#H50 Welcome!

Rogers and Hammerstein lyrically named their South Pacific heroine a “cockeyed optimist”. There are those who always try to view the world as “half full”. There are those who always seem to foolishly try, like Monty Python advised, to see the bright side of life. Many people do not share this view. They scoff and lift their eyes to the heavens in exasperation of those who refuse to see the dark side; who refuse to acknowledge that all things are not rosy. They seem to think the optimists are somehow simple minded for not seeing what they see. For not seeing all that is wrong. They accuse them of “drinking the Kool-Aid” as if they are too incoherent to see what is truly happening. Over the course of 4 seasons of Hawaii Five-0,  I have been accused of pretty much all of these things. Not that I mind in the least!

What they fail to understand is that the optimist is not blind nor stupid nor drugged into incoherency. The optimist sees everything the naysayer sees and more often than not agrees that such and so isn’t right, or isn’t good, or could have been done better. The difference is the optimist chooses to look past what could be better and concentrate on all that is right and good. That is the basis of this blog.

Do we really need another Hawaii Five-0 blog? Probably not but someone who I admire very much said to me, and I quote “I really think you should write a review for all the Season 5 episodes. Start a new blog or something! I think there are plenty of fans who enjoy your flavor of Kool Aid besides me and are just as sick of the negative comments and the one-sided shipping that’s on most of the blogs”.  So what the hell? Let’s give it a try!

Before I go on, a few facts:

• This is a PERSONAL blog meaning I will give my PERSONAL opinion and point of view. I WILL concentrate on what is good about the show but that doesn’t mean that I won’t see when something could be better.

• I have no affiliation with the show at all. I have no insider information, I don’t know anyone who personally works on the set and while Peter Lenkov has been nice enough to answer a question or retweet something of mine from time to time, I do not presume to believe I have any connection to him either. Everything I write is my own personal opinion, theories or observations.

• Anyone who knows me from Twitter knows that I am a big fan of H50 FanFiction and that my guilty pleasure is McDanno slash. However, I DO NOT nor have I EVER shipped McDanno for the show. That does not make me a McRoll however. As a matter of fact, I don’t ship ANY relationship on the show. I can honestly say I have enjoyed every single one of the romantic relationships the show has had. Danny/Rachel, Danny/Gabby, Danny/Amber. Chin/Malia, Chin/Leilani. Kono and Adam. Steve and Catherine. I have enjoyed every single one of them and if Steve ends up with a new lady love, I’ll probably like that one too.  Because to me, all these relationships are secondary to the main theme of the show which is the Ohana between ALL the characters.

• Having said that, I DO believe the one relationship that is first and foremost to the success of this show is the bromance between Steve and Danny. And while I do not ship McDanno…I do adore the brotherly affection these two men have for each other and for the Ohana they have built around themselves.

Ok…so here I go. I can’t promise an actual review for every episode in the upcoming season but I will do my best. When I choose to write something other than a review I promise to always try to maintain a positive attitude even when there are those who do not agree with me. I do reserve the right to delete any comments (if anyone even bothers to read this thing) that I feel are hurtful, hateful or mean spirited in any way. So if you’re ready to sit back and tune in to CBS on Friday nights at 9, put your feet up, have a bowl of popcorn ready, I promise a nice big pitcher of your favorite flavor of Kool-Aid to enjoy.

Be there…..ALOHA


26 thoughts on “#H50 Welcome!

  1. Kim millar says:

    Linda, i look firward to your blog. I enjoy your tweets and your point of view in many of your comments and replies on other sites. Can’t wait for S5


  2. Linda, welcome to blogging. I’m sure you will do just fine. 🙂
    And you said it right, loving an episode or seeing the positive stuff doesn’t mean to not see what went wrong.
    I always love to point out the positive but never shy away from the negative stuff, but always point it out with love for the show. One should never take the negative too seriously. I never understood how people can only concentrate on the negative.
    I’m really looking forward to what you have to say about the new season.


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