#H50 Review: 6.22 I’ike Ke Ao – (For the World to Know)

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Sometimes coincidental things are just a bit too creepy.  On Friday, my husband and I spent an hour on the phone with the electric company setting up service for our soon-to-be new home.  Part of the package is an option for a home security system.  You know, all the standard stuff plus fire and CO2 detection and video cameras for remote viewing.  The ability to turn the system off and on with our cell phones.  All the bells and whistles.  We still haven’t made a decision if we’re going to go ahead with the full package or not but watching Friday night’s H50 was sure an eye opener.

I always thought you’d be completely safe in a house with so much security. It never occurred to me (although it really should have) how vulnerable you can be in such a house. Lulled into a sense of complacent security thinking you’re 100% safe only to find out how a talented hacker can take all your security and peace of mind away with just a few key strokes.  A really frightening reality.

This was an interesting episode and, as always, I liked it very much.  Here are some random thoughts (in no particular order):

  • The beginning of this episode had me totally creeped out. It reminded me so much of those nights, many decades ago, of Saturday nights of baby sitting in unfamiliar houses with their unfamiliar sounds.  Sure, we’ve seen the horror movie type of beginning a million times but that didn’t mean it still wasn’t pretty damn creepy.
  • I know I’m not the only one who said out loud to Addison, “Girl… you know you didn’t take that phone upstairs or leave it in a room you never even went in to!” And everyone on the planet knows the one thing you never do when things get scary is go upstairs! But, of course, she couldn’t do the one thing she should have done, run like hell, because she couldn’t leave the baby.
  • And speaking of the baby, if the beginning wasn’t creepy enough with Jacob Holm appearing behind Addison when she opened that door, seeing him walking down the stairs with that baby in his arms sure as hell was. One thing I didn’t understand though, was why he even did that.  I mean, he already had Addison, why didn’t he just leave with her instead of waiting around for the Hiller’s to come home?  Sure, tazing the couple so they couldn’t report Addison missing for a few hours gave him more time but he allowed them to see his face.  If he felt he had to have that extra time, why not hide in the house and attack them without them seeing him? And why pick up the baby?  He obviously had no intention of hurting her.  He left her unharmed in her crib.  So why pick her up in the first place?  It made no sense but it did add to the creep factor which, I guess, was the entire point.
  • Absolutely adored seeing Toast again.  Our favorite pot head/hacker sure has come a long way.  I completely love this development.  Toast has slowly but surely been trying to better himself since we first met him.  And better himself he did.  A millionaire for crying out loud!  “Poopy Penguin” ROFLMAO.  I don’t know what was funnier. Danny’s outraged Penguin flapping over Charlie and Grace’s spending on the game or Steve being hooked on it himself by the end of the episode.
  • Sending Toast and Jerry into the hacker’s den was a great scene. From Toast authenticating Jerry’s nerd credentials for entering and his face-off with Patrick over who had the original idea for “Poopy Penguin” and his use of outdated software to Jerry pulling his own Five-0 “credentials” to get the answers they needed, this scene was great.  I really loved these two working together but I’m having a little trouble deciding which one is Scooby and which one is Shaggy! LOL
  • The crime of the week was good but I have to admit it didn’t really grab me as much as I thought it would considering the way the beginning of the episode really freaked me out. Being so busy with house stuff, I haven’t had the chance to re-watch the episode.  Was it ever explained just how Holm found out about Addison’s crime, or the embezzlement done by Jason Puttnam?  What was his motivation for forcing these people to confess their crimes? Was that ever explained or did I just miss it?
  • I totally loved Addison. What a strong willed young woman she is.   She very quickly came to the decision to face the consequences of her actions, even after seeing the vile things her “friends” on Facebook were saying to her after he confession.  Not taking Holm’s bait to kill herself but fighting back and almost bringing him down to his knees all by herself.  It doesn’t excuse her crime one bit and I’m sure she’s heading off to jail for what she did.  But it was nice to see a woman on this show be a fighter instead of just a victim.
  • I did enjoy the secondary story very much even though it added nothing to the overall plot of the episode and it had nothing to do with the crime of the week. Like I said a couple of weeks ago, if we must have a secondary story, I can live with it as long as one of our main team members isn’t peeled off for that story.  So, I enjoyed that while the main crime fighters were dealing with the crime of the week, our secondary story revolved around Kamekona, Flippa and Max.  I loved Max’s projected calm and hearing cousin Flippa sing (Shawn Garrett’s original song) was a lot of fun.  I don’t know what I laughed at more.  When the tourist couple happened upon them on the beach and the wife said “Oh look…natives!” or the Walton good night round robin as they settled down for the night.

So there you have it.  Another one in the books.  I liked this a lot but I don’t see it going down as a favorite in my book.  It was an enjoyable way to spend an hour on Friday night with my favorite crime fighters.  But I think if they would have cut the Gilligan’s island stuff (although I really enjoyed it) and used that time to flesh out the crime of the week, make the whole crime as suspenseful and creepy as the beginning was, it would have been a lot better.

Have a great week my friends.  Next week’s episode looks like a real winner.  Can’t wait to see what’s in store for us next.  Aloha. Malamo Pono.

Sorry….incredibly busy this weekend.  No time for screen caps!


10 thoughts on “#H50 Review: 6.22 I’ike Ke Ao – (For the World to Know)

  1. I liked the episode. I kept saying “Don’t go in that room!” and I also liked that she almost rescued herself, even if she did so something wrong, she nor that man didn’t deserve what was done to them. I don’t know which one was Scooby and which one was Shaggy. Steve and Danny must be doing “We’re not fighting” fighting, because why else would Danny be in another compartment and a small space. I didn’t know what that look between Chin and Steve was about. Danny walked away, and Grover let out a big sigh. Hmmm…there is story there.

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  2. Thanks for the review, Linda. It’s great that you find the time in your busy schedule, with everything going on, to still do this for us. I love your reviews. The episode was really great but is it my imagination or is Steve’s mood getting worse? He doesn’t seem to have much patience with some of his team lately. Danny got yelled at for not allowing Toast to focus and then Steve starts asking Toast questions about the game. Last week Danny got yelled at because he wasn’t talking. And at the end of the episode poor Jerry and Danny were banished from the first class seats. Maybe it is my imagination, but I have noticed it happening more since Steve found out about Catherine’s mission. I am wondering if that’s what the writers are doing. It’s very subtle but I wonder if that’s the conclusion they want us to draw. Just a thought. I may be way off base, but does Steve seem kind of jerky lately. And Danny is not fighting back that much. He quieted down pretty quickly the other night when Steve told him to let Toast focus. I think that if something is bothering Steve, Danny is the one who would understand. Boy, is Jerry ever growing on me. I’m about ready to say give him a badge. And when Danny used him for a pillow at the end of the episode, it was absolutely, freaking adorable. My husband was practically in tears laughing at Max, Kame and Flippa. I really enjoyed Flippa’s music. It was not a bad episode. It was made even better by Toast. Next week Eric is back. Yay!

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    • There has been much discussion all over the fandom about what seems to be a cooling in the relationship between Steve and Danny. I have to admit, I’m not enjoying them as much as I used to because while they used to banter, it seems more and more it’s become a bicker. Like you, I’m hoping the writers are subtlety pulling them apart so when it really matters in 6.25 they can spectacularly come back together. At least that’s my hope and for Season 7 as well. That the brotherhood between Steve and Danny go back to how it was at the beginning.

      I also agree, I adore Jerry but please, no badge. At least not a badge like the full fledged team has anyway. If they want to give him a “consultant” badge, I’d be ok with that but not a full fledged Five-0 badge. There is no way he’s earned that. He’s not a cop. He’s not military. He’s a civilian working for the task force. When I worked for the Navy, they didn’t see fit to make me sailor! LOL


  3. Wendy says:

    Thanks for the review Linda, even though you are so busy you still have time to give us a great review. It’s really appreciated.
    I liked the episode, but it’ll not be one of my favourites. The best parts were Steve and Danny in the van, and the last part on the plane.
    Looking forward to this weeks episode.

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  4. Jane says:

    Here in the UK we’re a few weeks behind so I always look forward to reading your reviews Linda about what we have to look forward to in the coming weeks. Thank you for making the time in what is obviously a very busy time for you. Always appreciated 😊

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  5. Lynn says:

    Great review, Linda! I read it after rewatching the episode.

    I adore successful Toast – another broken toy: fixed! Toast and Jerry were awesome together. Their time onscreen together was smooth, unforced and most enjoyable to watch. More Toast, please, Show!

    So the COTW was hard to follow…because I don’t understand how all this cyber spying and hacking can happen…let alone all the new terms like “cherry bomb?” As far as you question as to how Holm knew of Addison’s deep dark secret, I think he spent his days on his computer searching all kinds of data bases to find people who had embezzled or committed other crimes that they had gotten away with. Then he put that cherry bomb spyware thing on the computers of people he had singled out (I think they said he had over 1000 people he was looking at before he singled out the accountant and Addison).

    Why did he do it? Something about the company he had worked for doing a lot of cheating of clients and he exposed them, but for some reason, he was the one who went to jail (probably for the hacking). So he was obsessed with retribution for victims of crimes that had gone unpunished.

    Talk about a convoluted COTW! Seems like a CSI:Cyber script, but it was entertaining, so I’m certainly not complaining, especially since Toast got to be more involved than usual!

    Love the Poopy Penguin mobile game app, and really enjoyed Patrick and Toast fighting over who really came up with the idea! The minds of geniuses!!

    Of course, I was totally satisfied with all of our team sticking to the crime. Once again, the B story had the secondary characters working out their own problem, just like with the elephant. It gave us a little light-hearted side story in between all the intensity of the A story. I don’t mind that at all! Maybe it would have been more satisfying to some if it was all COTW, which some fans still pine away for, but even in S1 we had Danny off saving Stan’s butt from the housing authority guy while Steve and team saved the star witness in the jungle. It’s really nothing new, just more pronounced now. I think part of that is that the secondary actors have developed their characters to point where they are people the viewers are invested in and enjoy watching.

    Yeah, this was a pleasant episode (in it’s own creepy way). I might not understand all the intricacies of computer hacking, but I happy to be educated on how easy it is to get hacked!

    And Linda, if you go for the fancy smancy home security option, just promise me you’ll run for the hills when your thermostat automatically drops to 45 degrees!!

    Thanks for your thoughts this week! I, too, wish this move of yours would hurry up and happen!

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    • Thanks so much for the great comment. Yes, there were always episodes where one of the team was off dealing with something on their own, even way back in Season 1 but they were few and far between. It seems to happen a lot more now, where episodes have two distinct stories going on at the same time. I would really prefer that didn’t happen often but it is what it is.

      Oh…don’t worry. If my thermostat dramatically drops for no reason I’ll run like hell. And I won’t be running upstairs either. My new house only has one floor! ROFL


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