#H50 Review – 6.05 Ka’alapahi Nui (Big Lie)

Someday, I’m going to figure out how most of the other H50 bloggers manage to get their blogs done and up so quickly. Real life just seems to be a bit overwhelming these last few weeks and I just can’t seem to get these reviews done in a timely manner. The weekends just seem to be getting away from me. I apologize in advance if this review isn’t up to par. There was a lot more I could have included but just didn’t have the time.

Everyone who reads this blog regularly knows I adore this show and always find lots of things to like in every episode.  In this episode, for instance, there were things I felt could have been done better but for the most part, I really loved it, from start to finish. It had me laughing, choked up, awed and at one point, had me literally jumping out of my seat. Was it perfect? No. Does it need to be perfect for me to really like it? Of course not.

There was a lot to like in this episode and, of course, I’m going to start with the one thing everyone was looking forward to more than just about anything….. Muddy Ohana!

I loved how we starting off the episode with the team training for the Tough Mudder competition and I really enjoyed the way everyone was in good naturedly teasing Danny. We all know Danny is not a morning person and we also know running is not a favorite pastime for him either. So it makes perfect sense he’d not be the happiest of campers out for an early morning run. I’m completely on the same page with him here because, if it were me, I can honestly tell you, I’d be bitching a lot stronger and louder than Danny ever has on his worst day! LOL

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I read on Twitter last night that some people were having an issue with Lou calling Danny the team’s weakest link. I actually had no problem with this, because in this particular instance, he’s absolutely right. Although it’s obvious Danny does something to help him keep in shape, he’s not as into a fitness regime as say, Steve is. It’s already been established he hates to run and we’ve known for years he doesn’t like to swim. We’ve also known for years that Danny has a chronically bad knee. He also just had surgery to donate bone marrow to little Charlie and while this procedure is much less invasive then it was years ago, it is not a painless procedure. It requires the use of needles to withdraw liquid marrow from the back of the pelvic bone. Bone pain can be extremely limiting. Add to all this his general lack of enthusiasm for the entire endeavor and yes, at that particular moment, Danny was the weakest link. I had no problem with Lou saying it, I loved how they all teased Danny about being the first to get into the mud and I adored Kono giving him a shove to get him going. The look on his face as he labored through the mud was priceless.

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The Ohana feels at the end when they finally get to the actual competition were fantastic. Steve may tease Lou about the arthritis in his knees not affecting his mouth and the length of his speech but that speech spoke nothing but pure truth. He perfectly described who these people are and their devotion to each other as a team and a family. It’s actually one of the best descriptions of the team I’ve ever heard.

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I was disappointed that we didn’t get to see the team participating in the actual competition, going through all the real obstacles but after thinking about it, I think the way they did it made sense. There is, after all, only 42 minutes in an episode and while I would have loved 42 minutes of Tough Mudder competition, that’s not realistic. Not to mention the cast, who already endure extremely long and difficult days on set, really didn’t need to do a full Tough Mudder to get the proper effect for the episode.  I would have liked to see how Danny hurt his knee again but I’m going to assume his lack of stretching before the event wasn’t the best strategy after all.

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But even with only still photos interspersed with the final victorious run to the finish line there is no denying Lou was absolutely right in his pre-race speech. This team knows how to support each other and bring out the best in each other. We didn’t see it, but Danny must have gotten hurt right before they got to that wall they needed to climb over. They all lent a helping hand, a leg up, to get Danny over that wall. And Steve and Chin supporting an injured Danny over the finish line, the way Steve immediately turned into a victorious embrace with Danny and quickly absorbing Chin and Kono into the muddy happiness…yes… this is the Ohana I have come to know and love. It was just perfect from start to finish line!

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I enjoyed this week’s COTW even if it was a bit of a re-tread. The plot device of a daughter having her boyfriend murder her father is an old one. We’ve seen it before. I did consider the idea that the daughter might be involved from the start. At first, I thought she seemed off when she stood away from her parents with a weird look on her face then made a deliberate point to, almost too sweetly, tell her “daddy” she loved him.  Then as the scene unfolded, the killer had no qualms in murdering every single person in that board room in addition to her father, yet he totally ignored her and her mother as they stood right there and watched it all happen. I dismissed the idea because, well, I’m usually always wrong about these things. What a surprise to be right for once.

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But the reasoning behind it all did take me by surprise. The fact that the father had a second family on Maui was something I didn’t see coming. But I’m still confused as to what the daughter’s motivation really was. Her mother said she and her father had been fighting, but enough for her to want him dead? Did she hate him just because she found out he was betraying her mother? Did she feel betrayed because he was loving other children besides her? Was it because he destroyed his career by embezzling money? Was it because he embezzled money, not for her and her mother but for his “other family”? I really wish that had been better explained. I mean, she had her father killed then was going to take off and leave her mother all alone? Plus the fact they didn’t just kill her father, but everyone in that board room. Excuse the pun, but it seemed like overkill and it just doesn’t jive real well for me.

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I know I say this practically every week and I am going to say it again here! The stunts in this episode were unbelievable and the fact that Jeff Cadiente and his crew have not won an Emmy for Five-0 is a crime. I was waiting for the “don’t look down” motorcycle leap from seeing it in the promos and was not the least bit disappointed seeing it in the context of the show. But the stunts leading up to it and those that followed were just incredible. A motor cycle making its way up the inside of an office building? There’s something you don’t see every day not to mention the aforementioned leap between buildings.

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I really enjoyed The Road Warriors and their flashmob takeover of the H1 (or was it the H3?).

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And the moment that had me jumping out of my seat?  We’ve seen a zillion high speed chases on this show but somehow, Jeff and his crew always seem to be able to make each one unique.  Having our expert rider jump the median to try to get away was really cool.  It even took Steve by surprise.  But when the killers crashed their bike into that SUV and the force of it literally propelled them directly through the body of the SUV?? I’ve never seen anything like that before. Incredible!

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I also really loved all the camera angles the director used in the scenes outside the boardroom and when Five-0 comes to investigate the murder. We’re used to all H50 directors using the spectacular views of Hawaii as their backdrop and sweeping views of the ocean, beaches and Honolulu skyline are a wonderfully common occurrence. But this time, Director Eagle Egilsson did it one better. First off, there was the shot of the motorcyclist looking up at the office building from the street showing just how tall the building is. Then there was the choice of this particular boardroom, surrounded by windows, highlighting its location on an upper floor. In almost every frame we can see out those windows.

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After the murders took place and Five-0 showed up, it continued even more. Pretty much every shot of the team, inside the building and out showed the view and concentrated on showing just how far up they really were. All used to highlight that spectacular leap between the buildings. Not that anyone would ever doubt how incredible that jump was but with all the “hints” leading up to the jump it was made all the more awe inspiring.

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And can I just mention that Chin Ho Kelly was totally hot in this entire episode.  I know most of us tend to always concentrate on Steve but …. damn!!!

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I’m a bit torn in my feelings about that mysterious phone call Steve got. Part of me is totally intrigued wondering who that could have been and what it could be about. I thought I heard very faint jungle sounds while he was on the phone but that could have just been the birds outside his own house, I couldn’t really tell. He also said he’d gotten two other similar calls recently.

I suppose it could be Catherine checking in, you know, just to hear his voice but that just sounds way too high-school to me. I honestly don’t think it was her although I can understand why Steve might think it could be. It hasn’t been too long since she left and it’s completely understandable his mind would drift to her in that instance. It shows that he hasn’t blocked her from his mind and is still dealing with the aftermath of her leaving. Totally believable!

So, yeah, I’m really interested to know what that call was all about. However, I think it may be a little soon to delve back into what looks like an espionage angled story for Steve. I thought they’d give him a bit more time to grieve and try to move on. But I’m willing to sit back and see where the writers are taking me on this one.

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So, once again, a very very enjoyable episode.  Next week is Halloween and Halloween episodes are always a bit over the top and sometime a little silly but they are always a ton of fun!  I have no doubt this one will be another fun winner.

Have a great week my friends. Aloha. Malama Pono

All photos are my own. Screencaps taken from iTunes unless otherwise noted!


12 thoughts on “#H50 Review – 6.05 Ka’alapahi Nui (Big Lie)

  1. I really did enjoy the episode. I gasped out loud when they crashed threw the windows. It just that one scene in the car was off, and maybe it shot after the Muddier scene and Scott’s knee might have been hurt. They both looked tired. Next we get to see Gracie acted out. Daddy Dano will not be happy with his little butterfly. LOL!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I can’t wait to see Gracie acting out next week. It’s about time the writers started to treat her like the teenager she is. Time to let Teilor try and stretch her acting wings a bit more and angry Daddy Danno will be a blast!


  2. jlopie1 says:

    The COTW was great in this episode, except for the daughter. I can’t figure out her motive either. It might be sitting on the cutting room floor, since I don’t understand how the writers could drop the ball on explaining it. I’m pretty sure it’s not for money, so she must be angry over her father’s double life. What was she arguing about with her father? I guess we’ll never know.

    Adored all the motor cycle stunts, Jeff rules again! When Chin brings out the big guns, his expressions are so fun to watch – he’s so badass!

    Loved the Tough Mudder scenes, it solidified how tight this team is and how they will always be there to help each other through the tough times as well as the good. Kono might need to depend on that Ohana to get her and Adam through the their battle with the Yakuza – I really don’t think she and Adam can do it alone.

    Just throwing this out as a thought that popped into my head. Danny has been complaining of Steve’s driving a lot, lately. Quite often, this show will foreshadow an event by bringing up something in earlier episodes. Is it possible that Danny’s complaining might be foreshadowing an actual event where Steve crashes the car (with Steve and Danny in it!) during a high speed chase? Have I read too much fan fiction lately. (probably).i know Danny has complained since S1 about Steve’s driving, but he seems to be more intense about it lately. Just a thought.

    Thanks for the review, Linda! Looking forward to our annual Halloween ep next week!

    Liked by 1 person

    • WOW….I love that idea Lynnette! Just like they set up the building collapse episode in season 4 with Danny’s claustrophobia in several episodes before it happened. Danny has been bitching about Steve’s driving for years. The fact they’ve never had a crash is extremely lucky because, as much as I love it, Steve IS a menace on the road. Would also give they a chance to get Danny a new car! LOL

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Helma says:

    Liked this episode a lot, esp. the team stuff, the running, the mud scenes, their interactions with Grover & Max. And ofcourse the motor (Chin) and car (Steve) chases. Looking forward to the next episodes.


  4. I loved this episode. the team spirit, the incredible friendship that unites these people and I LOVED Chin, truly amazing and sexy in this episode. I hope see more badass version of Chin…Lou impeccable as usual, Danno is always Danno and I love it. Now Steve shirtless Version it’s always nice. Regarding the call I really really hope, that isn’t Cath for the simple reason that after her departure continue to have this kind of contact it would be the proof that this is a selfish and cruel woman. Regardless of the reasons for her departure,she could tell the truth especially with Steve able to understand what kind of situation but she chose to lie. After all the lies I had hoped that Steve could have the possibility happy, but i don’t know…it is also bad for the character of Cath, I don’t like her, but out of respect for her character, but I would have preferred a clean and honest rupture.


  5. I loved the episode. Of course, I never expect to get reality in an episode of H50. So I didn’t really think to question why the daughter went so far. Although, Steve seemed to question it in that scene with Danny. I saw people on the H50 facebook page complaining about them making fun of Danny and I think it is all in fun. I love Danny’s character but he kind of asks for it with his personality being what it is. He is my favorite character and he is a perfect contrast to Steve. And, yet, at the same time they compliment each other so well. This is all in fun and Scott Caan as Danny takes it perfectly. These are coworkers. They focus on each others weak points and rib each other. Doesn’t everybody do that at work. Let’s keep the fun in H50.


  6. Carole says:

    I feel like the episodes are getting better each week. Between the super stunt bike scenes and the wonderful muddy Ohana scenes I can forgive fuzzy logic for the daughter being behind the COTW. For continuity I would have liked a tiny mention of Danny still recovering from the bone marrow procedure – would have made Lou’s comment a bit clearer for the casual viewer……..and I’m really hoping for a bunch of deleted scenes for the DVD……..I think they filmed the Tough Mudder scenes in a real tropical storm. Mystery call – my first reaction was please stop stirring that pot, but then that’s what they do……Next week Gracie driving her dad crazy – can’t wait!


  7. rhondagemini says:

    This was an awesome episode! Have to agree that I didn’t understand the daughter’s motives,either. Don’t know if you recognized him or not,but the man Chin went to for information about the killer’s motorcycle was none other than Robbie Knievel,son of Evil Knievel, the greatest motorcycle daredevil ever. Glad they put him in this episode(in character of course)since they needed someone who knew something about souped-up motorcycles! Speaking of that,the chase scenes were awesome-kudos to the stunt team! Love the Tough Mudder-Lou cracked me up as the trainer,but his pre-race speech was spot on and also shows how much his relationship with Steve & H50 has evolved in just over two years! Looking forward to next week’s ep to see how Danny handles things with Gracie!


  8. Wendy says:

    Great review. I’ll admit this wasn’t one of my favourite episodes, but I did love the Ohana moments. Knew it was the daughter from the start, so the COTW was a little disappointing in that regard. Shame there wasn’t time to see the actual race, but I do understand there’s only 42 minutes. Still wish we could have seen just how Danny was hurt, and what he actually injured, it looked like blood on his leg. Next weeks episode looks really good for Danny moments, I hope we get some.


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