#H50 Review – 5.22 – Ho’amoano – Chasing Yesterday

After a Friday without Five-0 and a two week break I know I’m not the only one who looks forward to a brand new episode. I’m also pretty sure I’m not the only one who heard the names Pauly Shore, Jaleel White and Kevin Farley and ….well to be honest…rolled my eyes. Really? To be very honest, I have never been a fan of the types of movies actors like Shore and Farley make. And Jaleel? He will forever be Steve Urkel to me as unfair to him as that probably is. Then I read the synopsis of this episode and saw the sneak peeks and I can honestly say I was a bit apprehensive of what this episode would bring.

This episode had two distinct story lines with the team split up to cover them. I usually really dislike this because I love it when the entire team works together on a single big case. But in this instance neither case warranted the skills of all five team members. This actually makes sense when you really think about it. I mean, in real life crime doesn’t happen one case at a time. And even though Five-0 spends the vast majority of their time on Oahu, they are the Governor’s Task Force for the entire State of Hawaii which is not, obviously, just Oahu. So the fact that there are times when the team needs to split up to cover more than one case at a time is more realistic than thinking that while the team is covering one crime all the other crime on the islands takes a break.

For our first crime of the night, we have the honor of being introduced to Jake, Nolan and Mickey, the three biggest buffoons to ever leave Cleveland. These guys fabricate a story for their wives of male bonding while hunting wild boar. Seriously? I don’t know who’s more stupid in this scenario, these three imbeciles or their wives for believing them. Then these 40-something CPA’s set out on their real mission. To have as much sex as they can with as many college age spring breaking women as they can. Ok…..ewwww!

For blog4    For blog3 For blog2The fact that they wake up in their completely trashed hotel room (and exactly how DID the toilet end up in the living room?) not remembering a thing about the night before isn’t a surprise but the dead girl in the bathtub surely is. So what do these Einstein’s decide to do? They decide their best course of action is to drive the body out to the middle of nowhere and attempt to hide it. Excellent choice men…. excellent choice.

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For blog21So, of course, Five-0 gets called in. The best part of this is we get to see Steve, Danny and Lou take an idiot each into interrogation rooms to see if they can get the stories of Dumb, Dumber and Dumbest to jive. They also listen to voicemails left on one of the guy’s phones by his very pissed off wife. I have to admit I was a bit put out at the way Steve and Danny kind of made the wife on the phone sound like a bit of a shrew. “She seems like quite a catch, this lady”. Ummmm guys? Her idiot of a 40 year old husband and his two equally moronic friends lied to her and went to Hawaii for the sole purpose of having as much sex as possible with college girls and she’s “a catch” for being a tad upset about it?? Major fail guys!

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Anyway, when the guys decide these morons might actually be telling the truth and they simply crossed paths with the victim at some point they head off to reconstruct the evening these guys can’t remember. That means we’re lucky enough to get to follow along and see that it is indeed possible to commit enough idiocy in one night to last a lifetime. Welcome to the “worst pickup lines ever” Convention.

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For blog86It turns out the girl is killed just as she’s about to meet the father she never knew, a wealthy man on his death bed. The moment I saw the old man’s son I knew he was the killer. He didn’t want his new found “sister” taking any part of his inheritance once the old man was dead. I have to admit it was a twist worthy of this show and one I never expected.

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Ok…by now I’m sure you get the idea that this story line really wasn’t to my liking. Like I said before, I have never cared for the types of movies that have these kinds of story lines. But that doesn’t mean there weren’t things I did fine enjoyable about it. Just because I thought it was idiotic doesn’t mean I didn’t laugh several times at the situations these guys were getting into.

I thought it was hysterical the way all the young servers and bartenders, etc. Steve and Danny talked with commented on how the three guys either looked like “parents” or were “really old….like 40!” Considering that, “like 40” is only a year or so older than Steve and Danny themselves are…well….OUCH! LOL

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And I always love it when Steve goes into “Uncle Steve” mode:

Steve: “Ok, I’ve been here for 3 minutes and I’ve already seen 6 felonies”
Danny: “Seven”
Steve: “Promise me one thing buddy.
Danny: “Yeah”
Steve: “Promise me that Gracie will get her college degree online”
Danny: “Done! Why would you even bring up her name here??”

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Then there is Max. Ahhhhhh Max you are truly an enigma wrapped in a riddle brah!

Max: “There was an incident in Cancun…spring of ’94….that included a bottle of absinthe, a regrettable tattoo and 48 hours in a Mexican prison”. Lou may not want to know any of the details but I sure as hell do! LOL

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Of the two cases of the night, Chin and Kono’s case had more of an opportunity to be expanded into a full blown case for the entire team than did the Hangover. But I’m kind of glad they didn’t do that because I really liked the fact that we got to see Chin and Kono along with Jerry work this case. There were some really great moments and scenes in this storyline and that’s what saved this episode for me.

I loved seeing Jerry expanding his duties at the Shrimp Truck and that Kamekona is continuing to expand his entrepreneurial reach. But Jerry is probably right. 15 minute delivery or your order is free seems like a stretch considering the size of the island and the amount of traffic that seems to be a constant there. But it was hysterical seeing Kame’s face on the back of Jerry’s helmet. Add to that the theme from Speed Racer from Jerry’s “driving playlist” and this was one of my favorite scenes.

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Jerry has proved time and time again that he is an asset to Five-0 and this episode was no exception. Witnessing an apparent kidnapping and following the car to find a dead body, Jerry got the Chin/Kono case off and running. But poor Jerry… for all the help he’s given the team the last couple of years he really wants a Five-0 badge so bad.

Jerry: You know how many dead bodies I’d seen before I started hanging out with Five-0? That would be none…nada…zero! And the fun doesn’t stop there. I mean, let’s not forget being accused of robbery, being abducted, having my life’s work stolen and, oh yeah…there was that Chinese spy who broke into my house and tried to off me. So where’s the love, the aloha, a badge would be nice.”

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I’ve been watching cop shows all my life so seeing a sketch artist sitting with a witness trying to construct a face is nothing new. But how friggin’ cool is this? Makes sense in this day and age that paper and pencil would be replaced by a tablet and technology AND they can run the facial rec right from there. Awesome!

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When the kidnapping and sex trafficking case turns out to be a slave labor camp farming coffee we get to see Chin and Kono head off to the Big Island of Hawaii. I LOVE it when we get to visit other islands!

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And, come on? Who doesn’t love seeing the Wonder twins working together on their own and going all bad ass to bring down their perp? They really are one awesome combination.

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I loved the ending with everyone all dressed up to watch as Jerry gets awarded the Honolulu Police Department’s Medal of Valor at a public ceremony at the State Building. Jerry may still be longing for that Five-0 badge but that medal is pretty damn cool and well deserved.

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I found it interesting that Chin hasn’t spoken to anyone yet about those pictures Gabriel left at his house but it does make sense that Steve is the first person he does show them too and that he hasn’t shown them to Kono yet. There is no need to upset Kono yet, not when he has no idea what they mean. It’s also interesting that he was able to authenticate the photos but has not, as yet, been able to identify the man seen with Adam. To me that means this man isn’t in any database that Chin has access to. Curiouser and curiouser!

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All in all an episode that will not go down as a favorite by any means but still one I did enjoy. It’s Five-0 and you guys know me. I always find something to enjoy. There was a great deal of Steve and Danny interaction in this episode and we haven’t had a lot of that lately. Just that alone made it worthwhile to watch and re-watch. As always, they are the main reason I adore this show as much as I do.

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So…another new next week and this one should be an intense thrill ride with Kono alone and lost at sea. I can’t wait to see how the guys are going to react to her predicament and how Kono will manage to pull herself out of it. It’s going to be a great one I am positive!

Have a great week my friends! Aloha!


19 thoughts on “#H50 Review – 5.22 – Ho’amoano – Chasing Yesterday

  1. Carole says:

    Your take was pretty much the same as mine – not a fan of the guest stars brand of humor, but at least it was a new episode even if much of it was really dumb. We did get some great Chin/Kono scenes and Jerry is so sweet – always trying to please. Lou……..I love how he delivers his lines. Most important there was some McDanno. I had a hard time hearing the dialog in the poolside scene- sometimes the background is a bit distracting, but you just know their thoughts were going to Gracie. All in all it seemed like another filler. Now I’m ready for next week- let’s hope for promos (I really wish the network would do a better job in that dept.)

    Liked by 1 person

    • I have no doubt the next 2 weeks (3 episodes) will be anything but filler. Kono’s episode next week looks majorly intense and the spoilers we’ve had for 5.24 and 5.25 look like they will be heart pounding.

      I don’t mind filler episodes nor do I mind episodes in which the content is a bit lighter. This one wasn’t a favorite but it served it’s purpose. It did make me laugh in places and I loved seeing Steve and Danny together more. I hate the idea of the season coming to an end but I can’t wait to see the next 3 episodes!


  2. rhondagemini says:

    You nailed it again,Linda! Those three guys were definitely stupid,although it would an understatement to call them”Dumb,Dumber and Dumbest”. Don’t know which one came up with the idea of dumping the body,but he was really the stupid one. Loved the interrogations-all three proved to be the idiots they were. At the end of it all,I loved the warning Lou gave them about getting their act together or they’d be back on the island to do jail time! As for the case of the guy murdering his new found sister,Jerry worked well together with Chin & Kono! BTW,I like your nickname for them-The Wonder Twins-that is cute and very true to their nature.Jerry definitely deserved that medal,but I know he very much wants an H50 badge! Found it interesting that Chin had not yet identified the man in the photo with Adam. Glad he showed them to Steve,as it would have made no sense to show them to Kono and get her upset. Not the greatest episode,but an enjoyable one nonetheless!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I can’t take credit for the “wonder twins” label. I heard it somewhere a long time ago and I’d give credit to the person who came up with it if I could remember. LOL But I LOVE the way they work together. They are like Steve and Danny. They move in sync always knowing what the other is doing instinctively. They are awesome.

      I love Lou and the way Chi delivers a comedic line always makes me laugh . I am so glad they added him to the cast!


  3. I agreed with everything you said about the episode. I’ll try posting again and see if it works. A lot of the things that were supposed to be humorous I found kind of obnoxious but I also am not into this kind of humor. But, I even said on Wendy’s post that I love the Uncle Steve part. The first thing he does is think about Grace when she goes off to college. I picked up on that too. There was a little bromance and I loved that. That is also my favorite part of the show. We seemed to have agreed wholeheartedly on what we loved about and what we didn’t care for that much.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yippee….you were able to post! I’m so happy! LOL Thanks for always trying even if the site wouldn’t cooperate! LOL Thanks again for reading and replying! I really appreciate all the effort you put in to try to post! ♥♥


  4. Hopefully, it will always work for me now.Seems I figured it out. Looking forward to your next couple reviews but not the end of the season. I like how you are always honest about what you like and don’t like. Everybody has their likes and dislikes. Seems we are on the same page quite often.

    Liked by 1 person

    • There is a reason why this blog is called KoolAid. I’ve been accused more than once of being too easy to please when it comes to this show and I suppose that’s true. But, as you can see from this episode, I don’t like everything about everything on this show. But as you can also see I do always manage to find something I like no matter if an episode isn’t going to go down as a favorite. I just don’t know any other way to be.


  5. Sandra Smith says:

    Good review Linda. Keep up the good work. I enjoy reading your reviews every week. You are insightful and how can I say this, not out to toot any one actor’s horn at the expense of others. You tell us what U like or dislike regardless of who it is. I always appreciate honesty.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks babe! Yes…I do have my favorites but it’s true when I say there isn’t one character on this show that I truly dislike. Oh…there are those I wouldn’t mind seeing less of but I do not dislike them to the point that I wish they were just gone. I just really love this show…can you tell? LOL


  6. One of the best moments for me was Lou sending the three back to Cleveland and giving them their wedding rings back. Chi McBride is always great.
    And I liked the scene where Jerry got his medal. All of Five-0 was there for him as was his mother (I only know that from reading the closing credits and then seeing her in your screen capture). It was cool too that the man who put the medal around his neck is the real life HPD Chief of Police.
    Oh and I never knew that they had more than one blue room down there in the bowels of the building.

    Liked by 1 person

    • That was the real Chief of Police? I didn’t know that. How friggin’ cool is that? And I was wondering about the blue room too. I can’t decide if they have 3 rooms or they interrogated each idiot individually in the one room and the scenes were spliced together in editing the episode. Doesn’t really matter I guess. It was fun to watch the guys brow beat the morons.

      And I know I’ve said this a zillion times, but I too, adore Chi McBride and am so happy he was added to the cast. His line delivery no matter the content is always spot ON!


  7. I liked the episode, too. I had to watch it this morning on the computer, because my new antenna was acting up, just as H50 was starting. I’m having to watch a Tampa station instead of a Orlando station. But I did enjoy the episode, and I think Danny calls Chin and Kono the wonder twins or was that in fan fiction.

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  8. Wendy says:

    Love your review it says everything I would have said. The Kono and Chin story line was classic Five-0 and they were wonderful in it. Jerry is great, but I hope he never gets a Five-0 badge, he’s not a cop. They could make a consultants badge for him though, that would be cool. The main story was okay. Like you I knew it was the son as soon as I saw him. I yelled at the TV, “come on Steve, he did it.” Could have done without the three idiots. It was great that there was actually some Danny/Steve moments in this episode, I’ve so missed them. Yes I like Chi too. I think he fits in really well, as long as he doesn’t take away from the Danny/Steve moments.

    Only three episodes left in the season, that’s so sad. I think I’ll have to watch my seasons 1 thru 4 DVD’s over the summer. Not to mention reading, and maybe, writing some fan fiction stories.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I agree, Jerry is not a cop but I could see him as a civilian office worker at Five-0 who mans the magic table so the others can be in the field. As you said, there could be a “consultants” badge or something similar for him in that capacity.

      The 3 idiots were kind of fun, but I could have done without the recreations of their forgotten adventures. Took up way too much screen time.

      As for Lou taking away Steve and Danny time…I honestly don’t think that’s a concerted effort by the writers. I think it is a logistic necessity to cover the additional time Scott spends away from the set. I have no problem with Scott wanting to spend more time in LA with his family. I’d rather have limited amounts of Danny than no Danny at all. But if Danny’s not there, they’re not going to send Steve off on his own. After all, the “danger magnet” will always need backup. That’s what Lou is for. I don’t like the less Steve/Danny time, but I can understand the reason behind it and be thankful they found an outstanding actor and wrote a fantastic character for him to play to fill the void.


  9. Well, just in time, I finally got to watch this episode. Not my favorite, but considering we’re 115 episodes into the series, you just can’t have 115 favorites! Maybe Hangover, Hawaiian-style was not an inspired script, but I can well imagine this story taking place on Waikiki, complete with the spring break college crowd and the moronic mid-life crisis CPA’s. I didn’t have a problem with it at all.

    Oh, I figured out the girl’s killer as soon as the brother showed up on the screen, too. I’ve watched too many police procedurals, obviously!

    Jerry’s crime was very interesting, loved how they had to go back to the big island to solve it – that’s twice this season. (Have a feeling though, that we were supposed to believe they were there, but filming was staged on Oahu). Personally, I do not want to see Jerry get a badge – because that would mean we’d probably be seeing more of him than we are now, and now is almost too much for me. That’s a personal preference. I’ve gotten used to Grover, love his comedic timing, but less of him would be fine with me, too. Darn those personal preferences!

    A thought about Chin’s pictures – if mystery man is not in the data bases, who the heck is he? Someone we have never heard of before? Or could he be WoFat’s father?

    Thanks for the review, Linda! Always enjoyable to read!

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Hi babe! So glad you were able to find time to watch this episode before the next new one. LOL I guess I just don’t care for those “idiots acting like dumb asses” types of movies and this episode was too much like that for me. But, as always, it’s never all bad for me and I did enjoy parts of this episode a lot.

    As to Jerry…I really like him a lot but I can understand those who would rather see less of him. But it may be left over love for LOST that makes me like Jerry so much. I don’t think he should have a badge either and hopefully Chin’s line about “good things come to those who wait” doesn’t mean it will happen eventually.

    BTW…..you have a new name! LOL I had to approve your comment as if you were a brand new reader. LOL Kinda threw me for a second. LOL


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