#H50 Review – 6.11 Kuleana (One’s Personal Sense of Responsibility)


Welcome to 2016 and the start of the second half of Season 6 of Hawaii Five-0. After 4 long weeks since the last episode it was wonderful to sit back, glass of wine in hand and enjoy a brand new episode of my favorite show.

This episode had two distinct and totally unrelated stories. Having read the spoilers, seen the behind-the-scenes photos and the promos for the episode, I was absolutely certain I was going to adore the “Steve and Danny go to Maui” story more than anything. And while I enjoyed that part of the episode very, very much, I found I was more intrigued in Kamekona’s story. Go figure! LOL

The flashbacks to the life young Kamekona was living was very eye opening. A kid, basically homeless, living in a tent with his mother and little brother, cooking breakfast and skipping school to sell knockoff Hawaiian “treasures” to tourists with his cousin Flippa. A kid with a big heart who wanted nothing more than to take care of his family. It’s so easy to see how a kid like that could get roped into a life of crime, with its supposedly easy money.

I really loved how Kame’s story brought us right back to how we started in the Pilot. Chin introduced Kame to Steve and Danny as a “former confidential informant” and with this episode we got to see how the relationship between Chin and Kame grew from those early pre-Pilot days.

And it was that big heart we saw in him as a kid that had him agreeing to be the CI for Chin in order to save his little brother. It was one thing for Kame to be running drugs but when his brother is caught and about to be sent to jail, Kame sacrificed himself to keep him out of Halawa. Kamekona’s “personal sense of responsibility” triggered because if he hadn’t gotten involved with Levi in the first place, his brother wouldn’t have been in trouble.

I especially loved the scene between Chin and Kame in Halawa when Chin gave him the book “Think. Grow, Rich” and told him he’d be his first customer if he opened a shave ice business. It was in that moment when it became apparent that what Chin told Lou at the beginning of the episode was 100% true. “Kamekona is more than just a CI to me—he’s Ohana” and has been for a very long time. Kudos to Taylor Wily for bringing it for this entire episode. It was wonderful to see him get the spot light after all these years and he did not disappoint in the least. Bravo Taylor!!!


Now, before I go on to the rest of this episode I’d like to ask one simple question with regard to Kono and Adam and, of course, Gabriel. I loved the little scene between Kono and Adam at the beginning. It’s so heartbreaking to see these two having a marriage through Plexiglas and Adam counting down the days until they can be together again. But please tell me, how the hell can Gabriel simply walk into Halawa and sit down in the same chair Kono sat in earlier…. just like that? I mean, are the members of Five-0 and Duke the only law enforcement who know Gabriel is the most wanted person on the island? As much as I love whenever Gabriel shows up on my screen, that little scene didn’t make sense to me.


Ok so…. here we go…. Steve and Danny on Maui. There was so much to talk about here, I’m not sure where to start. Oh well, let’s start at the beginning. On the plane. First off, I’d have loved to have been Alyssa (I defy anyone to say they wouldn’t) sitting between these two goofs as they bicker over headphones and movie choices. But I do have to admit that Danny’s logic that he needed the window seat because he’s claustrophobic and doesn’t want to climb over Steve to go to the bathroom was a bit ridiculous though. I mean, those are reasons for wanting the aisle seat, not the window. But I did enjoy the back and forth between them with Alyssa in the center failing to be a buffer, not that she looked like she was suffering. LOL


These guys really DO have issues though. I don’t know when it happened or why but somewhere along the line the relationship between my two favorite characters changed. I don’t hate it, because this is Five-0 and I will never hate it, and I will always adore anytime I get these guys together on my screen. But at some point, Steve stopped being entertained by Danny and his negative attitude and began actively reacting to it more forcefully then he did in the beginning. If I’m remembering correctly, it’s what some in the fandom wanted. For Steve to stand up for himself against Danny’s negativity. To basically put Danny in his place. Well, here we are.

Personally, I miss the old days when the back and forth between them was “banter” and not “bicker”. When Danny would say something about pineapple on pizza or the obnoxiously sunny Hawaiian weather and Steve would, for the most part, snicker and indulgently smile. Now they are doing exactly what Danny said couples shouldn’t do. They are picking at each other, chipping away at all that’s good. I don’t know… maybe familiarity and the knowledge that they are solid has made them take the friendship for granted a bit. That they can say anything they want, even if it’s a bit hurtful, and the other will still be there no matter what. Come to think of it, that sounds a lot like real brothers to me, actually. “You only hurt the ones you love” type of thing.

Whatever the reason, this relationship does need some help and this weekend away was the perfect opportunity for them to get it. No matter if it was “couples therapy” or not, the venue wasn’t important. The opportunity to work on their friendship was there. I didn’t mind the therapy classes at all. I actually thought they were pretty funny. I thought the one guy’s description of them was just too perfect! “They’re stuck in a relationship they can’t get out of, they fight all the time, and they don’t have sex. Sounds a lot like our marriage.” ROFL

The one thing that did bother me about the therapy sessions, the whole weekend on Maui actually, was the completely missed opportunity to really do what they said they wanted to do. Steve said he wanted them to have some fun away from work, to reconnect a bit. I didn’t see that happen until the very last scene when they shared that $25.00 burger. I loved the little talk they finally had between them.


But there was no set up to that point. There was no soul bearing moment like the one from Danny under the collapsed building or from Steve about why he doesn’t play guitar anymore. Danny sharing his burger with Steve is a similar gesture (even if much less expensive) as him buying Steve a guitar but without the soul bearing moments that should have let up to it, it felt like an abrupt about face.

There were plenty of opportunities. For instance, Danny tried to talk to Steve in their room but the writers chose to have Steve fall asleep instead of having what could have been one of those soul bearing moments. Like I said, missed opportunities to make this really good episode into a truly special one.

Lastly, let’s talk about Steve. There is much talk on Twitter that Steve behaved completely out of character in this episode. I’m afraid I have to disagree with that to a certain extent. There is a difference between acting differently and being out of character. Yes, he was acting differently. He was light and happy and ready to have a good time. In five and a half years Steve has only had steady female companionship for one year and pretty much none for the last year and a half. So he decided to cut loose and have some fun. He only recently started dating again after being in a monogamous relationship for years and I think he’s enjoying that bit of freedom he hasn’t had in a long time. It made him act a bit silly. Is that different for him, sure, but I don’t see it as out of character because we’ve never seen him in these types of situations before. We have no way of knowing he didn’t act just like this when he was young and first meeting women.

I thought his attempt to get out of the therapy session by having Danny fake an injury was pretty funny, until, of course, Danny actually got hurt. It’s more than obvious Steve didn’t intend to hurt Danny on purpose. He pulled them both down to the floor to give the fake injury some validity. When Danny went down clutching his ankle Steve thought it was part of the fake injury. He didn’t realize he was really hurt until he got back.


I also have absolutely no problem with Steve going out for a few drinks with Alyssa and her friend. I see nothing wrong with two sets of friends deciding to get together for a few friendly drinks after dinner. It was unfortunate that Danny couldn’t go because of his ankle. People are angry, saying that Steve “abandoned’ Danny to go out. That’s just silly. Yes, Steve could have cancelled the evening and stayed behind with Danny. But Danny’s ankle wasn’t broken, so it’s also true that Danny could have gotten a set of crutches and gone along despite his ankle if he really wanted to. Steve chose to go out and have fun and Danny chose to stay in the hotel room and sulk. Sound totally in character to me.

And, please, let’s not try to make Steve into a cheating man-whore because he came back to the room tipsy with a bit of smudged lipstick on his face. Did you take notice of the amount of lipstick Alyssa was wearing on the plane? I’m sure she went all out for her night out with friends too, as would be understandable. It wouldn’t take more than one energetic good night kiss to get those smudges.  And they were very small smudges as it was.


It seems to me that it’s not the H50 writers who are destroying Steve’s character. No, if anyone is tarnishing his character it’s those who profess to be his biggest fans, who swear they only watch the show because of his character, who are taking a few drinks and a bit of a smudge and turning it into a night of sex or even a threesome. So much for how much you think of your hero!

I enjoyed this episode a lot. Yes, there were things I thought were silly, things I thought were just ridiculous and things I thought could have been done much better. But I also saw a fantastic performance from Taylor Wily and a wonderful backstory into his character. And I enjoyed my two favorite characters trying their best to reconnect and keep their established friendship going strong. Is there still more for them to accomplish? God, I hope so that way we get more episodes like this one!

Have a great week my friends. Aloha. Malama Pono

Photo credit:  Pictures of Gabriel, Alyssa, Steve & Steve/Danny from the last scene are my screen caps.  Other photos are promo shots courtesy of CBS


33 thoughts on “#H50 Review – 6.11 Kuleana (One’s Personal Sense of Responsibility)

  1. Ocean says:

    Linda, you are, as usual, very insightful. I totally agree that the line between bantering and bickering has been crossed, and I don’t care for it. The heart and soul of this show is the deep relationship between these two very different men. They know how to push each other’s buttons, but they almost always know when to back off. I hope the writers dial it back to the good natured ribbing that is was before.
    Steve—- I loved that he went out and came back tipsy and kissy-faced. I think this demonstrates that he has finally let Catherine go. Good for him! He is a sexy, virile man who is free to date. He didn’t abandon Danny — Danny stated at the start that he has a girlfriend and was not going to be Steve’s wingman (Goose!) Love another Top Gun reference.
    That being said, I hope they get back to some gritty stories with guns and explosions and bloodied faces. As much as I like the light-hearted Steve, I like the Seal Steve more. It’s great when we see both sides of him in each episode.
    I also loved the Kamekona back story. Very touching and gave him the depth that we already know the other characters have.
    One side note — I am sick of Gabriel. I’d rather get back to the core of H5O — the secrets in the Champ box. Each item could represent a terrific case for the gang to solve. And to solve together!
    Thanks for your terrific review, Linda.

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    • We’re actually in agreement on everything except Gabriel. LOL I really like him, or rather I really like to hate him. He terrifies me because I never know what he’s going to do next.

      I’d love for the team to get back to the Champ box because I’m sure it’s still connected to Doris and WoFat’s story and WoFat’s daddy is still out there somewhere as is Doris. There are lots of loose ends that need to be tied eventually but I like episodes like this, especially after a long hiatus. Next week Aunt Deb comes back. We need to stock up on the tissues again, I think.

      Thanks for taking the time to read and comment!


      • Ocean says:

        Yes, the Aunt Deb story looks to be very powerful and deeply touching. So looking forward to it! Last time, when Steve decided to put Leonard’s package in a locker and “accidentally forget about it,” I was thinking how cool it would be if he’d put it in the Champ box. Imagine the storylines that could come from that! 🙂


  2. Carole says:

    Well here we go – 2016. Time really does seem to move faster the older you get………except when I’m waiting for a new H50. I watched all the promos and was just so eager to see this one – Kame’s back story was really well done. I have to say the bit that stood out for me was his family living on the beach. Sadly this is a huge issue in the Aloha state – one that I wasn’t aware of when I lived there in the 1980’s. Anyway, it’s not hard to see how easy it would be to get with the wrong people. The story also explained the connection to Chin. On to Steve & Danny………I have to say most of the funny stuff was in the promos. Instead of having Steve fall asleep I would have liked a bit more of a heart to heart – I do think that was a missed opportunity. Really surprised at some of the comments about Steve getting drunk – I’m west coast so from what I read was expecting him rowdy in a bar – actual scene was pretty tame and kinda cute – no idea what all the fuss was about. Can only assume it’s coming from people who want him to continue pining – I think he’s finally trying to have a life outside of work. GOOD FOR HIM. Finally I have to say sleepy Danny is always adorable…….just freaking adorable!
    Linda I hope you have a happy, healthy 2016 and thank you for giving me a place each week to enjoy and share my “guilty pleasure”

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    • You are very welcome. And I think you are 100% correct. The people you refer to want him miserable because he’s not with Catherine. They don’t like Lynn because she’s not Catherine. They are annoyed he might have gotten a good night kiss from someone who’s not Catherine. It’s such a broken record. I agree with you. Good for him for finally having a life outside work and trying to be happy and have some fun. And sleepy Danny is ALWAYS adorable! LOL


  3. I back up your assessment of Steve 100%. He is a single man. Why not go for drinks? I don’t mind him having some fun after being in a long relationship. I don’t use twitter but do follow the comments and I think people have gone overboard on this.

    It was good to see Kamakona’s story. He’s been there and helping 50 since the beginning.

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    • I don’t understand why they would turn on their “hero” like that. If they love him as much as they say they do they would be defending his choice to have some fun instead of trying to make him into some kind of villain.


  4. jlopie1 says:

    Thanks for the review, Linda! So exciting to finally get new episode, and it was a doozy! I can’t say enough about Taylor Wily and his tackling of a difficult and dramatic storyline. We’ve known from the pilot that Kame was Chin’es CI, but we never knew, until this episode, just what brought it about. “Personal Sense of Responsibility” was a wonderful title for the episode. Kamekona felt the responsibility from a young age to support his mother and little brother, and he did the best he could do. Unfortunately, he was easy prey for the local bad boys to draw him into their fold, and when he was old enough, his baby brother was dragged in, too. Thank goodness blood is thicker than money and his brother turned the gun on Levi instead of Did Chin have a “Personal Sense of Responsibility” towards Kamekona, as well? He did tell Lou that once you’ve brought someone in as your CI , he’s always your CI. (I believe I just quoted John McGarrett!). Anyway, we saw in the backstory that Chin felt a responsibility to help Kamekona better himself when he finished doing his time in Halawa. That responsibility has carried through to where they are now Ohana. That was a very touching storyline, all around.

    We know that Peter and the writers tend to weave the title of the episode into more than one characterization. I think we can say that in the therapy session, Danny recognized a little more about himself and his former marriage to Rachel. And here is where I must disagree with you a bit, Linda. You feel the writers dropped the ball in that there was no progression leading up to the boys’ conversation over hamburgers.

    Danny’s little speech during the therapy session started out as just his opinion that sitting there talking, talking, talking, over-analyzing everything about your relation, was stupid and eventually led to not listening to each other and eventually saying things that can’t be taken back. What’s the ultimate outcome? Divorce. Now, I don’t know about you, but I saw that even though he was thinking about his marriage to Rachel during that speech, what he was saying could just as easily have been portending a breakup of Steve and Danny’s partnership if they don’t quit the bickering and actually start listening to each other. They each have a responsibility in their partnership to TRY to understand each other and TRY to work things out for the better.

    I think THAT moment was the “lightbulb going on” experience for Steve and why he ended up on the lanai sharing a hamburger with Danny instead of drinks with Alissa. It’s a step in the right direction, but obviously still a work in progress.

    That whole “Steve is being destroyed by the H50 writers” is totally ridiculous and describes an inability to analyze the characters of this show beyond what someone wants or demands to see. These are characters with layers, and the writers spend their time peeling back those layers to show us, the viewers, the many-faceted sides of all the characters. That’s why it’s so good to not always focus on just McGarrett and/or Danny, but to broaden our familiarity with the rest of the team and Ohana.

    There! My little tutorial for the day is done. I hope you don’t mind my commandeering of your blog like this, Linda! See you next week! Ooh! Carol Burnett!

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  5. You’re right. Danny’s little speech, which started out as being about him and Rachel could very well apply to Danny and Steve as well. And I also think you’re right it was probably what got Steve to cancel his get together with Alyssa and have lunch with Danny instead. But it was so subtle it was easily missed. I missed it. It’s obvious by all the outrage on Twitter many people missed it too. Great catch!


  6. That prison has awful prison guards, not disrespecting prison guards, but first Woo Fat killed the man who killed Papa McG and now Gabe waltz right in. Danny and Steve’s story was cute and funny, while Kam’s touching and sad. Maybe Steve is having fun, but maybe a little bit PTDS is going on.Danny knows something is up, but he isn’t pushing to hard to find out what. It was a really good episode and it just flew by, it over before it I realized it close to 10 pm.

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    • Yeah…Halawa needs a “changing of the guard” for sure. They are the worst! LOL People who should stay in manage to get out. People who shouldn’t be there manage to get in. It’s a reverse revolving door in that place! LOL


  7. rhondagemini says:

    Great review! Like you,I was expecting to enjoy Steve & Danny’s weekend in Maui a lot,but it was Kamekona’s story that really got my attention. Nice to see how he became Ohana and can be depended on when the team needs him. Danny’s speech at the couple’s retreat was as much for himself and his marriage to Rachel as it was for his relationship with Steve. Have to agree with you about Gabriel-I didn’t understand how he was able to walk into the prison,either. Surely he would have had to be checked for weapons and such,but he would have been smart enough not to have any on him at that time. Since he has men watching Adam’s house,wonder what he wants from him now? Looking forward to next week and seeing Carol Burnett one more time!

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    • I’m looking forward to the Carol Burnett episode next week too even though I know it’s going to be a really sad one. I just love her and I love Deb’s relationship with Steve and Mary. I wish the writers could have come up with some other reason for her to come back to Oahu a couple of years ago beside a brain tumor. I hate the idea of Steve losing someone else he loves. And, I’m assuming, once Aunt Deb is gone we won’t get to see Mary and Joanie much anymore either.


  8. My opinion…. We love all of the cast but Alex and Scott are the key. When they have less screen time, fans are unhappy. But I feel they are wanting to work a little less these days and the rest of the cast is getting more screen time.

    McDanno can’t always have the heavy story line IMO so bring on some light stuff from time to time. I don’t expect their lives to unfold from week to week but take time. We know who these characters are and showing them outside the protect and serve intense moments is just fine with me.

    My confusion came from Danny talking about his relationship which we haven’t seen for a very long time. Who knew? I thought maybe she’d moved on.

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    • Well, since they were in a “couples” therapy class and Danny really was the ONLY one in the room who has the experience of going through a failed marriage, having him give this little speech was very appropriate. It may have started out as him talking about him and Rachel but, as Lynnette pointed out, it also applies to his relationship with Steve. Maybe they really DO need to stop picking at each other and just talk and be there for each other, like it’s always been until recently

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      • And again to me this is reality. I know in not only my marriage but others close to me go through periods of light hearted jabbing that tips the scale sometimes and you have to say stop. Love in marriage or even family and friends makes us mindful that life is not under our complete control because that could lead to a very lonely time.

        And for work relationships, well complaining about our co-workers is a national pastime isn’t it? LOL.

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  9. Wendy says:

    Great review as usual, Linda. Funny episode, but the Kamekona story was so intense. I’m so glad we got to see his back story, it explains so much about the man we’ve come to know over the years. Danny and Steve were so funny, but the whole thing struck me as being a little ridiculous at times. That scene on the plane? It’s a 45 minute flight, no time to watch a movie, so why argue about headphones? Danny’s speech was really good, and I’m sure that’s why Steve went to him. That final part were their talking about the soap had to be off script, because they were having too much fun with it. Gabriel is such a scary character, I think poor Adam is in trouble again.

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    • I actually really liked the scene on the plane because the back and forth between them never got heated, they were laughing at each other as they went after each other… it was more like the banter of the past. No animosity, just good natured ribbing. Like arguing over pineapple on pizza used to be.


  10. Hey nice review Linda!! I took a cursory glance at all the responses but will review them all again as I enjoy reading the comments from everyone as well so I hope that I’m not going to repeat some of the comments that others are saying here. Anyway, so about the jail visit from Gabriel, I believe Robin added her comment about it and I agree with her, that most likely the prison guards that were on duty are on Gabriel’s payroll now – he is rising up on the Food Chain so its not surprising that he would be able to walk so brazenly into prison. What bothers me though is the scene with Kono and Adam – while I appreciate that they are husband and wife but Kono is a cop too – I would have liked her to be more reassuring rather than scared and worried about Adam’s predicament. I would much rather she put on her cop thinking cap and provide him with some useful intel so that he can protect himself on the inside or be more prepared to get some outside help because he will need it since just because he’s in prison doesn’t mean that he’s safe from Gabriel’s people!!!

    Also about the scene on the plane – my take on that moment with the two of them bickering and mocking each other came across to me that they were just messing around simply because there is an attractive passenger sitting between them and it was a subtle way for both of them to be flirting in front of her a little. That’s what guys do!! As it turned out Steve had been texting her and had plans to meet her later with her friend along with Danny.

    I think the couple’s retreat, which was a mistake, was a complete waste of time – only because their friendship has already evolved over time. The fact that they bicker and poke fun at each other – neither one of them are chained to the other so they could easily walk away or terminate their partnership if it were at a point that it was not a good working partnership. They are not dependent on each other like the couples at the retreat were.

    In fact, I think that they have become so accustomed and acquainted to each others bad habits that its only clear to see between the two of them – they truly accept each others flaws and shortcomings whereas in the first season, it was so different back then… they had to work with each other and it took time to build their trust which by the way have already established So that is why neither one of them wanted to take the program for couples seriously because there isn’t a shrink out there who would be able to get either one of them to listen. They may not always agree with each other but they respect each other and that’s what makes their partnership and team relationship work..

    In think in that last scene where Steve winds up spending his day with Danny and sharing the $25.00 burger proves that their friendship is solid and that they can still enjoy each other’s company – as for the other woman, it was just a fleeting moment of fun – it really didn’t mean anything more than that one time thing.

    Everything else about the show regarding the backstory for Kamekona was great and I liked the fact that with both Steve and Danny away from crime fighting, the others like Chin, Kono and Grover can pretty much handle and take care of the crime fighting business along with Kamekona’s help and Max without them!!!

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    • Personally, I think the only reasons they even stayed when they found out it was “couples” therapy was because 1) Steve wouldn’t have wanted to admit that he made a mistake and more importantly 2) if they just stuck it out and got it over with they’d be done with their mandatory whatever it is… therapy? If they would have left, they would have STILL had to do what’s mandatory. Since they were there, they might as well just get it over with since the therapy lady said she’d sign off on their time.


  11. What I really loved about this episode was that we got to see a different side of Steve. He was being more of a goof off this episode and I thought it was cute. He could have been a little more considerate of Danny but I think Danny probably just wanted to sleep. He was hurt and all and Steve had already made the plans. And he did come back to him at the end. I loved their conversation when they were sharing the hamburger. And I loved the Kamekona story. He is a great actor and it is always fun learning a little more of his history. I was totally happy with this episode because 50 is back. Having any 50 is better than having no 50. It has been a lonely few weeks without our favorite Ohana.

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    • I loved seeing a different side to Steve. Danny hit it on the head when he said “this isn’t spring break”. Steve was acting like it was. He was so excited to be spending the weekend with his buddy, blowing off what he thought were just going to be boring seminars, playing golf, hanging out and having fun. Going out with Alyssa and her friend wasn’t supposed to be Steve/Alyssa and Danny/Friend. It was supposed to be Steve and Danny having a few drinks with Alyssa and her Friend. It was all about having a bit of fun. I haven’t seen Steve this light hearted and relaxed since Season 3 and his best year (only year) with Catherine. It was wonderful to see him just having some fun. After having his heart ripped out who deserves it more?


  12. Hi Everyone, and Linda! I liked that Kono, Grover and Kim were the ones going into the room with the guns this time, while Steve and Danno had their couples therapy. As an aside I recognize that Marriott resort in Maui. We have a time share at the one in Oahu, but it looks a lot alike, and I have walked through it, and think my wife and I had lunch or coffee there. Anyway, I am also worried about Gabriel’s play, but that is not too surprising, given he has unfinished business with Adam and Kono as the endangered barter. I could really spend a lot of time surmising about the predictive story line here and the backdrop, but I will hold off given your review. I do say one thing though Linda, I know it was a dramatic plot device to show how helpless Adam is, and how much Gabriel needs him to carry out his evil intentions, but clearly there is no way Gabriel should have been able to visit Adam in Honolulu jail, or prison. Prison is for convicted persons, jail is for short time–under a year–sentences, or those awaiting trial who cannot post bond. The only way that would be possible, given Gabriel’s wanted felon status on Oahu is that he has people inside he has paid off. But enough on that.

    I loved the story with Kamekona as well. I could actually see that with a CI, particularly with Chin and Kamekona who are both good hearts, and family first type men anyway, plus loyal. would have such a relationship with his case officer. It also, by the way, shows how much integrity Chin has. Also the little brother and the mother. They so touched my heart. I knew the little bro would not shoot his big brother. How could you with the kind of mom they had, and the love Kamekona had for them. The episode did not make it clear how H50 cleared the case with the little bro., but what he did was defense of family in a deadly force situation. There is the little matter of conspiracy to commit murder, but then nobody would testify to it. So maybe I am being too legal (l0l).

    Now about Steve and Danny. What can I say? Guys at work, particularly in these high stress, high danger jobs, can get quite close, and their foibles can be similar to a married couple’s. I can see that. There were some funny lines in this episode, and Linda, I do not give a cooper’s damn that Steve got drunk and played around with the hot blond on the plane. He is a single, adult, very desirable male, and as long as he is reasonable, responsible, and not too far outside the law (lol), and on a resort in Maui for Christ’s sake, have at it. Actually I am not surprised that Danny’s character went to bed instead of carousing, and having a sprained ankle is a good plot device. Danny is very desirable too, and loves women, particularly the one he is with now. After all he met her as a gas station (I think that is the same girl). I hope they decide to make it official (I don’t think he will get back with his former wife) but he being a father who has changed his whole life around is probably a little bit of a drag upon hooking up. By the way while I am at it I am of the school that Steve would be better off with his new possible girlfriend than Catherine, because she has waaaaaaaay too many skeletons in her closet. On the other hand his cop father was married to his agent mother, and he turned out okay, mostly. Hmmmm, was that the reason for the couples therapy?? But I think that the show can go a bit overboard with this couples thing, and I would like the bromance to be on the I would die for this fool I work with side, rather than relationship issues. I mean I have known a few tough cop partners in my life and they usually don’t go to couples therapy to settle issues that might come up. I know it was a mistake, supposedly, but I think it would be better to focus on loyal, if not cranky, or crazy, partners who are very close, love each other, but don’t get into all the touchy-feeling couples thing. This is from a dude’s perspective anyway.

    All in all a good episode. I like giving Taylor’s character a foray into his background, and I hope that we now get into Grover’s back story, and Chin helps Kono and Adam kick some serious Gabriel ass, along with many of his henchmen.

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    • Ocean says:

      David, thanks for a male’s perspective! I’m in agreement about the “bromance” moments — I love when they poke fun at each other in a good-natured way, but I also love their loyalty and devotion to each other. In 5.4 when they were talking about going to Columbia to rescue Danny’s brother, Steve said “I’d go through that door first.” Danny replied “I know you would.” That’s what their friendship is all about.

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    • I agree about the “couples” thing going a bit overboard. Like I said, the venue isn’t important. The couples thing was cute and all but these guys just need to hang out together and BE friends, buddies, brothers. Maybe you can tell me, from a man’s perspective… is it because guys just don’t DO that? They don’t just sit and talk out what’s bothering them? They need something to PUSH them into it? Like being stuck on a dingy in the middle of the ocean, or under a collapsed building, or on a stake out? All these guys have to do is talk it out out because the love is there between them, the brotherhood, the having each other’s backs… it’s ALL there. They just need to get past all the bickering and get back to it.


  13. Brooklyngirl says:

    I enjoyed the episode but wish the 2 stories weren’t on the same night. They took away from each other.

    I actually liked Kame’s backstory a bit more than the therapy session with the Bickersons. Everyone gets up in arms when Steve defends himself from the constant onslaught of negativity that Danny throws at him. I love Danny, everyone should have a Danny in their life, someone who’s there for you regardless. But these past few seasons he’s just fraught with angst and it’s wearing thin. Maybe Steve and Danny don’t need couples therapy as much as Danny needs it alone to work thru all the things that are complicating his life.

    Seeing Steve let his down was refreshing. It’s as if a lightbulb went off in his head and he realized that he was a free man who wanted to leave the past behind and get on with his life. I don’t want to see Catherine back in his life, she’s the past. What’s that saying fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. He’s been fooled and hurt by her and it’s time for new beginnings.

    I’m really done with Gabriel. When I saw him pick up the phone I groaned. Does he have everyone on the entire island in his clutches and payroll?? Enough already. I hope they end this storyline very quickly.

    I’m looking forward to seeing Aunt Deb again next week! She’s a bright spot in Steve’s life!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I agree, I hope Catherine does not come back either. I am enjoying this new Steve, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t be thrilled to see a bit of the old BAMF SuperSEAL we know and love too. My most sincere hope is TPTB take the loose threads that are Doris and Catherine, tie them together, and be done with them both in one fell swoop.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Brooklyngirl says:

        I will always love bada$$, SuperSEAL Steve but seeing him hanging people off the sides of buildings by their feet and tossing grenades into store cages are just not him anymore – he’s grown and matured (though Danny doesn’t think so!). It’s actually the part of the show that I love best, seeing them all being bada$$es! One steely glance from Steve’s baby blues is enough to make me melt! I know I’m in the minority when I say they can keep the personal to a minimum and I’d be thrilled.

        I agree 100% with you that TPTB take the Doris/Catherine threads and get rid of them both forever.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Carole says:

        I second that thought. ……..obviously there will have to be some kind of face to face with Doris, but I’d rather not have round three of Cath………should never have been a round two!!

        Liked by 2 people

  14. giap says:

    It would have been more unbelievable if he waited another year with no flirting at all.. He waited for Catherine like a monk for a year despite being said to move on.. that was almost unbelievable if you ask me.. And he had the worst year ever with his ohana. The two most realistic scenario at the end of last season, and after Cath left again, would be either deep depression, or looking for some fun.. What’s wrong if he didn’t refuse the attentions of some girls for one night.


  15. Helma says:

    Hi Linda, this episode is not going to be one of my favourites. But I liked the story of Kamekona and some stuff from Steve and Danno. Steve getting tipsy, funny. Acting like a normal person who doesn’t have a steady relationship yet. For sure they make a good team, even though they don’t agree always. As for Gabriel, how can a guy like him visit someone in prison? Strange. Hoping for the best for Adam & Kono. Mahalo for your review, looking forward to the next one.


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