#H50 Review: 5.16 – Nanahu – Embers

To say I have been in Five-0 heaven for the last 8 weeks would be an understatement. Between January 2nd and last night, February 20, we’ve had 7 brand new episodes and it looks like we may get 3 more new episodes before March Madness invades the schedule. That’s 10 new episodes in 11 weeks and the one re-run we did have was 4.10 Ho’onani Makuakane – Honor Thy Father. If that’s not Five-0 heaven I don’t know what is!

The episode this week was another great one…you know me…I love them all but I did have a couple of issues with this one …although nowhere near enough to diminish my pitcher of Kool-Aid.

Melina Kanakarades – Of course, I know who this actress is but since I never watched CSI:NY I wasn’t familiar with her work. I thought she did a really great job portraying Kathy Millwood as a hardnosed and driven ATF agent trying to bring down the man who murdered dozens of innocent people as well as her own husband. And therein lies the rub.

The moment it became apparent that she was unofficially working the case because of her dead husband the words “Jenna Kaye” flashed in my mind as I’m sure they did for pretty much everyone who’s been watching this show from the beginning. This is a spot where I’m going to side with those who are always wringing their hands over continuity.

I have no problem with Steve allowing Kathy to continue to work the case after her emotionally tearful admission that bringing this guy down was the only thing giving her life purpose. He let Jenna stay on her case as well for basically the same purpose. But it happened too fast. A few moments of tears and Steve just caved. This would have been a perfect spot to step back for a moment, just to add one line to tie this into canon. “Being this emotionally involved in a case never turns out well. Believe me….we know something about that”….maybe even a knowing look between Steve and Grover in understanding. Everything could have moved on from there but it would have established that…yes…viewers aren’t the only ones who remember Jenna and that we’ve seen this type of situation before. I did like how Steve told Kathy at the end not to look back because you can’t change the past. “Trust me on that”. I thought that line was perfect.

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Jason Duclair – We’ve had some creepy, horrible criminals on this show, there’s no question about that. But this guy made my skin crawl. Two of my greatest fears are drowning or being caught in a fire. So the fact that this guy was starting fires was bad enough but actually watching as his victims burn? Oh my God! When he took Kathy in the hotel room and was actually pouring the accelerant all over her I was literally shaking! Dear God…he’s not even going to wait for the fire to reach her! I honesty hope that last scene of him with the matches means he’s going to kill himself in that cell. His burning in hell needs to start NOW!

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I did think they identified him a little too quickly though. I mean, I’ve watched enough cop shows through the years to know that arsonists love to stay and watch the burn. But when Lou and Kathy IDed him at that crime scene, the fire was already out so there was nothing to see at that point. I understand it was Jason’s way of making himself known to Kathy, to show her that he knew she was on to him. I just felt like it happened a little too soon. Don’t get me wrong…..I get it there was a lot going on in this episode and I loved all of it. It had to be written the way it was to get it all to fit. Personally I think the arson story and the Danny and Amber story could potentially have been full episodes all on their own.

Danny and Amber – I am one of those people who will always hope that Danny and Rachel get back together someday but, for the time being, I can honestly say I really like Danny with Amber. I especially liked that little “pick-up” scene between them. I felt this WAS a little nod at continuity with the “yeah…I think we used to date” line since other than sending Amber flowers for Valentine’s Day last week, Danny hasn’t mentioned her in months.

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I actually feel a little sorry for Amber (do I have to call her Melissa now?) As this episode was unfolding I kept thinking she’s either the most forgiving person in the world or she doesn’t have a lot of self-esteem or strength. She met Frank Simpson when she was 19 and married him a year later. Then things started to go south. She was 28 when she ran “as fast and as far” as she could so, even taking into consideration the time Frank spent in jail, she stayed with him for a long time.

Now she’s in a relationship with a guy who basically kept her at more than arm’s length during the most trying time of his life. From the way she says “I missed you” to Danny it sounds like they haven’t been in touch or seen each other in some time. And yet, all it takes is some sweet talk and she’s fine with it all. She’s still sticking with a guy who doesn’t treat her right. “I’m not going anywhere”. Does she think so little of herself that she’s willing to put up with crap from guys? Frank put her in the hospital twice before she ran.

But, of course, Danny is not Frank and the more I see them together, how easy their relationship feels and the fact that she honestly makes Danny happy the more I like them together. Danny realizes he’s been keeping his distance and wants to make that up to her. She makes him happy and everyone deserves to be happy.

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Where I first saw Amber as weak…now I see her as determined. She’s grown up and learned from her mistakes with Frank. She saw Frank as a way to escape her unhappy home life. But she understands Danny. She understands the nature of his job and the man himself…his need to figure things out on his own sometimes. She gets it.

And the way she took care of Frank! What a total scum bag he was!  The way he had her by the throat and was threatening her with that knife…I was literally holding my breath.  I thought for sure he was going to stab her when she told him she couldn’t say she loved him any more.  I mean….how psychotic can a person be?  After all he did to her and was doing to her at that moment, he wanted her to tell him she loved him?!?!?

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When Frank showed up in front of the Camaro as Amber and Danny were making their escape I was screaming at my TV….HIT HIM…HIT HIM! I was so thrilled when she did. The fact that she sealed his fate by running over him showed that she was NOT EVER going to be at his mercy ever again. No jury would ever convict her! I mean…did you SEE those photos of her?!?!?

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Kamekona – I really loved how protective he was of Danny when he thought Amber was stepping out on him. And of Amber too. He didn’t let on that he knew who she was when Frank showed him that picture but he knew immediately there was something really wrong about Frank. I loved how he tried to get his name and when he couldn’t, immediately jumped on the phone to warn Steve. Ohana at its finest…looking out for each other.

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I do have a bit of a problem with Danny turning off his cell phone again though. This is the 2nd time he’s done that while with Amber. I completely understand wanting to get away. I have no problem with Amber’s phone being off. I’m also positive Grace was taken care of for the weekend. But, even if Danny didn’t want to hear his phone all weekend it should never be completely turned off. Period! You don’t have to answer the damn thing…but at least the GPS would work!

Anyone who knows me knows I am a big fan of FanFiction. There are several things I really enjoy in the stories I read. Two of them being whump and McDanno. The Danny whump in this episode was extremely mild compared to what you get in some FanFiction but for the show it was pretty brutal. I think we’ll get more of it when Danny’s thrown into a South American jail in a couple of weeks.

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Watching Steve rushing into Tripler in a panic over Danny being hurt….just like Danny did 3 episodes ago when Steve was hurt was priceless.

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But there was no bromance scene. Why…oh..why.. did they miss this opportunity? I liked the scene between Danny and Amber at his bedside…. reminiscent of when they first met and introduced themselves over Amber’s hospital bed. But I would have loved a scene with Steve and Danny in it TOGETHER however. As it was, other than the last scene on the golf course, they weren’t in one scene together in the entire episode.

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Steve, Grover and Michelle Wie – I can’t tell you how happy I am TPTB added Chi McBride to the cast. He has incredible chemistry with everyone on the show but with Alex ….the chemistry is golden! Both the golf scenes at the beginning and the end were fantastic. I especially liked how it started, with Steve not being very good at it. You guys know…I ADORE Steve. I love how SuperSEAL is so naturally gifted that things just come naturally to him. How he’s always the hero. But, every once in a while, it’s fun when he’s not good at something… when he’s bested by someone else. Remember when Lou caught that big fish last season and rubbed it into Steve’s face? I liked that…a lot.

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So when the tournament came down to Steve needing to make one last putt to beat Lou I was really hoping he’d miss. Just this once. So Lou could gloat and Danny could tease and Chin and Kono could stand by grinning conspiratorially. And Steve could get that locked jaw constipated look he gets when he gets annoyed. Would have been perfect.

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I was also really happy that Michelle Wei was in more than just that first scene. It’s unusual for non-acting guests to appear for more than a few moments for their cameo. Michelle did a great job for her first acting job. It was so cute how big gruff Lou was totally star struck when they first met. And I loved her line to Steve about Danny “if he’s your friend, I’d hate to meet your enemies” ROFL

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This was also Justin Sundquist’s last episode as Alex’s stunt double.  4+ years of some of the most incredible, outrageous and sometimes death defying stunts.  Anything that could be conceived in the insanely fertile mind of Jeff Cadiente…. designed to separate a man from his cookies ….Justin was there.  Thank you Justin for always giving it your all, for making our show movie quality in it’s excitement and for always keeping Alex safe.  Good luck in all your future work.  Aloha brah!  Malama pono!

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So….another great episode. Even with the little things that seemed off to me, a really great episode. This season has been great so far and I see no reason to think it won’t get better and better! Have a fantastic week my friends!


32 thoughts on “#H50 Review: 5.16 – Nanahu – Embers

  1. rhondagemini says:

    Another great review,Sistah! I agree with all of your points,especially the point about Danny’s phone being off-the GPS should have still been active. Not only that,but since the rest of the team was working on a case,Danny should have been available to help! I kinda hope we see Kathy again-not as a regular,mind you,but maybe recurring! I don’t think we’ve seen the last of Jason,either-hope I’m wrong about that,though. FYI,Randy Couture is a former MMA champion,so I was surprised they didn’t bring some of that into his character! Love the scenes with Alex,Chi & Michelle-remembering what it was like when Steve & Lou first met and how much their relationship has changed since then-it’s amazing!

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  2. I really like your review Linda. You’ve pretty much hit the nail on the head.
    To me, Amber’s ex-husband is just as creepy as the arsonist. How could a sane man expect her to take him back after the vicious attack on her in New York? She moved 5000 miles and (I assume legally) changed her name to get away from him. He wasn’t going to take the hint … she had to run him over. Oh … and I hope they still call her Amber in the future. That’s the name we already know her by.
    BTW … just a minor quibble. Kathy’s last name is Millwood not Milford.

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    • Thanks Ed….I made the correction to her name in the post!

      And I think we will probably still call her Amber. I mean, she’s been in Oahu for a while now, has friends and a job, drivers license etc… all under the name of Amber Vitale. I tend to think she’ll keep using it.


  3. Great review. I totally agree. I was VERY disappointed when I realized there wasn’t going to be a Steve/Danno hospital scene. I have a feeling, Scott Caan was filming most of his scenes in LA which is why they weren’t together. I wish they filmed that scene when he came back to Hawaii. I waited the whole show for that scene, so I felt a little let down at the end. I love the show, but I really love all of the Mcdanno bromance scenes the best. They’re the reason I keep watching! 🙂

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    • I don’t know if they filmed any of Scott’s scenes in LA but I do agree that the Steve/Danny bromance is what made me fall in love with this show and no matter how great the chemistry is between Steve and Lou, the brotherhood of Steve and Danny will always be the most important element of this show for me. Thanks for coming by and reading my review. Welcome!


      • jlopie1 says:

        I really think Amber and Scott’s scenes were filmed in HI, as I remember the actress, Lili Simmons, mentioning that she was in Hawaii filming H50 again in Dec. It is possible the Danny/Amber story was filmed out of sequence from the regular arsonist storyline as Danny was never in a scene with the rest of the cast until the very end…and I don’t even know if he was actually in that golf tournament scene for real, or spliced in!

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  4. I liked last night’s episode. I was surprised that Steve didn’t know where Danny was, but maybe Steve was giving Danny some space. I guess if any of them meets a new person and began to date that person, that new person’s prints will probably be run. LOL!!

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    • Hmmmmmm not so sure about that Robin. They didn’t run Amber’s identity until last night after all. But I agree…considering it’s them maybe a preemptive identity check on all new friends would be prudent! LOL


      • Ok….in the interim I found out that….yes….the GPS on a car will function even if the car is not running. So there’s no reason why Chin couldn’t locate Danny’s car unless Danny had deliberately disabled the GPS which I extremely doubt. I mean, he wanted to be “off the grid” but he’s not that stupid. So, yeah….the writers dropped the ball on that one.


  5. I agree with your comment, and Chi being added was a good move. The humor in the first and last part had me in stitches. Phoning each other on the golf course to chide the plays. First thing I thought was that Camaro had great shocks as she bumped over her hubby. I have noticed that Teilor is not in it much as Grace. Maybe due to school work she isn’t on the show much. All around I do like the more comedic moments they have been doing lately. And who can’t laugh at Grover’s outfits, those shorts were to die for at the end. Is it just me or is Alex looking a bit more pudgy lately in face and middle? The lean face seems to have disappeared. More middle aged look to him.

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    • I’ve seen a comment here and there in recent months of Alex “looking pudgy” and, personally, I don’t see it. Yes…he’s filled out a bit more but I think that can be attributed to the fact that he’s happy, healthy, eating right, working out. He’s not as thinly sculpted as he was when the series first started. And we won’t even discuss how terribly thin he got when he was ill in season 2. He’s 5 years older now than when they started and his lifestyle has matured along with him. He looks healthy, happy and fit. He looks fantastic!


  6. I agree with most of what you said but you know me Linda, I always have to disagree on something, but this time it was hard to find lol. I thought what Michelle Wie said to Steve was friends like them, meaning both the razzing from Danny and the phone call from Lou. I love love loved Samantha calling Steve “Uncle Steve”, how adorable and heartwarming it is to see how everyone eventually falls under his spell. Lou and Steve have come a long way since their first meeting.

    I loved the crime of the week and the taunting of Jason D towards Kathy was just chilling and made my skin crawl. His end game was always to take her out with him in a fiery explosion and it almost worked. I also have to disagree about Danny and Amber being an episode on it’s own. I think the way they mixed everything up gave everyone a chance to be included last night and I liked that.

    Finally, it was only fitting that Steve sink that putt, with Michelle Wie as his coach and giving him encouragement it was perfect. She played to Steve’s strength’s by being kind and telling him to focus, that he could do this and the perfect ending was the sound of the ball falling into the cup.

    From the “little white ball” jokes to the phone calls Steve and Lou were so good. I am not a fan of just McDanno, I never have been, what I am a fan of is Steve of course and how the show is so much more now than just McDanno, It was good in the beginning when they were all feeling each other out and getting to know each other, Now it’s all about 5-0, it’s about all the team, it’s about all of them being in a sense “orphans” brought together by the job but bonded by their mutual love and respect for each other. What Hawaii Five-0 is saying to me is, We will never be alone again, We are stronger together, We all now have purpose, We are brothers, sisters, uncles, friends, We are Ohana. Stop and think of all they have been through from Steve, to Danny, to Chin, to Kono, to Max, to Kamekona and to Lou, alone they were floundering and lost, now they are strong and have purpose they are Ohana, they are our Five-0 and everyone will be alright!

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    • You’re right….I went back and watched it again and Michelle DID say “friends like them…” Thanks for catching that.

      I couldn’t agree more with what you said about the Ohana. You’re right that it’s not all about Steve and Danny. At the start of S1 is was all (Steve and Danny) AND (Chin and Kono). Then it became (Steve and Danny and Chin and Kono)…does that make sense? Now it’s about them all…the entire Ohana.

      But for me….the central relationship will always be Steve and Danny…the brotherhood these guys have forged. The way Danny heckles Steve on the golf course was golden…. Only a brother could get away with that. Even Lou’s smack talk isn’t quite on the same level as the heckles from Danny. Lou is a friendly rival… Danny is a brother.

      As for sinking that putt. I still think it would have been fun if he missed it. I’m not upset that he won…I adore Steve… but sometimes…just every once in a while… it doesn’t hurt for the physically/athletically blessed to humbled…. j u s t… a little. LOL


  7. Tina Starnes says:

    Excellent synopsis as usual Linda! I do agree that we missed a great opportunity to play out a scene with Steve and Danny in the hospital. It would have been awesome to have Steve mention something to Danny about getting his own punch card! LOL! Other than that I have no complaints, another fabulous epi!!

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  8. Wendy says:

    Great review Linda. I just loved the pick up scene between Danny and Amber, their whole story was excellent. The COTW was something scary. I hate fire, it’s one of the things I dread. That arsonist was something else, I hope he burns up in his cell, because I’d not like to meet him again. Kamekona calling Steve about Amber maybe stepping out on Danny was heartwarming. The big guy really cares about his 5-0 Ohana and it showed. The Steve and Lou dynamic works very well now and it’s almost as good to watch as Steve and Danny. But I’ll always want Steve and Danny over any other pairing. I must admit when Danny got stabbed I went, OMG they really did that? It was great, how even though he was hurt he still managed to beat Frank up. Then when Amber ran over Frank I actually cheered. That scene where Steve rushes through the halls at Trippler was so reminiscent of Danny doing exactly the same thing a few weeks ago, that I was sure we’d get a scene with the two of them, but alas that did not happen. I think the writers dropped the ball there, still we can hope for something in the 18th episode.

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    • Yeah…Steve and Lou remind me a lot of how Steve and Danny started. Both stubborn and hard headed banging against each other to form a friendship. Steve and Danny evolved past just friendship though, into a true brotherhood. That’s why they are able to snipe at each other in what some people see as a harsh way. Because you only push someone that hard when you KNOW that person isn’t going anywhere. And even if he pushes back just as hard or things are said in the heat of argument, you know that person isn’t going anywhere and will be there for you no matter what. That’s what Steve and Danny have and that’s why they will always be THE rock of this show for me.


  9. Thank you for the great review Linda. My thoughts echo most of what everyone has said. Storyline creep factor was so high it made my palms sweat – that’s good right? LOL. I wanted Melissa/Amber to floor it when he jumped in front of her car. Great acting as usual by the regulars and guest stars. I also felt that maybe Scott was filming in LA so he could be in the episode and still work on Entourage movie or whatever is taking his time. I miss McDanno a lot. It makes the show for me and while I do like Chi, he doesn’t replace Scott IMO.

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    • Thanks for reading Brenda! The Entourage movie finished filming ages ago…last summer if I’m not mistaken. Scott’s Photo Book, Vanity, also came out months ago and I know he was in LA for the book signing. This episode was filmed back in mid-December so it’s possible it was at the same time. I honestly don’t know of any other projects Scott is currently involved in. He’s a very ambitious man when it comes to his passions so he could be involved in any number of things we don’t know about yet, or may never know about if he’s working behind the scenes.

      Personally I think, at 38 years old, he’s finally embraced family life and with Kacy and Josie living in LA he wants to be there as much as humanly possible. I can’t fault the guy for wanting to be a hands on “husband” and father!


  10. Joy says:

    i’m always glad to read your review. I did not get the Jenna Kay vibe at first, but i think i have blocked her character from my mind (i never could stand her). I felt the Danny and Amber scenes were forced, but that may be because of what you mentioned about Danny keeping her at a distance for so long. I don’t know how much we are supposed to have been assuming about their relationship but Danny was all about a lot of physicality when i haven’t seen a relationship that has made it to that level.
    I was also expecting Steve/Danny interaction at the hospital. Maybe there will be something on the season 5 DVD. although i had assumed Scott’s schedule is what drove what scenes were filmed, it seems they could have made a priority to get one with Steve and Danny together. I am okay though with the relationships on the show changing. It would be nice to see some acknowledgment of that between the characters. we can only hope Steve and Danny will work on things a little next week.

    I LOVED Steve/Grover and particularly how bad Steve was at golf. He had to win in the end, but as i have posted elsewhere, Grover can hold Steve’s terrible handicap over his head.
    I also thought they identified the arsonist really early, but yeah,this ep had to move along with both storylines to cover. Despite the fact that Danny was creeping me out with his mind being in only one place, i liked the story they did with Amber. The thought did cross my mind though about whether her attraction to Danny is because of his “rescuing” her. The actress just appears so young for danny’s character. I’m a little old fashioned though, i admit. And maybe just wish the mid 30 something men would be interested in mid- 30 something women : ) (just making a joke on myself there since i am about Scott and Alex’s age – no hard feeling)
    I think this was a solid episode. You have brightened my outlook though; i thought that after next week we were going to have a break. Now i can look forward to more H50!
    Thank you for putting together your thoughts and sharing them with the rest of us.

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    • If you look closely at the NY State drivers license Chin had up on the big screen, it said that Amber was born in August 1984 so that would make her 30 now. Danny is 38. So the fact that she “looks” young is something that I envy very very much. Of course Lili Simmons is only 22! LOL

      Danny WAS all about the physicality but why wouldn’t he be. You don’t take a beautiful woman on a romantic weekend to spend all the time checking out the flora and fauna! LOL And even though Danny has been keeping his distance that was because of HIS issues, his trying to come to terms with what happened with Matt and Reyes. He’s obviously not come to terms with that since he’s still having nightmares about it. He wasn’t keeping his distance because of anything SHE did or didn’t do.

      And their relationship DID make it to “that level”. They slept together for the first time right before that building collapse and I’m assuming that when they went to Maui for his recuperation she took VERY good care of him.

      As for Steve and Danny…we’re supposed to see them back in therapy again so hopefully we’ll see them dealing on their issues and the fact of their changing relationship then.


  11. kdownton78 says:

    I agree too with this missed bromance moment missed in this episode. I would have like Steve to be there with with Amber when Danno was in recovery. But hey I guess that’s why fan fiction was created.

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  12. jlopie1 says:

    Great review, as always, Linda! Sorry I’m so late to the party this week! Of course, my Dish satellite fail on Friday is all over Twitter so You know I didn’t get to watch until yesterday, then I spent the afternoon at Cowboy Poetry. Don’t ask…you don’t want to hear my rant. Suffice it to say since my husband attempted to fix my satellite in the middle of a snow storm on Friday, I felt I had to accompany him to this Cowboy poetry thingy he was cooking at on Sat. Sigh…married life!

    Yeah, I had a few concerns with the ep., first and foremost with the opening arson scene and the barricaded door out of the house – barricaded from the outside, no less! I don’t know about the rest of you, but all my egress doors open in, not out. Plus, the home occupants didn’t wake up to the arsonist nailing the board on the door? Even an electric screwdriver is pretty hard to ignore when it’s whining away.
    You would think Danny had learned his lesson after his last sleepover with Amber and they were surprised by Gracie because he had turned off his phone. Ah, well, in the grand scheme of things, these were relatively small mistakes that show the mechanics of the production are not always perfect, but the entertainment factor is always there – for me, at least!

    I am finding this season’s COTW most compelling – more involved and …chilling, maybe? I think the writers have stepped up their game and are really giving us something to sink our teeth into this season! Don’t stop, writers!

    Melina Kanakaredes and Randy Couture were perfectly cast, IMO – both brought passion ((Melina) and cold dispassion (Randy) to their parts.

    I don’t know how anyone who has watched this show since S1 could miss the Jenna Kaye connection with Kathy Millford’s story. Now, I don’t consider this a case of laziness on the part of the writers – I think it was a story plot used to show that Steve does indeed want to fix all the broken toys he comes in contact with, as well as show he is finally coming to grips with his own McGarrett family saga. When he tells Kathy to move on and “don’t look back, you can’t change the past – trust me on that,” my heart broke a little.

    This Danchel girl will always pine away a little for that relationship, but I’m woman enough to say, “Yo, Amber…Melissa..Danny’s girl…whatever! DRIVE OVER THAT SLIMEBALL WITH THE PEDAL TO THE MEDAL! I’m a tad bit vindictive, I guess. Ha! Learned something new about myself with this episode!

    Amber has grown on me. She’s got spunk, she’s tough, and she didn’t back down groveling at her ex’s feet. She refused to tell him she loved him, which I confess to thinking I would certainly say just about anything to get the guy’s fingers off my neck and the butcher knife out of my face! She’s a good fit for Danny. They haven’t said they love each other, but that’s okay because we all know “you can’t take it back once it’s been said!”

    H50 FanFiction is my second favorite thing! There are so many awesome writers out there who can write wonderful stories without the time constraints or the limitations put upon show writers from the studios or even the executive producers. I love whump and I am completely spoiled by the fantastic DWOCD forum writers on FanFiction. I know this because while watching Danny being stabbed, I was expecting more, more , MORE! More whump, more blood, more hospital time (you know, internal bleeding, infection, sepsis!) not just a tiny little hospital consult in the hall (“oh, it might take some time, but he’ll be fine…”) sigh…

    Just a quick note – Michelle Wie, Grover and Steve on the golf course book ending the episode! Perfection. That is all!

    Thanks for listening, Linda!

    PS – thank you for the screencaps of Danny’s gloriously disheveled hair! 😍

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    • How DARE the satellite dish succumb to the snow on a Friday night! Geez!!!

      I didn’t even notice about the barricaded door opening out instead of in until you mentioned it…that IS a little strange. But I looked it up and it seems that in some places, especially where violent weather is more common, exterior doors are required to open out to prevent them from being blown in by storms. Maybe that’s the case here. I have no idea. I do agree that no matter which way the doors open having someone outside hammering or using an electric screwdriver to block them with large pieces of wood would make a racket! We’ll have to add these to the list of things we’re just not supposed to analyze too closely! LOL

      I also completely agree that the writers were NOT lazy when they eluded to Jenna and yeah….Steve and his need to fix all the broken toys… perfect in this case too. I just wish they’d have added just that one little line or maybe even just a look. WE remember Jenna…of course Steve remembers Jenna…it would have been nice if we could have SEEN him remember…. does that make sense?

      As for Amber, love her or not, pretty much everyone seems to be in agreement that she did the right thing running down that disgusting scum bag!


  13. I am not convinced by the relationship between Danny and amber. a love only with lying begin, may not work. And Danno would by Rachel cheated on and lied to. Gabby wanted a love with Danno. but Danny said Gracie needs stability. and amber can’t give it. for me, she’s a great kid.


  14. Diane says:

    Hi Linda,

    Late this time, busy weekend, although I did see the show on Friday.
    Thanks for your blog. I’m not a Rachel fan, too much has happened between them. The writers made he character seem like she thinks more of herself than her daughter, trying to keep moving her, going back and forth from Danny to Stan, then Danny to Stan. Children see more than adults think. But those are my thoughts. I’ve never been an Amber fan, but I did like her in this episode. I would have run her ex over without stopping the first time. This guy just hit Danny over the head and then stabbed him, and eventually would have ended up killing Amber. So Kudos to Amber or rather Melissa. I’ll try to keep an open mind with this relationship.

    I loved the arson story, Melina Kanakaredes did an excellant job. There are only so many reason someone would do what she did, or for the writers to connect a character, so we will get similar story lines. This will and has happened in all shows. It does not bother me, hollywood and TV have been around a long time, there isn’t anything that has not been done before in some way with different twists.

    I agree watching McG rush to the hospital was a great thing to do, but found it odd that there would not be a scene with Steve and Danny in the hospital after showing that. I understand having Amber being there, and showing that the same scene when they met with the difference of who was in the hospital bed brings them full circle and starting over. But I would have like a scene with Steve and Danny, maybe it got cut and we will see it in the 5th season’s DVDs.

    Looking forward to next week, more Steve and Danny together

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