#H50 Review: 6.17 Waiwai (Assets)

To say anticipation builds for every new H50 episode is an obvious understatement. Especially when we’ve had a hiatus from new episodes. Whether it be one week or several, it always elevates the excitement for a new episode. Add to that, knowing there will be only one episode before two more weeks off elevates the enthusiasm even higher.

Thanks to the promo and sneak peaks released by CBS, we could see this episode was going to be full of everything that makes H50 great. Action, intrigue, gun fights, car chases, angst, friendship, even a new villain to hate. All the ingredients were there for this one to be awesome and it did not disappoint.

This episode, centered around the case of the week, a stolen NSA flash drive which puts the lives of multiple NSA operatives at risk, was underscored and heightened by the situations revolving around two members, both current and past, of the Five-0 team. Abby and Catherine. Of course, the big anticipated part of this episode was the big reveal, to Steve at least, about why Catherine left him. But I’ll get to that later. First, I’d like to talk about Abby.

When I saw Abby sitting with the team at Casa McG, I was very apprehensive. Yes, Abby has been showing signs of having second thoughts but here she was, just soaking in more information that she could pass on to her boss. I was so glad to see that my first impression was wrong and, I have to say, they really should consider inviting her to their next poker game because a poker face she has not. She looked decidedly guilty and uncomfortable the whole time they were in the brief. Those second thoughts are definitely still there.

But then something extraordinary happened. Abby had no idea who Robert Coughlin actually was. The look on her face when she learned about his brother Rex and his personal vendetta against Chin was enlightening. Realizing the type of man Rex was, she instantly sees that Robert is no better. Picking up right where his brother left off.

I loved the scene between Abby and Coughlin. I loved how she stood up for the team, telling that creep there was nothing to find. That in all her time embedded with the team she saw none of the wrong doing he’s so sure is there. Of course, he thinks she’s letting her feelings for Chin cloud her judgement and I think he’s absolutely right, thank goodness.

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There is no doubt in my mind that when Abby took this assignment she fully believed in what she was doing because she fully bought into Coughlin’s story. She probably felt this bust would be a career maker for her. But the more time she spends with the team, and yes, the more she gets to know and like Chin, the more she can see that what Coughlin is looking for simply isn’t there. So her feelings really aren’t “clouding” her judgement. They are opening her eyes.

“This is a different country then it was when this task force was created. Now, we’re in a civil war. Civilians against anyone with a badge. And men like Steve McGarrett have helped erode the trust between what we do and the people who need us.” OMG…. Is this man serious?? He is seriously putting Steve and Five-0 into that category. It all sounds so very noble but if he honestly believes Steve or any of the others really are that type of cop then… yup… he is definitely delusional.

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Finding out that Coughlin has eyes on her as well, essentially spying on the spy, Abby had enough and called him on his bullshit. This investigation has nothing to do with misconduct or anything else legitimate. It is simply a witch hunt, another personal Coughlin vendetta against Five-0.

I really like Abby and I’m so happy it looks like she’s going to come clean to Chin. I just hope the writers have her tell him the truth in the right way so he will understand that when it started, she really did believe she was doing the right thing. Considering we already know Julie is in future episodes it’s easy to assume Chin believes her, at least eventually, and she and Five-0 will be turning the tables on Coughlin very soon.

One note about the scene at Casa McG. Chin and Kono told Abby that Rex Coughlin was “an IA detective who investigated me a few years back” over “cash that went missing from the evidence room”…“which Chin was exonerated for”. But that’s a bit of revisionist history newer viewers wouldn’t necessarily catch. Back in the S1 episode 1.08 (Mana’o – the episode when Danny’s old partner Meka was murdered) we were introduced to the IA officer who investigated Chin and the money stolen from the asset forfeiture locker and he was Internal Affairs Sergeant Cage, not Coughlin.

Like I said, newer viewers probably won’t catch that and I also know there are those who go ballistic over revisionist history. While I’m not a huge fan of it myself, I think this one is really so minor it’s not that big a deal. Also, this little change does finally give us a possible reason for why Rex was so determined to nail Chin for something, pretty much anything, and was so completely over the top in going after him. Because, up until now, none of that made very much sense. By revising that small nugget of information from 6 years ago, we can now see Rex as a man who felt, for almost ten years, that a dirty cop had gotten away on his watch and that was just eating away at him. Doesn’t justify his unrelenting pursuit of Chin in the least, but it does make it a bit more understandable.

This week’s case was a really great one and I loved that the entire team was there to work the case which is always a huge plus for me. Of course, the plot of the crime wasn’t anything new. We’ve seen the trope used for years on TV and a couple of times in Five-0. Beautiful wife/girlfriend/boyfriend convinces his/her partner to do something that’s not above board. Murder his wife, murder her father, or in this case, steal classified intel to “make my country a better place” with no more mass surveillance and spying on American citizens. But of course, our perp this week is not a wife or a real girlfriend but a Russian spy who was able to convince “her love” to help her by making him think she also believed in his misguided ideals.

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The moment Steve found out that computer strategist Chris Dalton had downloaded classified Black OPs intel onto the stolen flash drive he immediately went into his Naval Intelligence persona. He knew every operative out there was now in danger and then the bomb we were all waiting for was dropped on his head. Catherine is not in Nepal helping earthquake victims. She’s on a Black OPs assignment in the Ukraine. And while the NSA was able to pull back a majority of the operatives in danger there are a few so deeply embedded they can’t be reached. Catherine is one of them and for the time being, the only thing keeping Catherine safe is the fact that Dalton may be misguided but he’s not an idiot and encrypted the files so no one could open them but him.

Does it surprise me that Steve would immediately go into protective mode when he found out that Catherine was in potential danger? Absolutely not. Was I surprised to hear him say that she is still important to him? Nope… no surprise there either. Steve loved Catherine for a very long time. Yes, he’s hurt and angry and upset by what she did. He may or may not be “in love” with her anymore, but he does still care about her and, of course, will worry about her now that he knows where she is and what she’s doing.

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I do wish though that he’d have shown a bit more of the anger he told Danny he’s feeling. I’m not talking about a screaming rage here but he flipped right into his “understanding” mode without ever really voicing his anger at the situation.

But then again. Steve has spent a majority of his life living with secrets and deception. I’ll refrain for the moment from calling them lies because much of it was unavoidable and necessary or at least presumed to be necessary. Doesn’t make it right that Doris faked her death and left her family for twenty years but at the time she felt it was necessary. Catherine’s mission? I’m sure she accepted the assignment because she felt it also was necessary. Steve himself spent years in Naval Intelligence where being covert and secretive was the norm. As a SEAL he would have been deployed on many missions he’d never be able to tell anyone about and would have to deny knowledge of if questioned.

When you live most of your life in that atmosphere it’s easy to understand why someone would do what Catherine did. He may not like it. He may be upset and angered by it, but he understands. That doesn’t mean he’s ok with it. We have seen Steve reach the end of his rope with Doris and pretty much with Joe. He doesn’t trust either one of them as far as he can throw them. I honestly don’t think Catherine acting just like them is the way to remain in Steve’s heart. He may totally understand but that does not mean he has to like it.

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None of this bothers me in the least. I fully expected Steve to understand why Catherine did what she did for all the reasons I stated above. I don’t think it makes him look weak nor stupid. Steve is a wonderful, brave, incredible man.  Even so, I think things like this make him look like a damaged soul.  A brave, true, good soul but one damaged by a life built around secrets. A life where deception feels inevitable and almost like he expects it.Thank God he has his team and especially Danny to have his back. They will never deceive him, they will never abandon him, they will always be his Ohana and be there for him no matter what.

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My ultimate wish, of course, is that Catherine continue on with her mission. Since the flash drive intel was recovered and the operatives were not compromised there is no reason for her not to just continue on her merry way, oblivious to the danger she was potentially in. I have made no secret that I do not want her to come back. As of right now, with her mission not compromised I see no reason why she should.


Olga Fonda did a great job as Russian spy Anna Novick. She was relentless and totally bad ass the entire episode. A really great job. And, how the hell was Anna able to gas the entire Aliiolani Hale?? I mean, seriously, they really need to upgrade the security in that place! 😉

I couldn’t stop laughing at Jerry after he woke up from the gas and how he was scared to death he was being abducted by aliens then being disappointed because he wasn’t. I just love that guy! LOL

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Best understated take down of the year: “What’s up?” Have I told you lately how much I love that man? LOL

Death of the Camaro? Probably not. After taking more firepower than she has ever had to endure the Camaro sure looked like she gave her life to the cause. And as much as I’d love to see Danny get a brand new Camaro (especially since the new model year is Camaro’s Five-0th anniversary) I have the feeling she will make a miraculous recovery. The guys in the HPD repair and auto body shop must be miracle workers!

Steve returning to his Season 1 form: He may not have had a shark tank or a roof to hang Oleg Larionov, one of Anna’s accomplices, off of but that didn’t stop him from getting the information he needed as quickly as possible. “Danny…grab some earplugs.” “Why?” “Because you’re gonna need them.” “That’s really not an answer.” ROFL. I don’t know what part of that scene I loved more. The return of S1 Steve or the way Danny took it all in stride out in the hall way with the cops on guard. Really great scene.

The musical soundtrack for this show is always spectacular. Many episodes were made even better simply because of the great music written and/or chosen by Keith Powers and Brian Tyler. Watching the team mobilizing for their final take down with Aerosmith’s “Sweet Emotion” playing was incredible! Great choice guys!

Watching Jimmy Borges as Dr. David Yang this week was both joyous and very sad. Long time actor and friend to both the original and current Five-0, Jimmy is making his last appearance on the show. Battling through the last stages of illness, it couldn’t have been an easy task for him. I’m glad he was part of the episode and he was so much fun to watch.

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TPTB have always done a fantastic job in honoring those who serve, whether it be military or first responders. We’ve had real life members of both on the show in various episodes. This time, the EMT’s rushing Tommy Luana to the hospital are real Honolulu EMT personnel. Mahalo gentlemen for your service.

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Someone else making an appearance in this episode was Jacqueline Cadiente, wife of Stunt Coordinator extraordinaire Jeff Cadiente and a remarkable stunt woman herself. She was one of the OR nurses killed by Anna Novick in the opening scene of the episode. I always love catching a glimpse of Jackie on screen, it’s just too bad she had to end up so damned bloody 😉 . And speaking of Jeff…. damn! What a fantastic shootout. He just keeps making our show better and better every week.

Of course it’s always wonderful to see Max in on the crime scene investigation and, of course, Duke! How can you not love seeing these guys on our screens running down the situation and being awesome doing it! 🙂

And finally…. RIP Brock Little. Enough said!

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Well, there you have it. Another awesome episode and a good thing too because it’s going to have to hold us for three weeks (two Friday’s for NCAA basketball). I know… I hate these hiatuses too but they are unavoidable. Just think of all the anticipation it will bring when April 1st finally rolls around!

Have a wonderful week my friends. Aloha. Malama Pono.

All screen caps are mine.


14 thoughts on “#H50 Review: 6.17 Waiwai (Assets)

  1. rhondagemini says:

    You did it again! Great review! I agree with you that it was good that Steve understood Catherine’s situation and why she did what she did,however,I can’t help but get the feeling that Steve still cares for her,although maybe not as strongly as he once did. I do hope Abby comes clean to Chin and that he will understand why she did what she did. I would love for her & H50 to give Coughlin a taste of his own medicine,if you know what I mean! I didn’t know who Brock Little was until I read Wendie’s review-obviously,the cast & crew really miss him. Looking forward to the next episode!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I agree Rhonda.. Steve does still care for Catherine. There is no reason for him not to. But I don’t see that as him still being in love with her, IF he was ever really IN love with her in the first place. He will always care about her, will certainly worry about her while she’s on the OP and will be extremely relieved and happy if she ever comes back. None of that translates into him going back to wanting to marry her again. I know there are those who do believe that but I really don’t.


  2. jlopie1 says:

    This was a hard hitting, action packed episode on the order of the first two H50 seasons! You gave us a great personal take on all that was good about this episode, Linda, and I appreciate your honesty. I don’t have much to add, except this:

    I cannot – for the life of me – see why Steve would knowingly stay in a relationship with a woman who apparently is in the same line of work as his mother! Doris wreaked havoc on her family’s lives, to the point where she inadvertently got her husband (John McGarrett) murdered and her son tortured and almost killed not once but twice because of her actions while a CIA operative.

    Now, his “girlfriend” is continuing in his mother’s footsteps by choosing to also lie to Steve in order to either protect him, or in the name of national security, or both!

    Yes, he may certainly understand Catherine’s motives, but would someone please tell me WHY he would voluntarily wrap himself and his future up with a pretty bow and give it to a woman who is just like his mother? The Steve McGarrett I watch on television is certainly smarter than that!

    I don’t see the love there anymore. I see respect for the person, and concern for said person’s safety. I see Steve pondering where his relationship with Catherine has gone, maybe wondering how the woman he thought was the love of his life veered off down a different life path from his choices. It’s sad, but this sort of thing happens in real life, too.

    I honestly hope Catherine is NOT his “soul mate.” Not the only person he could ever be happy with. I have a feeling if that’s they case, he’s going to live a lonely life alone!

    I like Abby more this week – I think she’s a good egg who found out her boss had an ulterior reason for wanting to bring down H50 and was using her to do it. She’s honest enough to waste little time letting Chin know about it, either. Whether Chin or the team trust her again, at least she didn’t lie to him when she realized what the circumstances were!

    Good review, as usual, Linda! Appreciate all the time you take to make an enjoyable read for H50 fans.

    Liked by 1 person

    • “I don’t see the love there anymore. I see respect for the person, and concern for said person’s safety. I see Steve pondering where his relationship with Catherine has gone, maybe wondering how the woman he thought was the love of his life veered off down a different life path from his choices.”

      Perfectly stated and I wholeheartedly agree. I know some will see that far away look on his face as him longing for her return. I saw it as realization that she’s not the person he thought she was. NOT because of the mission itself and not because she couldn’t tell him about it (because OF COURSE he understands that part of it), but because she does seem to be following in his mother’s footsteps and also because, of all people, she’s known him longer than anyone, should understand how much he would hate that.

      As for Abby, I don’t see her in the same light. She IS out and out lying but it looks like she’s about to come clean to Chin. What makes her different is she realizes what’s going on now and she is coming clean BY HER OWN VOLITION. She is not being forced by circumstances or by the imminent threat of exposure or having to admit to wrong doing after being found out. She is going to him on her own to own up to what’s been going on. Catherine has never done that. She only fills Steve in on what’s going on when she’s forced to, not on her own.


  3. Wendy says:

    I really enjoyed this episode, and your review is spot on, as usual. Have I told you how much I look forward to reading them after every new episode? Well I’m telling you now. Keep up the good reviewing.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Ocean says:

    Excellent review, LInda! I love seeing the tough-guy Steve — got so juiced when he told Danny to get some earplugs! Love our team working together. I agree that it was great to see Danny being there for Steve on the beach. I imagine they went out for beers soon after!
    One thing bothered me — Dalton’s boss (his name was Barrett or Burnette…can’t remember — looked like the governor’s brother, LOL) –how did he know about Steve’s mother? Steve referred to her as “Doris” only. He did not seem to be some high level CIA operative who would be privvy to that info. Just bugged me. I know they had to advance the plot but maybe it could have been done without mentioning Doris at all.
    I hope Danny gets a new car! Of course Steve will be the first to drive it!
    Have a great day, everyone. It’s a long haul til April 1st. Thank goodness for Netflix!


  5. Linda, you were a day early. I wasn’t around yesterday because here in Duluth, Minnesota we had a little taste of springtime. It was in the sixties temperature wise so we went to our camper that is at a campground to check things out and them met our neighbors from the campground for dinner and drinks. And I was thinking about Hawaii 50 and your review a lot. Boy, it is really heating up. I loved this episode. There were so many things happening. I loved how Abby stood up to her nasty boss. At least he calls himself that. I also loved how Danny was there to give Steve some words of encouragement regarding Catherine. The usual negative Danny was nothing but upbeat about Catherines reason for lying and her safety. This is a great team. They were all concerned for each other when they woke up. Lou was helping Kono get up and supporting her. The first thing Steve did was ask Danny if he was okay and then he told him to take it easy. Some people complain about violence on TV. There is violence in the world and I don’t believe in pretending that it’s a Mary Poppins world. Some people blame TV for the violence but there are a lot of bad drugs out there. Even my own city is getting hit with it. But there is also a lot of good things that happen in the world also. And what I see on Hawaii 50 is a team that really cares for one another. The reason I am saying this is there is a lady on the 50 facebook page blaming the show for creating violence and I pointed out that there is also a lot of the team caring for one another and the brotherly love between Steve and Danno. Of course she then blamed people like me. Whatever. I should avoid that page. Social Media seems like it is just a place to hate and complain. I’m glad we have your reviews and we can talk about this show we love without getting judged.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I really loved the episode. I hope Abby is coming clean and the team can take down her “boss”. Like you, I don’t care C comes back or just not ever mentioned again. It was bloodier than usual, but it was done in context of the scene, some shows just have blood in a scene, so it can look a mess and not mention it. Did anyone notice that Scott is favoring his knee? I wonder if it didn’t heal all that well.


  7. Helma says:

    Dear Linda, once again a wonderful review. Liked this episode a lot, but, like you, I do hope that Cath isn’t coming back again. So much happened this time, to much to react on all of it. I do hope things will work out well between Chin & Abby and that the team will bring down Coughlin. Waiting for the stories to continue … Mahalo, until next time☺☺😊


  8. Brooklyngirl says:

    I am very, very late to this party.

    I watched mainly because I wanted to see first-hand what Steve’s reaction to learning about Catherine would be. While I didn’t expect him to scream the fact that he had no reaction, not anger or frustration when he learned what she was up to, just upset me. He was so resigned to being lied to again that I wanted to scream for him. Even Danny not having a reaction was, I don’t know, out of character. I don’t want Catherine back ever to further kill any hope of Steve finding love and trust in someone who deserves him. Let her stay in Kiev.

    Abby certainly did look green while listening to the conversation at Steve’s house. I hope she comes clean and helps the team end the witch hunt. I ready on Deadline Hollywood that she’s going to go-star in CBS Pilot called “Training Day” so she won’t be returning next season (if there is one).

    Lastly, the COTW was ridiculous and unbelievable. I understand the dork falling for the pretty girl, but her gassing an entire building and then carrying a 160lb (or whatever) man by herself was beyond the beyond. All of them waking up reminded me of the poppy scene from the Wizard of Oz.

    Ahh, all this angst for a tv show! I can’t imagine my reaction if it was reality!! LOL! Thanks for another great review and screen caps!!

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Magda says:

    I’ve never really liked blogs.. I never finish reading posts ’cause it’s always so much text and I just get bored, but I gotta say. This one is so amazing! I basically binge read all your posts every now and then, and I do not get tired of them!
    I know it’s some time since this got posted, but I just felt like I had to tell you. You’re amazing at this, and half the pleasure of a new Five-0 coming out is to read your review xD
    Great job!!!


    • I can’t believe I just saw this post. I am so sorry I didn’t respond earlier. What a wonderful compliment. I’m so happy you enjoy my blog and I hope you’ve been enjoying them since you posted this comment. I really am sorry I didn’t respond sooner but I really only saw this just now! Thanks again for your support!


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