#H50 Review: 5.19 – Kahania – Close Shave

This episode had a little bit of everything. And even though I won’t rank it as one of my favorites, it was extremely enjoyable and I liked it very much. I think I’ll give this one another A.

I’m going to start this review a bit backwards this week and start off with a few of the holes I’m sure everyone noticed.

• No Danny…..again. Ok…I understand that apparently Scott has worked something out with TPTB for more time off. I honestly don’t have a problem with that. With the addition of Grover on the team I don’t feel like we’re limping along with a leg missing as much as I did when it happened last season. I totally understand Scott is a new father thousands of miles away from his baby daughter. I have no problem with him not being in episodes…once in a while. But it just seems to be happening more and more frequently. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again….the Steve/Danny friendship is what makes this show for me and I will always miss it when it’s not there.

It’s perfectly logical that Danny would be recuperating after his ordeal in Colombia but I’m kind of glad they didn’t go into detail about that. Steve’s comment that it had been a rough week and Danny would be back next week was enough for me to know what he was talking about. Going into detail about his injuries or how much he needed time to mend would have only highlighted, to me anyway, all the times Steve has been injured, tortured, electrocuted, water boarded, damn near beheaded, yet never seems to get time to recover. Too bad Danny couldn’t have absorbed some of Steve recuperative powers through years of osmosis.

And although I love Grover and he fills in quite nicely all the time, in this particular instance I would have loved if Steve and Danny had been in the barber shop together. I would have loved seeing Steve ping-pong from Danny to Odell in the wise-crack department. I would have loved to hear Danny try to tell Odell how to do his hair or better yet refuse to let Odell get near him with a pair of scissors.  I would have loved a Danny rant…. “A shave Steven…A SHAVE! It was supposed to be just a shave and a haircut…..2 bits! Once again….danger magnet…..that’s what you are!” Ok…so shoot me… I love Danny and I really hope he’s in all the remaining episodes of this season.

• Ummmmm guys…. This is 2015. Who doesn’t have a phone? Ok…maybe Odell doesn’t have a land line in the shop. That’s understandable…many people don’t have land lines but no cell phone? How do you conduct a business, regular customers and walk in’s or not, without a phone? But I’m willing to let that one slide. But Steve…… I realize you’re there to relax and unwind but please…you left your phone in the car? Ok…human error. It’s 6am, you toss the phone on the car seat as you’re driving and simply forget it when you get out. It happens. But you’re Five-0 and a SEAL to boot. You don’t leave your essential equipment behind. Just because its 6am doesn’t mean a case can’t come up.

Not only that but Chin, Kono and Grover, working on Jerry’s case, never noticed that Steve didn’t show up for work today? They didn’t ring his phone to find out where he was. It would have repeatedly gone to voicemail and they would have known something was up because Steve always answers his phone…until today, of course. It reminded me of when Danny had his phone turned off when he was away with Amber. I didn’t like it then either. Like with Danny, you want peace and quiet Steve? Put the damn thing on vibrate but at least have it with you.

• I realize that Steve was in Odell’s shop at 6am. He stated that Odell had given up his morning surfing to open the shop just for him. Other shops and stores on the block wouldn’t be open for hours yet. They also stated that they were pretty far from any residential area. So even if there was enough firepower there to wake the dead it could have taken that long for someone to hear it. But once they did, I’m sure they didn’t call HPD and say they heard “a gunshot”. I’m sure they reported the amount of gunfire they were hearing. And HPD sends only one cop to investigate?

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• I also thought it was really funny that with a gazillion rounds of ammo shooting up Odell’s place the glass front of the flower shop right next door is completely intact. That’s some pretty precise shooting there.

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• The last scene with the photos of all those kids missing and presumed dead. Why didn’t Five-0 know about that and why weren’t they already working that case? There looked to be well over a dozen photos in that pack. How is it that was never reported?

Well, now that that’s out of the way….. I don’t want to give you the impression that I didn’t like this episode because I did…very much. There are certain things that have never bothered me. In all the years I’ve been watching this show there have always been things that make me scratch my head, things that are silly or unbelievable. There have always been WTF moments. But I love this show, I love the characters and the stories and no matter what I don’t like or think could be better, it has never diminished my love for the show as a whole. I feel like they should be mentioned but I have no issue with overlooking them after that because what’s good about this show is always enough to override what could be better. But, of course, that’s just me. Glass is half full…ya know? This episode had funny moments, touching moments, death, destruction, a great twist and managed to get me reaching for a tissue to dab a few tears. So yes…everything I love about Five-0.

• I know there are those who don’t care for Jerry but I love the big guy. Seems he’s still living with Chin and trying his best to earn money. I guess spinning a sign for Kamekona doesn’t pay all that much so he’s standing in as a plant for HPD lineups. He obviously never thought he’d actually be picked as a perp considering the guy is as innocent as a new babe. The forlorn look on his face as he’s in that line up was adorable.

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So, of course, he gets picked and now our conspiracy theorist is living his worst nightmare in an HPD interrogation room. The rest of the team knowing full well that Jerry is innocent set off to track down the real home invader while Jerry cools his heals at HPD. And how adorable is he asking Chin to look after his mom after he’s sent away? Big teddy bear is what he is.

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This story was great comic relief especially when it turned out Max was Jerry’s alibi. Max is a terrible liar and Chin soon found out the boys had been out gambling the night before. Max’s concern when he found out Jerry was in trouble was very sweet. I love it that these two geeks are friends outside work.

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Chin decides to check out the home invasions himself and finds they are escalating in violence. It was a nice way to give him, Kono and Grover something to do. It wasn’t the strongest case out there, filler really, but at least we got to see the rest of the team in action.

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I really really like Grover. I knew I would, right from the beginning but I was one of those who thought he should have remained SWAT commander. I worried his alpha ego would clash with Steve’s and they wouldn’t be able to work together. I also liked the friendly animosity between them and was afraid we’d lose that too. I have never been so happy to be wrong. Lou is awesome as the 5th Five-0. I LOVED how he stood up against the real home invader. I wouldn’t want to tangle with him one bit either. He was also dead accurate in his assessment that Gabriel will be thinking Chin owes him big for killing Coughlin last week. A nice bridge back to last week’s episode.

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• That opening scene with Steve in Odell’s chair getting a shave. All I kept thinking was…..WATCH THE FACE…WATCH THE FACE… Honestly, I have always thought that guys who get a shave like this must be the most trusting souls in the world. I mean…seriously…the guy has a straight edge at the throat! Makes me shudder to think about!

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But Steve is completely relaxed and enjoying his ME time, so much so that at one point it looked like he drifted off. It’s nice to see Steve take some time for himself, just relax and let someone else take care of him for a bit. When he told Odell it had been a tough week, I immediately thought this must be just a few days after the last episode and all the emotional trauma surrounding Chin and, of course, Danny. But it seems that Doris, again, is plaguing his mind. Another really nice bridge to the last episode.

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Steve and Odell were great together. It has become obvious over the years that Alex basically has chemistry with everybody! The banter between these two when everything went sideways was fantastic. Can they recycle bullets??? OMG I was cracking up. But Odell, scared as hell as he was, managed to do everything Steve told him to do, taking care of the wounded Eran, trying to escape, going outside to roll down the security gate (and damn…that bullet came close!), coming up with the Molotov cocktail idea and eventually being the one help take Eran down.

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It really took me back to find out Odell is an attorney. But I can totally relate to his story. I once worked for a doctor who was only a doctor because his father demanded it. He never wanted to be a doctor so he chose the easiest specialty he could find, one where he could work any hours he wanted, never had to deal with emergencies and honestly didn’t have to treat actual sick people. It was rather sad he couldn’t have done something with his life that he really enjoyed. I’m glad Odell followed his Grandpa Jack and found happiness in his life. I’m also really happy he was able to pry a bit of information out of Steve about Doris. “She aided and abetted a man who was trying to kill me for years, then she went into hiding so I couldn’t call her on it”. Yeah…that about sums it up. I really hope we get to see Odell again in the future.

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• Steve was in full-on hero mode in this episode. From the moment Eran hobbled into the shop Steve was going to protect him. Even totally outnumbered and out gunned there is no way he’s giving up without a fight. No one screws with SuperSEAL and gets away with it. The Molotov cocktail he and Odell cooked up reminded me of the General Pak episode in Season 1 and Steve’s take down of all the hitmen reminded me of when the KLM came after WoFat at the high security lock up. No one fucks with SuperSEAL!

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• Speaking of Eran, I had a feeling there was going to be some kind of twist with him. Now, I’m not saying I figured out what it was, because I didn’t. It’s just with this show and particularly when an episode is written by Steven Lilien and Bryan Wynbrandt, nothing is ever as it seems right at first. So I was saying to myself…ok…seemingly innocent kid being tracked down by killers because he saw something he shouldn’t have. He seems sincere, truly scared by what he saw, a kid in real trouble. Hmmmmmmm I wonder….?

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Of course, the twist, when it was finally revealed was a total shock. Suspecting him to not be what he seemed is one thing. What he really turned out to be was a twist I NEVER saw coming and, honestly, made me sick. The fact that his crime was so heinous his own father, a ruthless Armenian mob boss, wanted him dead because he felt he was “touched by the devil”. He also assumed HPD and by extension Steve and Five-0 had heard about all those missing children. I can’t tell from Steve’s expression if he DID know about it or not but I can’t believe, as I said above, if he had heard, Five-0 wouldn’t have been working that case.

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• The last two scenes were what made this episode for me. They were two extremely well written and acted scenes. In the blue room, Steve is almost reluctant to tell the man that his son is dead even though the man already knows it to be true. He thanks Steve for doing what he, himself could not do. Rid the world of who he considered a monster even if he was his son. When Steve asks him to do the right thing, to bring closure to all the families of those lost children, I just KNEW the next scene would be my undoing. Steve almost seems afraid of what he would find.

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Then Steve arrived at Eran’s secret room. This is the kind of scene that always solidifies my love for the acting style of Alex O’Loughlin. A scene with no dialog…yet a scene where Alex delivers pages of dialog with just his eyes and his movements. He slowly walks down the stairs and sees all the locks on the door. You can see immediately that he realizes what that signifies. He slowly reaches out to open the door. It feels as if he’s afraid of what he is going to find. The moment his light shines on the one small pink shoe on the floor you just know this is going to be horrible. Steve walks into the room, his light shining on the clothes and toys left behind by the small souls who were kept in this room. Steve’s reactions are so incredibly subtle, a man fighting to keep his emotions in check. A man fluctuating between sadness and anger. Then he opens that box and finds the pictures. Concrete evidence of the young lives Eran stole from the world. Boys and girls, so young, so vulnerable, dead at the hands of a monster. And Steve just loses it and I am gone!

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I was beginning to think I was going to have to complain that for two weeks in a row Peter told us we would need tissues and we didn’t. Then the last scene played out. There is nothing in this world that does me in more than when an incredibly strong man is reduced to tears and Alex absolutely ROCKS the emo scenes like nobody’s business.

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The fact that Steve broke down like this is, I hope, a telling sign that all the horrible and traumatic things that he’s gone through and witnessed in his life are finally catching up to him.  Like I said…I hope this is true and maybe….just maybe…we might see some of the PTSD story that was hinted at a year ago.  I mean, before now, a situation like this would have made Steve angry, brought out aneurism face ten fold.  Now it reduces him to tears.   I really hope this is explored more.

So there you have it.  Another solid A. It’s going to have to hold us for 3 weeks as we have to wait for March Madness to end before we see our show again.  It will be the home stretch…the last 6 episodes of the season.  I can’t wait to see what they have in store for us as we move toward the end of the season.  Have a great week my friends.

DISCLAIMER:  All screen shots are my own, taken from iTunes.  Also, as always, I have not read any other reviews on this episode before I wrote this.  I DID live tweet during the episode itself and was on Twitter for a couple of hours after.  Any resemblance to other blogs is purely coincidental.  Chalk it up to great minds thinking alike! Aloha!



20 thoughts on “#H50 Review: 5.19 – Kahania – Close Shave

  1. rhondagemini says:

    Another great review! I agree with all of your points! Odell not having a phone is his barber shop made no sense to me at all. Chin was great in helping Jerry out of his situation, and Lou was awesome in the scene with the real home invader-I would not want to make Lou mad under any circumstances! It was the scene at the end,with Steve crying,that broke my heart-hope we see more of that soon!

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  2. I liked the episode for the same reason you liked it, Linda. I have a pet peeve about H50 not having a police radio to listen to, either at the HQ or in the cars. Maybe Steve was charging his phone and just left it there. I noticed that the bad guys didn’t touch the truck or the car. LOL!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Now that you mention police radios in the cars I started to think about that. I think it’s one of those things that is fluid on this show. They have police radios in the car when the writer needs that particular device in his story. For instance, way back in Season 1, in the “head in a box” episode, Chin and Kono heard about the police chase on the police radio in Kono’s car then decided they were close enough to join in. (You did pass the HPD test on pursuit driving, yeah?….There’s a test??). Chin even picked up the hand held talk back to respond to dispatch. So I think the radios ARE there but only when the writer NEEDS it to be there.


  3. Wendy says:

    Love the review. I too thought there was something off about the kid right from the start, but I could never have guessed what actually happened. Alex is such a great actor, that final scene was phenomenal.Loved the home invasion scenario, it was funny. Now we have a three week break, sigh.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m not sure I actively thought there was something off about that kid specifically. Just that, in this show, there is ALWAYS a twist, always something I don’t expect. As I’m watching things unfold I’m thinking….”what could the twist be and who will be the one involved in the twist?” Obviously it’s not Steve. I’m pretty sure it’s not Odell. So that left the kid. If there was going to be a twist, and there usually is, it’s probably going to revolve around him. I had no idea what it could be. When it finally came, I wasn’t surprised he turned out to be the bad guy, but I was horrified at just how bad he was.


  4. I wish you hadn’t taken the name Koolaid, that’s me LOL. I think this epi was H50 and what I expect and I’m OK with that. It’s an hour show so a lot happens very quickly but as I know, it’s TV and we have to give a lot of rope and not get too caught up in the details. Good stories, funny, touching, likable characters….that’s pretty much all I need.

    And of course it started off with Alex oh I mean Steve (yeah right) getting that smooth shave…..I need a moment. I liked it a lot.

    Thanks for the review Linda.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. jlopie1 says:

    Great review, Linda! Now, you know where I live — cell phones are not glued to our hips out here since I’d probably drop mine in a fresh pile of manure on a regular basis. Therefore, Steve getting a shave and a haircut at 6am and leaving his phone in his pickup did not seem outlandish to me, and I honestly never thought about it being an unbelievable plot hole until getting on Twitter and FB after the fact and reading the disbelieving comments! A barber shop without a phone, is a little more unbelievable, and the written excuse that it was because all the customers were regulars and drop ins was a little lame. Waiting for the phone company to install a new landline or repair a line would have worked much better.

    The number of bullets Steve expended while holding off the entire Hawaiian version of the Armenian Mafia is a little questionable, too. Maybe he had one extra clip in a pocket, and assuming his gun has 16 rounds, that gave him maybe 32 bullets? Sure seemed like he fired off more than 32, but for the sake of the story, I really don’t care.

    Totally not surprised Danny was missing. It’s 6am, these guys don’t live together! Why would Danny be with him at that time while Steve is off duty and getting a haircut and shave? This does not mean I didn’t miss Danny, but let’s face it, if his internment in the Colombian jail was during the past week, he’s got to have some sick time coming to recover from all the bruises and kicks to his ribs, spleen, kidneys, head, etc. (When you’re a Danny whumper, you notice these things! :))

    I really enjoyed the episode, so pour me the extra large, super-sized KoolAid this week. I liked everything you like, and I would love to see Michael Imperioli again as Odell – maybe dishing it out with Danny over a haircut! 🙂

    I also liked poor Jerry and his worst nightmare come true! Max was hysterical as a contrite gambler, but he stepped to the plate to keep his friend out of trouble.

    What can one say about Alex. He was so impressive in the last few scenes – from when he found out he’d been fooled by Eran to the final scene of him discovering the “play” room with the discarded toys and shoe. When he opened that box and took out the pictures of the poor children, my heart broke right along with Steve’s. So much emotion!

    Mini hiatus? For basketball? Oh, well…that’ll just give me time to catch up on previous seasons on Netflix! Thanks, as always, for a great review, Linda!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Good pick up on the number of rounds Steve fired at the shooters. Maybe he did have an extra clip in his pocket but they usually make it a point to show us the guys reloading. This time, they made a point of showing Steve checking to see how many bullets he had left…not reloading so yeah….that gun sure lasted a really long time. I think that’s the longest sustained shootout we’ve ever seen.

      So, yeah…phones, bullets, whatever other holes people have noticed…..they are there. But there are always holes, inconsistencies, out and out mistakes in all shows that go on for a significant amount of time. It’s TV, it’s not real. I notice them, I mention them, most of the time I can completely overlook them, then I move on and enjoy every episode for what it is. People who obsess on the holes miss out on the rest and the rest is pretty damn good.


  6. Being an esthetician I watched that shave and towel scene and noticed it was done very professionally. The straight razor even made the right sound on the whiskers being taken off, the towel wrap and the slathering with the fingers over the lips etc was perfect. The end scene with Alex so emotional, I wonder if now that he is a father in real life it really is from the heart and not so much acting. Does he draw on what he would feel if he lost his child. I think so. I agree is emotional scenes of late and in episode 100 at the end of it, show a great actor. As you mentioned about his life and PTSD, is he going to have a melt down about Doris yet? I feel something is in the works and a season closer is going to have us in tears again. Love your write-ups Linda and see you on twitter…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Of course, there is no way to know what an actor uses to pull the emotions out of himself when needed for particular scenes. Alex has been a father since he was 20 years old so if he uses that to help draw those emotions out, he’s been doing it for 18 years.

      It’s been over a year since the PTSD story was hinted at. I don’t know if they have backed off on the idea of a full blown storyline on it. Perhaps these glimpses of pure emotion from Steve is all we’ll ever really see. Who knows. I’m praying we get a Season 6 so at least there will be more time to explore it next season if they want to.

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Sorry to be a wet blanket and pick nits about my favorite show, Linda. I like all shows in this series, but I’m pretty sure this will go down as my least favorite of Season 5. I’m liking Odell and having him as a recurring character as Steve’s regular barber is good (probably Michael had some training as a barber in real life). But as someone pointed out on another site, Steve arranged for Odell to open up early to accommodate him. But how did he arrange it? He couldn’t have called Odell to set it up because he doesn’t have a phone of any kind. (Maybe its my opinion only, but if you run a business, you need a phone of some sort, just like you need electricity and running water.)

    Liked by 1 person

    • I agree with you Ed. Like I said in my review…how do you run a business without a phone? If you don’t want to have a land line, that’s fine, many people don’t these days, but no cell? But I am willing to overlook it in Odell’s case because he’s a barber…not Five-0. If Odell doesn’t have a phone and misses a few new customers because of it, it’s not the end of the world. If Steve doesn’t have his phone and misses a call, well, it could very well be the end of the world…so to speak.


  8. Great review, I don’t agree with having Danny in the barber shop, I loved the way they did with just Steve and Odell, I thought that was perfect, intense and funny.
    I also missed Danny, I would love a scene where Steve was trying to convince him to come and get a hair cut.
    I can see why they didn’t try to call Steve, he might had taken the day off and they didn’t think they need his help. Hard to believe after all that shooting no one notice, could had been an area with only businesses and too early? still.
    I loved the episode and it is one of my favorites of this season! Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Pargertwo says:

    Linda, loved your review and loved this ep. I had seen during the week before where Peter was telling us to get our tissues ready, so when Jerry asked Chin to take care of his mother, I totally thought something bad was going to happen to Jerry. I completely missed that the kid would be the bad guy. Loved Alex’s emotion in the final scene. Definitely have to agree with the poster who asked how many bullets Steve had on him. I guess those cargos hold quite a few extra clips, huh? Love the Odell character.

    Danny is my favorite character and I miss him when he’s not there. But, Scott has only missed 4 shows out of 19. With a new baby at home, I’m glad the show will let him have the time to be a dad, because that is what is truly important in life. Plus with such a large cast, this gives everyone a chance to shine.


  10. Carole says:

    I really have been reading and enjoying your reviews, but rl has been such I’ve had little time to comment for quite a while. I thought this was an interesting change of format.didn’t see the twist coming! As always I missed Scott. but agree that it gives others some air time. Now I just wish CBS would annouce renewals- it’s driving me a bit crazy!!


  11. I’m an Aussie like Alex and really appreciate this opportunity that you provide even those of us down under.. I was sorry about the loss of two important, interesting and likeable characters from the series in later years.
    Anyway, two things not mentioned yet about this episode.: Steve, the sure shot, shooting off ALL of his bullets (many, as remarked) and not hitting anyone, only cars!!Also the silly policeman who did not call in the ”shots fired” before he went there to get killed.. Both these things were necessary for the ”trapped without hope of rescue” plot, I realize, and Steve certainly made up for his bad shooting later.
    Good surprise ending and some true emotions shown there.


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