#H50 Review: 6.12 Ua Ola Loko I Ke Aloha (Love Gives Life Within)


My apologies for this review being so late. I had every intention of getting it done on Saturday but something came up, nothing serious, just something I needed to take care of. Before I knew it, the day and then pretty much the whole weekend got completely away from me. I haven’t even had the time to read one single review from any of the other bloggers I enjoy so much.

But then, such is life. Such is life. When things happen that you don’t expect. When things must be dealt with. When wonderful things happen and when the saddest of sad things happen too.

Back in Season 4 we first met Deb McGarrett, played by the incomparable, wonderful Carol Burnett, on Thanksgiving. It was a wonderful surprise for Steve and Mary to get a visit from the aunt who was surrogate mother to Mary and the only mother figure Steve had in the years after Doris McGarrett “died”. But when we found out she only came to Oahu to see Steve and Mary in order to “say goodbye” after her cancer diagnosis I was a more than a little upset.

Don’t get me wrong. I grew up watching the Carol Burnett Show and still have wonderfully warm memories of many Saturday nights with my parents laughing until our sides hurt. And I adored seeing her on my favorite show but I kept wondering… what’s the point of bringing her on only to have to go away and die? Why tease us with the appearance of this wonderful lady only to have to lose her to death. On top of that, hadn’t the McGarrett kids lost enough in their lives?

But it was such a great episode with warm touching moments and, of course, moments of fun watching her tease Steve over his tattoos, go turkey shopping with Mary and singing in Nicky’s club. When the screen faded to black on that wonderful episode I figured that was the last we’d see of Aunt Deb. It made me sad to think of the phone call Steve would get one day informing him that she was gone.

But then Season 5 came along and there was Aunt Deb, happily strolling down the gangway of a cruise ship with a smile and a hug for Steve and a fiancé on her arm. She’d decided to fight for her life after all and had found the love of her life as a result. Another episode which proved just how much she meant and how important she was in Steve’s life. The episode ended with everyone dressed to the nines for a beautiful beach front wedding and the hope that maybe, just maybe, this time, there might just be a miracle.

Alas, there was no miracle. Aunt Deb, now Deb Casano, returns once again to Oahu but this time there will be no happy ending. This time she’s there to scatter the ashes of her beloved Leonard, attempt to finish their bucket lists and to leave this earth in the loving presence of her family.

Just like in her two previous episodes, this one was filled with Deb’s warmth. Her touching farewell to Leonard as she stood in the spot where they took their vows and wearing her wedding dress, easily bringing a tear to the eye in the first few moments of the episode. Carol Burnett can still bring it even after all these years, there is no doubt about that. Watching Steve and Kawika sharing “ha” and a solemn embrace before Kawika paddled out to spread Leonard’s ashes, well let’s just say, tissue box opened!

But, also like in her previous appearances there was much joy surrounding her too. Her reference to Steve in his “camo diapers” and Steve’s delight that Aunt Deb now has “ink” were really cute. But watching Deb maneuver Steve’s Silverado, siren and lights blazing, through Oahu traffic with Steve turning decidedly green in the passenger seat and little Joanie teasing him to “puke… puke…puke” was the absolute highlight of the night. Finding out that Joanie’s cheerleading and Steve’s response to her were completely non-scripted made it even more perfect.

It’s something we don’t ever get to see. The McGarrett family. Loving, laughing, teasing each other, have a good time, being a real family. Aunt Deb gives them that and it is such a wonderful thing to see. Made it even more heartbreaking when I thought how this was the last time they would ever get to be together like this.

There were several great scenes where Deb attempted to complete her bucket list. I loved the scene between Deb and Nicky as they attempted to eat their way through every fried item on JJ Dolan’s menu. It was cute and funny the way Nicky was trying to convince Deb she should join him as his singing partner the next time she comes back to Oahu. The heartbroken look in Nicky’s eyes when Deb told him “there isn’t going to be a next time” echoed what the audience was feeling as well.

The same can be said about the “epic shopping spree” Deb took Mary and Joanie on. I love watching all three girls trying on beautiful clothes and modeling for each other to the soundtrack of “Money, That’s What I Want”. It was a wonderfully fun scene. But like the scene with Nicky, immediately tempered when, as Mary went to fetch the car, Deb went into the bank to do an “asset transfer”, crossing off yet another task from her list. “Make sure Mary and Joan are provided for.” I think I started my second box of tissues of the night at that point.

I think it’s a pretty safe bet for me to say that I am not the only one who knew, the moment Mary asked Steve to go upstairs and wake Deb for breakfast, what he was going to find when he opened that bedroom door. But what I didn’t expect was for Deb to open her eyes, look sadly, yet peacefully at Steve, give him a warm, brave little wave goodbye and pass right in front of his eyes. Oh my God…are the writes of this show trying to reduce me into a useless wet puddle! Well…. success guys! The look on Steve’s face, the crack in his voice as he said her name, his gentle touch as he brushed her hair off her face, all of it, done as only Alex can, did me completely in. Thank goodness I thought ahead and had that second box of tissues on hand.

Reaching over to the bedside table, retrieving Deb’s bucket list and seeing her last wish, “climb a really tall mountain”, left undone, Steve, Mary and Joanie do the only thing they could do. They completed that last task for her, taking her ashes to one of the highest peaks on Oahu. What a wonderful, touching, emotional and perfect goodbye to such a fantastic lady.

Aloha Aunt Deb. I’m so glad we had this time together.

Oh yeah… there was a crime of the week this week too, wasn’t there? It was a pretty interesting story that brought us back, once again, to the history of what happened on Oahu during World War II, before and after Pearl Harbor. I do have to agree with Lou though. Although I love the convoluted stories weaved by our great writers, I could “hardly keep up” with this one. The story of “Operation Fugo” and the Japanese attempt to drop bombs via weather balloon is something that actually happened. I love it when our show takes true events of the past and weaves them into interesting, exciting modern day stories.

I especially liked how everyone was able to contribute to solving the crime. Jerry was instrumental, once again, in digging through old files to find just the information needed to crack the case. His delight at being able to read through unredacted Navy files from the 1940’s was adorable. Oh and can I say, as a person who worked in a windowless office for over 12 years I absolutely adore Jerry’s new “view”.  Also, I really want to know if the “Jerry Alert” will be available for Android soon because I want it! LOL

I also really liked that Eric was part of this case as well. I don’t give a damn what anyone else says about him, I just love Eric. I wish half the people I have to deal with every day in my work were one half as enthusiastic about their jobs as he is. Not to mention he’s damn good at it too. Yes…yes… I loved Charlie Fong too. And I do wish there was a way for us to have him back. But if we can’t have Charlie, I am more than happy to see as much of Eric as I can.

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There was also a really great scene in this episode between Steve and Kono. Steve asking Kono how she’s doing and also how Adam is making out in Halawa. It was nice to hear that Adam is keeping his head down and not suffering because he’s married to a cop. I have always loved, ever since Season 1, any time Steve and Kono spend one-on-one time together. Their relationship has always been something special.

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On a lighter note, I really loved the opening scene between Chin and Abby. Waking up draped in only sheets, sprawled all over the floor and furniture after an epic night of “knockin’ ‘em” and mai-tais was adorable. I have said this before; I do not really ship couples on this show. I think the personal relationships should always be background stories, not the main stories on the show. I have liked every couple pairing there has been on this show and I like this one too. If it stays, if it ends, is really not here or there for me. I’m going to enjoy it while I can even if it won’t be the center of my existence where the show is concerned.


Finally, there was no Danny in this week’s episode. It my count is correct, there should be only one more episode after this one where Danny won’t make an appearance. While I totally understand the reasons behind these episodes and I bear no grudge against Scott for wanting to spend more time with his family (as a matter of fact, I applaud him for it) I do wish the writers would acknowledge his absence in the dialog.

For instance, last week, Abby was not in the episode. When Chin showed up at the crime scene, Lou asked him “No Abby?” to which Chin responded that she had to go back to San Francisco for a few days. Two line of dialog, less than 2 seconds of screen time and it was established where she was and why she wasn’t’ there. If Abby, essentially just a multiple episode guest star gets an explanation, why doesn’t Danny who’s the second most important character on the show? No offense guys, but Danny deserves better and it’s not all that difficult to do.

So there we are. Another great episode in the books. Again, I’m sorry for the delay this week. Hopefully next week will be better. Have a wonderful week my friends.

Aloha… Malama Pono


22 thoughts on “#H50 Review: 6.12 Ua Ola Loko I Ke Aloha (Love Gives Life Within)

  1. Brooklyngirl says:

    Why is it that the most emotional episodes are the best?? My favorite scene was the last one. 2 great actors. Excellent performances. No words needed. My heart broke for Steve. And I’m still crying. In tribute to Carol, I’m so glad we had this together. She sang for us and certainly gave us laughs. She was a very bright spot in Steve’s life and she will certainly be missed.

    The COTW was interesting. I love that I always learn something every time I watch this show. And seeing Chin shirtless and happy, priceless! Loved his comment, “I’ll pick her up in the way”!

    I agree with you, Danny’s absence needed an explanation. You’d think by now tptb would realize that. I also love any Kono-Steve moments. They’re great together!

    Can’t wait to see what the rest of the season will have in store for us! I’m hoping for a s7!

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    • It’s always amazing to me when truly talented people play off each other. Alex and Carol were perfection in that scene. Very few words, an over abundance of feeling. Just incredibly well done!

      Season 7! That has a really great ring to it! 🙂


  2. Well, Linda, as I said in Wendy’s review watching this episode was a whole different experience for me. I won’t go into it all again, but I was taking care of my 9 year old niece who also loves the show. And I was not expecting the non-stop questions. Luckily, my husband was able to answer all her questions. He has traveled a lot because he was in the Coast Guard and then the Navy Reserves and he is also well read. But it was a little distracting from the show but I’d do it all over again because I love my niece. I learned a few things myself and I wrote about them on Wendy’s review. But, I can’t help wishing this show had been on when my son was younger. He’s 25 now and life has him to busy to sit down and watch a show with us. But I did learn how educational this show is and how it can lead to some great family discussions. I thought Scott missed 5 episodes a season so I am thinking there will be 2 more that he misses. I also wish they would have said where he was but I am assuming he was nursing his ankle. Steve did mention him to Mary. He said something like “Don’t go all Danny Williams on me.” They were talking about pancakes or something. I did like the scene where Aunt Deb was driving his truck. I think H50 can be very subtle in their messages. Steve got to see how Danny feels when he is driving like that. I am hoping down the road that there will be some kind of scene where Steve realizes what a good and patient partner he has. I know Steve is the star and the hero but he is also human. Some people seem think the hero can do no wrong but I think that him being so human makes him an even better hero. When it comes down to it, he always does what’s right. I agree with you about Eric. I love when he is on the show. I know that he can’t be in every episode just like Jerry doesn’t need to be, but it’s more fun when they are. The best episodes are when they are all in it working together to solve the case. The Steve and Kono scenes are good and I also have enjoyed some of the Danny and Kono scenes. This cast has some great chemistry with one another. But of course the best teamup is Steve and Danny. Great review, Linda. Better late than never.

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  3. I really like the episode. I thought she going into the bank to cause trouble, but it nice that she doing something for the family. Does that mean that Mary and Joanie are moving to Hawaii or was that just for Steve. Steve mention Danny and he was in flash back. Poor Steve, he just cannot catch a break. Steve seemed a little angry thru out the episode or maybe it was just me.

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    • I don’t think Mary and Joanie will move to Hawaii because Taryn can’t be in the show all the time. Of course, they could move back, we could be told they are back and then just not see them too often. Who knows?


  4. Ocean says:

    Hi Linda. Great review. Just one additional comment — When Steve and Jerry were looking at the redacted files — Steve’s observation that the Japanese spy (forget his name) changed his mind about the mission because of his love for a Hawaiian woman touched me deeply. I don’t think he would have made that statement had he not experienced the love he had with Catherine. That earned a tissue for me!

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  5. rhondagemini says:

    Great review! While the COTW was interesting,Aunt Deb’s story had my attention from the start and like you,I knew what was going to happen when Steve went in the bedroom and at the same time,I was hoping that it wouldn’t happen. When she was driving Steve’s truck,I was kinda sorry that Danny wasn’t there-I can only imagine what he would have said to Steve-something like”Now I see where you get your driving skills from”! It was nice to see Steve,Mary & Joanie fulfill Deb’s last wish and take her ashes up a tall mountain-that would have pleased her. The team did a great job solving the crime-even Jerry was outstanding. Hope he returns that projector before the librarian comes after him! Steve & Kono’s moment alone was special-nice to know he’ll do whatever he can for Adam if need be! This was a great episode,all in all, and your use of the line from Carol’s TV show theme song was most appropriate.

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    • LOL I was picturing Danny sitting in the back seat laughing his head off the entire time and egging Joanie on with her “puke..puke..puke”. That was really unscripted, the little girl playing Joanie just started saying it and Alex went with it. Scott, the king of ad-libs, would have really run with that and it would have been hysterical to see. It’s really too bad he wasn’t in this one.

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  6. Carole says:

    Lovely episode with just the right mix of fun times and serious stuff. I always enjoy stories about island history or culture so another WWll mystery was interesting. Aunt Deb – sweet aunt Deb (more love for them than we’ve ever seen from Doris)…….wish she could have been around more, but they did paint themselves into a bit of a corner with the original storyline. So glad we got to see their little family make happy memories before the final goodbye. The ending was perfect – Steve, Mary & Joanie finishing her bucket list. Will be interesting to see if Nicky comes thru at some point for Steve and I wonder just how much Leonard left Deb? ………
    A agree with other comments regarding Danny – just a mention please! I Think Mary is correct – 3 down, 2 to go – we’really barely halfway thru the season so not so bad. Love the ratings…….about time!

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    • Two more to go?? Auughhh… oh well, I’ll survive even though I really hate when Danny’s not there. I always miss him so much!

      I agree with them making some wonderful memories. It’s what Danny told Steve to do 2 years ago in that Thanksgiving episode. Make good memories that will get you through the hard times. I love it when Danny is right! LOL


  7. Wendy says:

    I missed Danny and wish they’d just put in one line to say where he was. The cotw was really interesting, loved Jerry’s part in solving it. But the main focus for me was Aunt Deb. I loved the whole story line, and little Joanie was priceless. It was so obvious what Steve would fine when he went into the room, but it was done so well by two amazing actors. That little wave was perfect.

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  8. Helma says:

    Wonderful review. At the end surely an emotional scene between Steve & aunt Deb. So well done between the two of them !!! And the carscene with aunt Deb driving, hilarious !!! So many good stuff in this episode, really liked it very much. One of the better episodes I have seen !!! Thanks for your review. Aloha

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  9. Love your review Linda. In my own mind the perfect send off would have been Carol doing her Tarzan yell and dropping dead. It was a tearjerker at the end. The Hawaiian girl comment – my thought is Alex thinking about Malia and that emotion came through. I know she was born in LA but they call her a Hawaiian girl in the tabloids. Think the McGarretts have had too much sadness, the family has been decimated and now there is only Mary and Alex, Joanie, we can’t really count on Doris as being family. Maybe she will come back and harmony will exist. Christine Lahti is in another series and I wonder how tied up she is in contracts there. We haven’t seen much of Joe either this year. There are more twists and turns to come. I loved this episode, and love seeing the warmer side of Steve. If I was writing it, he would have a child appear that he didn’t know about…someone to care about that is his own flesh and blood. We could use a twist here, he is 40 and needs someone to carry on his name. What do you think?


  10. I almost feel like the reverse distaff commentator here, being the only male so far, but here goes anyway. -:) Besides Linda I have been saying I want to start an academically oriented blog related to my research theory, interest convergence in critical race theory, and this is actually giving me pointers, so thanks. Anyway, Carol Burnett, I used to watch her show all the time. I was not totally a fan, except that we (my late grandmother and I) watched it together when she was alive. I loved how Harvey Korman and Tim Conway just tore up the place, although the grandmother bit got old for me. But enough of that! I liked Carol in this role, and keep in mind that her sister was so involved in being part of a two track world, one which was totally distinct from and in total contradiction to any normal world she pretended to be in, but Carol’s Aunt Deb was such a warm, loving, normal person, strong in her own right. DId she know about her sister’s dual identity? Actually Steve’s mom is a very warm person as well in spite of her duality, and in an ironic way that warmth contributed to the sociopath that was Wo Fat. Anyway I won’t comment too much on the specifics of the episode, it was very warm and touching, and I agree that Carol can really “bring it” dramatically. I loved the Silvarado scenes, the clothes buying ones (I just love that song, always have), and was moved by how well the dying scene was done. We get a lot of death in this police procedural, usually quite dramatic, or explosive, or “wow”, but not many “dying” scenes where a person’s soul is leaving, they realize it, a loved one there to see it at the very last second, and the interplay that occurs as a result. Very dramatic, and I thought Alex handled within his character and story very well. He tends to suppress his feelings, so I hope there is not any blowback,but I think not. She was such an influence of love and normalcy, and she could tell him to sit the heck down being Auntie and everything. I have admit I will miss her.

    Of course I have to comment on Kono. Don’t know what Gabriel has in mind for her and Adam, and one has to be aware that she is being watched so I have chills up my spine for her character,but she is being a very good supercop (I want to see some ninja though) and it’s good to see her have a serious moment with Steve. In season 2 I thought she was being an addition sometimes not an integral team member. I also want to comment that the scenes with her and Grover are very good, and Chin and the inspector seems to be moving along very nicely. Now if we could just get a peek into Steve’s and Danny’s respective loves lives that would be nice. I like both of the actresses who play their girlfriends, although we don’t know yet if Lynn will stick or not. I hope she does. Catherine is a whole “nother” thing.

    The COTW was very interesting,and given they have to squeeze it in as about half of the show they did a very good job. Actually the idea that there WERE in fact Japanese spies in Hawaii before Pearl Harbor is very interesting, and that one became an American citizen and married an American of Hawaiian birth, and had children was fascinating. Of course we also had Germans in similar situations, and lets not even talk about Russians. Although in this case the spy changed sides for love. Very interesting history perspective. Oh and Jerry, such a scamp. Maybe he might want to woo that librarian? Nahhh.

    Thanks again Linda.


    • Ocean says:

      Hi David. Just wanted to point out that Aunt Deb is John McGarrett’s sister, not Doris’.
      I like how you described her death scene — a soul leaving — and Steve right there with her. You’re right, Steve has witnessed so much violent death, but this was as it should be — a peaceful slipping away, and hopefully he will take comfort in the fact that she did not die alone. Alex’s subdued portrayal was perfect, because we could see the emotion in his eyes — it’s always in his eyes. I loved it.


  11. jlopie1 says:

    Thanks Linda! Have just watched the episode all the way through for the first time today, 3 days after it aired, I don’t think this blog is late at all! 🤗

    I do think everything has been said, though, and I have nothing new or unique to add to the conversation.

    I should probably correct David, though –(Pssst, Dave! Deb McGarrett Cusano was John McGarrett’s sister — not Doris’!😑)

    Great episode! Very dramatic, sweet and poignant family time. Steve, Mary & Joan will be alright – Aunt Deb left them with beautiful memories. I’m really glad Show left Mary with her adopted baby – Joan is something Mary and Steve really need in their lives to bind them together as a family.Lots of feel good moments.

    COTW was very good! Love the historic storylines! I there Jerry and Eric were both fun to watch, too – not annoying at all!

    Can’t wait for Grover to lose his cool next week! Until then, Aloha, Linda!


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