#H50 Review – 6.07 Na Kama Hele (Day Trippers)

I know…I know….let’s not beat around the bush. Let’s get right to the heart of the matter. Let’s get it out in the open right off the bat. (Welcome to the KoolAid cliché festival) …. I loved Lynn Downey and Sarah Carter absolutely rocked in this episode. With that out of the way….let’s get started.

I didn’t really care for the way the episode started. I’m not a big fan of starting off episodes in the middle then having that “six hours ago” thing happen. I won’t pretend like it worked for me this time because it didn’t. I would have preferred if the scene from the middle had stayed in the middle instead of starting off the episode then repeating again later. But that’s just me. It didn’t stop me from really enjoying what came next, what should have been first.

What came next was Steve and Lou. Everyone who knows me knows I am a die-hard Steve and Danny fan. I firmly believe theirs is the relationship that binds this show together. It was true in the original Five-O and it is even truer now. I know there are those who disagree with me, and that’s fine, but it’s what I have always believed and what I love to see more than pretty much anything. Now, having said that, on the few occasions when Danny isn’t in an episode I can, without reservation, say I just love Lou as Steve’s second. Steve and Danny have formed an unbreakable brotherhood and Steve and Lou have a hard won deep friendship. They are not mutually exclusive to each other but coexist quite wonderfully. Lou’s concern over Steve’s planned adventure and his reversal into high enthusiasm for that same adventure was hysterical. Every man I know would do and say the exact same thing to a friend in that moment. It was perfect.

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Ok…let’s talk about Lynn. To use my favorite word, I thought Lynn was awesome. There are some who are glomming onto Alex’s words in the CBS featurette that Lynn “seems like a perfect match” for Steve and taking that to mean TPTB were again attempting to cast another “female McGarrett”. Well, we know how well that has gone in the past.


Lynn is adventurous. She loves the outdoors. She was raised in Hawaii and loves the land and the sea. She wants to help those who aren’t able to help themselves. She is also outgoing, intelligent, witty and funny and brave, even in the face of being totally terrified. No, she is not a “female McGarrett”, not by a long shot. But maybe that’s what Steve needs right now. Someone he can protect for a change. Someone who needs him, as much as he needs her. Someone who will, for once, put him first, before anything else. Is Lynn that person, I don’t know yet. I’d love to say they have “chemistry” but, even though I loved them in this episode, it’s too early for that. As Steve said, he doesn’t even know her yet. But, ohhhhhhh, there is definitely plenty of potential there.

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But, for now, she seems like a good match for Steve. Even on such a short acquaintance she makes him smile, he’s comfortable with her, they were having fun. It was wonderful to see a relaxed, playful Steve. Steve, who’s usually the one showing off his home and the wonders of his island, being the one awed by the beauty around him and as excited as a boy to be among creatures of the sea he’d never seen before. It’s a side of Steve we’ve never seen before and I liked it…. a lot. Lynn impressed him, which is not an easy thing to do. Will it go farther than “next Saturday”, malasadas and coffee? Who knows? But they will never forget their first date, that’s for damn sure.

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I also really like that she’s a regular girl, not attached to his work, not a cop or military but tough in her own way. Working and fighting to protect and help disadvantaged kids is not a career for the weak of heart or someone without one hell of a back bone. She’s also not being written as someone who can do just about anything (what’s that called again? A Mary Sue?) She said she knew how to pilot a boat and she did. But she also got them turned around in the jungle, she had trouble with pulling the boat to the beach and she was absolutely, positively, bone shaking, terrified. Sarah was incredibly believable in portraying Lynn’s fear. Who could blame her? Navy SEAL by my side or not, if some crazy fool was firing an automatic weapon over my head I’d be shaking until my teeth rattled too. What a damn fine actress she is.

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I enjoyed their adventure, their “first date from hell” and I’m looking forward to seeing more of Lynn and seeing where this relationship goes. My only hope is that if it does become a serious relationship (which I hope it does, because God knows no one deserves some happiness more than Steve McGarrett) the writers don’t think she needs to be in every single episode. Kono and Adam are married and involved in a major story line and we don’t see Adam every episode, so there is no need to see Lynn either. She works with disadvantaged kids so I’m assuming we’ll see her involved in something concerning Nahale eventually but other than that, I’d like to see the two of them doing fun things together or going out for drinks or joining in with the rest of the gang in those great end-of-episode Ohana moments. A wonderful addition to his life, not the center of his existence. Just as long as she makes him happy I will be happy.

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The B story in this episode was interesting to a certain extent. I would have really preferred if the entire episode could have been Steve and Lynn on the island but I know we need to give the rest of the team something to do. The story was a little weak, I have to admit but what made it a fun watch was how Chin, Kono and Lou worked the case. I loved watching Lou being funny and threatening at the same time and he had some great one liners in this episode, as he has in the last several.  I especially loved the little homage to Danny ranting about Steve’s driving as Lou clung to the door handle as Chin raced down a dirt road. “I have an SUV for this kind of thing… and from now on, we’re takin’ my SUV!!!”

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And Chin! Oh my God…what has happened to our level headed Zen master who remains calm when all around him are losing their heads? It was a little scary seeing him lose it like that in the blue room to the point where Lou had to stop him. There is something going on there, a frustration with the lack of progress in the Gabriel situation maybe and the danger Kono and Adam remain in because of it? Who knows? I did get a kick out of the guy saying what they all seem to say in the blue room. “You’re a cop man…you can’t do this!” And yet, they always do, don’t they? LOL That pesky immunity is really a bitch, ain’t it dude?

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I got a real kick out of Chin and Lou going on about whether Lynn was “thumb worthy”. I could not stop laughing because, even if I think “thumb worthy” is a term the writers just came up with, guys rating the hotness of a buddy’s date is spot on. I also loved Kono’s reaction to them. Totally realistic. And please, spare me the estrogen pity party over “misogynistic” men and how they are demeaning a woman by talking about her that way. Not when I have spent 40+ years in the company of real women who swoon and salivate over every hot guy they see.  I can log onto dozens and dozens of sites run by women who post pictures of hot guys like it’s a friggin’ meat market. Not when the same women throwing that word around in every other sentence are drooling over shirtless Alex and breathlessly waiting for as many scenes as they can get with him in as little clothing as possible. Men are guilty of the behavior we saw in Chin and Lou but women are just as bad and, dare I say, sometimes even worse. If you think that’s not true, you need to get out more.

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I have to mention the underwater sequence when Steve and Lynn were snorkeling. It was simply breathtaking. Turtles, stingrays, a couple of playful dolphins and more colorful, beautiful schools of fish than could ever be imagined. No wonder Lynn suggested it for their little adventure. If I could I’d be there every chance I’d get!

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Yes, I have to say, this episode was another winner. There have been several in a row now and that can only make true fans of the show happy. Last week I said how much I loved an episode where I didn’t need my large pitcher of KoolAid to get through it. Well, that isn’t the case this week. There were a few times during this episode where I was reaching for a nice tall glass of the stuff. Doesn’t mean I didn’t love the episode, because, of course, I did. Just that the need to suspend belief was needed a bit more than usual and for me, that’s something.

• How did they actually land a plane on that island? I mean, is there a runway hidden somewhere? I know there was one on the island when Kate, Sawyer and company needed it but on this tiny little out-of-the-way pebble in the middle of the ocean?

• Logan faked his death in a plane crash and has tons of money, enough to pay off the Feds who were taking him to prison. Has money still to try and bribe Steve too, yet he’s living on this island like one of the Others? What’s the point of that? Fat lot of good all his money is doing him there.

• What are the odds that after 4 years in hiding on that pebble of an island an ex-Navy SEAL who can’t be bought is the person who just happens by?

• How did Logan know Steve’s name? When he tried to bribe him, he said “everyone has a price McGarrett”. When Logan had Lynn by the hair she yelled out Steve’s name but she called out “Steve” only. So how did Logan know his last name?

• New Rule: No one is ever allowed… ever again… to go anywhere out of cell phone range without a SAT phone. Period.

• Is there really that much money to be made betting on a high school football game, even one that would send the team to the State Championship that it warrants kidnapping an innocent man and threatening to blow his brains out if his kid doesn’t throw the game?

Lastly, a word about moving on. I wonder at all the women out there who are the mothers of sons. Let’s say your son is involved in a long term relationship with a girl you really… really…like. Let’s say something happens between them, something he may not even want to talk about or reveal to anyone but a decision is made that it’s not working and it would be for the best if they stopped seeing each other. What would you do? Would you try to convince your son that he’s made a terrible mistake and that he should get back with the girl who is wrong for him simply because you happen to like her? And what of his next girlfriend? Are you going to dislike her right off the bat, before you even know her, simply because she’s not the girl you wanted him to be with? As the mother of a daughter, I wouldn’t want her to have to deal with her boyfriend’s vengeful mother, a woman who thinks she knows her son’s heart better than he does. I only have a daughter so I have no idea what the women who have sons are like but I sure hope to God your son’s happiness would be more important to you than you getting everything you want.

So there we are, another great episode this week and what looks like another good one to come next week. This season is on a roll, every episode has been a really great one. Can’t wait to see what’s coming next.

Have a great week my friends! Aloha. Malama pono.

Note: In a little over a week my daughter is leaving home to finish her studies at La Trobe University in Melbourne, Australia. Needless to say, the last few weeks have been crazy with lots of time being spent on preparations. This weekend there’s a party at my house on Sunday so the family can come and see her before she leaves for God only knows how long.

So, where I would usually have spent hours re-watching and screen capping the episode for the blog, this week’s blog has many less photos than is usual for me.  Also, since I didn’t have time to do all the screen grabs myself, I am relying on some great Twitter friends and their wonderful screen caps. I have given credit where appropriate. If there is no credit given, that screen cap is mine.


30 thoughts on “#H50 Review – 6.07 Na Kama Hele (Day Trippers)

  1. Diane says:

    Hi Linda,

    OK, as the die hard Catherine/Steve together person, some people may be shocked, that I can really move on. I don’t like that they left it open to keep people wondering if she is coming back or not. With Catherine leaving him not once, but twice, I do not think that this is too fast. The character deserves to have some happiness.

    I loved Lynn. I like you, am so very happy that they did not go the female McG route. It’s nice to know that someone in Steve’s life can be a woman, does not carry a gun, is truly frightened by what took place, and yet is out doorsy enough for our beloved Navy Seal. I thought she did a great job. I look forward to watching this relationship grow. I don’t think the chemistry thing can be judged as yet, we shall see, but it looks good so far. I hope people give her a chance.

    As for your comment on Steve/Danny, this is what hooked me as well, and I miss Danny when he is not there. Lou is a great character, and enjoy seeing him when Danny is not there. I liked the scene with him and Chin in the car. Lou tends to lean towards Danny’s reactions.

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    • Thanks for reading. I have a theory as to why they left Catherine’s story open ended. They couldn’t just have her leave him cold. That would have been to cold blooded and Cath really does love Steve. Those tears as she left were real. Without giving her a reason to leave, even a reason we don’t know yet, it would have made her just look like a hard hearted bitch. That would have been unfair to her.

      Also, I think they are leaving that little seed there just in case, if our show goes on for a few more seasons and they need a story, they can go back to it. Personally, I hope if that happens, it is many seasons from now.


  2. Wendy says:

    I really liked Lynn. I think she could be great for Steve. Lou was so funny in this episode, his character is great for the show. I missed Danny though, wish we knew why he was missing.

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    • Scott Caan does 5 less episodes a year than Alex. So he is in most of them.
      I read that he said that this summer in an interview. I miss him when he’s not around though. I will still watch as long as I know he’s coming back.

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      • Scott is doing for his daughter Josie what his father did for him. When Scott was small, James Caan turned down all kinds of work so he could be there for his baby boy. Of course, the difference is that JC is a movie star and he simply turned down movie roles. Scott has a “day job” where he can’t just choose not to work. This is a compromise he and TPTB have worked out to the benefit of the both.


    • Yeah….no mention of Danny this week. I guess they feel it may sound to forced to inject a random mention about where he is out of the blue. It didn’t bother me all that much this week. I guess I was just too focused on Steve and Lynn.


  3. You’re right Linda, the opening could have been better. Its like they always do in comic books. The “splash” panel shows our hero in some impossible situation. Its meant to entice you to read the story to 1) find out how he got into that position, and 2) see how he manages to get out of it. But in the next scene we saw McGarrett and Grover talking about his upcoming adventure date and at the end of the scene it looked like Grover was about to say some more and was cut off in mid-sentence. The time used to repeat the “splash” scene could have been used to lengthen that scene. Oh well …
    Lynn seems to be a good match for Steve. She drives a boat like he drives a car. But she really was terrified and needed to be calmed down so she could help in getting them out of that mess.
    I did a stop action of the overhead shot of the island and it does look like there is a long clear area in the jungle that could be used to land a plane, (But it also did not look like there was a waterfall anywhere on the island.) So who knows?
    Anyway it was a good episode, however I can’t say “it was better than last week’s” and I have been saying that quite a few times recently.

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  4. Carole says:

    Your take on each episode is always very close to mine. There were some great one liners from Lou & Kono, but I admit I wasn’t paying much attention to the COTW – kept wanting them to get back to the island. I thought having Ellie be the one to introduce them was perfect. Steve respects her and there’s no agenda – she won’t steer him towards just anyone. It was a joy to see him relaxed and having fun and I agree he needs someone who’s a good caring person with no big bad secrets. I’d be thrilled to have Lynn join them at Ohana gatherings and just represent a good place for Steve when he leaves work………..now we need to find Danny a island gal – maybe a nurse or EMI – someone who understands.

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    • I would ADORE for Danny, who never wanted to come to Hawaii, who had to be pulled kicking and screaming into a grudging acceptance of it as his home, fell for an Island girl. The ultimate irony would be fantastic.


  5. Linda i REALLY enjoyed your review and am beginning to look forward to each one you write/
    I thought your comment about the reactions of mum’s to somebody they loved in their son’s and /or daughter’s love life was very insightful and could also be used as a beautiful “allegory for the Steve/Catherine . Steve/Lynn thing
    I absolutely ADORED my Son’s adorable little blond Polish American girlfriend when he was in the Marines Unfortunately when he was sent away for 3 months training she cheated on him with a Marine buddy and became Preggars. . I don’t know who was more devastated me or my son, A year later she came to visit me bringing her beautiful Baby girl saying she had made a terrible mistake and she still loved Paul. We both cried but I could never forgive the hurt she caused him and I told her we had both moved on. My son is now happily married to an Asian Beauty and I have two {BRAG} gorgeous grandchildren So darling I think we are very much alike on this one and i love the way you think
    Same place next week honey!!!!I wish your daughter all the best in the new”episode in HER life

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    • That’s basically all I was trying to say. Those who love Catherine want her to come back to be with Steve. They all love her and that’s fine, they have every right to love whoever they want. But if Steve were their son, would they want him to be with someone they love or someone he loves? If it turns out it’s what Steve wants, well, that’s a different story.

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  6. Kokailio says:

    @kokailio: Awesome if showed the numbers on plane and jerry in jungle just for shout out to lost for quick laugh. Singe they were at close to the location when they were filming the best show that was ever on TV. Lost. Like an Easter egg reference.

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  7. Helma says:

    Dear Linda, liked your review from this episode. Hope they will work out the chemistry between (my favourite) Steve&Lynn. Did miss some Steve/Danno stuff, but this storyline in this episode wasn’t fit for this. Liked the second story also, but I was more focused on the first one !!! Being a mother myself of two boys, for me personally one if the most important things is their happiness. And luckily they are happy !!! They live their own lives now and I see them very often, because they live close by (Holland is a small country) and they are doing well, what makes me happy too. Thanks again for your review and many hugs to you and your family

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  8. Brooklyngirl says:

    I loved it. I was very happy that Lynn was a woman and scared to death and showed it. The chemistry between them was real. You know things are going good when Steve allowed her to pilot the boat. He needs to finally have someone he can trust. The banter between Steve and Lou at the beginning and Chin wanting to know for Lou if she was “thumb worthy” was hilarious. The COTW well, what can I say, it wasn’t good but I enjoyed every minute of Chin being all alpha male!!

    After reading a lot of very nasty things about Sarah I just want to say to all those very rude, ill-mannered women, if it was a family member or good friend going thru the same thing would you rally behind them and encourage them to get out there again or scream at them to get back with the person who caused such pain and heartache??

    I hope Lynn is around for a long time. Steve deserves and needs happiness, trust and love in his life from someone and she fits that’s bill.

    Good luck to your daughter. I hope you’ll be able to visit her there!!

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  9. Michèle DEL AGUILA says:

    Hi Linda !
    First I wanted to thank you for your nice blogs, always very interesting ones, in particular for people like me who watch the show months after you do.
    What I saw about last épisode were just spoilers, and Alex and Sarah interview.
    So I can’t judge it, and I won’t.
    Sarah said in the interview that her character, Lynn, was impressed by ex-Neavy Seal Steve (‘s) skills (which is understable!), and I was affraid for Lynn to be a “Mary Sue” – thank you dear, I didn’t know how to say “potiche” in English:) –
    I am still affraid, because of what you want for her : “Someone who will, for once, put him first, before anything else”.
    Same thing for Steve? No ! For you, Lynn has to be “a wonderful addition to his life, not the center of his existence. Just as long as she makes him happy…”
    Mama mia ! Linda ! We’re in 2015 ! Women fought during centuries and centuries not to be just that !
    Carol wants for Lynn to be “a good place for Steve when he leaves work” !!! :
    ” le repos du guerrier” (“the warrior repose”?).
    Girls !!! I am done here !

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    • Lynn is an intelligent woman with her own career working to help disadvantaged kids. She is no shrinking daisy but a strong woman in her own right. I don’t see how being someone who puts Steve first negates any advances women have made over the centuries. His father sent him away for his own agenda. His mother faked her death, came back and left again, for her own agenda. Catherine left, for her own agenda. It’s about times someone didn’t just assume it’s ok to leave Steve behind. I just want Steve to have someone who thinks he’s important enough to be put first in her life every once in awhile. I don’t see how that sets women back centuries.

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      • Brooklyngirl says:

        I agree with you Linda. Loving and caring enough about someone and putting them first in your life certainly won’t set women back centuries. It’s what everyone wants in a relationship.

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    • Carole says:

      Oh my – I didn’t mean to sound like I expect Lynn to be at home with dinner on the table………..I just want Steve to have someone he trusts and who makes him feel good about himself. He’s getting there, but it’s been a long road. Seems like Danny has been chipping away at his hard military shell for years – trying to get to that softer side …….with the break from Cath, maybe he can now really embrace that.


  10. jlopie1 says:

    Hi, Linda! Enjoyed your take on 6.07 very much. Thanks for taking the time out of your crazy weekend schedule to get this written and posted in a timely manner!

    First off, I needed a few gulps of KoolAid myself this week. Mostly just because of the inconsistencies with the island. As Ed said earlier, how in the world did they land that plane without a decent stretch of bare, flat runway? At the same time, for a waterfall of that height and volume of water, there has to be a fairly tall mountain range for all that water to flow down. So, ample flat land AS WELL AS a sizable mountain range does not equal this little island! As far as the plot line, it’s inconceivable to me that anyone with that kind of money would choose to hind out on that little island in the middle of nowhere as a virtual Robinson Crusoe for four years when he could have gone and gotten plastic surgery to change his looks and lived a carefree life in some South American country!

    Okay, I drank my KoolAid and I got over it.

    Now, if you hadn’t used up all the cliches…all I have left to say is: I loved Lynn, too! She was a hit right out of the gate, driving down the driveway at McGarrett’s in her Panama hat and whipping out a saucy little grin. The look on Grover’s face was one for the record books! (In fact, Grover nearly stole the show this week with his one liners and “aw, shucks,” demeanor at the football game with the two thugs!)

    I’m not going to say there was instant “chemistry” between Sarah and Alex, but there was a noticeable connection between the two onscreen. It felt easy and comfortable, not strained or forced. Of course, this is just what I saw and felt. Perhaps I was just praying for it to be this way because. I’m a little tired of Steve have a sad, pinched look around his eyes, and Lynn’s character, in the early stages of the “date,” seemed to genuinely bring out “carefree Steve” a part of his persona we haven’t seen in a very long time, if ever? Yes, the way he looked at that selfie made one wonder what he was thinking, and that is obviously open to some subjective opinions – was he wishing it was Catherine in the picture? Or was he thinking it’s too early to be on a date with someone new? Or was it a reflection of I’m putting my past behind me, accepting what will never be, and moving on? Insert your own theory here ______.

    The thing I liked the most about Lynn was that when the bullets started flying, she was convincingly scared spitless! The shaking and teeth chattering and inability to breathe was very believable, but she managed to pull herself together and actually help Steve get themselves out of the situation. She is no super woman or female McGarrett. Refreshing! I hope their second date -malasadas (Leonard’s!! The gold standard for which all future fried donutty delights will be compared!) and coffee goes well and we will get to see more of this couple together. Sarah does not live on the island, so I doubt we will see her in any Ohana scenes unless she has a larger part in an episode, but if she’s referred to from time to time, just to know she’s still in the picture, that will make me happy.

    You made a lot of sense with your dissertation on what a mother would want for her son. I agree with your premise – as a mother of a son, I would definitely want a soulmate for him that loved him completely, made him happy, and never did anything to hurt him. That would be my ideal but I doubt that it is fair to assume life is always that perfect.

    I certainly do not expect today’s married couple to be made out of the same stock as Victorian or even post WWll couples. I look at my daughter and her fiancé – both work, both share household duties, both have their own friends and interests and are comfortable spending time apart. So, definitely a modern couple.

    I don’t think anyone expects Steve’s girlfriend to be a floor mat for him to walk on, one who meets him at the door each evening in lingerie with a martini in hand. But I do think we want him to have a woman who gives him a sense of security, maybe a love that is built on transparency. I want Steve to find someone who loves him above all else, willing to sacrifice some of her own agenda for him. But I think the most important thing for Steve, is that he needs to find someone he can trust. He hasn’t had much luck with that in his life – except with his team (and I have to thank Peter for building the type of bond between the H50 team that ensures that sense of trust is always present for each team member.)

    In other words, no matter WHAT the circumstances are behind Catherine’s current “mission,” when she returns, which I’m sure she will eventually, will he ever be able to truly, unequivocally trust her? Will he want a life with a woman who, like his mother, might leave on a moment’s notice to do a mission, leaving her family behind to fend for themselves? He’s been there, done that, and is spending the rest of his life dealing with the consequences. She might be the passion of his life, but is she ultimately the love of his life? For me, there’s a difference.

    Oh, BTW, the COTW was not much to get excited about, although I was amazed with Chin’s barely controlled anger in the interrogation room – what was that all about?), got a kick out of the “boys’ 5 thumb ration and Kono reaction to the discussion) loved Kono’s badass stance, and everything about Grover!

    Thanks again for writing, Linda, and giving me a soapbox to shout from! 😽

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    • “She might be the passion of his life, but is she ultimately the love of his life? For me, there’s a difference.”

      This is perfect! I think that may be the best description of what their relationship might be at this point. When he looked at the selfie with Lynn, you’re right, can be interpreted any number of ways. My interpretation was that he was, indeed, thinking about Catherine in that moment. I think he thought a lot of things in that moment, maybe remembering selfies he been in with Cath, what could have been an what IS now. I think he made a bit of piece with himself in that instant. That was then….this is now….. time to move on.


    • Stacy says:

      Agreed, everyone will make of the Steve/selfie moment what they will. My take wasn’t that he was wishing it was Catherine. It was the first time in years that when he looked at a photo, the woman in the photo wasn’t Catherine. She was gone, and there will be no more photos, no more moments. Still reeling, or grieving isn’t the same as wishing it was Cath instead of Lynn.

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  11. Thanks for the review, Linda. You put so much effort into them. You put your heart in them. I too loved Lynn in this episode. I think she will due quite nicely for Steve and hope we see her again. As always, I missed Danny but he’s back next week so it is all good. I hope that Danny gets to meet Lynn next time. I’m glad that I’m hearing other people did not get into the other case this week. I thought maybe I was too wrapped up in the Steve/Lynn adventure and just couldn’t focus on the other case. So because of that, I can’t say this was a favorite of mine. But, still good. Next week looks really good.

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  12. rhondagemini says:

    Great review! I agree that Steve & Lynn are a good match-the fact that they have so much in common is probably what helped them survive that date from hell! I liked seeing Lou’s concern about Steve dating someone new and then reversing course once he saw her-that was funny! You’re right that their friendship was hard won and I don’t think they will take it for granted! I also wondered how the convict knew Steve’s name-he could have figured it out when Lynn called out to him for help! As for the game-throwing crime,I’ve never known of a high school game being thrown for that kind of money. I agree with you about Chin-if Lou had not been in the blue room with him,he would have beaten that thug senseless! It has to be frustration over the situation with Gabriel and Kono & Adam’s involvement in it. Loved Lou’s reaction to Chin’s driving-reminds me of Danny’s reaction when Steve is behind the wheel! All in all,a great episode!

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  13. As always Linda our great minds think alike. I always love the positive way you summarize each episode and you seem to say everything I am thinking. How do you do that? I tweeted Friday, which is rare for me, that I really liked Lynn because she was a real woman not a Mary Sue. I found a lot of people felt this way. I like the fact that she does not have all the special training,but she is not helpless either. I also do not believe as some have stated that there is no chemistry and that even her smiles were forced, I mean what is up with that? I mean Alex has chemistry with a paper bag for goodness sake. I look forward to seeing what comes of relationship. As for the case of the week it was ok and Chin going all Angry and not zen was pretty OOC for him. I think he’s worrying a lot about Kono and Adam’s safety in regards to Gabriel and he just wants his Ohana safe. Keep up the good work with your Koolaid I’ll read every week if I forget to like or reply just know I do read every week. I look d=froward to you putting my words down on paper so to speak. You do it so much better than I do!! Thank You for all you do!

    Liked by 3 people

    • People who see ZERO chemistry….who say her smiles were “forced”… who say Steve was “just going through the motions” …are seeing what they want to see…what they always INTENDED to see. I did not see “instant chemistry” between them either but I DID see that they like each other and that’s a good first step.

      Those McRollers who are hating on Lynn and hating on Sarah were NEVER going to like Lynn no matter what. Didn’t matter one iota what she did, said, or looked like. They were going to hate her….period. I’m just considering the narrow minded source and moving on.

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  14. Michèle DEL AGUILA says:

    Hi Linda!

    I thought the post I sent you here 3 days ago didn’t work out, so I posted it again on the H50 Facebook page, as you noticed perhaps. Wasn’t used to blogs replies, sorry!
    I am not used to all the english idiomatics neither, and doubt now that a “Mary Sue” is the translation of the french word “potiche”.
    But anyway,Linda, you clearly wrote in your blog that you wanted for Lynn to put Steve first in her life but that she hasn’t to be ” the center of his universe”, and that made me jump. Why do you want such a difference in between them?
    If he is number one for her, she has to be number one for him too !

    I agree that Steve deserves to be happy, and I remind you that he was totally happy with his Catherine, from season 1 to season 4 of the show !
    She was the most patient, the most faithful and the most devoted woman in the world.

    But some “ladies” hate against Cath and the actress,Michelle Borth, was so crazy ! Don’t you remember that, Linda?
    End of the love story.

    I hope Sarah will never face such a hate, because it was humanly insupportable.

    Liked by 1 person

  15. Ocean says:

    I am wondering why Catherine left like she did — is she a double agent? Or is she still covertly in Navy intel, sent on a mission that might be to protect Steve? What if she has been sent to take out Wo Fat’s father, who is now after Steve? And after that last blazing hot bedroom scene, maybe she returns pregnant?
    I like the Lynn character and maybe she’ll work out. Just hate to see 5 years of Steve and Catherine go down the drain.

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