, as per Peter Lenkov in the the finale interview, the next season will start with Steve being released from the hospital. It should require some rehab and desk work, and it’s possible the show will use this rehab time to have Steve contemplate his mortality (as Peter suggested), wonder about his legacy, and perhaps further investigate his mother’s relationship with Papa Fat. There’s a lot this show can still resolve without having Steve jump tall buildings with a single bound every week! No matter how medically realistic S7 will be for Steve’s character, there will still be a lot of action – and by mid season, Steve will certainly be back to his usual hijinks!

    I don’t really understand why everyone is so sure this next season will be the last! It’s still a cash cow for the network (thanks for the use of the term, David). We certainly don’t know yet how “Macgyver,” “Bull” and the other new dramas will do next season, and if H50 maintains it’s demo and viewership (actually doing better than other CBS dramas on other nights), it has a chance to go on a few more seasons. These main actors are not stupid — they know where their bread is buttered. It’s not often actors walk away from job security.

    I could be all wrong, but I don’t feel H50 is walking off into the sunset just yet.
    (I will really miss Christopher Sean’s Gabriel, though!)

    Liked by 1 person

    • I agree with what you say about a possible Season 8 but I’m bracing myself just in case. If it is true that the main cast signed contracts into a 7th season, it would mean everyone’s contract would need to be extended for Season 8. I am no expert by any means on the running of a TV show but just from reading entertainment magazines for years usually when that happens everyone demands a raise, as would be expected. Hopefully Five-0 is enough of a cash cow to be able to do that.

      I am not one of those who think just because Peter has signed on to MacGyver that means he won’t be a part of Five-0 anymore. Haven’t any of those people ever heard of Shonda Rhimes. How many irons are in her fire?? 3 or 4? If she can do it, so can Peter.

      But the tone of Peter’s interview did give the impression that he might be working to a resolution of the series. Everyone questioning their place and legacy. Catherine possibly coming back. Who knows? Maybe he’s just hedging his best IN CASE it’s the last season. For now, I’m just going to bask in the glow of the finale and look forward to Season 7. Anything after that, for me, is gravy.


    • Susan Schoppe says:

      I totally agree with you on a season 8 & more if the ratings stay good as they are now. I was also relived to see someone else thought so to. You were correct on all points made. I love this show in that the fact my whole family sits down to watch it, all of us in one room, no cell phones in hand and all enjoying the same thing at the same time, monumental for us. Not to mention H50 is just plain outstanding, great actors & writing. ( my opinion ) for me, the good guys win & the bad guys go to jail. Values I like. So hopefully this is NOT the last season.

      Liked by 1 person

      • It’s what Peter wanted from the very beginning. A show that the entire family could sit and watch together, just like he did with his dad when he was a kid. He’s always happy to hear that people feel that way! ♥


  18. Ocean says:

    I think it would be great if this time of rehab for Steve allowed him time to go through the Champ box and maybe find some more cryptic messages from his dad. Crimes that John was working on that Steve can continue to investigate. Maybe tie it in with Papa Fat.
    I was also thinking that a huge missed opportunity occurred for Max’s character. He looks up to Steve so much — had him read his letter of temporary resignation because he wanted Steve’s opinion (and blessing.) Max admits that he works better with dead people than live, which is why he wants to volunteer with Doctors Without Borders — to prove he can help the living. So wouldn’t it have been great if he’d been with the 5-0 team when the plane landed and as an MD, he could have helped and directed the emergency care of Steve, maybe even do something extraordinary that kept Steve alive until they reached the hospital. Then Max’s vision of helping living people would have been validated.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ahhhhhh the good ‘ole Champ Box. Been such a long time since we’ve heard anything about “all the other stuff” that’s in that thing. Who knows. If Peter is intending to bring the show full circle next year it could be something he goes back to. I’m really looking forward to what’s coming next. Other than Steve’s meeting with PapaFat and Steve’s recovery there’s not actually cliff hanger storyline for the start of Season 7. It’s almost a clean slate….much like the Pilot was.


      • Lynnette says:

        That’s a really good point, Linda! We really have no idea – nothing has been set in motion – as to what the season premier will have in store for us, other than Steve recuperating. Michelle Shioma is currently blowing in the wind and has no reason to come after the team now. The meth crisis was averted. Adam will still be in jail, Max will still be on sabbatical. It really would be a great chance for Steve to spend some quality time with that Champ box!

        The thing is, H50 is an ACTION procedural, so there will have to be a COTW each episode. Is Danny going to have to take the lead on these? Or Chin? I’m actually pretty interested to learn how or even if, the dynamics of the team will change, at least in the first few episodes. After that, they can jump forward in time to get Steve whole again.

        Liked by 1 person

      • I’m interested to see that too Lynnette! Someone told me on Twitter (and for the life of me I can’t remember who it was) that DDK already filmed some of his premiere and/or early S7 scenes because he’s not due to finish his run on Broadway until 4 days before filming starts. I guess he wants a teeny break in between.

        So, if they’ve already filmed some stuff for Chin, what does that mean? Did he film stuff with the others? Is it like when Grace filmed stuff early so she could be on maternity leave? If so, Chin may not be with the team in the first episode or so. Maybe he’s at home dealing with the Sara situation? Who knows?

        But IF Chin is not with the team AND Steve is recuperating… that only leaves Danny, Kono and Lou. If that’s the case, whether he likes it or not, it doesn’t sound like Scott will be able to have his LA time for the first few episodes. PLUS FOR US!! LOL


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