#H50 Review – 6.03 Ua ‘o’oloku ke anu i na mauna – (The Chilling Storm is on the Mountain)

Anticipation – Noun

an·tic·i·pa·tion \an-ˌti-sə-ˈpā-shən\

  • a feeling of excitement or despair about something that is going to happen
  • the act of preparing for something

We, as Five-0 fans, are very familiar with this word. It starts, pretty much, with the very last moment of every season finale in May. We’re immediately waiting in anticipation for a beautiful July morning when, with a new season’s blessing, our favorite actors are back to work on a brand new season. Then we spend the days between that day and mid-September just counting every moment until the new season begins.

Once the season starts, we do the exact same thing. Every Friday night, the moment an episode is over and we hear the words “stay tuned for scenes from our next episode” it starts again. We watch the promo, then as the week goes on, we wait for the longer promo and we’re gobbling up “behind the scenes” pictures and editing pictures and, heaven be praised, sneak peaks. Oh yes, the TPTB and the Network know how to rev up the anticipation. It can be really wonderful but it can also be very stressful depending on whether what you’re waiting for is something you’re hoping for or something you are dreading. I think it’s safe to say that this episode has been the most highly anticipated one of the young 6th Season so far.

Now, if you consider yourself an H50 fan in the know and you spend any amount of time at all in this fandom, you know the ugly divide which exists between certain camps. If you don’t, well, you’ve probably been living under a rock. The anticipation for this episode centered around one character and one character alone… Catherine Rollins. This character has the incredible ability to draw out extremely deep emotions from every level of the fandom. There are some, like myself, who can take her or leave her. But there are many who simply adore her while others absolutely detest her. The wide range of emotions this one character provokes in fans is truly astonishing.

I’ve been saying since the Season 5 finale that, for me at this point in time, I don’t feel Catherine’s character is important enough for me to get massively upset over. If she stayed, if she went, didn’t really matter to me as long as it was a well written story. With this being Steve’s storyline and in Alex’s massively capable acting hands, I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt it would be acted well.

Well, I can now say, without a shadow of a doubt, this story was everything I thought it would be. My gut always told me the proposal would never happen, that something would cause Steve to rethink his decision to propose. I didn’t know, of course, what that would be but I honestly didn’t think he’d ever get to ask her.  But I’ve been wrong plenty of times about things I was sure would or wouldn’t happen on this show so I sat back ready to see where Peter Lenkov’s story and the script by Steven Lilien and Bryan Wynbrandt would take me.

As usual, these guys did not disappoint me but they did surprise me. Having seen the editing pictures Peter tweeted a while back and the video sneak peek this past week, I knew how Steve and Catherine would start their day. But, I wasn’t prepared for Steve’s post-coital afterglow to be ruined so quickly. I mean, what the hell? I pretty much figured he was going to get his heart broken by the end of the episode but did it have to start so early? Poor Steve!

But, you see, there it is… right there… one of the reasons why I didn’t see this as a long lasting, healthy relationship. These two hover around each other, come together for brief, if admittedly, hugely satisfying moments, and then spin off in opposite directions again. I have heard people say “it’s been 10 years. It’s time they move onto the next level”. I’m thinking “it’s been 10 years. If they haven’t moved to the next level by now there’s a reason why”.

She’s leaves him for over a year… no contact… no word. Then she just shows up unannounced and “there is nowhere else she wants to be”?? And even though they are living together in his house and he’s planning to propose to her, he obviously still hadn’t had “the talk” about any of what happened in Afghanistan or since. So they are just hovering around each other again. The one thing that has always been spectacular between them still, obviously is. (Sex…yes I am talking about the sex!!). But she immediately follows up that intimacy with deception. He overhears her on the phone. Does he ask her “So, who was that, babe?” No… he immediately jumps to the conclusion she’s about to bolt again and instead of talking to her, he holds it in and broods, reconsiders the proposal and talks to Danny. God forbid these people actually….. I don’t know….talk to each other? Honestly, these two really are perfect for each other. Neither one has a friggin’ clue how a real loving relationship works! People like to rag on Catherine but Steve, as much as I adore the guy, isn’t very good at this either

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Thank goodness for Danny. I absolutely adored him in this episode. He was everything a good friend should be, to both Steve and Catherine. I can’t even call the conversation between Steve and Danny on the boat an argument this time. Not only did Danny agree that he’s a glass-is-half-empty kind of guy, Steve also admitted that Danny was making a valid point about talking to Catherine before he jumps to conclusions and chucks the idea of proposing. Danny loves Steve as a brother and, while he may not have been happy with the way Catherine left things or the way she just turned up again, he does like Catherine and if she makes Steve happy, Danny wants that happiness for him.

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I loved how he called Catherine and asked her to meet him at his thinking spot. I know there are those who think Danny should just have butt out but I totally understand him. Maybe it’s an Italian thing, but it’s exactly something I would do. I’d know I shouldn’t. I’d know my friend would hate that I did it. But I would still do exactly what Danny did to try to not only make sure my best friend didn’t get hurt but that they both have the chance at happiness. Everyone needs a friend like Danny Williams in their life. But, honestly, for a man who prides himself on being one hell of a detective, he should have seen she was just blowing smoke and evading. She didn’t give him one direct answer. But he was so relieved and happy for Steve that he let his detective sense slip there and saw only want he wanted to see.

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What a shame it was all for naught. I know, I was right, Steve didn’t get the chance to propose but that doesn’t mean I’m happy about the way it happened. Steve is crushed, as would be expected, and I really hate that, but Catherine? The way she was crying… she seemed truly heartbroken. She was not faking it. She was heartbroken to leave him again, to hurt him again. When he said he wouldn’t wait for her this time, she was shattered. She was not faking that. It’s true this is the bed she’s made for herself and she has no one to blame but herself but I still can’t help feeling a little sad for her too. It seemed obvious to me that she is doing this because she feels she has no choice.

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I, among others, have always questioned her time in Afghanistan. How was she able to find Najib “over the border” and extract him from the Taliban all by herself? I never believed she did. She had to have called in a favor from somewhere. Doris? Maybe…maybe not. But whoever helped her is demanding payback now. Being an operative is that payback. And please…. if you believe she is heading to help earthquake victims in Nepal I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.

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What I’d like to know is why did she come back? That is a twofold question. From a writing standpoint she had to come back because of the type of man Steve has been written to be. He would never move forward with his life if he still felt connected to her, still felt she would eventually come back. The way his character has been written, as the honorable man he is, he just wouldn’t do that. So they had to have Catherine come back to finally, irrevocably end it, face to face, so Steve could honorably move on.

From a story line standpoint? It’s obvious now that she didn’t just come back and it wasn’t because of Kono’s wedding. We wondered how she even knew about Kono’s wedding since its ludicrously unlikely Kono sent her an invitation. Now we know how. She didn’t come back…she was sent back.

But she seemed truly happy to be back. Was she possibly considering not following her orders? Did she really want to stay with Steve all along? Or was it all an act to get close to him again? And if so, why leave now? Did she complete her “mission”? Did she find whatever it was she was looking for? Did she plant something in his house to spy on him? So many questions. Catherine may be gone but this has laid the groundwork for a potentially long reaching story arc. And, who knows, maybe in the long run she’ll have to come back. But no matter what, it is over between them.  Steve gave her an ultimatum. Even if Catherine does come back some far off day, I can’t see that she’ll ever be coming back to Steve.

I know there are people out there very unhappy, even angry with the way this story played out.  I have to admit, I’m a bit torn.  For the most part I wish they would have just ended it.  Have her tell Steve her lie about Napal, get in the car and just leave.  Rip the Bandaid off in one swift yank and be done with it once and for all.  But, a small part of me liked the way they ended it because, like any good story, it closed one door while potentially opening another one. Steve and Catherine as a couple are over, I have no doubt in my mind about that what-so-ever. But the fact that she’s now an operative with an agenda we, as of now, know nothing about? That is intriguing to me. Will the writers eventually put their foot through the door they have conveniently left open a crack? Who knows? But that crack is there for the taking if they ever choose to go there.

And in some extremely small way it shows that Catherine is not really a complete bad guy here. If this played out the way I think it did, she used whatever resources she needed to save Najib and saving him was a good thing, a heroic thing. The fact that she is now paying the consequences of that decision means she’s not a bitch who is leaving Steve and hurting him out of indifference or cold-heartedness. Doesn’t mean what she is doing is right but I can find a molecule of sympathy for her anyway. I don’t know why I feel this way. Just some very small part of me is hurting for her too. And I know many will tell me I’m wrong for feeling it but I just can’t help it.

Am I sorry she’s gone? No. It’s a relief, actually, to have this part of the story end (for the most part) and to see Steve finally able to move on to a new chapter in his life. I’m really sorry Danny isn’t going to be in next week’s episode because if Steve ever needed his best buddy, it’s now. Maybe next week is the week Danny is finally getting the transplant procedure started for Charlie and he’s at the hospital all day. Hopefully, we’ll at least get a heartfelt supportive phone call between the guys. And, of course, the rest of the team will be there for Steve as well. When all else fails, Ohana is always there to pick up the pieces.

There is one thing I really wish would have happened though. The entire time Catherine was speaking to him Steve stood almost rigid. The only defense he showed was to protectively cross his arms across his chest, as if to somehow shield himself from what was coming. This was not the same man who valiantly and unsuccessfully tried to hold back the tears when Catherine stayed behind in Afghanistan. It’s almost as if he somehow expected it. Maybe it was residual from the phone call he overheard or maybe it was something more than that. Maybe he always expected her to leave again because, somehow, everyone he loves eventually does. As they hugged for the final time, Catherine’s face was full of sadness. Steve’s was ……blank.

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Personally, I was really hoping we’d see Steve walk out to the back of the house, to the beach which holds so much meaning for him. I would have loved if, instead of seeing the montage of memories (which was ok I guess but, honestly, I could have done without) as he’s staring at the ring, we’d see him looking out over the ocean, remembering their times together. Then, as we pan to a close up of his face, his expression would change from sadness, to hurt, and finally to anger as he slowly closes the box, takes in a ragged breath, reaches back and hurls the damn thing into the sea. Now that would have been symbolism and it would have been real.

Of course there was a COTW, as usual, but honestly, I was so wrapped up in all the character stuff I didn’t pay much attention to it.  I enjoyed it more for the scenes it provided for our team than for the crime itself. I really loved the addition of Eric in this episode. He is more than capable in the crime lab, and I find his effervescent enthusiasm for his work refreshing. I, like many others, miss Charlie Fong and really wish he’d come back but if he can’t I’m more than happy to see much more of Eric. He’s funny, his gallows humor is inappropriate but extremely funny and if I could chose, I’ll take him as a tertiary character over Pua any day.

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I really loved the way Steve took out the guy on the boat and steered it away from the crowded dock full of people. Why do they always run?!? Don’t they watch this show! LOL Steve’s hand to hand take down was one his best ever.

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We finally got to see the scenes shot when Hawaii Five-0 shut down the H-3 highway so Chin could look totally hot on his new motorcycle. Personally, bikes scare me to death (I prefer a lot more metal between me and the concrete) but I have to admit, that ride looked breathtaking. I might reconsider my dislike of bikes if I had someone like Chin at the controls and my arms around him from the back! LOL

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Kono is still dealing with the two dead Yakuza guys outside her house. Chin arrives and Kono tells him she is sure Gabriel is responsible for their deaths. They have to get word to Shioma, let him know Kono and Adam and nothing to do with the deaths. Just curious, since when can Chin just pick up a phone and call a Yakuza oyabun??

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But even with all she has on her mind on a personal level as well as with the ongoing case, Kono never loses touch with the good and generous heart she has. When Eric manages to retrieve a piece of video from the recovered GoPro camera of an old surfing friend of Kono’s her first thought it to ask Eric to make a copy. She then brings it to Eli Hoku’s wife, a loving gift she never dreamed she’d have and be able to share with her son. Her husband died doing what he loved the most and his last moments were ones of pure happiness. What a wonderful person Kono is.

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I also really loved seeing Nahale again and I really hope we get to see much more of him and his growing relationship with Steve. It certainly looks like he has taken his second chance from Steve to heart. This is the kid who stole his car and yet here he is, a year later, and Steve is trusting him to pick up the engagement ring. I love the good natured ribbing between the two, a little brother teasing his big bro over spending his car money on a bit of “metastable allotrope of carbon”. I really hope we get to see this relationship evolve even further.

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I really love how this show, no matter what’s going on, manages to have fun, lighthearted moments throughout the episode. The Nahale scene being one, the scene between Danny and Eric at Danny’s house another. I liked Kamekona ribbing Jerry about the lack of windows and air in his new basement office and the comical first meeting between Eric and Jerry.  And we had not one, not two but three shirtless scenes in this episode. Steve and Danny! Be still my fan girl heart. What a friggin’ treat that was!!!

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All in all I really enjoyed this episode and the way it all played out. It had to be difficult for TPTB to write this story. They had to know they were going to be damned if they did and damned if they didn’t. And they wrote it exactly the way they should have written it….. their way. You can love it. You can hate it. But it is what it is. Now we move forward to where, who knows? But I, for one, am looking forward to the new direction with excitement. Well done, gentlemen!

Have a great week my friends! Aloha. Malama pono.

All photos are mine.  Screencaps from iTunes.


35 thoughts on “#H50 Review – 6.03 Ua ‘o’oloku ke anu i na mauna – (The Chilling Storm is on the Mountain)

  1. Dusty says:

    Excellent review Linda. I too could take or leave her. But at the end my words were you witch you left him. Then in the car when they said Lt. to her, I knew she was back undercover with the Navy. Yes, Steve had no emotions, in fact he looked mad to me when she was talking to him. The ring in the ocean, yes that would have been good. My words to hubby, wonder what he’s going to do now with the ring? Alex always does great acting, and this was a perfect example of his range of acting abilities. We do wait week to week, hang on the promo’s. I wasn’t disappointed in the show last night, in fact I was hanging on every scene and word. It delivered in more ways than one.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I totally agree about Alex’s acting ability and I was hoping for a “throw the ring in the sea” scene just to see him totally lose it, even for just that one moment. But the way they did it, the way Alex just completely shut down Steve’s emotions was more in keeping with the stoic SEAL persona…reverting back to dealing with his feelings by not dealing with them. At least for now. I have a feeling we’ll be seeing him deal a bit more in the episodes to come. Or at least I hope so.


  2. Carol says:

    I’m just glad to move on from this point. I saw this as a transitional episode – Chin got a new bike, Jerry a desk (even if it was in the basement)and Eric a new job. While Kono’s story was on hold there was enough to keep it moving along. and finally we saw what we knew would happen – the way you called it. I’m sorry Cath fans are mad, but she doesn’t deserve Steve. Whatever she got herself into – I don’t care, if Doris is pulling the strings – I don’t care. Steve is done with her. I agree, something needed to happen so Steve could turn the page. Cath started down this path when she ‘left’ the Navy…….now she gets to live with her choices. Onward Steve – go find yourself a new gal….
    The highlight of the show – Danny and his attempts to make everything work out for Steve. He is the best of best friends – I just love the guy! Someone said once that Steve was the leader, but Danny was the heart of the team – so true! I’d like to see his reaction when he finds out she left. I’ve always thought D really liked her. Anyway I doubt time will allow and they really do need to get back to Charlie. I do hope the boys discuss it all at some point – we haven’t seen them in their chairs for a while. One last thing – anyone think Eric will be either Jerry or Max’so new roomie?

    Liked by 1 person

    • ROFL Jerry and Eric as roommates! I adore this idea. Isn’t Jerry still crashing at Chin’s place? And Eric is on Danny’s sofa. It makes perfect sense. Maybe that’s why they had the scene of them meeting. I mean, once Chin introduced them in Jerry’s office (which makes perfect sense BTW with all his boxes and files) and asked them to work together on the videos, we didn’t see Eric again. So he wasn’t important to the scene, case wise, but more as a tool to introduce him to Jerry. So, yes, I can totally see them ending up roomies! Oh to be a fly on that wall. LOL


  3. Christian says:

    I think you nailed it. I was upset when I watched the ending but after I reflected, I realized that this was the best way for it to end. I kept thinking of the phrase, “screw me once, shame on you. Screw me twice, shame on me.” I appreciated Steve’s blank expression because that’s what he’s trained to do. When Cath stayed in Afghanistan, it was on her terms. Steve’s nature is to control & deal in facts. He needed her to be clear & when she was, I believe he internally flipped a switch & is done with her. He would never marry & have kids with someone he can’t trust…he wouldn’t want his kids to have a childhood like his.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I think YOU nailed it! He flipped a switch…that’s the perfect way to describe it. When she stayed behind in Afghanistan, his tearful response was one of love and worry and sorrow that he might not see her again. This time, you’re right, he flipped that switch and his response was blank, dark, an empty room devoid of light with no power to restore it because he WILL not see her again.


  4. I too really enjoyed the episode. I wrote on Wendy’s review so rather than rewrite what I already said on there, I’ll talk about something different on this review. I liked the way they handled the Jerry role. He will be a great consultant and I did like the space they gave him. After all, he lived in his mom’s basement. He should feel right at home. I felt the same as you last week; he should not get a badge. But he got a card and that;’s okay. I said this on Wendy’s site, and I’ll say it again. I loved Eric. His interaction with all the other characters was great. I would like to see him stick around. I’ll miss Danny, too, next week. It’s not the same without him. But, he’ll be back the following episode. As long as he comes back, it’s okay.

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    • I agree the basement is the perfect place for Jerry’s office. With all the boxes and crates and filing cabinets of “facts” he has. Just like when he was in his mom’s basement. In hospitals, the Medical Records departments are always in the basement.

      I loved Eric. He reminds me of so many guys his age I have known growing up in Philly and spending summer vacations in Jersey. If we’re not going to get to have Charlie Fong around anymore (and I’m really sad about that because I really love that guy) I’m more than happy to have Eric fill the void. Totally NOT the same type of person but we see the crime lab so infrequently it’s not a big deal. Also I like the idea of Danny having a bit of family around him. Who knows, Eric may just be the bit of Jersey Danny needs to help him deal with whatever is coming in the little Charlie’s story.


    • I agree..I hate to see him hurt as well, but I hope we DO see him suffering, or at least dealing with the aftermath of this. This isn’t something they can wash over and pretend Steve got over by the next episode. Whatever the fans feelings about Catherine, they were together a very long time. This isn’t something he should get over quickly. So, yes, I do hope we see a bit of suffering from him in upcoming episodes.


  5. I agree with you, Linda. I could never understand why they had Catherine to leave the Navy. She could have been a bigger help to 50 with she worked for the Navy. That explains why, in a another episode, she told Steve she would make contact with some people to get information that 50 needed. Why would anyone with the Navy give her information, since she was now no longer worked for the Navy. I don’t know if Mom McG is behind it or not. But at least Steve can move on and meet other women, of twitter will not like that. But in the other H5o, Jack Lord always got the girl. LOL!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I agree Robin. That scene from the Season 5 finale bugged me as well. She turns up after a year in Afghanistan where, ostensibly, she was “under the radar” and no one knew she was there, and simply walks into Naval Intelligence at Pearl and gets the information she needs about an international terrorist? As far as the Navy was concerned (or rather SHOULD have been concerned) she’s just a civilian so why would they give her any top level information even if she had a “buddy” doing her a favor? Never sat right with me either.


  6. Katlinn says:

    I loved Cath when she first appeared on the show. I thought she fit in well as a part time character who helped out when needed. I didn’t care for her so much when she became part of the team, but I still went with it. But when she just up and left Steve, giving up everything they had, knowing the abandonment issues the poor guy has, yeah…I just couldn’t get behind her anymore. I knew she wasn’t going to stay. I didn’t want her to, at this point. I was prepared for it. But my heart just broke for Steve when he pulled up and saw her sitting there. And you could tell by his face…he knew. He expected it. Just another person to leave him. It kills me, just thinking about it!

    And Danny…I couldn’t love him more for what he did. To have that kind of a friend…even if Steve would definitely kill him if he knew lol. And even if he’d seen through the half truths…would he have said something to Steve? It was all just speculation on his part. He obviously thought something was up, to even confront her.

    Anyway, I agree with pretty much everything you’ve said in your review! Looking forward to next week, as always, though I’ll miss Danny terribly. It’s just never the same when he’s not in an episode!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m with you. I liked Catherine a lot at the beginning and I LOVED her and she and Steve together in Season 3. Little by little during Season 4 I started to like her less and less and I wasn’t a bit upset when she stayed behind in Afghanistan. And you’re right. The moment Steve pulled up to the house he KNEW. He began to close himself down in that moment which is why, I think, he was pretty emotionless as he was talking to her. Anyone watching that, who doesn’t know Steve the way we do, would think he didn’t care enough about her to be upset. WE know he was dying inside. The dead look in his eyes as they embraced for the final times spoke volumes!

      And Danny! I always think there is no way I could love the guy more and then he does something like this. IF it had all worked out. If Catherine wasn’t involved in… well, whatever she’s involved in, and the proposal had happened and she said yes…. they would always owe their happiness to Danny. I’m going to miss him in the next episode because Steve is going to need him so much.


  7. Wendy Hansen says:

    Great review. I am a Michelle & Cath fan, but at the same time, I think her role could have been written a little better. That being said – I give props to her character taking the “high road” to break his heart and end their affair, rather than string him along, if she has indeed become what I suspect is a CIA agent. After witnessing the heartache his mother’s continued betrayals and secrecy has done to him, I think breaking up with him shows that Catherine really did in fact love Steve, for if she didn’t, she would have continued on with their affair, regardless of the consequences of the fallout.

    I loved the twist at the end, for it does leave it open for her return in some capacity. I have a feeling we’ll see both her, AND Mama McG again at some point before the season is over.

    And can I have Danny Williams for a BFF?? For real, everyone needs someone like that to have their back. I WANT ONE!! Danno FTW for real. I loved all of his scenes in this ep. But then, being a Danny fan, I always do!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I suppose it is possible the reason she came back was to give Steve the closure he needed to be able to move on without her since she knew she was going onto her mission. I don’t know. If she came back to end it, so she could go to her mission and not leave him hanging, why the “there’s no where else I’d rather be”? Why the “how long do you want me to stay?” Why make him feel like she’s back and his and they are moving forward just to rip his heart out?

      I agree with you. She loves him. I have no doubt in my mind about that. But I honestly still believe she didn’t come back but was sent back for a purpose. But, unless the writers decide to come back through that door they left open a crack, we may never know what that purpose was.


  8. Great review as always. Good episode. I loved Eric, Danny and all the characters. with regard to the story Steve/Cath personally I still do not understand, if she forced to leave, if she knew she had to leave. why give Steve a hope? it’s CRUEL, SELFISH and HYPOCRITE. Whatever the reasons for his return and how she found Najib, she should tell Steve the truth, it is a seal, he worked for Naval Intelligence, he can understand this things. Tell the truth the test of courage of this woman. Unfortunately it failed (Doris similar). I think that’s why this relationship has never really functioned, Steve was never able to trust Cath unlike her relationship with Danny. Cath has never insisted on getting involved in this relationship . Unlike Danny who shared his feelings, his soul and his heart from their first meeting to build this incredible friendship. The little game of cat and mouse (Steve/Cath), “we are together but not really” for all those years and became boring and anti-productive. I really hope that it’s over and finally move on. Sorry and at the same timehappy for Steve.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I honestly think Catherine DOES love Steve. She was devastated to have to do what she did when she left. I don’t understand the hope she gave him either unless, like I said in my review, there was a part of her that was considering NOT going through with her mission and she let her true feeling show in those moments. It’s very possible there are a few deleted scenes showing her going through a conflict of conscience over what she MUST do and what she WANTS to do.


  9. Great review as always Linda – I too liked this much anticipated episode of the season which left a rather sad and ironic twist to the end of Catherine Rollins appearance. Ever since season 1 began, I really liked the charming appeal when she was first introduced to us – the chemistry between the two characters was combustible – which unfortunately, some fans reacted alarmingly against her character.

    Then when season 2 began introducing a new character Lori Weston (played by Lauren German) the fans reacted strongly towards her too. At what point will fans realize that this is just a TV show and not reality TV? When will this nonsense ever come to an end?

    When they introduced both women who are remarkable beautiful and attractive – I thought it was a fun way to allow Kono (who is the only actress on the show that’s thankfully not hated by the fans), to have another female on the show she could bond with!! But for the life of me… I always felt that an added cast member to the team somehow always had one of the show regulars losing a little bit of air time, so the pairing off of the characters at times seemed a little bit frustrating when we saw less of one of the main characters on the show each week.

    But eventually, we too saw the sudden demise of the character Lori Weston – but Catherine came back instead and surprised everyone when she left the navy and joined the Five-0 team as a regular main character on the show – well that really was a great plan wasn’t it? But she was undoubtedly amazing with her fighting kick ass ability in some of the actions scenes in season three, she definitely wowed me – she just wasn’t a pretty face, this girl could kick butt and do really well in the actions scenes which made it fun to watch!! For that, I will truly miss you Michelle Borth, I really miss her natural smile and soft spoken charm. I think that the way this week’s episode ended with Steve never showing her the ring – was a good way to end things, it wasn’t the happy ever he was looking for but deep down inside, I think that this relationship was never going to happen – they are both heroes with commitments to service and in many ways they are both more alike in their commitments and their stubbornness to never let go!! They were both born to lead, and not follow so in mind, this relationship was not meant to be!! Do they truly love each other, I believe so but not enough to give it up for the other.

    With her departure, I hope that it’s a final one – never to be revisited again!! However with the new love interest looming ahead I hope that the show runners are prepared to stand by their commitment to the storyline when they introduce the new character and if she is the new love interest make it happen – don’t let the fans take the happy ever after from Steve again!! Make it stick this time and I hope they really don’t visit the Doris story again…. I’m just tired of it!! It just never seemed to work and took too much time away from the rest of the cast and crime story of the week!! Keep it light, fun , friendly and entertaining, that’s all I want!!! I loved the character Eric by the way!! He was funny, and very much unique like Max who was so eccentric at first, but had mellowed somewhat, or just getting used to him!!

    I love that they have Chi McBride on the show and with the team. He has done a superb job fitting in with the group!! I can’t imagine the team without him and well looks like Kono is going solo once again but she can hold her own extremely well.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I was so sure, when the made Catherine a full time character in Season 3 that the animosity against “any woman paired with Alex/Steve” would end because Catherine was canon. She and Steve were together for years before he came back to Hawaii and they were cute together. Without rehashing the Twitter debacle, it just didn’t work out that way. I’m sorry to see the Catherine of Seasons 1-2-3 leave. I am not sorry to see THIS Catherine leave.


  10. Wendy says:

    Great review, Linda. I thought it was a good episode, and I’m so glad the Catherine thing is over, for now anyway. It’s obvious that final scene in the car set up a storyline for later, but I hope it’s much later. Maybe they’ll end the Doris storyline at the same time, because I’m sure she’s involved somehow.
    Danny was fantastic, what a BFF to have. He had Steve covered all the way, but it was a no win situation all along. I’ll miss him in next weeks episode, but maybe we’ll get the hear that he’s off doing the transplant for Charlie.
    Eric was great, funny, and I love his character. But I can’t see him being in charge of a case on his first day of work. That just didn’t work for me. It would have been great to have Charlie there giving him directions, because I just love Charlie Fong’s character.
    The COTW was a back story that I have to think about to remember what it was about. The whole show was about the characters this week, and it was great.
    I think Jerry and Eric together would be fantastic, I hope we see more of that.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I agree having Eric running a case on his first day of work was a bit far fetched but what the hell, it’s TV and he IS Danny’s nephew so maybe they gave him a bit more rope than an normal newbie would get. LOL I’d have LOVED to have Charlie Fong there to roll his eyes and try to reign Eric in but that wasn’t meant to be. As with so many recurring characters on this show, availability of the actors drives when we see or don’t see someone. I’m assuming Brian Yang is extremely busy with all his other projects and just can’t give Five-0 the time they need. Shame, because I really miss Charlie


  11. rhondagemini says:

    Great review,Linda! I totally agree with everything you said! My heart broke for Steve,but at the same time,Catherine made her choice and she will have to live with it. I really couldn’t focus on any of the other stuff because I was thinking about this. Will be interesting to see how Steve moves forward from this-just wish Danny would be there for him-if Steve ever needed him,it’s now!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Danny will be there for Steve…I have no doubt of that at all. It’s possible Steve doesn’t tell Danny what happened right away. If Danny is at the hospital, in the middle of little Charlie’s transplant, Steve (I’m good…I’m fine Steve) might not want to burden Danny with his problems. It’s possible Danny doesn’t find out until later. THAT’S a scene I want to see. Danny will be furious and heartbroken for Steve in turns but will ultimately be the friend to Steve that he needs. I’m looking forward to that


  12. Lindaha , as always a great review I loved this episode everyone played a part large or small true Ohana. For me season 6 has started very character driven which is a real treat I think, as promised by Peter shirtless bit better this week lol. Steve and Danny gorgeous I think it was time for Steve and Catherine it would have been boring for her to just yes and them be happy ever after, although her departure was a huge surprise H50 writers sneaky !! I am looking forward to the new story threads we have been promised,! And our boy will need his Ohana now more than ever, Until next week when we met to tweet at 2amm Thank you for taking the time to write and review for us fans xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • I agree Maggie. I’m looking forward to seeing new stories and new characters too. No show can survive if it stagnates. I may not like everything they do on this show but they never let it get boring!


  13. I don’t know what to make of the way this ended. I would tend to agree with you, Linda, it is probably the last we’ve seen of Cath, especially with the montage of memories on both Steve’s and Catherine’s part. But then, the phone call she made … will she be an offscreen presence like Doris has been and Joe White has been at times, or will we see her face again as we’ve seen Joe’s?

    Liked by 1 person

    • I tend to think we have seen the last of Catherine BUT they just can’t let her go 100%. If they wanted to do that, they could have just killed her off. This way she stays an ace in the hole to be pulled out if they ever see the need.


  14. CO Starnes says:

    Love your review as always Linda. Let me first say that I loved the way the director filmed this one, the camera shots and angles were wonderful. As well as the action from AirJef and his crew. Now about Cath (and this is just my take), I believe she conveniently showing up for the wedding was odd. And now with the phone call she made at the end, my spidey senses are tingling. I do believe she does love Steve, but she left NOT because she wants to feel needed but to save him from something or someone. Hence the reason the voice asked if he (Steve) suspected anything. I don’t think we will see her for a while but it’s another arc for PL to tease us with. I do wish we could see a little Steve drowning his sorrows out back and Danny coming to talk him down. (I think both Al and Scott’s dramatic acting skills are too good to pass up that opportunity!)
    All in all the episode was good as always, especially with the return of several characters added to the mix.
    Looking forward to see where PL takes us!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • What is the gripping compulsion everyone in Steve’s life has to always try to protect him? He is a Navy SEAL, he’s been through more adversity and seen more suffering than any human being should but those who claim to love him treat him like some kind of vestal virgin who will be crushed into dust if he hears a painful truth. Got old a long time ago.


  15. Brooklyngirl says:

    Great review Linda!

    I liked the Catherine of seasons 1, 2 and 3. Had they continued in that way, a small sprinkling here and there, it would have been perfect. I know, for me, my dislike of the character started, not so much when she left him to die in Afghanistan, though that started it (to her credit, she did call Danny), but when he called her from home. He was battered, bruised and scared for her. It was written on his face, you heard it in his voice. He needed to talk to her, know she was ok. Knowing what he’d been through she didn’t even ask how he was. Not even an “I’m happy to hear your voice”. It was that thoughtless, selfish act, coupled with the crocodile tears, that made me realize she might love him but she definitely wasn’t in love with him. Big difference. I think he realized that as well.

    She now has to pay the piper because we all know that no good deed goes unpunished. So her leaving is a relief. And will leave Steve (hopefully) out of the pay back. Steve knows he’s better off without her. He doesn’t like liars and, regardless of the reason, she lied to him once again. At least now he will finally/hopefully get the chance to move on with his life and find happiness.

    I know I’m in the minority when I say this, but I really wish tptb would stick to the procedural and leave the romance out or to an occasional mention. I am looking forward to the new stories and the new additions (as long as the hate and venom are left out, but I doubt that – hope the new gals have steel spines [read Sarah]) that are coming down the line!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I agree 100%. That phone call is what eventually turned me away from her for good. The fact that she never said a thing about his health or his condition when she KNEW without a shadow of a doubt what the Taliban does to military prisoners. Not even an “Oh thank God, you’re alright!” Made me so mad!


  16. My vision of love is, perhaps, idealized. Now Cath loves Steve, yes but is not in love with him (Vice-Versa) it’s a relationship based on common experiences, great loyalty and a huge friendship , but that does not make a 2 people, a couple, able to face life together. 10 years without evolved into something concrete and wait for his return after one year’s absence for the proposal; for me for me it is revealing : they are not made to live together. If she comes back (and i hope no Steve deserves better) I think it’s because she stole the heart of Peter Lenkov (LOL) and not the heart of Steve. I really believe that Steve has had enough of lies, abandonment and suffering for a lifetime. I hope the story of Doris will have an explanation (without Cath) to finally move on. After 5 years Steve deserves a personal story less difficult and I hope that in the Show we will also see the history of other characters and always these detective stories that I find still interesting.


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