#H50 Paradise …. Lost – Episode 5.01 A’ohe kahi e pe’e ai (Nowhere to Hide)

We Five-0 fans are very predictable. We spend every summer in rapt anticipation of what the new season will bring. We mourn the loss of some characters while we wonder what new characters will bring to the mix. Then the premiere arrives and we wait for our first “Book ‘em Danno” like a breath of fresh air. We long to see Ohana moments, carguments, action, adventure, humor, even something a bit over the top maybe.

Well, the premiere episode of Season 5, A’ohe kahi e pe’e ai (Nowhere to Hide) gave us everything we could hope for in a premiere and much more. Personally, I think it’s the best premiere we’ve had since the Pilot…all “three years, eleven months, and two days ago, exactly.” First, a bit of disclosure before I get started.  For those of you who don’t know me or who have just decided to give this blog a try, let me warn you up front.  I am NOT known for my brevity.  I tend to be a bit long winded.  It is a failing I readily admit to.  So feel free to bail if you get bored.  No hard feelings…I promise! So let’s get to it, shall we?

• You KNOW I have to lead with this one, right? Steve and Danny’s Psych eval! What could be more perfect than having Steve and Danny take their yearly evaluation together? Everyone keeps calling it “couples therapy” and I suppose that’s exactly what it was. I especially loved the flashbacks to the Pilot and how the team came to be together. This scene said it all for me, because that’s what sold me on this show from the very beginning. The bromance between these two men and what they forged together along with Chin and Kono. Not just a team…. Ohana! Oh…and can I say….I really do miss the tie!


• Abandoned Waikiki – here are our 1st “over the top” scenes. Completely implausible yet totally mind-boggling that they were able to film these as live shots on a beautiful Sunday morning. Having been on Queens Beach and Kalakaua Avenue on a Sunday morning myself, the idea of a totally abandoned Waikiki just doesn’t register. But there it was….. incredible! Time to adjust believability? Sure! Did I love it? Absolutely!

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• Jet landing and then crashing on Kalakaua Avenue – and onto our 2nd “over the top” scenes. I have always looked to Five-0 like a James Bond movie. Bad guys are always coming up with more elaborate insanity and James is constantly getting put into ridiculous situations and getting out of them in ways that make you scratch your head and wonder…really? I judge Five-0 with that same yard stick. So yeah….planes landing and crashing on Kalakaua Avenue? Jerry being the one to bring it down? Ridiculous? Sure! Did I love it? Absolutely again!

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• That drone attack on Queen’s beach was scary as hell. Again, having been there myself, the thought of such a thing happening is truly frightening. I can’t imagine how the folks at Sunset on the Beach, sitting there ON Queen’s Beach must have felt. I’ll bet more than one person turned and glanced over their shoulders on reflex.

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• Bad ass everyone! We are so used to Steve being a total BAMF it’s 2nd nature to just shrug our shoulders and accept that the guy can get gunned down by a military drone and take a bullet to the thigh, bemoan the fact that he now can’t drive (yeah Danny gets to drive!! “My leg will heal…don’t get used to it! LOL) yet still be able to leap out of the car to chase down the bad guy on foot. Old news! LOL So it was really great to see, in a little subtle nod to the Pilot episode again, Kono get to show off her fantastic right cross. Grover took down his guy nicely, as well.  And then there was Danny.

• Oh please, Mr. Lenkov, please let us have more bad ass Danny. Going one on one with the fleeing car, lying in the street was great but when he started walking toward the car, all determination and swagger, ejecting the empty mag and reloading….damn! My heart gave more than just a slight flutter! And jumping back on the parked car to kill the bad guy who was trying to squash him with the car? DAMN! I am a McGarrett girl through and through but in that moment my heart belonged to Danny!

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• There was very little I didn’t like in this episode but one thing that leaped out at me (a week and a half ago actually, when I saw the sneak peak) is during the Psych eval when Steve says they recruited Kono to the team because they “needed a female”. Now it’s very possible he was referring to the con they were pulling on Sang Min and their plan needed a woman to work. That, of course, makes perfect sense. But the way it was said at the therapy session made it sound like the only reason Kono was kept around was because she’s a woman. We, meaning those of us who have been watching this show forever, KNOW that is not the case. That Kono was kept on the team because she is as bad ass as the boys regardless that she’s a woman. But for new viewers who may have been watching Five-0 for the first time…I think that line could have been written better.

• The script for this episode was tight and fresh and the flow was perfect. The twist in the plot, a usual H50 maneuver, to make you think one thing then switch it up, was done exceptionally well, as it always is. The use of the entire team was also done very well, mixing and matching with everyone getting adequate screen time. And I love how they worked Jerry into the mix and teamed him with Grover for the take down.

• Like Steve said at the beginning …not just a team…Ohana. Everyone one is there to escort Steve home from the hospital. Laughing and joking with some of the best lines ever. Grover telling Steve there should be “some kind of loyalty program. Like, they’ll give you a card and every fifth bullet extraction is free” and Max describing Danny as Steve’s “deeply cynical, misanthropic, short tempered partner” ROFLMAO I think that is THE best description of Danny I have ever heard!

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• I also loved how once the episode was seemingly over, it really wasn’t and we were left to watch 4 distinct story line arcs get their start.

Kono wants to marry Adam but she’s worried about the lives they lead and what could happen to them. Considering what they’ve already gone through that’s not an unreasonable way to feel. Anyone else get just a bit scared for Adam when he proclaimed he’s “not going anywhere”? Oh please…let’s break TV convention for once and not make that the kiss of death…please!!

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Chin is being followed by Internal Affairs again. Poor guy. It feels like he’s had people peeking through his windows for years. His visit to Gabriel at Halawa was understandable to try to get IA off his ass but I’m forced to think…..in episodes to come…that 25 million might become very attractive to someone in need of cash to save a loved one.

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Speaking of which…Danny arrives home to find an unwelcome visitor waiting. Marco Reyes seems to be looking for Matthew Williams and also seems to think Danny knows where he is. Seems likely Gabriel’s money may play some part in this storyline going forward, no?

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And then there’s Jerry. Oh dear, conspiracy laden basement dweller, still driving mommy’s car, our comic relief. No, actually. Well, yes, but not just that! LOL Seems Jerry is on to something with the guys in the bookstore and unfortunately they seem to also be on to him. Look out Jerry…someone may actually BE following you this time.

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But what about Steve? Well, we didn’t actually see the start of a new storyline for Steve but, honestly, doesn’t he already have several? Catherine is gone and he’s going to have to deal with that. There’s that pesky PTSD problem we’ve yet to see explored. Doris is still gone with no explanation and, oh yeah, WoFat is still out there waiting to wreak havoc. So yeah, there is plenty to keep Steve busy for quite a while.  He may be needing that analysts chair again someday soon.


Sounds like a VERY ambitious season to me! Can’t wait to sit back and watch it all unfold. This episode was jammed packed with wonderfulness. I know I wrote a lot and could have written more but I think I’m going to stop here before I bore you into leaving and never coming back! LOL I DID warn you brevity is NOT my strong suit but when presented with such great material it’s hard to narrow it down. I’ll try to do better next week. Next week……ohhhhh I DO love the sound of that!


15 thoughts on “#H50 Paradise …. Lost – Episode 5.01 A’ohe kahi e pe’e ai (Nowhere to Hide)

  1. Very good review Linda. I too agree that it took a special “female” to keep up with these guys and Grace plays Kono perfectly. This was an excellent premiere episode and, to me at least, the drones weren’t all that far-fetched (as the giant claw was two years ago). It was truly terrifying to watch, first the couple about to get engaged and then the beach-goers get mowed down. The special effects were good and, so far at least, Grover and Jerry are working well.


    • Thanks for reading and commenting Ed. I never had any problem with the claw way back when. Again very “James Bond” to me but I have to admit it wasn’t done half as well as the effects in this episode were. And I agree Grover and Jerry worked very well together. Did we really NEED two more members of the team? Probably not, but I’m liking them there nonetheless.


  2. I don´t like reading long recaps, but this one went smoothly, so well done 🙂
    This was a good start to the season, but I think I preferred 4.01, since we got shirtless Steve there and more intense story, drama and action.
    This however had more fun scenes, which I loved.
    Ps I definitely think Steve, in therapy, was referring with his”needed a woman” to the case they needed Kono to play a part in. And then proved her ability to work with the guys and being able to handle herself in sticky situation.


    • I agree Paula and I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a deleted scene on the Season 5 DVD’s where that scene is expanded more. I can see Steve saying something more like…… “we needed a female” for our first operation and Kono with her skill set was so great “she fit the bill” and we added her to our team permanently.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!


  3. Wendy says:

    Great review, really enjoyed your thoughts on the episode. I too feel it’s the best premiere since the pilot. I didn’t think the drone scenario was far fetched as I know that they exist, so why not? I look forward to reading your next blog,


    • Thanks Wendy! I agree. That’s what made that scene on the beach so terrifying. Like the episode last season with the clean cut American kids recruited into a terrorist organization, these scenarios are more than possible in this insane world we live in!


  4. Kim millar says:

    The longer the better Linda. I enjoyed your review. Having read your comments on other blogs, I look forward to reading many more. It was a great premiere that brought together many of the elements we have loved. I can’t improve on what you said, so I will just say thanks.


  5. carole says:

    Thanks for great review .Loved it! Grew up watching the original – just as hooked on this one. Loved Danny being a badass and everyone playing a part in getting the bad guys .Much as I have to get my Steve/Danny fix each week -there’s lots of potential for mix and match with this group……….we’ve aready seen $teve/Grover, can’t wait to see how Danny/Grover join to help with the whole Steve/PTSD

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Nancy Robison says:

    Could someone record me a copy of this episode? I deleted mine by accident and I’m heartsick about it. I’d be so gratefull and happy to pay.


  7. Stacey says:

    Nicely done Linda! I truly enjoyed this episode. However, for those of us that have watched every episode SEVERAL times, it bugs me when they re-use footage from old episodes. The scenes of the people leaving the beach and then the empty beach are from S1, tsunami episode. In fact, if you look closely, you’ll see Danno cross the screen with his surfboard from when Kono was giving him a lesson. A nit, but it still bugs me. Can’t wait for more H50 Fridays!!


    • Stacey…thanks for reading and commenting. Yes…I have to admit the deserted beach did look exactly like the one from the tsunami episode in S1. I thought the same thing when I first saw it. But I didn’t notice that you could see Danny with his board. Now I have to go and watch it again. Ohhhhhh the hardship! LOL
      Thanks again!


  8. Love this book…er…review, Linda! Just kidding!

    I never had a problem with the claw, but the drone in this episode was, indeed, more believable, as was the threat to national security. We don’t have to like it, but this is our reality in this day and age.

    Quite honestly, I can’t think of anything about this episode that I did not like. Go ahead and tell me to be careful, or I might choke on that huge gulp of KoolAid, but, it’s the truth! My one niggling fear all summer was that I would not like Grover on the team. All those sleepless nights were for naught, though! Pairing Grover with Jerry in this opening salvo for S5 was genius. Both characters were introduced as legitimate regulars without taking away from the Steve/Danny dynamic.

    I have to agree that we need to see THIS Danny more often — like every week! Although I’ve never hidden the fact that I adore Danny, I have been known to show some anger over the writers making him look less than a cop than Steve. In this week’s shoot out scene, Danny keeps his cool and uses his skills more than once to cover his partner’s back and get the bad guy. Now, let’s let him be right with his intuition again this season, as he often was in S1, and all will be right with my H50 world!

    Looking forward to another NEW episode this week – I love being able to say that – and you take on it next Sat., Linda!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I agree it was wonderful to see Danny be the cop we all know he can be. We see Steve the “action hero” all the time. It’s about time we get to see Danny strut his stuff, so to speak, and do it without having to resort to throwing hibachi’s in someone’s face or any of the other inventive ways Danny has used in the past to get the drop on people. I adore BAMF Danny and I hope we get to see a lot more of him!


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