#H50 Review – 6.14 Hoa ‘inea (Misery Loves Company)

I’ve been watching TV for a very long time. No matter what show it is, I have always enjoyed when a series steps out of their normal routine every once in a while and does something a bit different. Like when a comedy does a special episode which deals with a very serious issue, for example.

This year’s Valentine’s episode of Five-0 is just such an episode, an episode that managed to show us our team in a way we haven’t really seen before. We’re used to seeing our heroes totally capable and in control in their work, so it was fun to see them struggling with their disastrous Valentine’s Day dates and even more fun to see how those dates worked out in the end…. when they did. Quite frankly, this episode was pure fun from beginning to end.

Of course, the episode didn’t deviate completely from its tried and true formula, there was a crime of the week to solve after all. Two wealthy yet miserable wives who meet at their country club and decide to off each others husbands. Nothing like a little Hitchcock to spice up Valentine’s Day. It was an interesting little case that kept our team on their toes but it also served to have them all sitting around in various locations on a stakeout with nothing to do except wait for their suspect to make her last move and to take the time to tell their tales of Valentine woes.

I loved how the episode started, with romantic scenes from old home movies and the mellow, dulcet tones of Dean Martin singing “Everybody Loves Somebody Sometimes”. Dean has become a favorite of our writing crew it seems. This is the second time we’ve been blessed with his wonderful voice in an episode. The clips continuing throughout the episode was a cute touch too and while I did enjoy them, I think those few seconds could have been better utilized by adding them to the crime or to the individual stories. But I have to admit seeing my old favorite Captain Kirk on my new favorite show was a great fun surprise.

But, let’s get on with the real fun of this episode. Whose date should we talk about first?

Well, I’m going to start off with Max for several reasons. First, simply because I adore Max and love it whenever he is on my screen. Second, even if we didn’t get to see her, I’m thrilled he and Sabrina are still together after all this time. It is so sweet the way Max’s face just lights up whenever he talks about her and it’s crystal clear how much he loves her.

And, finally, because the Max/Sabrina relationship is a perfect example of how a long term relationship on this show can exist without us having to see the significant other all the time. I mean, think about it. We all have jobs. We all have coworkers. We all know or at least know about, the significant others of the people we work with. How often do we actually ever see those people? Does it mean their relationships have no merit because we, total outsiders, don’t lay eyes on their partners all the time? No, there is no reason why we need to see the partners of our team all the time in order to justify whether or not a relationship is solid.

And there is no couple on this show that are more solid than Lou and Renee. We’ve seen the commitment these two share time and time again. But, I do have a serious question to ask though. Are there really guys out there who forget birthdays, anniversaries and Valentine’s Day? I mean, in the 35 years my husband and I have been together, both before and after marriage, he’s never forgotten any of those things. Is that just a clichéd plot device used in TV shows and movies to stir up trouble between couples? I’m serious here, because I simply have no personal frame of reference for this.

Anyway, I have to say, I absolutely love Renee Grover. I love how she’s able to reduce her big, boisterous husband into a chastised little boy with one wave of a long elegant finger. Let me tell you, I wouldn’t want to come up against her in the rendition room! And, oh my God, did she look stunning in that dress. Lou really screwed up and screwed up big! If that old velvet suit wasn’t bad enough, showing up in his golf shoes with cheap flowers and candy in hand set it in stone. As Kono said, way back in Season 2, “Just what every girl wants for Valentine’s Day. Drug store candy”. Sorry babe… dog house for you for sure!

The running gag throughout the episode of Grover’s golf buddy, Chef Morimoto, not being able to get Lou a last minute table at his restaurant on Valentine’s Day while he seemed to be able to find a table for everyone else was really cute. It was nice to see, when Lou really needed a save, Morimoto was there to help him finally romance Renee in the way she deserved.

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Now Danny, he did everything right for Melissa. A beautifully set dinner table complete with romantic candlelight. A wonderful meal he prepared himself accompanied by an expensive bottle of wine. He even made cute little bunny napkins to hide the bottle of perfume he got for her. Romance to the max until she opens her Valentine.

I can sort of understand why Danny may be reluctant to say “I love you” to a woman again after Rachel and Gaby, but signing the Valentine to your best girl with only your name when she obviously loves you may not have been the best move. After being together for two years a girl expects the man she loves to at least be able to tell her how he feels. While I do understand her disappointment over her Valentine I think she really overreacted.

Melissa is young but she is not an inexperienced child. If you really think about it, her marriage was much more disastrous than Danny’s was. I mean, Rachel left Danny for another man and moved away with Grace… yes…we know the story. But Melissa’s husband beat the living hell out of her, putting her in the hospital where she nearly died. She had to make a run for her life to the other side of the planet.

Her ex-husband probably told her he loved her over and over… probably after every single time he beat the crap out of her. Obviously his words meant nothing. Danny, on the other hand, may not be quite ready to say the words but all his actions speak volumes to how he feels. He is also completely right.  He may not say it often but when he does it means something.  Melissa having lived with a man whose words meant nothing should have realized that. She had the right to be disappointed but being angry was, to me anyway, a bit of an overreaction.  And the way she and Danny were snuggling up in bed a couple of days later shows she probably figured that out all on her own.

Now, Chin had the Valentine plan of all Valentine plans. Spend a romantic evening in the arms of his lady, beautiful hotel room, complete with champagne. Having Abby run from the room with no explanation except for a curt “I can’t.. I’m sorry” was something he never expected. As happened so many times during this episode, I could not stop laughing as Chin bolted into the hallway after Abby in nothing by the teeniest of towels and the door to the room clicked shut.

I have to admit; this was the scene I was waiting for the entire week. Chin, in the lobby of the hotel, in nothing but that towel, coming face to face with Duke and his wife. Everyone knows how much I adore Dennis Chun and his lady Laura. To see them on screen together was such a treat I really hope the writers find another reason to have Nalani accompany Duke somewhere again. I don’t know… maybe Duke should get an award for bravery or something and Nalani would be there by his side. Anything… because Laura was fantastic. That uncomfortable smile and quirked eyebrow look spoke volumes without her having to say a word. And Duke reaction when he sees Chin again the next day was priceless!

Of course, we see later that Abby is not quite who she seems to be. She is definitely up to something because she lied to Chin about being home in San Francisco when she has not actually left the island.

To me, I see Abby bolting away from Chin as a sure sign that she is having second thoughts over whatever she’s up to. Obviously, she is trying to infiltrate Five-0 for a purpose. Her behavior here makes me believe that it’s not specifically Chin that she came after but the entire team. I think her feelings for Chin have hit her totally by surprise, something she never expected, and those feelings are throwing a monkey wrench into her plans.

And whatever those plans are, they are probably coming to a head very soon and her good conscious couldn’t let her have a romantic evening full of sex with a man she obviously cares for when she knows she’s going to have to hurt him very, very soon. It’s too bad someone else’s “love” didn’t have the same consideration a while back.

As for Steve Valentine’s, well, that was a little bait and switch. Promos made it look as though Steve got his black eye on his “disastrous date” with Lynn but that really wasn’t the full case. Steve’s bad Valentine’s day actually started in the morning well before the actual “date”.

It began as a really great start to the day, Steve in bed looking quite satisfied and Lynn returning to the room, quite naked, looking for something to wear. Steve steers her to the drawer where he keeps his shirts, forgetting that’s the place where he put the engagement ring he’d bought for Catherine. Of course, Lynn finds the ring.

Lynn, of course, knew about Catherine although she didn’t know he was about to propose to her. Ellie introduced Lynn to Steve so, of course, she told her friend that the guy she was introducing her to was coming off a bad breakup. Ellie may not have known about the engagement, however.  I got the impression only the team knew about that so it’s very plausible Lynn didn’t know just how serious it was in Steve’s mind.

But a rebound? How much time needs to pass after a breakup before the next love isn’t considered a rebound? A month? A year? Wouldn’t any new person, or either side of the breakup, be in that category? Like Melissa with Danny, I feel that Lynn totally over reacted and considering she came around later and she and Steve ended up having a very romantic Valentine’s evening, it sounds like she realized it too.

As for the ring? Can you imagine the embarrassment of being a Command Officer in the U.S. Navy and the head of Five-0, walking into a jewelry store and having to return an engagement ring? Having the jeweler assume that the mighty Commander McGarrett asked someone to marry him and she actually said no? I’m sure a professional jeweler wouldn’t be crude enough to ask for the details but Steve is very well known around Oahu. He’d probably be mortified just by the assumption. So, it’s totally understandable to me that he’d want to put that off as long as he could and it’s quite possible that he might never return that ring to the store.

It could also be that, subconsciously, the ring does represents a good time in his life, a short moment in time when he actually thought he had the chance to be happy, before it was all ripped away. Maybe holding onto the ring also holds on to that fleeting moment in time even if, in his heart, he knows that moment is truly gone.

But it doesn’t really matter. As of right now, he’s moving on. He took one last look at the woman he thought was “the one”, took one last moment to remember what had once been good, then did the only thing he could do. What he should have done months ago. He deleted her from his life.

Does that mean she’ll never come back? Probably not. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if she pulls a Doris one of these days and shows up, unannounced again, blubbering about missions and not having a choice and how she never stopped loving him. I hope to God Steve doesn’t fall for it. He’s said it himself. He doesn’t like being played.

And he has Lynn now. Once they were able to settle their argument over the ring they were able to have a wonderful Valentine’s evening. Even if Steve did wind up with a black eye from being socked in the face by a wayward shoe tossed during an impromptu striptease. It was a striptease he looked to be wholeheartedly enjoying, by the way. This is the old bait and switch. Unlike the promos made it seem, he didn’t get that black eye from Lynn out of anger (she didn’t hit him with the ring box, nor did he get hit with an exploding champagne cork, a baseball, door knob, a coconut, a practice grenade, a tree limb or get kicked by a horse! LOL). He got the black eye accidentally while having fun!

So, I suppose we could go, once again, to our evenings romantic crooner, Dean Martin and paraphrase…. “When a shoe hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that’s amore.”  It was great to see the two of them, happily sharing a Longboard and a beautiful day on Steve’s beach.  They looked happy.  I sure hope they can remain so.

Sadly, not everyone’s Valentine’s turned out to be a happy one. Poor Kono. I enjoyed her good natured ribbing of Chin and the other guys over their Valentine’s misadventures. Putting on a brave face and telling them not to worry about her, she’ll get to see Adam in a couple of days.

But seeing her, later that night, curled up in her bed crying, alone, watching her wedding video was truly heartbreaking. But even Kono, in her sadness and loneliness managed to smile through her tears looking at the loving, happy face of her husband on their special day. They will be together again.

All in all, this is one of my favorite episodes of the season. I really enjoyed the lighthearted nature of it and just how much fun it was. I know, now that the holidays are over and we’re beginning to enter the home stretch of this season, the episodes will start to get more serious as we work our way toward the season finale and whatever the writers have in store for us. It’s fun to have an episode like this one, just to sit back and enjoy the fun before the seriousness really sets in.

Personally, I had a wonderful Valentine’s. My hubs, who did not forget the holiday, nor the fact that my birthday is also coming up this week, took me out on Saturday night for dinner and a show in town. We had a wonderful night and it reminded me again of the sweet guy he is and why I’ve loved him for the past 35 years. I hope everyone is having a wonderful Valentine’s weekend with the person you all love the most too.

Until next week. Aloha. Malama Pono.

All screen captures are my own!


26 thoughts on “#H50 Review – 6.14 Hoa ‘inea (Misery Loves Company)

  1. Wendy says:

    I loved this fun episode, it was good to laugh at their misfortunes. I’m not so sure that Danny really loves Melissa. Maybe Abby is working for Gabriel? I really like Lynn and hope she sticks around.

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    • I really doubt she’s working for Gabriel. As my friend Lynnette pointed out to me several days ago Steve would have thoroughly vetted her before he would have allowed her access to Five-0. She was sent by SFPD and Steve would have gotten confirmation from them that she was on the up and up. Gabriel would hardly have the wherewithal to be able to pull that off.


  2. Valentine’s Day is not such a big deal in my household anymore – and that’s a mutual decision on our part. I certainly don’t need a box of chocolates, since I’m still trying to polish off the Christmas candy (I still have a box of Hawaiian Host chocolate-covered macadamia nuts I bought at the airport on the way home last Sept., too. Now it’s lent and I gave up candy….sigh!)

    I do enjoy seeing the young people make Valentine Day plans, though! So, obviously, I enjoyed watching our merry band’s attempt at romance! Everyone’s story was unique to them and their personalities. Loved Chin’s embarrassment – Mr. Zen himself wandering the posh Kahala Resort in a minuscule towel, running into Duke and his lovely wife!

    Danny has mentioned he has a girlfriend a couple times this season, so I certainly wasn’t surprised to see Melissa again. He put together a beautiful, romantic evening for his girl, but couldn’t commit to saying he loved her. I remember back in the season 4 premiere, while Steve is doing CPR on the bad guy in the basement of the Palace, that he thought he would tell Gabby he loved her. Remember Steve’s comment? Something along the line of if you say it, you have to mean it, because once it’s out there, you can’t take it back. I have a feeling Danny remembered it, too, and considering his luck to date, he just isn’t ready to say it to Melissa! I commend him for that, but you can’t lead a girl on for too long with committing! It might happen with Melissa, or it might not. I’m actually happy with it either way.

    Grover…hilarious! I can’t answer your question about whether men really do forget the important dates or holidays, but Lou seems to have a problem with it. Obviously, Renee has had to deal with it in the past, and I adored her reaction and punishment. Loved Chef Morimoto and how he helped the guys out with the respective dates!

    Every fan of this show on social media has put in their two cents about Steve and Lynn. All I’m going to say here is that I thoroughly liked their arc in this episode. I don’t know of too many women who, upon finding an engagement ring sitting in my boyfriend’s drawer and knowing it couldn’t be for her, wouldn’t feel as if she was just a fling on the side. Obviously, they worked it out over Blackened Cod at Morimoto’s, and the strip tease resulting in the blackened eye was endearing to us, as well as Steve’s Ohana!

    The COTW was just fine. Just enough to remind us this is a procedural.

    Abby in the car – and NOT in SF at all – shades of Jenna Kay! Who is she working for, really? Can’t wait for more to come from this storyline. You’re so right, Linda, it’s about time to get serious. Historically, the season will begin ramping up soon and the tension will start to build.

    Thanks for your review – I ALWAYS enjoy it!

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    • Yeah…I don’t know what’s going to happen between Danny and Melissa either. While I do think she overreacted to the Valentine, I do agree with her when she said it was a matter of whether she’s a priority to Danny and the amount of time he spends with her. If Danny is not only unable to tell her how he feels but he’s consistently putting everything in his life before her, I’m not sure how strong the legs of this relationship are.


  3. Okay, did you read what Peter Lenkov said about the next episode when Danno’s mother comes to Hawaii checking into a time share. And Peter said that it somehow ties into the Abby storyline. Danno’s mother is being questioned about the money that Matt stole. Maybe Abby is working undercover to investigate that case and I do believe she really does have feelings for Chin. The only other thing I can think of is that Gabriel has something to do with it. I totally loved this episode. Everything was perfect. I loved Lou in that episode. He was hilarious. I have nothing but praise for this episode unlike the last one. But I have read on other sites people saying they loved it. The bottom line is, you can’t love every episode and you can’t please everybody. But this show does a pretty good job of trying. It is so few and far between when I don’t like an episode, that I will never miss one. The only thing I have to say, and I can’t believe I’m saying this, I was a little disappointed in my Danno. I think he has a beautiful girl there who really loves him. But I forgot about what Steve said to him about Gabby. Maybe that is what he was thinking about. He listens to Steve more than Steve realizes. I am hoping it is building up to a scene where Danny tells her he loves her and really means it. And don’t we all always love the team all together at the shrimp wagon. Steve was really being the boss last night. He wanted them all together in a relaxing, fun place to tell the story. I thought it was so endearing when they were trying to guess how it happened. Steve was like a teacher telling the kids to settle down. I loved the Steve and Danny banter. Wow. This was so enjoyable it just made my night. Thanks for the great review, Linda.

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    • I didn’t see where Peter said that about next weeks episode. It makes sense though that Abby could be part of the investigation into Matt’s activities. It also fits that it’s not just Chin but the entire team she’s infiltrating and that it has nothing to do with Gabriel. Gabriel would have no way to get the SFPD to send Abby to Hawaii but the FBI or CIA would. The way Abby acted in this episode makes me think that, hopefully, whatever her ulterior motives are, her feelings for Chin and the respect she’s forged for the team, will make her have second thoughts about it.


  4. I really enjoyed the episode. It was very funny. I almost forgot there was a case going on. Do you notice all the adult characters were in the episode. That always do that. Well, Max’ girlfriend wasn’t there or his assistance, but all the rest of them were there.

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  5. Ocean says:

    Linda you are so right — this was fun from the get-go. Even though the COTW was not the central plotline, it had enough twists and turns to be a 5-0 caliber crime.
    The main story of course was the V-Day disasters. The sweetness of this episode was the interactions of our team. The ease of their conversations, the way they teased, goaded and laughed at each other — I think because none of them were in imminent danger they were all relaxed enough to let it happen. I could not get enough of Steve laughing when he saw Grover in the blue suit. I think he even snorted! I had to replay that a bunch of times. And Danny, a regular at Victoria’s Secret! Perfect!
    I have to disagree a bit about the scene with Lynn on the beach. When Steve is staring at Catherine’s picture on the phone, I was aching for him (and the Coldplay song made it sadder.) I think we saw that he still carries the flame. His heart was telling him to hang on, but his brain won out and he deleted her number. I dont think he looked all that thrilled with Lynn at that moment. She brought him a beer and he hardly reacted, until he cooled his eye down with it. I dont want Catherine back, but we know something’s going to happen as per the clip from an upcoming ep where she is mentioned. Can’t wait to learn what that’s about.
    Great review and analysis, LInda! Happy V-Day to all!

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    • I totally agree….Steve still cares for Catherine. I believe he always will. He didn’t delete her contact because he doesn’t care about her anymore and he’s not angry at her either. He just realizes it’s over and time to move on. Lynn handed him that beer about 2 seconds after he made that realization. Not surprising his expression was a somber one in that moment.


  6. Carole says:

    Two weeks without a new episode is awful. …..I could barely wait for Friday, but it was so worth it. Everyone got in on the action – even Max & Jerry. Love Lou – the best addition since the core four…..he’s great with whoever he has screen time with. The various stories were funny. Could Chin’s towel have been any smaller! I think Abby is there because the FBI is still looking for all that money Matt stole and have her there watching 5-0. Guess we see next week when Clara rolls back into town. I though Danny went all out for Melissa – shame she got mad at him because we all know he’s trying really hard to do what Steve told him to do. One thing you can count on with Danny is the truth and he takes that very seriously so I see the reluctance. I like Melissa well enough, but don’t think it would last if say Gabby came back. I think they had a real connection – with Grace too. Sad to see Kono by herself, but using the video was a nice touch. Steve – wished we’d seen a bit more of Lynn, but I agree with some other posts that LI should not be front and center. Seeing him delete Cath from his phone was the best – sorry just done with her. Love to see him moving on. Looking forward to some action next week.

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    • I too was very happy to see Steve delete Catherine’s contact information. I’ve seen people going on about how Steve would have Catherine’s phone number memorized so having him delete her contact was nonsense. Personally I think it’s nonsense to think she’s roaming around God knows where she is with her personal cell phone in her back pocket. So even if he does have her number memorized it would do him much good anyway.

      And I do, honestly believe that Catherine will be back if TPTB decide they want Michelle back. But I mean it, I really hope they don’t have Steve fall for whatever nonsense she uses to try to return. Like you, I’m tired of her and all the crap her character causes in the fandom.


  7. Hi Linda. I thought I better get a reply in before the week gets started even though tomorrow is a holiday, I have grading to catch up with. I missed last week,and I am still conflicted about that episode. But on this episode I really liked it, although it was a bit disconcerting to change from the COTW to the little vignettes about the romantic ups and downs of the stars VDays. And by the way I am better Linda on remembering anniversary and holiday dates, but I am generally terrible. One saving grace is that after 41 years my wife and I always both forget our wedding anniversary, so WHEW on that. Anyway, starting with my favorite character Kono of course I felt so sorry for that sexy number, a truly in love young woman, not being with her boo on the first VDay after marriage. She was brave about it, and I you reminded me about her quick and dry wit that deals so well with the testosterone charged team she works with, the latest being that if her husband was cheating like these two unfortunates were she might show up with a piece herself. Adam, never, ever betray this woman, not that you would actually. I have faith. I loved the Steve/Lynn one, I really, really hope if he is to be in a long-term relationship that this is the woman for him, but I can’t see Peter resisting the temptation (provided she is on contract) to have Catherine come back to bollux up the works at a very sensitive moment. Lynn is just as tough though and more ready to be a lover and wife to supercop than Catherine is, and Noooooooooo I am not getting in that debate. Just my observation of the dramatic plot device. -:) I thought Chin Ho was so cool and funny. The man, as are all the actors, is so able to be funny, sort of like, and this is a rare compliment, which I hope somehow gets to him, like Cary Grant, who was able to be very funny, while being all man, and serious if necessary. I know, I know he was a Western Brit, which is where IMO the best actors and actresses come from in the classic sense, and he was a defining actor for modern cinema. But Daniel you channel that ability very well. Anyway I am hoping Abby is not Jenna. Jenna had a motivation that was understandable actually and the team risked it’s existence to rescue the man she loved, even while Wo Fat was working his double-double-cross (I miss that guy, but maybe Gabriel will approach his jaw-dropping evil), but we don’t have any idea what her motivation or connection might be. I think she is a federales though, that is my theory, or at least the basis of it. If she is investigating a financial crime, since all financial crimes are basically in interstate commerce that would give a federal investigative agency jurisdiction. It could also implicate the CIA, but then that would have to be national security. It’s bound to be juicy though. No one has mentioned the other big dude Jerry’s successful online date discovery (is that what they call online hookups?) The young lady looked promising. Maybe she is a Trekkie, conspiracy theory believer, computer nerd, but just a bit more mature than Jerry, He needs a mom type, that he can have a boyfriend, girlfriend relationship with, so lets see. The more I see his character the better I have to admit I like it. As to the other big guy, I agree with everything everyone has said. His wife has the big, tough, hard-nosed jokes cop totally wrapped around her elegant, beautiful, hot little pinky. I thought the thing about suddenly remembering he forgot the Valentine’s Day was really very good, but I have a theory, that his friend decided to accommodate his friend all along. I like the Kono reference about the drugstore candy relating to his suit, and flowers. That hit too close to home when she said it, and to be honest GP that has helped me do better with my beloved wife ever since, so see you do do some social good acting!!! (lol). I sure hope Steve marries this Melissa. She is damaged and he is the balm for her. Also he will be totally loyal, faithful, loving, I can’;t think of a better husband. He has been damaged to because down deep he is a pretty straight guy. If you say or do something, he expects you to follow that, including, especially things close to his heart. I think, if my history with the series is correct, he gets that from his parents, particularly his mom. They would be so good for each other. Did I miss one? Lets see Steve, Danny, my ninja Kono, Jerry, I need to watch again to checkout Max and his, Grover.

    On the COTW nothing too much, as I said the characters laughed their way through solving the case, but when I realize that this was one they were not in danger by some diabolical evil person or group, just some cheating spouses, and I also realize that real police oftentimes have a real gallows humor on the job, as a defense mechanism, and Kono, had some really good one-liners, along with Grover (they could do a good stand-up act actually) I relaxed. I thought the funniest thing was the unfortunate living husband trying to climb up those vines in his backyard, while Steve and Grover were talking to the wife at the front door. That would have been a great part for a Fargo, WIlliam Macy, or the Fargo 1 season series actor, Martin Freeman, but since I am handing out compliments that actor did a good job being that kind of character. One can almost feel a bit sorry for the unfortunate dude (lol).

    So this was an enjoyable episode, done by a cast, including visiting actors, and a production crew confident of it’s ability. The Blue Bloods show following was also a very well produced show by people who know what they are doing, and still seem to enjoy doing it. That is my end, being optimistic, for you know what going forward (please, please, please, my Friday nights are pretty set CBS -:)

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    • I love your observation that the team was able to relax and share their Valentine’s Day story because for once, none of them were at risk. They were all just sitting around waiting for their suspect to make her move! It lightened the feel of the episode, and also gave the viewers a look into the team’s personal side, when they’re just sharing and killing time.

      BTW, Dave, you’ve got the gift of gab, too!

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      • Came into the office this morning, grabbed a cup of coffee and re-read Dave’s comment. I don’t think I was able to grasp it all late last night! LOL

        I agree with you Dave that, if he’s able and willing to bring Michelle back, Peter would relish the chance to “bollux” thing up. He seems to love to do that. While there are those in the fandom who see it as him “playing” them and trying to drive them away I see it as what it this show is…. a drama. I honestly can’t reconcile in my head how these same women who claim to adore Steve the SuperSEAL and miss the Steve of the early seasons would be content to see him domesticated with a wife and McRoll babies! Yawn! While I also adore SuperSEAL and do miss that we don’t see as much of those antics as we used to I’d be bored silly with them as a permanent couple. Even if he ends up with Lynn, who I find to be a breath of fresh air I would not want to see them on my screen every episode in domesticated bliss. This episode was a load of fun but that doesn’t mean I want to see their love lives all the time. Relationships belong on the back burner… this is a crime show. A one-off light hearted episode is great fun…. but not all the time.

        I also agree with your observation that the team was able to have this fun and pretty much relaxing episode because they were not in any danger this time. No car chases, no shootouts. Just an old fashioned stake out to give them time to relax, tell their stories and show us a side to them that we know exists…they ARE Ohana after all, but really don’t get to see much. It was refreshing.

        Thanks again for the fantastic comment. Now, off with you…. grade those papers!!


  8. I loved your write up Linda. The scene of Steve loving the strip tease had me laughing. He was loving it. Thinking back to when these two were friends before he made it big and now they are acting together. It must have been fun to film it. One thing I am missing in the show is Grace. We need some more of her, but she is probably busy with highschool now. I keep seeing Grover in that tacky blue suit…From the previews and Steve finding out Catherine is back in the military, something is up. I do hope he stays with Lynn, I like the chemistry. Love seeing the character being a woman chaser and red blooded male for once and not all about the work. Good show and one that could be watched over and over again. Wonder what A did for Malia for Valentines? My hubby doesn’t believe in it, he says the loves me all year why show it on one day. True, when I think about it, what do men get for Valentines from us ( okay I know what they want…lol) but I mean to buy… We should reciprocate – beer and car parts? lol

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    • Thanks Deb! I agree…I miss Gracie too but, as you said, Teilor is probably really busy these days with school and all her activities. But I do know there is an episode coming up later in the season with Danny, Grace and Charlie involved in a carjacking or something like that. So we should get to see Gracie in big sister mode, or at least I hope so. The writers have to remember they are not writing for an 8 year old anymore, after all. LOL

      I really like Steve and Lynn too. She brings out a playfulness in him that I haven’t seen in a very long time, not since the early days of Season 3 and his fox hole fantasy with Catherine. I really loved them back then! Too bad it got all screwed up.


  9. Ocean says:

    Reading some of the later comments — I agree that this is an action show and having Steve be married with kids would change it immensely. But here’s the thing — I would hate to see the line of McGarrett men end with Steve. They are such strong, good men….grandfather Steven who died at Pearl Harbor, John, a veteran and awesome cop, and of course, our SEAL Steve. It works with Danny having kids…..so maybe somehow they could figure it out with Steve. Just saying……


  10. Helma says:

    Dear Linda, thanks for your wonderfull review !!! Liked this episode a lot, except for the old movieparts (but that’s my personal opinion). Loved to see the love stories from all the team members. Looking forward to the next episode. Hope Steve won’t go back to Catherine anymore, that Kono & Chin & Danno are going to be oke. I am not forgetting all the others involved (Lou/Dennis, etc.) but than this is going to be a long reaction. Waiting for all the stories to continue. Mahalo.

    Liked by 1 person

  11. Dear Linda, thanks for this wonderfully written review. It got me into Vanlentine’s mood. Too bad Valentine isn’t as big over here in Europe as it is in the States. This episode sounds like real fun. It’s great to get more insight on the turns and tribulations in each character’s life. I’m often missing something in the “usual week to week episodes”. And by trying to give them a “personal touch” some storylines seemed to be cramped with personal stuff of characters, and leave you behind with a big question mark. So it’s nice to give us a sneak peek on the charas’ life beyond their daily business. I totally agree with you about Steve deleting Cath’s number. She overdid it. I hope they find a proper storyline for her to come to a closure, because I’m sure we haven’t seen all of it, by now. And I hope they won’t come back with a warmed over love story of her and Steve. That won’t fit with Steve’s whole behavior. What you wrote about Danny … I couldn’t agree more. His only true love is Gracie. Rachel and Gaby are history. The bad experiences he went through didn’t make it easier for him. For me Danny isn’t someone who wears his heart on his tongue. Except when he is with his daughter and – of course – with Steve (though he still seems to be a little bit reluctant in these premises. What causes some awkward – very delightful and entertaining for us – moments. Chin’s Valentine “disaster” put a big fat grin on my face. I love Julie Benz (I have an hate/love relationship with her character Darla on Angel). But they chemistry between her and Daniel is great. Finally, Kono. Your description of this scene made my heart bleed. I hope things work out for her and her hubby. I’m wishing you a wonderful post Valentine’s week with tons of love from overseas.


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