#H50 When Kool-Aid is Proven True!

As you know this blog got its name from the frequent times I have been personally accused of “drinking the Kool-Aid” of the Executive Producer and writers of Five-0.  One of the most blatant occurrences of this was after the Season 3 premier episode.  So for my very first actual post, I submit for your enjoyment this little tweet I saw on my Twitter timeline today.

Now for those of you who don’t know what the #Glomar tag stands for (and I must admit I too had to look it up), it is a reference to the USNS Hughes Glomar Explorer, a deep sea platform originally built for the CIA in the early 1970s to recover a Soviet submarine which sank off the coast of Hawaii in April 1968.  (for more information visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GSF_Explorer).

Today,  I saw this on my Twitter time line.  I get these CIA tweets from time to time just for fun. Anyway..this caught my eye and I just HAD to share because….well….

Capture  Capture2Capture3

I guess it wasn’t so far fetched after all. ROFL


5 thoughts on “#H50 When Kool-Aid is Proven True!

  1. ROFL…I never thought it looked that bad in the episode although I know a lot of people didn’t care for it. I just chalked it up to the “James Bond” affect. No matter how outrageous the problem, Bond always finds an equally outrageous solution! If it’s good enough for Bond….. 😉


  2. I guess it wasn’t too hard for me to believe a giant claw was possible, but I agree with Sam that the CGI probably could have been better and probably would have made the sequence more believable! Still, I wasn’t insulted by the idea of the claw as some were.

    FYI, Linda, my favorite KoolAid flavor is cherry red!


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