#H50 Review – 6.01 – Mai ho’oni I ka wai lana málie (Do Not Disturb the Water That is Tranquil)

Thirteen days! Thirteen days of keeping a promise to myself. For someone who loves to talk, for someone who loves to share the fun and excitement when something great happens, keeping my mouth shut about the Season 6 premiere was really a challenge. Seeing the episode on Queen’s Beach at Sunset on the Beach was a wonderful experience but it also was extremely helpful in my attempt not to spoil anyone until it aired on TV. Because even though I got to see the episode almost 2 weeks before most people, I can honestly say it was a bit difficult to remember everything that happened in the episode.

First off, as usual, we were given a premiere simply jammed packed with enough going on to make my head spin. Add to that, being up for over 26 hours the day before, then spending over 12 hours on Saturday on the extremely wet then brilliantly sunny, scorching hot and humid beach.  By the time the episode began I was not the most coherent person on the beach. Then, having found a spot in the sand only about 10 feet from the crashing waves of the Pacific Ocean, hearing the episode was a bit of a challenge. It was, quite frankly, really noisy. Add to that we were a significant distance from the screen and there was a giant pole holding all the stage lights blocking part of the screen. Watching the premiere episode of H50 at SOTB was a wonderful experience I will never forget but it’s really not the best way to capture all the nuances of a great episode.

I did know I really loved everything in the episode I was actually able to see and hear. I “awwwed”, I laughed, I cringed, I cheered. I had to turn away from the screen at one point and at another I think I actually screamed. In short, this episode was everything I expect from a great H50 episode.

But because of the distractions on the beach I was looking forward to seeing the episode on Friday night even more than usual. Already seeing it whetted my appetite to really watch it, from the comfort and quiet of my sofa so I could see and hear everything I already knew I loved and catch up on anything I might have missed.

So let’s get started:

– Pirates invade Honolulu and the Crime of the Week: Having just spent a week in Honolulu and visiting not only the famous Aliʻiōlani Hale but also Queen Emma’s Summer Palace and the Bishop Museum, I’ve come to understand a bit more about the richness of Hawaiian history and, although this is pure fiction, I really enjoyed seeing the scene at the banquet in the Palace of King Kalakaua. Too bad the pirates had to invade and ruin the happy occasion! I was almost expecting to see Capt. Jack Sparrow appear on my screen at any moment. “Take what you can…give nothing back”.

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The COTW was a good story, with lots of twists and turns as is usual for H50. I always enjoy a COTW that makes me think, that I’m sure I have figured out yet still manages to surprise me. Some people don’t like it when the plot is rather confusing, but I like when I have to really puzzle something out. And it doesn’t bother me in the least when I get it wrong. It happens a lot! LOL  This one went back and forth to include a murder, a museum robbery, a couple of hostage situations and a treasure hunt.  It was a bit dizzying but really a great story.  I like them like this!

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I also liked how they used Jerry on this because, well, let’s face it, legends, myths, conspiracies, they are all right up his alley. I really like it when Jerry invades Steve’s office to work on one of his convoluted theories which requires he spread out all over Steve’s desk and office. It’s also really cute how he keeps badgering Steve for his own office and/or a badge. One of these days I really want to see Danny walk in on Jerry with his crap all over Steve’s desk, take one look at Steve with his constipated control freak face on, bust up laughing, shake his head and just walk out! ROFL

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I love Jerry, I truly do. I think he adds a lot to the dynamic of the team without being an actual part of it. So please, for the love of God, let’s keep it that way and not ever give Jerry a badge. An office, or better yet, a work room of some sort on the premises is acceptable but please never a badge. He is not a cop, an ex-cop, in the military or any of the other qualifications which make for an official member of Five-0. You want to give him a badge that says “consultant” or maybe “team mascot”? Go for it.

Honestly I think we may just hear about this pirate treasure again someday. I know they figured out that Washburn was a fraud but what if he wasn’t after all. What if the cheap stuff they found was only a ruse and the real treasure is still out there somewhere. Chin did say it was never recovered. And old Washburn has a striking resemblance to young Washburn, no?

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– Kono and Adam: First off I adored their wedding reception. We, of course, got to see a glimpse of the fun in an IG video posted by Peter a few weeks ago but to see the whole thing was a lot of fun. It’s unfortunate that the boys were forced to discuss Gabriel’s interruption of the ceremony during the reception but even that impromptu meeting didn’t manage to lessen the warmth and fun of the evening. From Tia Carrere’s beautiful singing to watching everyone take to the dance floor, it was a fantastic reception, even though, for us, it didn’t last very long. I just adored the “We Are Ohana” and everyone dancing. You just gotta love the moves from Max, and I loved it when Steve managed to snag Danny for a twirl or two.

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It’s unfortunate that the happiness of Mrs. Noshimuri and Mr. Kalakaua (just how adorable was that) is extremely short lived. I’m looking forward to seeing how this story plays out but I really wish they had let Kono and Adam be happy for just a bit, like… oh… I don’t know, a whole day maybe, before having Gabriel and his evil descend on them. And… oh…. did he descend… hard! I have to admit, even on the beach I found some of these scenes extremely hard to watch. When that masked man went after Kono’s teeth, oh my god, I had to turn away. Just a bit too Marathon Man for me.

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And how stupid was it for the masked dental torturer to leave Kono unattended with a scalpel within easy reach? He obviously doesn’t watch this show, does he? LOL I just adored that she was able to get herself free and head off to the bank try to save Adam. Kono is always so badass.

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Little bit of a funny story about that bank. When Lynnette and I were in Oahu @lisalisa98 took us on a walking tour all over to see sites from the show. We visited this bank (it was also where Kono had her shootout with Frank Delano in season 2) so, of course, I needed to take a picture of it. As I was taking the picture I noticed a security guard watching us. After a few moments he casually walked over to us. “Excuse me…can I ask why you’re taking pictures of the bank?” he asked. For a moment I was a bit flustered but then my Five-0 fangirl kicked in and I replied “Well, we’re Hawaii Five-0 fans, you see, and Kono had a shoot-out in this bank so, of course, I need a picture of it”. He just looked at me, totally puzzled and said “Ummmmmm ooookay…”. It really was pretty funny. I guess he thought we were casing the joint or something. I did offer to show him the shot and delete it if he felt I should but he said it was ok, smiled at our crazy selves and walked away.

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Anyway, back to the show….when Gabriel turned around and shot Adam, I literally screamed out “Noooooo”. People on the beach around me must have thought I was nuts unless they were screaming right along with me. When Chin’s phone rang my heart just sank… “oh no, that’s Kono”. The look on Chin’s face was deathly. Friggin’ worst honeymoon ever!

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The episode ends with the team running to meet Kono at the hospital, she’s covered in blood and Adam is in surgery. From editing pictures we’ve seen, and the official synopsis for the upcoming episode, we know Adam survives but the situation for them both is, once again, dire. Gabriel has all the money Adam was going to use to pay off the Yakuza. Without it, as Kono says, they are “both dead”. Ohhhhhh this story is gonna be so good!!!  Did you see the look on Steve face?  This is personal for them all now!

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At the end of last season I was really looking forward to seeing what kind of villain they would make Gabriel and curious to see how Christopher Sean would play him. Well now, I have no doubts at all that Gabriel and Christopher are going to be an excellent replacement for WoFat and Mark Decascos. WoFat’s agenda was always personal, always ultimately aimed at Steve and the McGarrett family. He was precise and methodical. When he did resort to torture it was only aimed at Steve!

But, while Gabriel does have a personal connection with Chin, he is not confining his evil to just Chin. He’s already tried to turn Chin against Adam, and has now brutally gone after both Adam and Kono. With WoFat the entire team was after him for Steve’s sake, out of loyalty and love for him. The entire team will be after Gabriel now too for what he has done to three members of their Ohana. And you just know Gabriel is far from done. He will be a formidable adversary for them all. I can’t wait for his first run in with Steve!

– Steve and Catherine: I’ve tried to hold off voicing a public opinion on this for the most part. I wanted to see more than what I saw in the S5 finale before I made up my mind one way or the other about them. Now, having seen this episode and what little they actually had Catherine do in it, I can honestly finally say that this couple, at this point in time, do absolutely nothing for me.

I know all the reasons folks list about why they don’t care for Catherine. For me, it honestly has nothing to do with her staying behind in Afghanistan, doesn’t have to do with the way she basically broke up with Steve in an email or that she stayed away for an entire year. It doesn’t matter what I or anyone else thinks about these things, even the characters in the show, because Steve obviously doesn’t have a problem with any of it.  If people consider him a strong, intelligent man, which I wholeheartedly do, then his judgement must be accepted in this matter. It’s just, personally, for me, I don’t feel it between them anymore.

But he’s obviously happy she’s back so I’m happy for him that he has her back. Now that she is, Steve is ready to take the next step. For the time being, I will be excited for him, just like Danny and the rest of the guys are, but I’m going to wait and see how it all plays out. I have said it before and this is just my personal feeling on the subject; I honestly don’t consider Catherine an important enough character to care one way or the other whether she stays or goes. As long as it’s written well. With Alex at the helm of this story line I know it will be acted extremely well no matter what happens.

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– Loved Danny’s total excitement over Steve saying he’s going to propose to Catherine and his spilling the beans to the guys in the jungle about Steve’s upcoming proposal. I just love that even though Danny has reservations about why Catherine is back and how long she intends to stay, he is totally there and extremely happy for his best friend.  I also thought that entire scene in the jungle was adorable starting off with all the “boys” complaining about tracking through the jungle, being tired and getting eaten alive by the bugs. And while Steve didn’t appreciate Danny giving away his surprise I’m sure glad he did. It was a great scene with Chin and Lou giving Steve their best wishes and Danny telling them all how he proposed to Rachel with the top of a soda can. Friggin’ adorable!

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– Also loved the bit of continuity added with Danny saying he’d stay behind to guard the entrance of the cave they found because “claustrophobia doesn’t go away”. No… it doesn’t and I’m very glad the writers remembered that. I was certain the claustrophobia angle was written in Season 4 for the express purpose of dropping a building on the guys and that it would be forgotten once that episode was history. There have been several references to it since then, including this one. This makes me very happy.

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– Also, we have ever actually seen Steve put a beat down on a woman before?  I mean, we’ve seen him shoot woman perps plenty of times but an actual hand-to-hand beat down?  I think this was a first.

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So…there it is. Episode 1 of a great new season of Five-0. They’ve set up a couple of really great arcs for us to follow. Peter has said this season will revolve around the personal relationships of the team and he has certainly set us on that course. What will Kono and Adam do now that they are not only living on a cop’s salary but also have the Yakuza on their ass again? When will Steve pop the big question and what will Cath’s answer be? Will Steve ever get the chance to even ask her? Then there are the stories we know are coming which this premiere didn’t touch on. Chin and his new lady love. And we can’t forget Danny and his new relationship with Charlie and how it could potentially effect Grace?

Oh man…hang on gang. It promises to be another wild ride of a season! Personally, I can’t wait to see it all unfold.

Note about photographs:  All the photos above are screen caps done by me from iTunes.

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21 thoughts on “#H50 Review – 6.01 – Mai ho’oni I ka wai lana málie (Do Not Disturb the Water That is Tranquil)

  1. I love the episode, the opening with the pirates as I tweeted PL last night it reminded me of the 1st Harry Potter when they were going to Hogwarts in the boats and from there the episode only moved faster for me. Not one thing can I say bad about the season premier other than as always it ended too soon. In the past seasons with Catherine for me the relationship jelled but with her return there seems to be something off just a little. I love McRoll but with the leakage of the fact that Steve dates someone else now I’m wondering what PL has in store for us, I am sure some will cheer, some will cry and some will be nasty whatever the finale outcome. I say if we had the money and the talent to write and produce a show then we would have a say but until then we can only dream. The one thing that crossed my mind when Danny told Chin and Lou about the engagement was what Steve said to him when he was giving himself that shot, (Danny, you’re such a girl), lol.
    This season i’m going to enjoy the show, your blog Linda and Wendies blog and I’m going to ignore the ratings. I want to enjoy however long the show is on and if we get more seasons I will be happy if not we will have had 6 wonderful ones and I’m only going to watch and read things that make me smile.

    Linda, I was kidding about going your bail but since you almost had to be taken to the “blue room” I would have helped come up with the funds, lol. As always Linda great review and I can’t wait until next week 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • I agree Wanda. I am going to try really hard not to even look at ratings this year. All of the returning shows on CBS so far had a ratings dip. Since it’s unlikely CBS will cancel their entire drama lineup because of the ratings, it’s useless for us to worry about them. Just like the show itself, what will happen…will happen. I just want to watch my favorite shows and enjoy them for as long as they are there for me to enjoy. My wish for Five-0 was always 6 seasons. And here we are. Everything after this is gravy and I’m going to enjoy the hell out of it.


  2. Wendy says:

    The episode was good, but I didn’t think it matched some of the other season opening episodes. The COTW was interesting, and I love the fight at the end. Danny and Steve’s banter was really good, therapy must be working lol. Kono and Adam’s story line was heart stopping at time, and there’s more too come, I’m sure. As for Steve and Catherine, I think she’ll turn him down, or back out, something anyway. I seem to remember Peter saying she’s only there for the first three episodes.

    Great review Linda, as always. Looking forward to next week episode and your review.

    Liked by 1 person

    • As usual, I’m having trouble getting on so I’ll try this. I agree with you 100% about Jerry. Please don’t put him on the team. He doesn’t belong there. Give him a workspace, let him help the team, but don’t put him on the team. I agree with Wendy, too,. Not my favorite episode, but not bad. Last years premiere and the season finale had a lot more action and adventure. But there are a lot more episodes to come and I think they are setting us up for a grand adventure and a great season.


    • I suppose if you stack this premiere against hostages in HQ, spectacular car crashes and helicopter stunts in Aloha Stadium or landing an aircraft down the center of Kalakaua Avenue, yeah…maybe it wasn’t as spectacular. But Peter has said this season is going to concentrate more on the relationships of the team so in that regard this premiere was a great set up. Yes it was different, but I really liked it a lot. Can’t wait to see where these stories (and those we haven’t started yet) take us.


  3. Love your review, Babe! I know how hard it was to keep a secret for 2 weeks! Um, you didn’t notice me backing slowly away from you when the security guard asked your about your picture taking at the Bank of HI, did you? I think Wanda had only scraped up enough bail money for one of us, anyway…

    After watching the premier again, I DO think that pirate-looking ship cruising Waikiki during SOTB was used for the very opening scene of the Pirates heading ashore in their dinghies. I also loved the scene at the Iolani Palace (I’ve been in that dining room, but not with you, Linda) and later in the episode, the great hall and the royalty room at the Bishop Museum that we did visit together (was it only last week?)

    I managed to catch most of the nuances this time around, too. A fantastic Cargument and bromance, some sweet but horribly shortened newlywed time, buried treasure and plenty of greed. Perfect.

    I was particularly enamoured with Danny. Even though his own marriage turned out to be a complete disaster, he was still ridiculously pleased for Steve to have made up his mind to ask Catherine to marry him. As you say so eloquently, Linda, we don’t really know how it will all turn out for Catherine and Steve, but for Danny to be so giddy about the prospect of Steve and Catherine tying the knot, it only proves that Danny does have it in himself to be a happy person. I hope some day we will see that for him, too.

    Looking forward to a fun new season of H50! Thanks for writing, Linda!

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    • LOL I DID notice you backing away from me…but wasn’t going to bring it up! 😉 You have to admit, that security guard was looking at us like we were insane. He had no idea what the hell I was talking about. “Kono had a shootout in the bank? Who the hell is Kono??” I wonder what he would have thought if I said I’d only talk to McGarrett ROFL

      I totally agree about Danny. He was so giddy and happy for Steve it warmed my heart. He has his reservations about Catherine and worries about Steve getting hurt again but he’s able to put that aside and just be happy for his best friend. I loved the way he spilled the beans to the guys in the jungle. Wanda above is correct. Danny was “such a girl” unable to keep the happy news to himself. I thought it was totally adorable.


  4. rhondagemini says:

    You nailed it again,sistah! You covered all the bases nicely! As for Steve & Catherine,I am taking a wait and see attitude on this,but I loved Danny’s reaction to the news and him being so excited about it he couldn’t keep it to himself as he knew Steve expected him to! Gabriel will definitely be a formidable foe for the team-he makes Wo Fat look like a saint in comparison!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Taking a wait and see approach to Steve and Catherine seems like the wisest thing to do. Yes we’ve heard about his new “love interest” and people are reading into that what they want. Some see it as Steve and Catherine over forever…..some see it as a bump in their road and they’ll reunite somewhere down the line…..some see it as a ruse and they will be together right now. All we can do is sit back and watch whatever it is unfold.


  5. Just loved this season 6 opener, stayed up till 2am to live stream and it didn’t disappoint Congrats to Bryan Spicer the opening scenes I thought it was a movie great stories lines coming up I really can’t wait Peter promised a great season and he always seems to deliver

    great review Linda loved everything about it .

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I loved it. I think it was the first hand to hand fight with a woman for Steve on the show. I also have a slight pet peeve, who opens the door without seeing who it is, really? Gabe must not have to mask man that Kono is dangerous and you would think that the Ys would have more security on when Adam takes out the money and the Ys must have mole telling Gabe things or Gabe put a bug in the house or pigging back the Ys bug. Maybe H50 can convince the Ys that Gabe and whom ever is working with him or for him is danger the Ys business, maybe the Ys will take him down in couple of years. Because we need need 6 or 7 more years of Hawaii 50. NCIS: Vegas is ending this Sunday after 15 years, why can we have our Hawaii 50 that long. Adam needs a little bit of toughening up, Steve and the guys need to take him to shooting the range and see he knows how to fight. You know the pirates will be back, just to annoy Danny, because he’ll probably see them as ghost. LOL!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • As was pointed out to me on Twitter yesterday (and I can NOT believe I forgot it) this is not the first time Steve has put the beat down on a woman in hand-to-hand combat. He took out WoFat’s accomplice in the 100th episode in a brutal physical fight, while still strapped to a chair no less, and without weapons. He strangled her to death with his bare hands!


  7. CO Starnes says:

    Enjoyed your review as always Linda. I felt like we started with “Pirates of the Caribbean”, then rolled into “Goonies” and “National Treasure” with a side of “Stand by Me”. Somewhere in those 43 minutes an A plot COTW showed up along with a B plot with Kono/Adam. I agree with you that Kono/Adam should have gotten at least one day of bliss before Gabriel showed up. I think PL could have made this one a two part episode. I don’t feel like the story line needs to be wrapped up every week, continuations are exceptable. It seems like they are rushing through the episodes again to cram as much in as they can but are sacrificing some GREAT acting opportunities while doing it.
    I don’t like spoilers; however, I too have heard the Catherine rumors and now am anxious to see how PL (also McGarret) are going to handle it. I would love some closure to it, don’t let it hang like the Doris situation.
    Looking forward to another great season!
    P/S There has to be a S7, because I’ve already made plans to meet some friends for SOTB w/ beach chairs and wine:)

    Liked by 1 person

    • I hope, every season, that we get at least one 2 part episode. Last season we did have the Elvis episode which was a bit of a continuation of the “Steve and Danny on a stakeout” episode with the diamonds stolen in the first episode playing a big part in the later Elvis episode. But that really wasn’t a genuine 2 parter. There have been several episodes over the years that I thought would have made great 2 parters. I’m not going to give up hope that we’ll get one eventually.


    • I don’t think I’ve ever seen Grace where she wasn’t beautiful. Even when they TRY to mess her up, her beauty just shines through. As a bride… well…. there was no way in hell she wouldn’t have been positively stunning!


  8. Yay, finally caught up with Friday’s episode and just finished reading your wonderful blog!! Well this for me was a really intense episode especially after Gabriel kidnapped both Adam and Kono during their honeymoon!! Can none of these heroes get a break? The good news is I really believe Adam will survive but seeing him lie down on the floor of that bank after being shot, looking pale and defeated…. It was a difficult moment to watch – unlike the scene when he kidnapped Joe to find out where his father was. In the earlier episodes Adam was not just tough he was scary Jakuza tough but now he’s just a groom lying in a hospital bed fighting for his life!! Guess the bubble bath scene will have to wait….lol!!

    There was a moment in that scene before he agreed to Gabriel’s terms – he looked right at Kono which made me think that the two had an unspoken communication about how all of this was going to end, I sense not just a bond between them but a level of trust where Adam was going to buy Kono time to rescue herself …and then go after Adam in time to prevent the transfer of money, which I was hoping for.

    I agree with everyone else about the character Jerry!! He is a fun character to have on the show, no doubt with his sense of humor, he is remarkably smart when it comes to solving cases that seem hopelessly unsolved….could there be more treasure episodes? I’m keeping an open mind but yes, he should just be plain Jerry with possibly an office to work in but not a badge!! We have Grover for that who by the way, is a great fit for the team.

    As for the bank photo shot opportunity? I would find it rather amusing if you and Lynette had walked in the middle of a scene and told an actor that you were there to just simply take pictures cos that’s where Kono took down a bad guy – would make a really amusing gag reel…. Not to mention if you were both arrested and taken down for questioning…. Only to see Five-0h Steve and Danno standing in the interrogating room…. Watch these two girls throw a fainting fit and fast confession….lol!!!

    As for Catherine, I’m disappointed that Steve would offer to propose, especially knowing that she’s not going to be in the next season anyway…. So why would they want to create a moment that would make most of us ecstatic, not just Danny and the team but the majority of fans who like her? It just seems pointless and a waste of time to have that in the story but then again the look on Steve’s face, it’s the look of a guy who hasn’t been happy for a really long time…. Now is that fair to really make him miserable if she turns him down? But like everyone else, I’ll keep an open mind too!! Great Review Linda as always!!


  9. Carole says:

    It seems I’m fixed – for the moment, so lets see if I can remember what I wrote…..first, nice to be back reading your review S6 – wow!
    I really need to watch this one again because there was so much going on. Things that stood out – dancing at the reception (too cute) surpried the baddies were so brutal – ouch! Grace looking so grown up, how elaborate the pirate scenes were & the nice twist at the end when it turns out to be an hoax and Danny’s reaction to Steve’s news – that got me, until I thought about it. A few seasons ago Danny would have been bouncing off the overhead in full rant, but he is trying to change and Steve is his best friend and of course he wants him to be happy. I guess we’ll all find out how it turns out in a couple of weeks and no doubt D will be there no matter what. I’m just happy to have new episodes every week. Looking forward to another great season.


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