#H50 Review – 5.09 Ke Koho Mamao Aku – Longshot (Christmas Episode)

First off, I would like to apologize for this being so incredibly late and for, probably, not being up to par with my previous posts. This flu bug, or whatever it is, has knocked me for a loop going on 3 weeks now. Between the up and down fever and the constant coughing and very little sleep my brain is a bit muddled and running at half speed. I had to watch this episode 3 times before I even attempted to write anything and I’m sure it’s still not quite right. And I’m also sure that everything I am about to say has already been said by every other blogger out there but what the hell…let’s give this a shot.

As usual, I liked this episode. I suppose being so sick and needing to stay hydrated and drinking all the “Kool-Aid” I could get this week helped. So even if this won’t go down as one of my favorites there were plenty of things in this episode to like.

I adored the subplot between Max and Dr. Sanjeet Dhawan. As a long time Star Trek fan I adored all the references. I love anytime Max is on my screen and it was nice to have a little bit of a Max centric episode. It’s been a while and seeing him in such a different light was fun. We don’t often get to see Max in situations outside of work and while this was work related to see him react so strongly to Sanjeet and watching their ongoing battle of wills was a hoot. And while their subsequent reconciliation seemed rather abrupt and convenient it was nice to see, in the end, they had more in common than even they realized.

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Peter has always said this show is Hawaii Five-0 not Oahu Five-0 and it’s always wonderful when we get to see other parts of the islands. The views of the Big Island were amazing and for those of us who have only ever seen their devastating effects on the evening news, the views of the lava flows were incredible to see. Especially where the lava meets the sea. And then I saw whales….I adore whales. And snow on the mountain top. And horses! Yes…. I NEED to get to this island someday!!!

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I was surprised that I liked the crime of the week as much as I did. It wasn’t the strongest storyline ever but it was different. It must be really hard to come up with new and interesting crimes week after week. Having the crime on Hawaii Island, where there are so many ranches, revolve around rodeos and a race horse was a really good idea. And call me a sentimental animal loving fool but the end when Urban Myth recognized his owner and ran to him for a loving reunion…. I admit it, I got a bit misty. Reminded me of those damn Budweiser commercials with the horses and the dogs….they get me every time!

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But what I think made this story enjoyable for me was the teaming up of Danny, Grover and Kono. This is a combination we haven’t really seen exclusively before and it worked very well.  It’s always great to see the others be the great detectives they are, especially Danny. I love it when he gets to lead an investigation and show he’s not just Steve’s sidekick but a seasoned detective and why he had so many convictions under his belt back in Jersey. I have always liked it when the team is shaken up a bit, with different members teaming up. Danny and Grover work extremely well together and I have loved the Danny/Kono combo since Season 1. We don’t see enough of them one on one in my opinion. Their heart to heart talk about Gracie, Santa Claus and growing up was wonderfully warm. These two have always had a wonderful connection, ever since the beginning.

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I’m a bit torn in my feelings about National Lampoon’s Hawaii Five-0 Christmas Tree Caper. On the one hand I did find it rather amusing watching Danny’s face as the tree owner told him the price of the tree (and do live trees in Hawaii REALLY cost that much even if it is 2 days before Christmas??) and I loved his “what do I look like, Charlie Brown?” comment. The back and forth between Steve and Danny in the tree preserve and the cargument were pretty amusing too. “Please hold for Mr. Malcontent” and the use of “Holiday Road” as the background music were priceless. But Danny’s “I can’t believe you made me an accomplice to a crime” seemed a bit off to me. I mean, even if I understood the reasons for it at the time, didn’t he just murder someone a few weeks ago??

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But on the other hand, I find it really hard to believe that Steve would cut down a tree on protected land. It just doesn’t jive with his love of the land and his devotion to island beliefs.  I suppose you could chalk it up to his “do whatever you need to do to achieve your objective and consequences be damned” way of thinking.  Or I suppose he’s gotten so used to getting away with tons of crap much more serious than this with the immunity and means thing and all but, I don’t know.  I think I would have preferred the story if, maybe, Steve had somehow browbeaten the tree salesman into lowering the price to something less horrendous, promised Danny he’d pay half, welch on the promise to pay and have Danny rant and rave about Steve being a Scrooge because of that!

This story also gave us a lot of Officer Pua in this episode. I have to say, I like this kid but I do prefer him in smaller doses. I understand, once the writers committed themselves to the Christmas tree caper there had to be retribution for the crime. My first thought was…why couldn’t it have been Duke instead of Pua… I adore Duke and would love to see him get more screen time. Then I realized, idealistic rookie that he is, if this story had to be, it had to be Pua. Of course, for a rookie cop with dreams of being on Five-0 one day, he might have wanted to cool it a bit. But, he was right, after all. Danny and Steve need to pay the fine for the tree they stole but taking the tree back seems rather silly to me. I mean, it’s not like it can be replanted or anything. Glad he chose to at least wait until after Christmas Eve.

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The gathering of the entire Ohana at Danny’s place was a wonderful ending to the episode. Anytime we have Ohana moments are golden for me and it was fun seeing everyone gathered around decorating the tree, eating cookies and really enjoying each others company. I thought it was a bit funny that Danny only had one Christmas CD and I’m a bit sorry we didn’t get a chance to hear the duet of Max on keyboards and Chin on trumpet. But..seriously guys…. No one’s heard of Pandora? LOL I just wish we could have had more of this scene.

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Of course, the one glaring thing was the lack of Alex in this episode. It’s always jarring when a main cast member gets some personal time off but it seems when it’s Alex its felt so much more. He’s not #1 on the call sheet for nothing. But I’m glad he was able to get some time off and do something enjoyable. I’m positive after filming #100 Alex needed some time to recharge both physically and emotionally. There is no way that episode wasn’t draining as hell on him. And now that the team has five full time detectives who are all capable of carrying an investigation on their own it’s easier for any member of the main cast to get some time away and recharge.

So maybe this wasn’t the strongest Christmas episode we’ve ever had. Maybe it was a bit on the weak side story wise. Maybe having Alex gone for almost half the episode took a bit of spark out of it and maybe it wasn’t the strongest way to finish out the year. But you know what? We’ve just come off a couple of very powerful, emotionally charged episodes with #100 being one of the best this series has ever produced. Who says there has to be a big MID-SEASON FINALE?!?! This episode suited me just fine. End the year without millions of rounds of ammo, loud car chases or explosions but with warm family reunions, bright lights, cookies and eggnog, caroling around the tree, good friends and happy hearts.

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And that Charlie Brown is what Christmas is all about…..

Mele Kalikimaka!

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7 thoughts on “#H50 Review – 5.09 Ke Koho Mamao Aku – Longshot (Christmas Episode)

  1. Thanks Linda for your review. You have said what I thought but I am not a fan of Max. I like him in small doses.
    I had to watch it bit by bit as it did not download properly here in the UK. I am actually watching it now on tv. I did like the crime of the day and it was great to see the Big Island again. I was lucky to visit in 2012 along with the other islands.
    Loved the end scene as I too love anything ohana. Wished it was a little longer
    Most of all I did miss Steve but like all the other actors Alex is entitled to a break especially after episode 7 an 8 and he wasn’t too well in the last.

    Hope you are better soon. Mele Kalikimaka

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I really liked the episode. It had me laughing a lot and tearing up. I still think they should have use the truck and hand saw. I wonder if there was a meeting with the Governor or was Steve off doing something else. Loved your review.


  3. Wendy says:

    Love your review, I too liked the crime of the week. It was interesting and showed that all members of the team are capable detectives. The scene with Danny and Kono in the car talking was great, those two are good together.

    I didn’t miss Steve as much as everyone else seemed too. He isn’t any more important to me than Danny is. The show works because of the two of them, not just Steve.

    Max I can take, or leave, although I do like his character. That part of the story didn’t really grab my attention.

    The whole Christmas tree thing was, I thought, unreal. I can’t see Steve doing something like that, but it did give us some great moments between the guys.

    All in all I thought it was a good episode.


  4. The beauty that is the Big Island was on display here and we see a different landscape that is still the state of Hawaii. The islands were formed by volcanoes and this is different from the lush scenery we’ve seen previously.
    The story of rodeos and horsemen is different and made for a different crime. We’ve seen horses on this show before in the polo episode (oddly in another show where Danny teamed up with Kono) and this was also cool.
    The chopping down of a Christmas tree made for some funny moments. It was totally in character for Danny to complain about breaking the law, but to have Steve cut down a tree in a protected forest seems a little out of character. Is this a leftover from the alternate reality? He should have cut one down elsewhere, but then I suppose it wouldn’t have been a crime and Pua couldn’t have become involved.
    I’ve seen complaints that this episode did not have enough Alex, but to me this version of Hawaii Five-0 is not “The Steve McGarrett Show” as the original version with Jack Lord was. To me this version is about “The Hawaii Five-0 Ohana” with McGarrett as the most important character. If his participation in this episode is minimal, it is only for the third time in 102 episodes.
    I really like the combination of Kono and Danny and for me the conversation in the car about Santa is pure gold. Both Scott and Grace have a little one at home who doesn’t know what Santa Claus is yet and one wonders what was going through each actor’s mind as they played out that scene.

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  5. Maggs says:

    Thanks Linda loved your review I really Don’t mind the odd ‘turkey episode’ sorry what else do I say its Christmas ! but this season is going to be a long one and they will all need a quiet one now and again . But really loved the last scene of all Santa and his reindeer flying across the sky for the little ones watching yes there really is a santa in Hawaii Five 0 Mele Kalikimaka everyone or Nadolig Hapus from Wales.xx


  6. jlopie1 says:

    Hi, Linda! I did read this review yesterday, but didn’t any time to reply.

    You did a great job, and I know how sick you’ve been for the past two weeks! Thanks for taking up the challenge to write a coherent blog! You pass with flying colors!

    I enjoyed the episode. It was a simple little holiday treat. For most viewers, probably not too memorable, but this rancher woman loves it when horses, rodeo and hog tying Kono are front and center!

    Granted, the thoroughbred kidnapping plot line was weak, but could be believable if the thief was selling stud services under the table to unscrupulous horse owners. He could have been using the horse for servicing cutting and barrel racing horses. Whatever he thought he was doing with the horse, was not made clear enough to the viewers to make it believable, but it did give us an opportunity to visit another island – one with a unique landscape that even had my husband asking what show we were watching with the introductory shots! I know cattle raising for beef is a very big part of the Hawaiian economy and rodeo always goes hand in hand with that. I enjoyed finding out some more Kono back story as well, and now I’m very curious as to who Kono’s father was and what he did.

    Pua is annoying. Did not like him one bit this time around, but at least he likes Kono so the gang got to keep the tree for Christmas! This story irked me, though. Completely out of character for Steve to cut down a tree from a state preserve, and then to be upset with Danny for thinking it was wrong. I certainly hope he ponies up to help pay that fine – the $750 tree looks downright cheap now! Don’t get me wrong, I loved the honest to goodness Cargument the tree cutting did afford us! It was organic and belonged there!

    Enjoyed immensely Kono and Danny working together and their little talk about Santa in the car. They have such a good, gentle rapport when working together. Grover is growing on me as I see him beginning to fit in, but not taking away time from anyone else. Max, is most enjoyable when he actually has a storyline. His story was cute – especially the Yeoman Rand action figure surprise!

    Since I admit to liking Alex but adoring Scott, I had no problem with more of one and less of the other in this episode. That’s just me being honest, guys! I wouldn’t want it this way on a regular basis, but every great once in a while it’s nice to have an episode where the other team members have to basically work the case out themselves without their fearless leader always solving the crime.

    I need more Gracie this season, though! We’ve hardly seen her at all, and she’s growing up fast. I can think of plenty of daddy/ daughter scenarios the writers can work on. Come on, guys, Gracie is almost a teenager – those tween years are ridiculously hard on parents!

    So, maybe not an “OMG I have to rewatch this episode 10 times right away” kind of episode, but it ended on a sweet note, with everyone able to put aside their worries about a missing mother, a dead brother, borrowing millions from a drug lord in prison, or trying to decide if it’s the right time for marriage! A peaceful Christmas with Ohana was nice to see, as we all know that come the new year, all hell will break out on the islands again for our fearless band of do gooders!

    Thanks again, Linda. Always enjoy your blog!


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