#H50 Review 6.04 – Ka Papahana Holo Pono (Best Laid Plans)

Hello friends! So, this coming week, Hubs and I will be celebrating our anniversary. Because it falls on a Tuesday, we decided to celebrate a bit early so we went to a lovely little B&B not far from here for a couple days. Why am I telling you this? Well, because the English translation of this week’s episode perfectly describes my plan for the rest of my weekend. My “best laid plans” involved trying to get all my normal Thursday and Friday household chores done early on Saturday so I could work on this review and get it done by Saturday night at the very latest.

Unfortunately, like our COTW, my plans didn’t work out as well as I thought and my Saturday was lost to wave after wave of food shopping, laundry, house cleaning, etc. Doesn’t it just suck when real life interferes with all the fun? Oh well, I suppose Sunday is better than never, right? I hope it meets with your approval.

OK…let’s get to it! I really liked this episode (so what else is new?). Let’s start with the COTW. This week the case managed to keep my attention better than last weeks. Not that last week’s crime wasn’t a good one, it was, but I was so involved with the Steve and Catherine show I missed a lot of the intricacies of the case. This week, without the distractions, I was able to really concentrate on the crime and yet, it still managed to keep me guessing from start to finish. I hate it when a crime is easy to solve right off the bat which is one of the reasons I adore Five-0 so much. They always manage to keep me off my feet. A murder that ends up being a hunting accident, counterfeiting, art theft and illegal sales, kidnapping. Ahhhh yes, this is the Five-0 I know and adore.

Willie Garson was wonderful in his return as Gerard Hirsch. I thought the Hirsch character added just the right touch and I really liked how having him there tied into not only his previous appearance from last season but also into last week’s episode about Miko Mosley and the counterfeit money. I always like it when the writers reach back and add elements from past episodes into current ones. On a personal level, as a long time viewer, it makes me feel more connected to the show.  I mean, I know it sounds silly, but it kind of feels like when you’re in on an inside joke, how you get it when no one else does. I sometimes wonder if casual viewers remember when something happened a year ago or several years ago, if they “get it” when there is a connection from the past in a current episode.  I don’t know, I just like the way it feels when it happens. Does that even make sense? Anyway, I have the feeling we may end up seeing Hirsch again eventually. I really hope we do.

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I am both loving and hating this new storyline for Adam. I am not happy that Adam is being forced to delve into his dark side because I have never believed Adam had a dark side. No matter how hard he tried, after Hiro died and he took over the business, Adam always sucked at being a bad guy. On the other hand, I am loving the idea of Ian Anthony Dale getting more meaty material to work with other than being Kono’s love sick puppy (even though I do love him in that role as well).  Ian was incredible in every scene in this episode and as much as I don’t really like the direction this story line is going in, I can’t wait to see Ian really shine.  Did you notice how the whole time he’s sitting talking to Aaron James in that warehouse he keeps subconsciously fingering his wedding band?  How Kono is always in this thoughts even when he, himself, isn’t even aware of it?

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I don’t know what Adam is going to be forced to do. I’m a little scared actually. He loves Kono so much and I know he will do anything to protect her. The look on his face as they were standing on their back porch was heartbreaking. The self-loathing as he thought back over what he had just done. The sad realization that he is already an accessory to the murder of James and that it’s only the beginning.  The grim determination that he will protect Kono at all costs. Yeah…I’m a little afraid about where this is going. I just hope that whatever it ends up being, whatever he ends up having to do, Kono can forgive him for it.

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The scene at the beginning of the episode with Steve sitting alone and dejected on the edge of his bed brought a lump to my throat.  He just looked so alone, so crushed.  And when he looked back at Catherine’s toothbrush on the sink, sitting next to his, my heart broke for him. I know there are those who are thrilled she is gone and while I’m not upset about her leaving one bit, part of me hopes that someday we, and Steve, do learn the truth about why she left. Maybe in the final year of the series…. many years from now. Yeah, that would work for me.

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I also loved the way Alex played every one of his scenes in this episode. Not that I don’t always love everything he does, because obviously I do, but I felt a subtle current of deep seated emotion running through him in this one. The bitter disappointment and sadness over Catherine in that first scene seemed to permeate throughout. He tried to cavalierly dismiss how he was feeling to Lou, saying this is not the first time she’s left him and that he’ll get over it just like he did before. But Lou wasn’t buying it one bit. Yes, it’s not the first time she’s left but this time she’s not coming back. I agreed 100% with Lou when he suggested the best way to begin to heal “involves you, me and that bar!”

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But Steve just continued to seem so sad to me. He was much less animated than usual in his body language and speech for the whole episode. He seemed more frustrated than necessary when the COTW investigation hit snags. As if he subconsciously was letting the frustration over his inability to understand what happened with Catherine seep into his daily activities. You know how it feels, right? When something has happened in your personal life? Try as you might to not let it affect you at work, you just can’t help being a human being. Even if what’s bothering you isn’t obviously front and center, it’s always there, in the back of your mind, in your heart. The hardest thing in the world is pretending something isn’t bothering you when it’s the only thing you can think about! Alex played Steve’s mood, his silent suffering, if you will, to perfection. In almost every close up you could literally see the sadness in his eyes.

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The episode drew to a close the way I always love it.  With a true Ohana get together. How wonderful was it that Lou let the word spread and they were all there to support Steve? The look of sadness on Steve’s face as he approached the table spoke volumes. In that one short moment, the last place he wanted to be was there, the center of attention, having people feeling sorry for him. But it only took that one moment for him to realize that’s not what this was. Yes, they were there for him but not to feel sorry for him but to show him that no matter what he is loved, he has family, and no matter what, they will always have his back.

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The addition of Jerry Rice in the scene was fun and I liked how they mentioned how Pro Bowl was coming back to Hawaii. It was so cute how Steve went all fan boy and got an autograph for Danny and the group picture was an exceptionally nice touch. Danny is going to be so jealous!

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And speaking of Danny, I thought the writers did a great job in using Danny and Charlie’s procedure as the reason why Danny wasn’t in this episode. Not only does it make perfect sense but it helps so much in making Scott’s absence easier to deal with. I hate it when Danny isn’t in an episode but I hate it even more when there is no mention as to why, like it matters so little that he’s not there it doesn’t warrant an explanation. Well, it does matter when he’s not there and I want to know why because Danny is an extremely important part of the team and the Ohana, and Scott is an intrinsic, irreplaceable part of the show.

I have absolutely no problem with Scott doing a few less episodes a season so he can spend more time with his family in LA. Actually, if you really think about it, Scott and Danny are very much alike. Both will do whatever they can to spend as much time as possible with their kids. I love Danny for it and I admire Scott for it as well. That the writers are able to produce valid reasons for Danny’s absence just makes it much easier to bear.

This time, not only was Danny mentioned but he was in the episode without having to actually be in the episode. Steve and Lou heading into the hospital to visit Danny and Charlie at the beginning.  Lou telling Steve to “go make sure our boy is ok” when the call came in for the case. At the end, Steve was coming from the hospital and Danny when he arrived at Rumfire and then, getting Jerry Rice’s autograph, not for himself, but for Danny. All wonderful ways to show that even though Danny wasn’t with them all day, Steve had spent time with him and he wasn’t far from all their thoughts. To the writers….bravo. Keep it up for the next four episodes when Scott/Danny isn’t there.

A couple of favorite moments:

• As much as I love Steve and Lou teaming up, I really enjoyed the way the team mixed it up this week. Chin and Lou work really well together and, well, I’ve loved Steve and Kono teaming up since Season 1.

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• Chin passing Steve’s truck in the car chase and the funny banter between Kono and Steve. “Is your foot even on the gas?” – “There’s a reason we always take Danny’s car, okay?” – “I see why.” Chin’s face as they passed the Silverado was priceless!

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• Steve dodging cars to retrieve the painting.

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• That car crash!! I was sitting watching the scene unfold, watching as Steve and Chin chased down the kidnapper on foot as he jumped into the car.  I was about to comment on how the bad guy was going to get away (as has happened a few times so far this season) when I was literally jolted out of my seat. Damn that crash scared the crap out of me!

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• Max and his use of reverse Age Progression Software to help ID the “homeless” man found in the jungle. Lou: “Can it bring back my afro? I think my old lady would dig it” LOL

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•I can’t image how terrifying it would be to be in the predicaments many of the victims on this show find themselves in.  Kidnapping always seems to be the preferred crime on this show time and time again.  But ohhhhh…..  to be the rescued victim and be on the receiving end of a patented McGarrett hug!

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• I love how they always seem to find a way to work Jerry into a case. It would bother me if it wasn’t appropriate but each time he’s been involved it’s been completely appropriate. I loved him walking around Crane’s house taking pictures for his personal files. I suppose he’s still trying to rebuild his files from when they were all stolen last year.

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• Lou can’t wait for Danny to get back on his feet so he can drive his own truck! Oh Steve….. you are nothing if not a consistent control freak! LOL

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For blog14• Loved the caricatures Hirsch made for everyone. They were all incredibly funny but come on, you just gotta love “Rambo Steve”. OMG…those abs! LOL

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There were many more really great moments in this episode, I could probably go on for several more pages but you get the idea that I really enjoyed this episode a lot.  Another really good week for our favorite show.  Now we get to look forward to next week when our favorite team competes in the Tough Mudder’s event.  Ahhhhhhhh muddy Ohana! Can’t get much better than that! Can’t wait!

Have a great week my friends. Aloha. Malama Pono

All photos are my own. Screencaps taken from iTunes


16 thoughts on “#H50 Review 6.04 – Ka Papahana Holo Pono (Best Laid Plans)

  1. Wendy says:

    I too loved this weeks episode, wasn’t sure I would with Scott’s absence, but I did. You’re right Danny was there even though he wasn’t. The COTW was really good, and I loved all the Ohana moments.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. rhondagemini says:

    This was a good episode! The COTW was great,with lots of twists and turns,as least in my perspective! It was heartbreaking to see Steve so sad,but I love how the team rallied around him to show him that he does have family that loves him and will be there for him,no matter what! Hirsh was a hoot-hope we see him again soon! Gotta admit,the Adam/Kono storyline is starting to scare me a little-I hope Adam doesn’t go to the dark side,although I know he will do whatever is necessary to keep Kono safe,even if it is something he knows she would not approve of. I like how Danny was in the episode without actually being in it,as you said. The writers did a great job with that,and like you,I hope they do something similar for the other episodes that Danny/Scott will not be in.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. You know starting, like a Tarantino movie, in the middle,I always like it when Kono throws a one line kind of little sister sig (south side Chicago diminutive meaning teasing or taunting comment) on the “big-brother” macho fellow members of the team. Teasing Steve on the slower truck,chasing that Caddy (and not to be technical but those SIlverado’s are fast with huge engines) is in that classification, and “big brother” Steve barking back the way a big brother would. So funny. Of course Chin gets to let his “Stang” shine. Man they actually let a Ford beat a GM luxury car in a chase. Hmmmm!!!

    I liked the COTW as well. This was cogent, and kept you wondering. A police procedural needs to do that part well every week, have a crime that is interesting, leaves you guessing, and the room to say, “I knew it was that guy or that girl”, or wow, “I never saw that coming.” They apparently manage to solve it within one day, starting with Steve’s ruminations in morning (and the toothbrush,great scene) through everything that happened, finally finding girl under that pot in the estate, and finally ending up at the bar that Grover suggested. Nice piece with Jerry Rice although a Chicago Bear would have been better, just sayin (lol). One question though: Was Kono in a different outfit at the bar? I have to look again. I would think she would shower and change before going to a bar,which means she might have gone home first, then went back out. Maybe its a quibble, but would she have already run into Adam, or he just got home later to muse, and try to cool his injured hand? By the way that was a great observation Linda on the ring, and great acting on his part, and direction. That storyline is such a pregnant one, although maybe I should not talk about pregnant. -:)

    This episode had so much in it. At first I was a little surprised that we did not see Steve or the team members actually go visit Danny,but I thought it was written and handled well on reflection. I know we tend to focus on parts we love most and being so besotted with GP I tend to follow that storyline the most, as you with Steve and Danno, but this episode is an example of why H50 is such a scrumptious feast for its fans. Lets let our team and the crew grow into middle age doing the show. The first had 12 why not the second? (no jinx meant, as a Cubbie fan I have to add that point-:).

    Great review Linda!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m with you….I always love it with Kono teases the guys. It’s always so much fun when she does it. I wonder, not that GM doesn’t sponsor the show anymore if NOW it’s ok for the Mustang to beat the Silverado. Of course, sponsor or not, nothing will ever beat the Camaro! LOL

      Kono did change clothes before they all met up at Rumfire. So either she showered and changed at HQ (I’m sure they all have extra clothes at the office for when they get all mussed up the job) or she went home and changed. The last scene of Adam at the warehouse it was very dark so it’s very possible Adam got home after Kono had already left. Of course, it that’s the case, you’d think she’d question why his PT appointment was over hours before but he wasn’t home yet.


  4. Well, Linda, you said it all! I have nothing original to add! Best COTW so far this season, and as you say, without the distractions, I was able to concentrate on the storyline! Loved the addition of Danno to the story without his actual presence. Loved Jerry Rice (sorry Dave — 49ers in the Jerry Rice era were unstoppable!) poor Danny has missed out on all the pictures with his football icons! Very worried about Adam – hate to see him like this, and I sure hope Kono will be able to understand why. I want them to be happy together!

    Really looking forward to playing in the mud next week!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Well, Danny DID get to meet Arian Foster at the Pro Bowl practice. Danny must be a fan since he had Arian on his fantasy team. Of course, he did make a bit of a fool of himself scolding Arian for the one fumble he made all that season! LOL


  5. Great review as always, a fun read!! Well the only thing that I can add is that during the COTW I had a feeling that the victim’s connection to the missing girl had to be his daughter, after all this series is all about OHANA and in this episode, there were some emphasis drawn to it!! As much as it worries me about what’s happening to Adam now, hmmm its a good way to keep Ian Anthony Dale busy, but poor Adam there really doesn’t seem to be any escape from his father’s ties to the Yakuza!! But Adam is nothing like his brother, Adam is smart!! As its very obvious for his love of Kono and he will do what it takes to protect her, but I think he is going to do everything possible to protect their relationship and he is going to want to go to any lengths to track down Gabriel!! Maybe the Yakuza will be a bad incentive but he really needs all the backing he can get – especially since he is broke with no money – no he is going to want to track down Gabriel….and Five-0 sadly, doesn’t have enough resource to track him down. I’m truly hoping that Adam will reach out to Chin for help!! Will be interesting to see what the writers will do with Adam’s story line!!

    Meanwhile – I was more than happy to see Willie Garson again and since I’m a White collar fan – it was like watching Mozzie all over again, devious and deceptive but always gets away and manages to redeem himself when it means saving his own skin but has no trust for the law!!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Linda, I can’t say anymore because you always say everything that I want to say in your review. We are so on the same page, especially about Danny. Yes, I am so glad that he was mentioned. There was one episode last year that he was not in and was never mentioned and I was so upset after that episode. So, I was happy that his best friend Steve, even with all his heartbreak, was thinking of his friend and partner last night. And I loved how Lou told Steve to go check on “:our boy.” I really thought it was a good episode too. I was glued to the screen the whole time. The look in Adam’s eyes at the end of the episode means trouble is coming. I think if he goes a little on the dark side, it will make things more interesting. And by the look of him last night, I think he can play evil very well.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah…this episode hit on all cylinders. The only thing that could have made it perfect is if they found a way to film a little 5 minutes scene of Steve at Danny’s bedside. But I’m perfectly happy with the way they handled it.


  7. Carole says:

    Agree with what everyone else is saying. This was a better episode than last week – even with no Scott the writers included enough mentions to make it OK. Let’s hope they do the same for the other 4 he’ll miss. Linda – you brought up a good point about how much casual viewers are missing – for example, we know the running theme of Danny missing out on football heros/games……..
    Not liking the way Adam is being forced to the dark side – all very ominous. Hirsch isn’t Sang Min but his interactions with Kono were pretty funny. Looking forward to next week and all that mud – more Ohana time for Steve who looks happy in the promos………moving on, that’s our boy!

    Liked by 1 person

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